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Paper Princess [PDF / EPUB] Paper Princess Samo je želela da ostane verna sebiEla Harper je borac – optimista je i sa obe noge stoji čvrsto na zemlji Čitavog života selila se iz grada u grad i pokušavala da sastavi kraj sa krajem veruju Samo je želela da ostane verna sebiEla Harper je borac – optimista je i sa obe noge stoji čvrsto na zemlji Čitavog života selila se iz grada u grad i pokušavala da sastavi kraj sa krajem verujući da će se jednog dana izvući iz siromaštva Nakon što joj je majka umrla ostala je sama na svetuSve dok se nije pojavio Kalum Rojal najbolji prijatelj njenog oca kog nikada nije upoznala Ovaj milijarder postaće njen anđeo čuvar i smestiće je u svoj raskošan dom zajedno sa petoricom svojih sinova koji Elu vide kao uljeza Ne zna se koji je od njih šarmantniji i privlačniji ali nijedan nije toliko fatalan kao Rid Međutim on je rešen da Elu vrati u blato iz kojeg je ispuzalaŽivot iz bajke ima i onu drugu mračnu stranu a to je nešto sa čime se Ela nikada do sada nije susrela Ako misli da opstane moraće da nauči da igra po drugačijim pravilima igre.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Paper Princess
  • Erin Watt
  • Serbian
  • 08 April 2014

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    Are you ready for a rant? BECAUSE I AM SUPER MAD RIGHT NOW This book is disgustingly problematic sexist and abusive I actually had no idea what I was in forI liked the title okay? But I read in someone else's review that Erin Watt is a pseudonym for two erotica authors SO That tells you a lot right there Although I'm not 100% sure if it's true or notHere is a lovely list of what this book includes• male dominance and chauvinism and sexism that is NOT rebuffed or called out• sexual harassment and near rape• romanticising abuse• detailed sex scenes• no plot whatsoever because who needs that• a protagonist who has as much personality as paper SEE WHAT I DID THERE• alcohol addiction that is totally shrugged off• DID I MENTION ABUSE AND HARASSMENT YETI refuse to believe that this kind of story is even remotely okay I'm not even sure it's YA The characters are in their teenshighschool but it reads like New Adult But the entire romantic plot is an aggressive rude domineering cruel boy and a uiet passive innocent sweet girl have a romance It's cliche? It's tedious? It's not rightElla is living with the Royals because their father is her guardian Like so she's had a bad life has been a stripper just to make ends meet blah blah BUT SHE IS AN INNOCENT PURE OF HEART VIRGIN and she immediately falls for bad boy Reed Dude Reed is a disgusting animal He's rude to Ella from the first time he meets her He's calling her a slut talking with his brothers about how it's not safe to have sex with her because she's diseased he's making sure all the people at school hate her he treats ALL WOMEN like they're pieces of furniture to use he walks into her room without knocking while she's changing and he commands her to go here stay there come sit WHATEVER And she just does it because she can't resist WHAT PART OF THAT IS OKAY??? And then it's just like snap your fingers and suddenly he confesses he's only been an evil jerk because he loves herNoAlso noHere are some delightful examples of how horrendous this romance isThey go back to ignoring me Easton is now telling his brother about the blowjob he got tonightIt's like she's only giving forty percent now he gripes Used to be a solid hundred y'know? Going to town on my dick like it's made of chocolate and suddenly it's a few licks and then let's cuddle? Eff thatReed snickers She thinks she's your girlfriend Girlfriends don't need to put in an effortYeah might be time to cut that one looseWow When is the time that I'm like supposed to think that Reed is a good guy?I told you to stay away from my brothers Reed growls I'm not a good listener I start to sit up and then clasp the bedsheets against my chest I forgot I took my dress off and all I'm wearing are pantiesSex is sex he replies darkly If I have to fuck you so you don't ruin my family I'll do itSo A wtf B how does that makes sense and C the love interest is saying he will SEXUALLY ASSULT Ella And like the next chapter she feels bad for him because he's just damaged and she apologises for poking the tiger because it's all her faultDo I puke or murder someone?? I'm debatingI drop my arms and walk into the cabin Something about this guyhe issues a command and I obey I fight it at first sure I always fight but he always winsAnd this right here ^^ is an abusive relationshipAnd that's like the BEGINNING of the problematic issues The Royal father Callum is openly HATED and DESPISED by his five sons They are disgustingly disrespectful to him And they're all filthy rich of course so he just gives them thousands of dollars and then they spit in his face for 100% of the book Plus they're all drinking partying doing drugs and having sex RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE And I can't believe he's oblivious He's a horrible parent And not only that but he CONSTANTLY tells Ella what to do Like you're going shopping or you're going on this boating trip with the family or you're going to this party with the boys Like it's 100% male dominance here too He doesn't take no for an answer And everything he does for Ella is good in the sense that he's looking out for her BUT HE 100% DOES NOT RESPECT HER OR HER WISHES And this is the guardian we're talking about????He also gives Ella 10K per month to stay with his family I can't evenLike I said NO PLOT Perhaps if you got a microscope you might see a very small speck of one But good luck in that endeavour frenIt's all just Ella trying to survive the cruelty of highschool and the aggressive harassment of all 5 Royal brothers and then eventually having sex with one for like the rest of the bookAND I CAN'T EVEN ROOT FOR ELLA BECAUSE SHE NEVER STANDS UP FOR HERSELFThis isn't romance it's actually abuse Not to mention the formatting was really shoddy Like in the first chapter the font was like changing?? And I don't think it was for aesthetic because paragraph formatting was also messed up Also the book was really heavylike it wasn't printed on normal book paper???ALL IN ALL look no Just no I'm the one standing in the middle of the room screaming right now because this book was so far in the THIS IS WRONG category It is so sexist and the romance is disgusting and abusive and there is NO WAY you should EVER BE AROUND boys who treat you like you're an object Reed constantly pins Ella down so she can't leave a situation THAT'S HARASSMENT AND IT'S ILLEGAL AND REED BELONGS IN PRISONEither I'm setting fire to this book or my brain to try and forget I read it

