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Sky Without Stars [PDF / EPUB] Sky Without Stars A thief An officer A guardian Three strangers One shared destiny When the Last Days came the planet of Laterre promised hope But five hundred years later it’s now a place where an extravagant elite A thief An officer A guardian Three strangers One shared destiny When the Last Days came the planet of Laterre promised hope But five hundred years later it’s now a place where an extravagant elite class reigns supreme; where the clouds hide the stars and the poor starve in the streets; Sky Without PDF/EPUB ² where a rebel group long thought dead is resurfacingWhispers of revolution have begun—a revolution that hinges on three unlikely heroesChatine is a street savvy thief who will do anything to escape the brutal Regime including spying on Marcellus the grandson of the most powerful man on the planetMarcellus is an officer—and the son of a traitor Groomed to command by his legendary grandfather Marcellus begins to doubt the government he’s vowed to serve when he discovers a cryptic message that only one person a girl named Alouette can readAlouette is living in an underground refuge where she guards and protects the last surviving library on the planet But a shocking murder will bring Alouette to the surface for the first time in twelve yearsand plunge Laterre into chaosAll three have roles to play in a dangerous game of revolution—and together they will shape the future of a planetPower romance and destiny collide in this sweeping reimagining of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece Les Misérables.

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    45stars I’ve never been a big Les Mis fan but I loved this book Also I love The Lunar Chronicle at least I hope I still do but this is nothing like those books so I don’t understand the comparison Anyhoo this was a great reread as I have the new book to read and am looking forward to it after that cliffhanger Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    45 StarsRTCHave I read the Lunar Chronicles? YesHave I read Les Miserables? NoAm I going to read 1000 pages of drama? NoAm I gonna be a filthy casual and look up the summary of Les Mis on Google? Hell yes

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    I'm sitting here writing this review and I've realised that I'm so tired Or rather so tired of this boring overlong novel Stilted dialogue sluggish pacing and a painfully uninspired plot meant that often than not while reading I was musing about interesting things Like you know the different chair positionings for dental scaling Or the correct angle of probe insertion between teeth All in all Sky Without Stars was a mush of dull lifeless scenes topped with stale wafers of protagonists And goddarn the writing I wanted better—from a novel that was not a debut from a novel written between two authors Oh sure there were possibly a couple of interesting descriptions but those were few and far between and all lost in the wasteful mess that was the writing What was someone waving a cattle prod at the editor the entire time to stop them from coming within five feet of the novel is that what happened? There was no paraphrasing at all apart from the obvious substitutions from the thesaurus The same descriptors were used over and over and oh sols over again and the end product read less like a novel and like a college student's attempt to hit the minimum word count on their paper Sky Without Stars was six hundred pages long but next to nothing happened in the novel—and that was because the same shit was being repeated six thousand times Add to that the jarring disjointed phrasing and an appalling overuse of periods and the writing ended up being so dramatic as to be comical105 note arc generously provided by jessica brody joanne rendell and the publisher simon pulse for an honest review

