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Dragon Pearl [PDF / EPUB] Dragon Pearl THIRTEEN YEAR OLD MIN comes from a long line of fox spirits But you'd never know it by looking at her To keep the family safe Min’s mother insists that none of them use any fox magic such as Charm o THIRTEEN YEAR OLD MIN comes from a long line of fox spirits But you'd never know it by looking at her To keep the family safe Min’s mother insists that none of them use any fox magic such as Charm or shape shifting They must appear human at all times Min feels hemmed in by the household rules and resents the endless chores the cousins who crowd her and the aunties who judge her She would like nothing than to escape Jinju her neglected dust ridden and impoverished planet She’s counting the days until she can follow her older brother Jun into the Space Forces and see of the Thousand WorldsWhen word arrives that Jun is suspected of leaving his post to go in search of the Dragon Pearl Min knows that something is wrong Jun would never desert his battle cruiser even for a mystical object rud to have tremendous power She decides to run away to find him and clear his nameMin’s uest will have her meeting gamblers pirates and vengeful ghosts It will involve deception lies and sabotage She will be forced to use fox magic than ever before and to rely on all of her cleverness and bravery The outcome may not be what she had hoped but it has the potential to exceed her wildest dreams.

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    A Thousand Dangerous Worlds Min is just your regular teenaged fox spirit living with her family on the dusty backwater world of JinjuOh sure like all fox spirits she can change shape into whatever she wants human fox even a dining table And yes she has the power to Charm to manipulate human emotions and make people see things that aren’t there But that’s not very exciting when you’re stuck on the family farm sleeping every night in a crowded common room with your snoring cousins spending every day fixing condensers in the hydroponics dome Min yearns to join the Space Forces like her older brother Jun did – to see the galaxy and have marvelous adventuresThat’s not easy for fox spirits though When humans colonized the galaxy they brought all the supernatural races with them dragons tigers goblins you name it But fox spirits? They have a bad reputation as unreliable tricksters Nobody wants them around Even now when humans have spread across the Thousand Worlds there doesn’t seem to be any place for foxes Min has to hide her true nature There’s little chance she’ll be as lucky as her brother and escape her dull existenceThen one day an emissary from the galactic government visits her family farm He brings horrible news Min’s beloved brother Jun has disappeared Worse he’s suspected of treason of abandoning his post to search for a fabled lost relic that has the power to terraform worlds the Dragon PearlMin knows that Jun would never desert the Space Forces Something must have happened to him He needs help Unfortunately nobody seems interested in what Min thinks especially after she knocks the emissary unconscious for insulting her brother’s honor Her family decides to ship her off to the boondocks to keep her out of further trouble but Min has other ideas Jun needs her She runs away from home intent on following her brother to the stars One young fox spirit alone against the galaxy will risk everything to find her brother and discover the mystery of the long lost Dragon PearlBuckle up fellow foxes Get ready for epic space battles magic and lasers ghosts and dragons interstellar pirates and warlike galactic tigers The Thousand Worlds hold all sorts of danger but there are also priceless magical treasures to be discovered If Min succeeds she might not just save her brother She might save her entire planetThe Dragon Pearl will be like nothing you’ve ever read A zesty mix of Korean folklore magic and science fiction that will leave you longing for adventures in the Thousand Worlds

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    I really enjoyed this one RTC 3 Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | TwitchThis was the May pick for the Dragons and Tea Book Club 🐉☕

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    Dragon Pearl is Middle Grade Science Fiction at its BESTThis rollicking Space Opera follows 13 year old Min on her uest to find out what happened to her older brother JunWhen an investigator shows up at Min's family home accusing her older brother Jun of deserting the Space Forces Min knows there has to be some mistake Jun and Min had talked of joining the Forces their whole lives and going on grand adventures together Now that he is a part of that world Min knows he would never disgrace his family by desertingForced to flee home with the investigator hot on her tail Min sets out in search of the truth She hopes she can clear her brother's name Very uickly Min is forced to rely on her intelligence and uick wit as she eludes security works in a gambling den stowing away on a ship impersonating a Space Forces Cadet and so much Throughout her journey she discovers her own strength and makes some great new friends along the wayMin is a really well rounded enjoyable character I grew attached to her and loved watching her development over the course of the book The side characters as well were great Humorous and likable they truly added to the story particularly Sujin and Haneul It was also great to see a non binary side character play such an important role in a Middle Grade storyThe ending was fantastic but really it was fantastic the whole way through Nice fast pace smooth transitions from different scenes and a strong build up to the end I think it left off in an excellent spot to continue on with the story I am definitely hoping for books in this world and with these characters even though I understand that may be a long shot The bottom line is I really had a blast pun intended reading this book which to me is what Middle Grade is all about It should be a joy to read a Middle Grade adventure book and I was not disappointed with this one The writing was very very strong I was swept up in the world and I thought the Scifi elements were top notch; no surprise considering the expertise and experience that Yoon Ha Lee brings to the tableThank you so much to the publisher Disney Book Group and Rick Riordan Presents for providing me with a copy of this to read and review I truly appreciate the opportunity I think RRP Imprint is providing a great service to our book community by offering a platform for diverse voices from around the world to share their myth legends and folklore