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    WELL THAT WAS A JAW DROPPER A fucking JAW DROPPER I'm still reeling Ahhhhh Okay I think I've found a NEW addiction and it's ROYALLY intoxicating YOU GUYS I started Paper Princess around 11pm on a Sunday Night My plan was to read until 1230 Yeah rightttttt BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER I had to forced myself to set it down I had read and read and read and before I knew it I had to be up in 2hrs TWO HOURS The next morning I couldn't think Not about ANYTHING but this book I was obsessed Intoxicated Completely taken by what I was reading As I was making my kids breakfast my mind ran a marathon covering every little detail and scene my mind had soaked in I couldn't get my kids to school fast enough I came home I finished immediately And OH MY WORD Seriously THIS friends is your NEXT addiction These Royal's are delightfully wicked in every single way When you first meet Callum Royal and his sons you don't know what to think of them Callum swoops in and saves the day Literally I personally thought the man was fantastic Even with his blatant flaws glaring at you I saw a diamond in the rough I have a major crush on him He's HAWT But his boys Oh baby His five sons left something to be desired To be honest at first they're a bunch of assholes Gorgeous assholes but fuckers I wanted to throat punch nonetheless However first appearances are often times deceiving There's soooo many things going on in this story So many skeletons and little hidden compartments lingering behind the scenes just waiting to jump out I'm still trying to figure each of them out One of best things about Paper Princess my most favorite thing is Ella herself Our main character is down right FABULOUS At 17 this girl has handled than anyone should And it hasn't broken her No if anything it's made her one hell of a fighter I respected her I admired her She's lost her mother her father and she's had to do things to get by that made my heart ache This feisty yet sweet girl has been taking care of herself for what seems forever And because of that she's developed an incredibly fierce sense of independence She rarely shows weakness And if she feels weak she gets over it in the very next breath Simply put I have a girl crush on her With Ella's life's doing a 180 from pauper to princess she's thrust into the Royal Mansion That could easily change her as a person yet it doesn't Ella Harper is a good to her core But while she's good she's also strong She takes no shit and gives zero fucks as well I lift a finger and trail it slowly across his naked pecs my nail scraping across his smooth skin His breath hitches almost imperceptibly but it’s thereMy heart leaps to my throat and blood begins to pound in places that I absolutely do not want to be associated with Reed RoyalYou’re playing a dangerous game” he rasps outDon’t I know it Still I can’t let Reed see he’s gotten to me I pull my hand away folding the fingers into a fist “I don’t know any other way to play it”All the Royal boys have distinct personalities From Easton to Gideon to Sawyer to Sebastian they're all intriguing in their own way But our hero is Reed Royal REED MOTHER FUCKING ROYAL Prince of aloof fuckery Reed is the ringleader of the bunch When he says jump they say YES SIR He sets the standard in the Royal house and at Astor Park Prep their High School He's cold and his heart seems impossible to penetrate I have so many thoughts on this man I've analyzed him over and over and over again I could say so much but I don't want to spoil So I'm not going to But I'll say this I think our Hero has a soft heart I think he's deliciously sexy He makes me feel like a cougar RAWR I definitely think I'm in love him And I think things are going to get very juicy and maybe even a touch scandalous in book 2 waggles brows The apple is dangling in front of me juicy red and delicious but like the fairy tale Reed Royal is the villain disguised as a pretty prince Taking a bit out of him would be a huge mistakeAlso I need to mention I'm always skeptical when two authors I love write together Especially when those authors have two very distinct writing voices I mean it's ELLE KENNEDY and JEN FREDERICK Hello major awesomeness But with them writing under Erin Watt I couldn't tell who wrote what It was perfect seamless fluid Effortless writing and transitions that I just devoured I am so ready to read EVERYTHING these two collaborate onAnother thing You've probably heard this already but Paper Princess definitely had a TV show feel I could absolutely see this on the CW or one of those TV networks that everyone loves I'm not a huge movie person I've never watched Cruel Intentions don't judge And I've only seen an episode or two of Gossip girl I'm lame I know But I could absolutely imagine this as something even I a non TV watcher would invest in I would definitely be there every week snacks at the ready bells on waiting for my weekly fix of the Royal TV showOverall I loved it From the first words to the last I was BEYOND hooked This is chock full of drama sex dysfunction but also heart The writing is good The characters are enthralling And the plot line is juicy With plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes it's an intoxicating read It is the first in the series However I urge you to try it out You'll LOVE it I'm sure of it

