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Restore me [PDF / EPUB] Restore me Juliette Ferrars thought she'd won She took over Sector 45 was named the new Supreme Commander and now has Warner by her side But she's still the girl with the ability to kill with a single touch—an Juliette Ferrars thought she'd won She took over Sector was named the new Supreme Commander and now has Warner by her side But she's still the girl with the ability to kill with a single touch—and now she's got the whole world in the palm of her hand When tragedy hits who will she become Will she be able to control the power she wields and use it for good.

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    TW panic attacks transphobia mentions of racism gun violenceApril 2019 I reread this to annotate it before Defy Me came out and still loved it It was difficult to annotate because there's a new POV and new characters who i love a lot so i definitely had a field day putting hearts in the margins Also I love juliette ferrars so much SO MUCHMarch 2019READ 5 fourth rereadi reread this spontaneously in preparation for shadow me and that shit HURTED im thirty times confused than i was about this book's ending but the things i enjoyed most about this reread was seeing warner's self awareness develop and the distinction between different kinds of power and resilience specifically how juliette has to compartmentalize and separately hone her physical strength and mental strength loved it as always even though i'm so confused and stressed i could cryJune 2018READ 4 third rereadI really have no updated review for this other than GODDAMN IT IT STILL ENDED THE SAME WAY AND I NEED ANSWERS thanks for attending my tedtalkMarch 2018READ 3 second rereadAfter reading this for a third time and attending Tahereh's instagram livestream a things just kinda settled into place There's not much I need to add about how much I adore this story And I have so much faith that the sad or uestionable things that happen in this are meaningful and will be expanded upon in the next books At this point yeah it's not gonna be rainbows and butterflies during the year we wait for book 5 but I feel so much eagerness than terror or dread This story truly grasped characters I loved and somehow helped them grow yet experience new conflicts that are all realistic and complex and natural I can't wait to see who narrates the next novella I can't wait to find out about her parents view spoilerI can't wait for brendan to be revealed as actually being alive hide spoiler

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    okay but YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO END IT THAT WAY MISS TAHEREH MAFI WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE FUTURE? I AM CONFUSION on a civil note I liked this I did feel it needed a bit structure if that makes sense? I feel like things felt a little all over the place but I also understand this book was being used to set the ground work for what's to come ANYWAY THIS REVIEW WASN'T EVEN REALLY A REVIEW BUT MY MESSY THOUGHTS BYE