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    Actual Rating 455I've never read or seen Les Misérables don't know anything about the plot and I only know it's set around the time of the French RevolutionSo why did I read this or even add this to my tbr list?It's set in space and I'm a sucker for any book set in space I love sci fi books but I don't really read a lot of them Also I'm a sucker for this gorgeous coverWhen I first started reading I thought it was going to be very boring but I was so blown away by how much I enjoyed this This book is set on the fictional planet of Laterra one of twelve planets in the System Divine The people of this planet have not seen the light of the Sols suns in nine yearsThe first main character we meet is Chatine Renard She comes from the Third Estate lives in the Frets the slum and is starving like everyone else in the Third Estate Chatine wants nothing than to leave Laterra and have a better life Only her family knows her as Chatine On the streets she is known as Theó a boy and a thief She has an older sister named Azelle who is a law abiding citizen unlike the rest of her family Their father is the leader of the Délabré gang One day her father tells Chatine to go to the morgue and steal from the deadThe next character we meet is Marcellus He comes from the Second Estate and is very handsome almost every girl has a crush on him He was raised by his grandfather General Bonnefaçon and the most powerful man on the planet Marcellus's father was a traitor Marcellus's father was a part of the Vangarde a rebel group that trying to overthrow the Regime but failed Marcellus finds out that his father died and is going to a morgue where his father's body currently is On his father's body he finds a shirt with a message but he can't read it because it's written in Forgotten Word Suddenly he hears something behind him and it's Chatine or rather TheóThe last main character we meet is Alouette She lives beneath the surface of Laterra in an underground refuge called the Refuge of the Sisterhood She's been living here for the last 12 years She lives with the sisters and her father Hugo Taurean The Sisterhood protects the knowledge and history; the Ministere government is unaware of the existence of the Sisterhood Alouette is very curious and wants to see the world above so she built a new transmitter fro the monitor the Sisterhood has Now that she has a new transmitter she is able to see the world above in color Suddenly a young man who is bleeding profusely is in frame of the monitor Alouette decides to risk it and leaves the Refuge to help him It turns out the young man who is bleeding profusely is Marcellus Alouette happens to see the shirt with the message in Forgotten Word and is able to read itIf I had read or seen Les Misérables before reading this book I'm not sure if I would have enjoyed it as much Whenever I read a retelling or reimaging I always find myself comparing the original one to the new one I really loved the worldbuilding and the setting It was super detailed and seems very thought out I hope that in future books we'll be able to other planets than Laterra The First Estate played The Second Estate governed The Third Estate workedI loved that there were three main characters that all came from different backgrounds and Estates It was super fun and interesting seeing all their ways of livingMy favorite thing about all the characters is that they all had inner conflicts I know that's kind of weird but I love inner conflicts and it was really interesting to see what they would doMy favorite character is Chatine I think she'll always be my favorite I really like that she'll do what she has to do to survive and live a better life Marcellus and Alouette were okay They for me were not as interesting as Chatine and they got on my nerves sometimes It was kind of frustrating that Marcellus and Alouette were kind of naive Although they were a bit annoying I am excited to see the role they play in the next bookI feel like the book is a bit too long There are some places where it drags but other than that it's pretty good Actually there was a mini love triangle that I didn't really like either Anyway I can't wait to read the next book