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    5 stars I honestly can’t tell you the last time I’ve read a book that was this addictive This book was like crack to me I started it on a day when I had things going on and no matter what I had to do I was itching to read it I was sneaking in chapters I devoured this book It was angsty in the best way possible had a strong heroine and a family of brothers who ended up being the most lovable jerks but trust me you won’t love them all the time Ella Harper is tough She’s only 17 but ever since her mom died of cancer she’s been making it on her own It’s been a struggle but she does it Out of no where a man she’s never met Callum Royal claims to be her legal guardian and takes her home with him And his 5 sons await “You should know whatever game you're playing you can't win Not against all of usIf you leave now you won't be hurt If you stay we'll break you so bad that you'll be crawling away” 
Yeah these Royal boys can be brutal Especially the leader of their pack Reed I loved how Ella handled them She is so bad ass She always stays true to herself and says what is on her mind She’ll play their game if she has too These boys think they know her They have no idea The sexual tension between Reed and Ella is off the charts Although neither one likes the other sometimes it seems like Reed straight up despises Ella you can feel the heat between them The authors did a fantastic job writing these characters I never hated these Royal boys so much that I felt they were completely unredeemable Of course Reed was great some of the time but one of my favorite characters in the book was Easton Royal He was so funny and became a friend to Ella when she needed one After spending time with these Royal boys Ella sees who they really are and why they do the things they do She’s resilient She doesn’t back down and she doesn't give up On them or herself I thought the authors did a fantastic job of co writing this story It was so smooth and had such a great flow I couldn’t tell who had written what This book completely stressed me out There were twists turns angst drama revenge betrayal love friendship and than one jaw dropping moment That ending I can’t even with that WHAT WAS THAT??? I was dying Let me tell you now when the second book releases in a few short months I will have no problem recalling what happened at the end My jaw is still on the floor and my heart still hurts from reading that last chapter If you’re looking for an all consuming story that’s full of angst and as the authors describe it ‘a love child of Cruel Intentions and Gossip Girl’ — very accurate IMO READ THIS BOOK I couldn’t get enough “No one wants to be ruined We all want to be saved”