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    Real rating 45 starsI loved this book and I'm so happy that I decided to give the second part of this series a chanceRight from the beginning the worldbuilding is finally tackled which I think is was one of the problems that people had with the first three books I personally didn't find it a big problem in the books because Juliette was the only POV character and what she didn’t know wasn’t for the reader to know This is made very clear right from the start of Restore Me and her ignorance about the world and everything she got herself into is a big catalyst to the storyHowever the fact that there’s a lot worldbuilding doesn’t take away from the very romance y feel of the first three books This book is literally packed with romance and it’s the kind of romance with its ups and downs that you can expect from an established relationship It’s about two people who love each other but have gotten together under extreme circumstances and don’t actually know that much about each other and they need to work towards thisDespite me not really having reread the first three books recently I think both Juliette and Warner felt like the same characters especially Warner This was great to see because it would have been too easy and crappy to have them both be different people just because they’re in a relationship Also the book starts only two weeks after the events of Ignite Me so it’s not like they could have changed that much in that time anywayOne of things I was most looking forward to in the book was Warner’s POV After falling in love with him after like two pages of the novella Destroy Me his POV was literally what made me want to continue reading the series despite not being sure whether I would still like it And I’m so happy to say that his POV was probably the best part of this book His pain and grief as an abuse survivor was something I deeply related to I can’t comment on the anxiety rep but it felt much needed and realI also liked that Warnette’s relationship wasn’t the only one addressed here Some of the other old characters aren’t completely forgotten even though most of them are in the background with the exception of Kenji Adam James and CastleI don’t remember much about Castle in the original trilogy to be completely honest but here he was kind of a central character and he acted as sort of an advisor to both Warner and Juliette He felt like the archetypical mentor figure of YA that I feel has kind of been lost in the past years’ new releases I liked that he also tried to not completely overstep his boundaries even though I found he could have tried to help Adam wasn’t very central to the plot at all but I actually loved the few scenes he had me loving Adam scenes? Doesn’t seem possible yet here I am Some of the shitty things he did in the original trilogy were addressed and I liked how he and Warner finally started to tentatively form a relationship Also James keeps being adorable and preciousI left Kenji for last because he’s just the best supporting character ever All I remembered from him is that I loved him and now my love for him has only grown stronger I love how supportive of Juliette he was and he finally got some much needed bonding time with Warner I had to laugh so much at their interactions even when things were overall dramatic but he’s just too fun not to loveThere are obviously also a few new side characters and one of them I loved most of all Nazeera is my Wife™ and I’m so happy that Juliette finally has a much needed female friendship Nazeera is just too iconic and I can’t wait to see of her in the next bookThis is a very character driven book but it doesn’t lack amazing plot twists I have to admit I had guessed the ending’s reveal at around the halfway point of the book but I was still super invested and there was obviously to the ending than the reveal and I had to jump up and down while reading the last few chapters because y’alL WHAT WAS THAT There’s also the fact that I finished this in just a handful of hours on release date despite this being almost 500 pages long and that hasn’t happened in ages So it’s safe to say that this totally kept me glued to the page and it felt so nice to have that experience againI wish I could end my review here but I can’t in good conscience not mention the one problem I had with this book The next part will be of a discussion and it got a bit long so you’re free to consider this review finished Full list of trigger warnings at the end discussion part Trigger warning for mention of transphobia in the next paragraphsTowards the 90% mark of the ebook idk what page that is a trans character is introduced That’s great but I found the way the character was introduced super problematic I will say I am a cis person and I don’t want to overstep my boundaries but this book is just too new at the point in which I’m reviewing it and I haven’t been able to find an ownvoices trans reviewer talk about this If you find one please send it my wayAnyway the trans character literally only gets one or two lines of dialogue and we wouldn’t know that she’s trans unless another side character pointed it out in a transphobic way saying the trans character whose name is Valentina is “playing pretend” The chapter where this happens is from Warner’s POV who already knew about the character being a trans woman but he doesn’t really do anything to defend her Instead Valentina has to defend herself and then the matter is simply pushed aside to continue with the plotI personally found this scene very bad for a few reasons• the trans character is essentially outed while her twin brother is introducing her to Juliette who hasn’t met her before• she’s not only outed but also all the comments that are made about her are transphobic ones• Kenji who has grown up in the world before the Reestablishment took control acts confused as if he doesn’t understand what’s going on AKA even after the character is outed he doesn’t seem to understand that she’s a trans woman I don’t understand the purpose of his line at all• I think this is a weird case of “ueer people used for furthering a non ueer person’s narrative” in the sense that the transphobic comments are used in order to convince the reader that the character who’s speaking who has previously in the book already been coded as being a generally bad person is in fact a bad person Even in the best case scenario this is just poor writing because there were certainly other and better ways to indicate without a doubt that this character is an assholeThe thing is this scene isn’t necessarily unrealistic but I think when writing any kind of ueer representation you have to ask yourself who are you writing this for? The answer should always be that you are writing this for ueer people to see themselves represented This scene didn’t feel at all like it was written for trans people Especially since the comments weren’t challenged at all and it was all so sudden and unexpected that there is no way a trans reader would have time to prepare themselves to see the transphobia comingAs I said everything I mentioned above are things I think of as bad because if something similar outing etc had happened for a rep I’m ownvoices for I would be livid Since there are no trigger warnings in the book in this case I’m choosing not to stay in my lane in the hope to spare a trans person some hurt I will be happy to link to trans reviewers once people have read the book but so far I haven’t really seen anything about thisEnd of TW for transphobiaSomething else I saw on twitter from an Argentinean reader is that the Spanish that Valentina and her brother speak is not actually the kind of Spanish they speak in ArgentinaBoth of these issues make it clear that nobody bothered hiring sensitivity readers for both trans and Argentinean representation and that’s something that especially big publishers keep doing I think that’s something that readers should demand because there’s nothing that hurts than seeing bad repTWs mention of paste abuse mention of alcoholism alcohol abuse meds abuse anxiety panic attack on page unchallenged transphobic commentsPre readMe I don't know are we really sure that expanding this series is necessaryBook I'm going to have Juliette and Warner's PoVMe

