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Surviving Gabriella (La Fortuna DeVitis #3) [PDF / EPUB] Surviving Gabriella (La Fortuna DeVitis #3) She s shattering under the weight of her secret.His heart is breaking as he watches her are twisting tightly around them Making it hard to breatheor loveCan they sever the shackles of She s shattering under the weight of her secretHis heart is breaking as he watches her collapse are twistingtightly around them Making it hard to breatheor loveCan they sever the shackles of destiny and find love Or will they just exchange one type of restraint for another.

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    Fabulous ending to the trio of La Fortuna Devitis books Gabriella is the third and most dangerous of sisters Her story was hinted at in the first two books and this of course is her story and it will also fill in a few missing pieces Gabby is truly a anomaly that secret forces want to grab, study and use for their evil purposes She escaped that horror once but when her family is threatened she knows she must go back even at the risk of her own life to intervene And of course the man who she keeps at arm s length and loves her isn t happy at all with her plan so he too has his own agenda.If you like suspenseful romances with a lot of action this series is a definite must All three books are very well written with a storyline that will keep you glued to the pages to find out what s going to happen next and such heartwarming characters that you ll adore and want happy endings for Kudos to Ms Cheever and another truly phenomenal series and this reader is anxious to see what your bring our way next

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    This book contains significantly romance than the first two in the series, but is still a first rate thriller, with well written action sequences, some very surprising plot twists and a great fast pace It is very satisfying to finally have questions that were raised in the first 2 books answered, and I did appreciate that all the loose ends were tidied up.Read as a whole the trilogy is a great story, but I don t think that this book would make much sense without having read the first two, this is the main reason I have docked it a star, but if you ve read the first two then you really do need to read this.

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    A PHENOMINAL ending to the La Fortuna DeVitis series Three sisters share a suspenseful storyline Surviving Gabriella is Gabriella s happy ever after as well as the rollercoaster ride ending for this action packed series And once again Sam Cheever supplies a Honeybun treat.

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    Wow What a conclusion to the series Action packed and filled with mystery Love the guest appearances by the Honeybuns Gabby was a hard nut to crack, but Mike was just the man to do it Loved their passion and connection Great read

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    This is an entertaining, suspense and action filled romance that is well written it is by Sam Cheever so of course it is Excellent read and very difficult to set down I really enjoyed it I voluntarily read an ARC and this is my honest review.

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    The final book in the trilogy and a happy ending to the story And you get all your questions answered, after some very interesting twists and turns Enjoy

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