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    I have to admit I didn't expect to like this book but it has a Hana Yori Dango Meteor Garden Boys Over Flowers whatever you call it sort of vibe all it takes is one word from him and you’ll be nothing here Insignificant Invisible Or worse” This is no brilliant work of literature believe me but what it was is utterly entertaining The reason I compare it to Hana Yori Dango HYD is the premise It's a bit different but the similarity is still there Ella Harper is plucked from poverty and a hard life to live with her guardian a wealthy man with five sons She is smart strong a survivor and is plopped into a chi chi world and ultra rich school where four of the sons attend all of whom are determined to make her life a living hellThe school she attends is straight out of HYD “Astor Park is a prep school with a P” Savannah keeps walking There’s no uit button on her “Every family in the state wants their kids to go here but it’s exclusive You can’t just have money to get in Everyone that attends even the scholarship students are here because they have something special to offer I don't like New Adult I can tell you that but this book was surprisingly fun It always takes a lot for me to overcome my prejudice of the genre and what surprised me about this book was the fact that there are other female characters in the bookThe difference between this book and HYD is that all the guys are asshats If you're expecting a bunch of flowery boys you're gonna be disappointed because all of them are alpha male assholes of the Jericho fucking Barrons sort I hated their asses and to be honest I still sort of do Violence and intimidation is never something I approve of but at least this book doesn't try to make excuses to portray these boys as anything but major douchebags There's no uiet sweet moment with violin playing Hanazawa Rui here This being NA of course there is redemption and it's realistic enough to be believableThe star of the story Ella was surprisingly likeable She's strong but not over the top She yearns for love and acceptance hiding it behind a hard exterior and her character was well developed throughout the story Again don't get me wrong this isn't the next great American novel but it's a soap opera and it's damned entertaining

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    DNF at 70% Clearly I need to research books a little before I read themThis was just wow First off I didn't realize this was NA but thats fine I don't mind NA if things are tastefully and respectfully done Most NA books I've read glorify some pretty disgusting relationship issues Whatever I couldn't sleep so I just kept reading waiting for some redeeming factor So Ella the protagonist has had a seriously rough life She lost her mom never had a dad and had to come close to selling herself just to make ends meet When her mom was alive she was a stripper and had several boyfriends that sexually abused Ella That is what we're told anyway but Ella doesn't seem to suffer any mental challenges despite her past Nope she easily adjusts to life with the Royals and constantly talks about how horny she is despite her past her abuse and the way they treat her Come On For a girl that has had that much of a physical tole I find it this very hard to believeI don't know if the author has ever met anyone who has lived a life of constant trauma I've been through uite a bit myself but I'm very unconvinced in her attempts to write Ella's character Not to mention her past in terms of her body well this topic should be handled with care and tact I feel like the author has never had to write about real mental strugglespain ESPECIALLY relating to poverty or sexual abuse Those issues asideIf you want to read a very predictabletypical NA book where a girl is thrown into a rich fancy life and is constantly gaping after the bad boy and has to face your very common bitch who runs the school then this book is for you granted you want to read about dangly parts Listen I'm not judging just forewarningSeriously I don't mind skipping a few pages in a story that are TMI for me if the story is strong enough But this? Read the spoiler at your own risk view spoiler Ella comes from a bad past Ella all the sudden is rich and has to live with 5 boys who are hot The meanest most disturbed one is the one she lusts after Of course he lusts after her too Of course they hate each other Of course she goes to a party and another guy tries to take advantage of her and mean hot boy comes to her rescue Then because she got drugged at said party she wants release and mean hot boy and her screw around despite the fact that she's drugged out of her mind Thats where I uit hide spoiler