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    Enjoyed this but I feel like it ended mid story Things were just getting started so I'm excited to dive into the next one

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    MORE WARNER OMG CRYINGRESTORE ME BECAUSE I AM DECEASEDHere is info on the three new books in the Shatter Me series

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    By now a few days have passed ever since I finished reading this book yet my first reaction to “Restore Me” still remains the sameWHAT THE FREAKING HELL??WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??WHAT DID I JUST READ??CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT I JUST READ?And those were only four of the nicer things I thought when I closed the last page of this mind blowing book After reading this I’m shook to the core and my feelings are still all over the place Tahereh Mafi SHATTERED UNRAVELLED and DESTROYED me with every single line To read this felt like someone was constantly punching me hurting my body and my soul Oh god all those revelations I can’t even I’m still thinking about everything that happened in this book I’m trying to wrap my head around it I’m trying to understand it but I just can’t This was just too much My brain suffers from an overload of thoughts and feels and I’m desperately trying to recover from all the different blows They came from every direction and boy did it hurt criesTAHEREH HOW DARE YOU TO WRITE SUCH A BOOK AND THEN LET US WAIT FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR???I wish I would have never bought thisI wish I would have never read thisI wish I wouldn’t have to wait for the next bookThis is pure torture“Restore Me”?? shakes headAre you kidding me Tahereh? You should have named it “Ruin Me” “Devastate Me” or “Destruct Me”Not “Restore Me” why did you name this book like that?I can’t I just can’t any sobs violentlyThe plotJuliette Ferrars is the new Supreme Commander of America and struggling to maintain a tight grip on her newfound powers and responsibility There are a lot of things she hasn’t figured out yet and as the days go by she’s trying her best to take one step after the other forcing herself not to crumble under the sheer force of the new role that has been bestowed upon her Will she be able to deal with the conseuences of her actions or will her past cause her to falter? The characters I’m so going to spoil the hell out of this section because FEELS I can’t keep them in and if you don’t want to be captured in the midst of my raging emotions you better don’t continue to read You’ve been warned This is going to be a spoiler FEAST Juliette ”I’m not proud that I’ve thought thatOr that in the uietest loneliest hours of the morning I lie awake next to the son Anderson tortured nearly to death and wish that Anderson would return from the dead and take back the burden I stole from his shoulders”Where did the brave Juliette from “Ignite Me” go? I mean yeah I knew she wouldn’t change overnight and that all her actions of the first three books would have some serious conseuences for some reason I really hoped that by now she would have developed self confidence though I mean I get it There’s a lot of responsibility on her shoulders and all those revelations were hitting her relentlessly but despite all that some part of me still expected her to be stronger She’s so powerful why should she ever be afraid? Plus even a blind person could see that Warner loves her than anything else How can she be so oblivious? And that moment when she got drunk and shaved her head? This was such a 2007 Britney Spears move I can understand why she was angry at Warner I don’t get why she had to push him away so thoroughly though It’s not like he knew the entire truth I don’t like what happened to my independent and kick ass Juliette from “Ignite Me” and I really hope that she’ll regain some of her self assurance in the next book Plus can we please talk about the fact that she killed an entire room full of people? With nothing than a scream? WTF? Oo There’s a lot of explaining to do ”She steps forward She looks suddenly terrifying There’s a fire in her eyes A murderous stillness in her movements “If I ever catch you putting your hands on him again I will tear open your chest” she says “and rip out your heart” ”Getting angry and going to war I understand But patiently playing a confusing game of chess with a bunch of stranger from around the world?God I’d so much rather shoot someone” ”Right now I can see her this other version of myself I can see her dragging her dirty fingernails against the chambers of my heart drawing blood And if I could reach inside myself and rip her out of me with my own two hands I would” ”I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that nothing is going to be the same for me not ever again and I have no idea who to trust or how to move forward So yeah” I say nearly shouting the words “right now I don’t care about anything Because I don’t know what I’m fighting for any And I don’t know who my friends are Right now” I say “everyone is my enemy including you”Warner ”I feel old and unsettled my heart and mind at war” My precious boy my awesomeness on two legs Gosh I love him so much 333 He’s still my no1 book husband with Will of course and I couldn’t get enough of him I loved that he had his own POV but his thoughts were so damn sad I just wanted to hug him and tell him that he’s awesome and important and that he has a freaking damn right to grief Yes I know everyone hated his father and Warner was certainly no exception to that rule but this awful tyrant was still his father No matter how much he hurt him and tortured him no matter what he did to him he was still his father and such bonds are hard to break I hated that he was so alone in his grief and that no one except of Adam seemed to see and to understand it Adam of all people And Juliette Girl give that boy a break I mean how much time passed after “Ignite Me”? Two weeks? How was Warner supposed to teach her everything he knew in two weeks? I mean it took him his entire life to master and understand the Reestablishment And he didn’t even know the entire truth He just wanted to protect Juliette why is that so wrong? My poor poor baby Warner didn’t deserve any of the shit he got in this book and I really hope Tahereh isn’t going to hurt him even And what’s with that last Warner chapter? An empty journal? AN EMPTY JOURNAL TAHEREH??? If you put Warner into an asylum cell I’m going to RIOT I’ll freaking riot If he’s even tortured and abused I’m going to die Really So you better don’t do anything mean to him AN EMPTY JOURNAL has a mental breakdown ”And it is this my unreuited affection for my father that has always been my greatest weakness So I lie here marinating in a sorrow I can never speak of while regret consumes my heart” ”I have a great fear of drowning in the ocean of my own silence In the steady thrum that accompanies uiet my mind is unkind to me I think too much I feel perhaps far than I should It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that my goal in life is to outrun my mind my memories So I have to keep moving” “I’m strangled into speechlessness numb in my bones I feel nothing but an immense impossible pressure breaking apart my body I fall backward hard My head is against the wall I try to calm myself calm my breathing I try to be rational” ”I’ve been undone by emotion over and over It was emotion that prompted me to take any job – at any cost – to be near to my mother It was emotion that led me to find Juliette to seek her out in search of a cure for my mother It was emotion that prompted me to fall in love