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    As a huge huge Les Misérables fan this book was such a relief compared to the other retellings I've read Sky Without Stars takes the plot of Les Mis and hurls it into space Literally Weirdly enough the drastic changes in setting plot and character Sky Without Stars made to Les Mis was what made me enjoy it so much I wasn't hung up on all the inaccuracies and deviations; I was just interested how the characters of Éponine Cosette and Marius translated to Chatine Alouette and Marcellus and excited to find out what happened nextI definitely feel like the authors are Éponine fans because Chatine was the centre of the book I definitely liked Chatine and her portrayal is so much closer to the Brick's than the musical's was Chatine is hardened and desperate for an escape from the planet of Laterre and she's so badass Chatine knows what she wants and how she's going to get it except when it comes to Marcellus which is pretty much how she is in the original book I admit her behaviour annoyed me sometimes with her not like other girls attitude and how much she hated Alouette for most of the book I was shocked when Chatine called Alouette a bimbo because uh COME ON? I don't think even bookÉponine was that hateful towards Cosette And I wish that Chatine's internalized misogyny was addressed With Marcellus I was really interested in how his storyline was based on his relationship with his grandfather which is fairly accurate to the book Marius finds out secrets about his father and splits with Gillenormand because of political differences which is or less what happens with Marcellus and General Bonnefaçon I'm not sure how I feel about Marcellus's characterization I think if I wasn't comparing him to Marius I would have enjoyed Marcellus's character a lot Marcellus was so well developed and I really liked himAlouette was actually my favourite which makes sense because I adore Cosette Alouette was inuisitive and intelligent and confident in herself which is basically everything I love in a good Cosette characterization I also loved her father a lot and how the whole story of Les Misérables was incorporated into this book because so many retellings focused on 1832 era characters tend to leave out Fantine Valjean and Javert Alouette and Hugo's relationship was precious and endearing but Alouette is definitely struggling for independence and answers And the authors kept Cosette's nickname as Little Lark which made me so happy It really shows attention to detail to the original book Both Alouette and Chatine's characters didn't change much from the original Brick which I really loved Hugo's women are generally so fully fleshed out autonomous characters that there doesn't need to be a lot of modernizingOne of the new additions to the story of Les Mis was the Vangarde I suppose in some ways it could be compared to Les Amis de l'ABC but I didn't see it; the Vangarde is an entirely new identity It was fascinating to have something new to figure out especially since a lot of the plot twists were lost on me because I know the original book so well However I really wanted to see Les Amis de l'ABC I hope they'll make an appearance in the next book because they're some of my favourite characters I would absolutely love for them to be women and this book has such potential to put Les Amis in as an all girl revolutionary team I was really glad for some of the side characters Azelle Chatine's sister stands in for Azelma who is cut from a lot of adaptations Roche was so precious I loved him so much and I'm happy that Chatine will get to know him in the seuelAs far as the worldbuilding went it was fairly typical for YA sci fi lots of capitalized words to indicate significance for instance Much of the book mixed in a lot of gratuitous French with the English or English words that sounded like French Honestly I thought a lot of it was unnecessary substituting métré for meter or stupide for stupid It threw me off a bit and sometimes came off as uite awkward especially when there were words that could have been French ified like Citizen Rosseau could have been Citoyen Rosseau and gotten the point across just the same I believe there are some translations that leave instances of citoyen untranslated especially when Enjolras goes off about how his mother is the Republic etc I appreciated all the references to both the book and the musical an inn called the Jondrette and little nudges like calling Mme Renard the master of the house I'm not usually fond of musical references but these ones were generally unobtrusiveAll in all I really enjoyed Sky Without Stars and can say it's my favourite retelling of Les Misérables Which is high praise coming from me Chatine Alouette and Marcellus were a delight to read about and I'm really interested in picking up the next bookThank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review  BLOG | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

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    So I watched the musical film version of Les Misérables when it came out but I don't even think I finished it and I certainly didn't remember anything about the storyline except that there was a prisoner 24601 so reading this didn't feel like a retelling to me That being said I liked the book in general even though I'm kind of tired of the whole rebellion book plots This book also had a love triangle and insta love which weirdly didn't bother me much but I had a preference for the love triangle and I don't think that's going to be the end game After reading this I read the summary of the original story and there was indeed a love triangle there so I can't blame this book Some storylines were also predictable but it didn't really bother me because there were others that I didn't see coming Overall I found it interesting and I loved that it wasn't too techy you know how these sci fi books are I prefer this book to the musical film tbh that was low key boring Pre reading Got an ARC for this A science fiction retelling of Les Misérables sounds interesting

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    Sky Without Stars by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell is the first book in the young adult science fiction fantasy System Divine series This series is a retelling of the classic novel Les Misérables by Victor HugoNow I’m not familiar with Les Misérables myself so I went into this one blind on comparing it to the classic and only reading based on the new fantasy set in space The world within is built on the idea that there were twelve families that went to twelve new planets and now five hundred years later a revolution is about to begin on LaterreLaterre is a planet that is ruled by the wealthy and elite while the poor are starving in the streets with no help from the rulers Chatine is from a poor family and disguised herself as a boy stealing what she can to survive Marcellus is a officer in training to rule but uestions the methods of his grandfather and then there is Alouette who has been in hiding for the past twelve years only to come to the surface to cross paths with Marcellus and ChatineSky Without Stars isn’t really a bad read overall but at close to six hundred pages I couldn’t help but wish for to happen in this first book making it seem very slow paced to me Also I seemed to enjoy the story a lot when it came to Chatine and without herhim things would seem rather dull as Marcellus and Alouette just didn’t appeal that much to me Since book one felt like six hundred pages of world building I will think twice about continuing onwards when it’s time for book twoI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit