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    I had been seeing reviews for this series pop up all over my friends' pages Knowing that I wanted to read this series and find out what all the fuss was about I told myself I'd wait for the Audible version to be released So I waitedand waitedand waited some When I started to see the glowing reviews for the third and final book in the series and still there was no sign of an audiobook release I knew I had to start this series So I downloaded the Kindle edition of 'Paper Princess' and never looked backSeveral days later I've finished all three books and am suffering from a significant book hangover Let me tell you this series is addicting From the moment I began reading 'Paper Princess' I was consumed with this story Every day is a struggle for Ella Harper The daughter of a single mother she has spent her childhood running from town to town as her mother jumps from one bad relationship to another Although her upbringing was anything but stable she always knew she had the love of her motherHowever when Ella's mother grows ill with cancer Ella is forced to assume adult responsibilities as a young teenager When her mother dies Ella is left all alone She does what she has to do to survive and stay out of the foster care systemBy the time Ella is seventeen she has registered herself in high school by forging her mother's signature She is working three jobs and living in a rundown apartment She'd kill to have the superficial problems that her classmates face Just when she doesn't think her situation could get any worse she is reduced to accepting a job dancing nude She'd danced before but never fully nude Clinging to that tiny bit of modesty meant a lot to Ella but she had to sacrifice it to surviveThen a man she'd never heard of before shows up and insists that he is her legal guardian It is evident that Callum Royal is wealthy but Ella has no intention of leaving with the man who claims to be the best friend of her recently deceased father She never had any relationship with the sperm donor that gifted her life and then promptly left her mother in the dust much less the stranger that claims to have custody of herDespite her best efforts to evade him Callum persists until he has Ella on a jet and headed to his home When they arrive at the mansion that is to be her new home Ella is immediately made aware of the fact that she isn't the only one that doesn't want her there In spite of Callum's best efforts to make Ella feel welcomed his five teenage sons make their distaste for Ella eually clearReed the second oldest son but the oldest son still living at home is clearly calling the shots His younger brothers follow his lead and Ella finds herself fighting a losing battle against all of the Royal boys They're sure that she's out for their father's money among other things and they're determined to make her life a living hellAnd so Ella's rags to riches journey beginsShe is submersed in a world of luxury and excess that she'd never imagined existed in real life Enrolled in the same elite prep school as the Royal boys she is constantly reminded that she doesn't belong Reed rules the school just as he rules the Royal house As she struggles to adjust to her new life and blend in Reed is eually determined to push her out The bullying and cruelty that ensues was incredibly sad I have to admit that I geared up several times as I read some of the things that poor Ella went through Yet despite everything she perseveredSomewhere along the way Reed gives up on his mission to terrorize Ella The attraction between them keeps coming to the surface and they eventually make nice Of course once Reed decides to give Ella a shot his brother's follow suit From that point forward it is like somebody flipped a switch Ella and Reed go from being enemies to being head over heels It happened uick enough to leave my head spinningDespite my reservations mainly that Reed never had to pay for his maltreatment of Ella I still found myself completely addicted to this story In so many ways this story is reminiscent of another one of my favorite high school sagas 'Fallen Crest High' The over the top lives of privilege and excess lived by these kids is unreal This story has definitely become a guilty pleasure of mine Like so many of my friends I am hooked As expected this first book ended with a huge cliffhanger I started reading the second book immediately You'll want to do the same so have 'Broken Prince' ready to go when you finish 'Paper Princess' Loved it

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    I've finally done a YouTube review of my one of favourite books Channel is slow coming but absolutely loving my new hobby Would love to connect with other readers with channels of their own on YouTube

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    ★★★★★ Paper Princess book 1 of 3 Modern tale rags to riches Cinderella in high school setting with six potential suitors all the elements of a fairytale “You may have lost your family but you’re not alone any Ella You’re a Royal now” Books in The Royals series should be read in orderBook 1 Paper PrincessBook 2 Broken PrinceBook 3 Twisted PalacePaper Princess book 1 is the riveting opening to a glued to your kindle saga One woman six men money greed excess sex deceit betrayal secrets Forced into stripping to pay her mother’s medical bills Ella Harper has tried to fly under the radar until she can turn eighteen and not risk ending up in the foster care system But one day her meager and humble strip club is graced with the visit by a too handsome for his own good billionaire father of five Callum Royal who claims to be her father’s friend and her guardian In an instance her life goes from rags to riches Settled into the Royals’ castle high upon the hill she is faced with five handsome princes Gideon Reed Easton Sawyer and Sebastian none too happy to see her The story goes on to follow them at school home and the party scene as Ella gets to know a little bit about each brother Unlikely friendships are formed lines drawn truces forged and suitor aligning themselves with each prince having a stake It’s a modern day fairy tale that will leave you pining not for one not even five but six to die for heroes Seven words to describe Ella Harper Strong independent loyal private charismatic reflective naïve and unforgettablePaper Princess brilliantly told from Ella’s POV spellbound me all the way to its shocking and oh so perfect ending I am considering hibernation until book 2 Broken Prince “You want this?” He pumps himself slowly “You can have it Lick it suck it fuck it anything you want baby As long it’s just with me” Ella’s rating 5 starsCallum’s rating 5 stars Reed’s rating 5 stars Gideon’s rating 45 stars Easton’s rating 4 stars Sexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes freuency 4 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating NAOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series YesWould I re read this series YesWould I read future books by this author Yes