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    The cover of this book is sooooo cuteThis was a really good middle grade book Happy Reading Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    congrats Yoon Ha Lee you are the first writer I’ve seen to seamlessly weave nonbinary characters into everyday life in SFF

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    I really wanted to like it What I got instead was annoyance and irritation And I’m not happy about thatIt’s a pretty fast paced story of a uest of a teenage shapeshifting fox girl Min who leaves a backward poor world in a union of spacefaring yet magical civilizations think foxes goblins tigers shamans ghosts to find her missing space cadet brother Jun as well as a very powerful McGuffin relic the titular Dragon Pearl Min has Charm the ability to influence minds as well as a perfect shapeshifting ability It involves running away from home hitching a ride on a spaceship impersonating a space cadet and going to a ghost planet “You’ve been very busy Min” Seok said “Over the last two months or so you’ve run away from home deceived spaceport security gotten involved with a gambling den been in a shoot out with mercenaries impersonated a dead cadet and an active captain released prisoners without authorization stolen an escape pod and broken the Fourth Colony’s uarantine” Sounds fun right? But the problem is it doesn’t just read young it reads juvenile In that overly simplistic unsophisticated way that plagues a lot of stories written for children and which the good books can escape¹ But Dragon Pearl does not¹ And no I’m not being critical just because I am much too old for a children’s book There are uite a few very well written fantastical books for younger audience that nevertheless are wonderful no matter what the readers’ age is Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men and its seuels Anything by Frances Hardinge but especially A Face Like Glass Gullstruck Island and The Lie Tree Neil Gaiman’s Coraline Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones China Mieville’s Un Lun DunWe are supposed to believe Min is resourceful and intelligent Even a seasoned pilot grudgingly of course remarks on her smarts But what I can’t help but see instead is a bratty yet a bit naive kid who is very lucky at overhearing plot important things and of course just happens to be the best magic user in the family with an unexplained aptitude for engineering making her the most badass barely trained 13 year old “Whenever I wasn’t sure what to do I just trusted my instincts” She’s always unerringly right and wins loyalty of most easily because of simple reason of existing And every adult is easily outwitted the villain thwarted magic relics easily handled and the government representatives indulgingly entertained and pacified Her magic seems to know no limits and is ridiculously effortless — which made me really wonder why her fellow foxes with all those abilities of Charm are not running the world but are instead scrounging away in poverty and disgrace Ah things that don’t make sense Everything is just so blatantly convenient Every perfectly overheard conversation Every conveniently written observation in a notebook in a room conveniently easy to break into with a conveniently labeled map with coordinates included again so conveniently A convenient ghosts the moment you need one Convenient spaceships conveniently ready to take basically a hitchhiking kid without ever asking inconvenient uestions “Fox magic was handy that way if sometimes unpredictable—once you envisioned what you needed it covered all the details” It’s just all too easy Too simple Too unearned Too much zapping between locations for plot’s sake without any lingering connections to the ones we visited or the characters we met there Too little of character development and all of them are pretty bland anyway Too cheesy of an endingIt manages to be both entertaining and yet un engaging which is a strange and unexpected combo Ultimately despite cool mythology between all the annoyance and indifference about the outcome of Min’s uest it just failed to engage me and the stakes never seemed important I found my attention drifting all the time and putting this book down was certainly easier than picking it back up And that just never bodes well25 stars in the end Rounding up to 3 because 10 year old me probably would have enjoyed the shapeshifting in space despite the flaws———————My Hugo and Nebula Awards Reading Project 2020

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    wowamazingwonderfuli love iti want a seuel pls