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    I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review♡ Sky Without Stars is an enjoyable book that kept me on the edge of my seat I had very high expectations coming into it so this did cause me to feel a small pang of disappointment The characters are beautifully illustrated and all have depth and uniue ualities The elements that I adore most about this book are the parallels and spins placed on Victor Hugo's Les Miserables It was such a joy to see these well known scenes and characters in a wholly new light I especially love the names of all the characters Pure genius ♡ The only things I weren't very sold on were the progression of the romance and the pacing of the story At times the plot drags feeling as though its trying to juggle too many tropes at once This all was a bit too disjointed for my liking I might've been able to excuse this if it were a shorter novel but it soon grew wearisome in this 582 page tome♡ The vivid world building and steampunk esue setting is also uite nice I don't often read novels with atmosphere such as this but it was absolutely fantastic The world is rich in history and feels than tangible Overall this is a solid read that I would recommend for fans of Les Miserables and adventure like storiesBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Bloglovin

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    45???? I feel like I'm laying here stunned???? That ending wasintense RTC The rich traded goods and extravagancesWhile the poor traded dreams and ideasFrom The Chronicles of the Sisterhood Volume 12 Chapter 1When I first came across this book I wasn’t so much drawn in by the fact that it was a Les Mis retelling It really was as simple as me seeing “where she guards and protects the last surviving library on the planet” in the synopsis Little did I know that was going to be one of the last things on my mind after finishing this bookI don’t know how many people are going to pick this up because they love Les Mis I personally have only seen the movie from 2012 once so before getting into this I read a synopsis of the original book by Victor Hugo to refresh my memory That probably isn’t necessary—in fact I almost don’t think you should If anything it caused me stress because I was too wrapped up in worrying about if Chatine was going to die like her counterpart does in the book Also it almost took some of the suspense out of several parts because you can guess what might happen based on what happened in Les Mis But let’s just forget about the retelling aspect of this for a momentLet’s just focus on what this book is In short it’s a book about the separation between the rich and the poor on a planet that has formed after the destruction of the First World Earth It’s a story about rebellion It’s a story about spending your whole life thinking one thing is true because of what you’ve learned from your family only to have that life flipped on its head after discovering there’s to the story than you ever could have imaginedEven though I knew this story was going to be about rebellion I wasn’t prepared for how dark it was going to be How visceral some of the emotions that this book elicits might be Ever since I’ve become a mom I have felt things a lot intensely So reading about an infant death poor starving people that have to accept their lot in life parental abuse etc really got to me It made the book real to me Made the rebellion gut wrenchingIf I haven’t already made it apparent these ladies can write I truly was sucked in while reading The characters were great It was easy to love them to hate them to desperately root for them There is kind of a love triangle that I feel like we might see play out in the next books Personally I’m rooting for Chatine lol she deserves a happy ending damn And that’s actually where I pray things deviate from Les Mis I don’t want to know who dies and who ends up together based on the original book I want to be surprised in this next book PLEASEThe only reason I’m not giving this a full five stars is because there were parts where I felt it drag a bit I mean I’m not uite complaining about the length? There was a lot of world building and plot to build up so it’s not like it could have been much shorterI honestly can’t even uite put my finger on it I just wasn’t feeling a half star’s worth of the book Regardless I am dying to see how EVERYTHING plays out in the next book Definitely give this one a shot Huge thanks to NetGalley and Simon Pulse for allowing me to read an eARC in exchange for an honest review♥ For of my reviews please visit

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    See my review of The Thief short story in the page of the book Sky Without Stars review coming soon

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