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    It's really not fair how hot this guy is And he's got this whole bad boy vibe that I'm not usually into but for some reason it makes him even hotter I guess I like bad boys OH MYYYY GOOOOD I wish you guys could hear me literally scream at this book This whole book was a huge WTF moment Why is this thing even allowed to exist? I have never been this pissed at a book before It was wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to start Could you just puh lease stop romanticising bloody abusive relationships FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Can you imagine all the teenage girls reading this book and thinking that freaking assholes are hot because this idiot character Ella is attracted to jerks????? This book is the most disgusting thing I have read in my life All you can find in here is abuse near rape and a creepy characters If any teenage girl is reading this review I need you to understand that abusive relationships are not okay If someone is being a jerk to you it is NOT okay If someone calls you a slut you get out of there now If you've been drudged and nearly raped you need to talk to someone sighs deeply what has the world come to? The fact that they kept referring to Ella as their sister makes it TEN TIMES disgusting and creepy And don't even get me started on the dad “What do you want?”“To talk”“Then talk here”“Get in here Ella”“No”“Yes”I drop my arms and walk into the cabin Something about this guyhe issues a command and I obey He’s a jerk and he wants to hurt you I scream at my body My nipples pucker despite my warning I don't recommend this book to anyone and I have no interest whatsoever to read the rest of this series Pre readingMost of my friends absolutely hated this book

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    You're kidding me You're kidding me You're fucking kidding me “These Royals will ruin you” I am the one ruined beyond repair I am livid You can practically see smoke steaming from my ears and pieces of my heart falling to the floor I have fallen apart “You should know whatever game you're playing you can't win Not against all of us If you leave now you won't be hurt If you stay we'll break you so bad that you'll be crawling away” I beg you to forgive me for not writing a proper review it seems that my thoughts and emotions are really tangled Frankly a part of me wonders why I liked Paper Princess Every single character was broken every relationship twisted and dysfunctional and I couldn't help but cringe at some scenes I couldn't relate with Ella nor understand her actions I hated the boys at first and at the end all I could do was yell at a certain someone who did a certain something and damaged my faith in him But Paper Princess was addictiveIt's definitely one of the books I'd call guilty pleasures there were so many things wrong with the characters and their decisions and their life styles I can't even begin to describe but they grew on me despite my will And I am pretty certain that 17 year olds don't act this way When I was seventeen me and my classmates used to pretend we'd film a movie Indiana Jones style with me as an archaeologist searching for the secrets of the sanctuary of Deplhi and everyone had a ridiculous part like my Chinese sidekick or the random stranger that passed by and said hi My point is we were a bit childish We didn't drug other people or obey the rich kids at school We were normal And nothing about the Royals was normal “I'm not mad at you I'm mad at myself I did this Well Easton and I I brought this on you I'm Reed the Destroyer” Like I said before I hated the Royal boys at first They were dirty and horny and mean But eventually when I understood their behavior and how hurt they were I felt a pang of sympathy Nothing justifies making another person's life miserable but not everyone deals with their grief and resentment in socially acceptable ways While I hated Easton he suddenly became my precious cinnamon roll And Reed well what can I say about him?The rich fucked up asshole The Destroyer There wasn't a chance I wouldn't fall for him God knows how easily attracted I am to characters beautiful and broken His chemistry with Ella was a being of its own I could feel the flames licking my body and I sweat under their meaningful looks and scorching scenes Angst and tension at their finest ladies and gentlemen “Look I like you Didn’t think I would but I do and because I like you I feel the need to warn you that we Royals are pretty fucked up We’re good in bed but out of it? We’re like a stage four hurricane” I don't know how I feel about Ella She was ballsy and I liked it but she tended to be provocative without reason I don't judge her for her profession she did everything she could to survive and that was admirable I do blame her mother though Yes I understand that given the circumstances she did the only thing she knew but when you have a young daughter you don't change boyfriends that often and move across the country every time you fall in love That's just selfishAfter that ending I'm starving for the next book like a junkie craving her dose Paper Princess found its way to my heart and now owns it Oh Erin Watt

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