to get shot and lose my mind to become a broken boy all over again – one who’d fall to his knees and beg his worthless monstrous father to spare the girl he loved It was emotion my flimsy emotions that cost me everything I have no peace No purposeHow I wish I’d ripped out this heart from my chest long ago”Kenji ”I mean I know she’s probably a sociopath And like would definitely murder me in my sleep But damn she’s wow” he says “She’s like batshit pretty The kind of pretty that makes a man think getting murdered in his sleep might not be a bad way to go”I still love and adore Kenji He’s such an awesome best friend and he always brings some fun into the book I swear if it wouldn’t have been for Kenji this entire book would have been a brooding feast so thank you Tahereh for inventing that boy lol The only thing I’m still missing is a Kenji POV so maybe we’ll finally get that in the next book? XD Ohh I’d dig a Kenji POV so much Haha And since my wishes for a girlfriendlove interest were obviously heard the last time this wish might come true as well right? XD making huge puppy eyes Nazeera HaiderI still don’t know what to think about those two Apparently Nazeera was a close friend of Juliette when they were kids and Haider seems to like Warner a lot so I’m pretty certain there’ll be a lot of interesting revelations in the next book Despite the general air of hostility I liked both of their characters though I mean Nazeera is a strong female character and I always dig them and Haider Well we didn’t get to see a lot of him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some abilities too ; P Plus Nazeera and Kenji GOSH That would be a match made in heaven 333 Castle WHO ARE YOU? This Castle was so completely different to the Castle we got to know in the earlier books Where did all this information come from? How did he know about all the things not even Warner knew about? Why did he know that Juliette’s parents are still alive? Does he work for them? Is he related to Juliette? Where is the connection? I don’t get anything any Up until now Castle was always some sort of gentle guide who gave good advice but took a back seat when things got too intense Not now Now he was smack in the middle and seemed to know than anyone else I have so many uestions my head is spinning And I demand answers in the next book I want to know who he isAdam ”I was an asshole I took everything out on her Blamed her for everything For walking away from what I thought was one of the few sure things in my life It’s my own fault really My own baggage I’ve still got a lot of shit to work out” he says finally “I’ve got issues with people leaving me behind”THIS It took 3 books to finally get this statement out of his mouth but it eventually happened OMG I never thought I’d live to see the day when Kent admits that he was wrong Ohh that was balm for my soul XD Thank you Tahereh I needed to read this so badly If you think I’ll forgive Kent for everything he did you’re wrong though I’ll tolerate him from now on but the things he said to Juliette and Warner Nope he’ll never be redeemed for that Sorry #SorryNotSorryThe friendships shipsJuliette Kenji I slap his hand away “I may not know much about being a supreme commander yet but I do know that I’m not supposed to be cute”Just then the elevator dings open“Who says you can’t be cute and kick ass at the same time?” Kenji winks at me “I do it every day”I still love their friendship They are so adorable together and they act like siblings would do lol I love that Kenji always tries to help Juliette and that deep down he’s than just a little protective of her Not that he’d show it but it’s obvious whenever they interact with each other XD Plus I’m glad that there’s at least one person Juliette can trust completely Kenji would never lie to her and that’s good the way it is Warner Kenji I smile big Lightbulb brightKenji’s eyes widen surprised and he laughs He nods at my face and says “Aw you’ve got dimples I didn’t know that That’s cute” I SHIP IT Haha I know Tahereh might have never intended her fans to ship Kenji and Warner but how couldn’t you? lol Once they actually started to talk and stopped to be so hostile towards each other they were damn freaking cute XD I loved their honest conversations and it made me happy that Kenji was able to make Warner smile I mean he made him smile That’s such an accomplishment lol So yeah I totally dig them Sorry Tahereh I can’t help it ; P ”I don’t really know man” Kenji says and sighs “I think this time you just have to deal with the conseuences of your own stupidity”I look away bite back a laugh and nod several times as I say “Go to hell Kishimoto”“I’m right behind you bro” He winks at me Just once And disappearsJuliette Warner ”I miss you” she says It’s a whisper I almost don’t catch“I’m right here” I say gently touching her cheek “I’m right here love”But she shakes her head Even as I pull her closer even as she falls back asleep she shakes her headMY SHIP HAS SUNK sobs WHY TAHEREH?? Why did you have to do this? This was so damn painful to read I mean I understand that both of them had a lot of baggage and that they couldn’t change the way they are but this? WHY? So much heartbreak and pain on both of their sides I just wanted them to be happy to overcome their pain together but nothing of that happened Instead they drifted apart and didn’t talk to each other What happened to their mutual strong respectful and understanding relationship? I can’t even put into words how much this killed me You better set this right in the next book They are my OTP They need to be happy together AND WHAT THE FREAKING HELL WAS THIS LAST CHAPTER? Are you telling me that Warner and Juliette already loved each other when they were children? That they played together and liked each other? OMG This ending really messed with my mind I NEED BOOK 5 NOW faints ”You will be made to feel lonely Lost You will long for validation from those you once admired agonizing between pleasing old friends and doing what is right” I look up I feel my heart swell with pride as I stare at her “But you must never ever let the idiots into your head They will only lead you astray” ”Haider looks Juliette up and down then examining her outfit her hair her plain worn tennis shoes; and though he says nothing I can feel his disapproval his scepticism and ultimately – his disappointment in herIt makes me want to throw him in the ocean” ”LoveIt hits me with a painful force the reminder Of just how much I love her God I love all of her Her impossibilities her exasperations I love how gentle she is with me when we’re alone How soft and kind she can be in our uiet moments How she never hesitates to defend meI love her” ”This I think is the way to dieI could drown in this moment and I’d never regret it I could catch fire from this kiss and happily turn to ash I could live here die here right here against his hips his lips In the emotion in his eyes as he sinks into me his heartbeats indistinguishable from mineThis Forever This“ ”It’s a picture of a little boy standing next to a little girl She’s sitting in a stairwell He looks at her as she eats a piece of cake I flip it overAaron and EllaAll told there was a lot about “Restore Me” that I loved but also so much I hated I’m really conflicted now and I don’t know if I loved or if I hated the book After reading the ending I had to supress the sudden urge to throw it against a wall but I also wanted to cradle it and cry my heart out Ahhh I just don’t know how to feel about his book I’m drowning in my emotions here All I know is that I’m devastated and that I want to read “Shatter Me 5” asap Shatter Me 5 there isn’t even a title yet URGH dies