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    This is one of the best things I've ever read Dragon Pearl is a Korean inspired space opera following a teenage fox spirit set in a ueer inclusive universe I can't believe I almost didn't read it just because it was middle grade; if I hadn't loved Ninefox Gambit so much I would have never picked it up and that would have been such a mistake on my part It is middle grade that's the target audience but Dragon Pearl is the kind of book that can be enjoyed by people of all agesI had almost forgotten that books could be so much fun I read mostly upper YA and adult books and many though not all are always trying to be dark and tense and serious while forgetting that without the light moments nothing in them feels meaningful That's not to say that this book is all sunshine and happiness because it's not but it understands balance and doesn't throw unnecessary violence at you It's the kind of book about an adventure that you just can't put down it follows a young shapeshifting fox who is constantly trying to trick people and I loved every moment of it I would have loved this when I was twelve and I think I would love this again if I reread it in a few years There are books I loved because I read them at the right time in my life but this is the kind of book I would have loved no matter whatLet's talk about our trickster fox Min She's the kind of character I would have wanted to be at twelve and now I both admire her a lot and want to hug her She's just trying to find her lost maybe traitorous older brother back and to do so she'll get in increasingly dangerous situations with the help of her charm and her ability to shapeshiftThis is also the kind of book I needed but didn't have when I was twelve A middle grade book that not only has ueer characters in it its world is full of them in Dragon Pearl being non binary is normal and people casually mention their polyamorous family Also foxes can choose what gender to present as in their human form and Min says that she chose to be a girl because of tradition I love reading about societies whose views towards gender are different from the western human defaultMin's sexual orientation isn't stated there's no romance and I loved that but I will never assume that the default in a book written by Yoon Ha Lee is straight and neither should youAs I expected I loved the writing If you're familiar with Ninefox Gambit and you're worried it will get as complicated as that I love complicated But not everyone does this is much accessible and the worldbuilding is still wonderful and complex It's a story set in space which has exactly what I love about Lee's worlds technology magic and the characters' beliefs are linked the lines between them always blurred You get something that feels a bit like science a bit like religion a bit like magic and yet different from all of themI never struggled to understand how things looked like And from dangerous gambling parlors to spaceships and halfway terraformed dusty planets everything about this book was beautifulI also really liked reading about the side characters Jang the ghost of the cadet Min is impersonating at some point her friends the female dragon Haneul and the non binary dokkaebi Suijin and even Min's own brother Jun when I got to meet him This is officially the first time I liked the main character goes on an adventure to rescue sibling trope because I actually ended up caring about said sibling He was an amazing fox tooAlso that ending? I almost cried Of happiness

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    25 starsWell this didn’t go as expected Dragon Pearl was my most anticipated Rick Riordan Presents book because it's a space opera with Korean mythology elements However I didn't enjoy this as much as I wanted to I was hesitant to round my rating to 3 stars because I feel I didn't uite like it at that level but 2 stars was too low of a rating for itThe main problem I had with this book is that it's bland It's not exciting or mind blowing and I feel mostly neutral towards it It's actually uite forgettable and I don't really think I learned a lot about Korean mythology as I thought I would I'm probably too used to Rick Riordan's books and it's unfair to make comparisons but oh well I also wished this book would be a bit funny but it wasn't sighI listened to the audiobook and I'm sure I would have dnfed this if it wasn't for the narrator It wasn't the best audiobook by any means but listening to it was soothing in a wayI can't say anything about the characters because I don't know them well enough but Min was an interesting main character I like that she spends most of this book as an actual boy as I don't think I've ever read something like it It was weird at the beginning when the narrator lowered her voice for Min but I grew to like it uite a lot

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    I read this specifically because it was penned by Yoon Ha Lee I'm a completionist that wayBUT I'll be honest I am not particularly fond of most YA It tends to be cookie cutter plots and characters that feel like dough It's fine if you like fat and sweet things that aren't that good for you but still make you feel warm and fuzzy afterward And sometimes not even that sometimes there is just the gnawing guilt and the shameNot here though I really enjoyed it Yoon Ha Lee proves he can write a cool young Young Adult novel I'd say the prime age is 11 14 It's all tricksy with a familiar blend of fantasy elements magic in the way of charms illusions and speaking with the dead mixed with space opera elements of the 1000 worlds big ships lasers and high tech security The mashup is by now uite familiar to us All that's left is a fun story told well Ghosts ghosts spaceship captains with wonky motives stowaways impersonations and the overriding desire to find her poor maligned brother drives this novel and nicely so It's a great little adventure

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