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Ai Shika Iranee Yo Vol 1 [PDF / EPUB] Ai Shika Iranee Yo Vol 1 Junya Sawa is an ordinary man a modestly successful bank employee in Tokyo But that isn't the life he wanted for himself In the eight years since he graduated from high school he's been unable to forg Junya Sawa is an Iranee Yo eBook ✓ ordinary man a modestly successful bank employee in Tokyo But that isn't the life he wanted for himself In Ai Shika PDF or the eight years since he graduated from high school he's been unable to forget the man who could have changed his life Uzuki Kobayakawa Shika Iranee Yo PDF ↠ the heir to a yakuza dynasty in Tokyo Now brought together by chance once again he's forced to face the choices he made in his youth that tore them apart and to decide whether their differences will keep them apart forever.

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Ai Shika Iranee Yo Vol 1
  • Jinko Fuyuno
  • English
  • 15 April 2015
  • 9781569706107

5 thoughts on “Ai Shika Iranee Yo Vol 1

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    275 starsA nice story of second chance that finally FINALLY I could read D Thank you Makhda for lending me the book winks kissesBe warned that there's rather long flashback chapters from their senior year in high school In fact present and past content were 5050 of the whole body The plot itself was nothing new in Yaoi nothing too complicated or angsty An ordinary kid met a Yakuza heir be friends then lovers separated met again after eight years and reunited And they lived happily for now DMy issues with this books of which I was being lenient enough to overlook were No safe sex In fact this is common in yaoi as far as I know The MCs never used condoms lube or any protection since the first time they were together For young adults when they first got intimate their sex conducts were very experienced indeed on top of the no protection issue Though I loved that we got to read Kobayakawa's POV at the end it's overused IMOThat said I uite enjoyed this and eager to continue with #book2 right after I shall just leave this description I loved from the final scene A sour smelling building in Kabuki cho whose thin walls let Sawa hear the shouts of drunks outside and the sound of cars going by and told him that this was reality – not some perfect dream of starched sheets pulled tight over a hotel bedA reality that was not merely sweet and tender but harsh And Sawa wanted Kobayakawa anyway and this ilustration that had me snorting while reading it

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    On the scale of yaoi novels this was an okay read The writing is fine but my major problem was with the romance between the characters Junya and Kobayakawa are a sheltered student and the son of a yakuza boss who are thrown together by a twist of fate They're separated by an act of betrayal and are re united years later as adults with much ensuing angstThe portrayals of their young love were sweet but beyond that I found the sex scenes awkward and the seme brutal Of course Junya still professes his love to him in the end which for me is always bothersome If I take a look at volume 2 in this series it will be in the hope that there will be less manipulation and emotional abuse and true romance between these two characters

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    Haha so here's yaoi novel this time I have to admit it's a good story in it's genre It contains only consensual smut thankfully Characters likeable Jinko Fuyuno even decided to make a cultural references to 'The Stranger' by Camus rare in yaoi Pictures are ugly so I just pretent that they don't exist Noboru Takatsuki even apologised for destroing the story with her ugly art I'm uite curious how the author will handle the second volume

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    Just loved it very well written

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    This is one of my favorite yaoi novels I got it when it was actually available and affordable The book is actually well written and cohesive The story follows two people who met in high school I uite enjoyed their interaction especially the bar they met at after seeing each other again

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