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    I don't know how I'm supposed to react to that ending To the book as a whole actuallyI'm just not sure this was what I was expecting Actually no This was definitely not what I was expecting Despite not being a fan of this series in the beginning it really started to grow on me as the characters grew and the plot progressed By the end of the third book I swear I had to be one of its biggest fans Beside the obvious reason of my love for the Shatter Me series Warner in case you're wondering He is the epitome of BAE Juliette made this series a stand out as she grew as a person I mean she can only improve in everything after that first book right? Apparently not After a while of just sitting here and staring at the wall I've come to realize that the reason I'm not a fan of Restore Me is because it backpedaled in all the meaningful ways The strong independent ueen that made her presence known in Ignite Me is no where to be found She is the same insecure petulant little girl that plagued the first book She's insecure about the way she looks the way she dresses the way she talks her lack of numerous languages spoken EVEN about her powersWhich was actually one of my favorite scenes in Ignite me That moment when she realized she had no reason to be afraid of herself any that she was finally in control of who she was and what she was capable of doing It's like all her progress flew out the window to make this book longer And dear lord that relationship??Talk about sabotage WHERE ARE YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS??? And honestly I'm rightfully mad because if this had been a constant in their friendshiprelationship than it wouldn't have been a shocker But this lack of communication on the most basic of things was just heartbreaking Their stand out trait was being able to understand each other not constantly expect the worst and share their most intimate thoughts that no one else was privy to but what Mafi did here? I am wholly regretting picking this up for the sole reason of ruining these two characters just to get page time Meaningful relationship? Thoughtful conversations?And Kenji my dear Kenji Wherefore art thou Kenji? All he was was an incessant comedic relief It's like all the strength and resilience he brought to the first few books was no where to be found here And every other character from the previous books? Who cares? Cause Mafi sure as hell didn't I remember reading a interview of hers a while back when she first announced she was going to continue the series She mentioned that when asked uestions she couldn't even remember some of the names That she had to reread the books to get an idea of everyone And when diving into Restore Me that exactly how it felt Like she wasn't in the same mindset now as when she wrote the previous books Every single one of them was completely out of tune Hell if she couldn't remember them how the heck are they supposed to resemble the characters we've come to know and love?As for the plot What a shithole mess I felt everything was revealed for the shock factor which honestly didn't shock me at all It actually did the complete opposite It felt like a cheap tacky trick There was this inability to weave the characters and their arcs together to give of an actual semblance of a decent story all leading up to this amateur lackluster end I think I'm than disappointed only because I cared I wanted this to be as amazing as the rest Needed it to be But finding out it was the complete opposite of what I expected I can't If this is everything I'm hoping for then this is going to be gold

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    I missed this charactersBUT SHIT JUST GOT REAL OMG

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    How did I think people ruled the world? Did I really imagine it would be so simple? That I might control the fabric of society from the comfort of my boyfriend's bedroom?1 Shatter me ★★★★☆2 Unravel me ★★★★★3 Ignite me ★★★★★This was painful and perfect at the same time and I think Tahereh did the right thing by adding new books to the original trilogy With just one book she gave the story the world and the characters so much depthI mean Ignite me is one of my all time favorite books but like 99% of its readers right after finishing it I was full of uestions and doubts like how could a 17 years old who's been kept in an asylum rule North America?How will the rest of the world react to her revolution?So that's it? No world building?Where the fuck are Juliette's parents?So we're never gonna know Kenji's backstory?Do I really have to go on a fanfiction uest to read Warnette scenes?And guess what Tahereh answered all of these uestions and gave us Warnette bless her soulBut hey it was painful to read sometimes way too painful Tahereh don't you dare rob me of my Warnette and Kenji happy endingAnd don't go into Restore me expecting a lot of fighting and action because you're going to be disappointed Restore me like the rest of the series is a character driven book and yes there's some action the ending omg but it's mostly politics and characters trying to fight their own demons and finding their happiness

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    I'mjust not sure this is a good idea

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