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    This book was great It is fun and uirky I think you can read it either to find purpose and meaning or just for a nice uick readI am definitely a Robin Sloan fan I enjoyed Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore as well so I was looking forward to this one While his stuff can be a bit out there it definitely falls in the Magical Realism category it is not so out there that it is hard to stay engaged It is like he takes things from our normal everyday lives and tweaks them slightly towards the bizarre After finishing his works you may not look at the little things uite the same anyAlso this is definitely a book for foodies If you love food baking uniue culinary trends farmer’s markets ordering new takeout food that takes you out of your comfort zone see what I did there take out takes you out ah well at least I thought it was clever ; then you must read this bookOh and now I want ALL THE SOURDOUGH If you read this near a bakery you will give them ALL YOUR MONEY and OD on bread

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    this book felt like a friend it made me make bread it made me think about our priorities in life and how important it is to live a life you love

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    oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best fiction what will happen?this is the same kind of breezy good fun as the author’s debut Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore but while that one was about computer savvy booknerds having secret society based adventures in san francisco this one is about computer savvy FOODnerds having secret society based adventures in san francisco so totes different dynamic that might sound like me having a go at sloane but i’m not at all i love books and i love food and i love mysterious adventures involving secret societies if his third book turns out to be about a secret cabal of adorable fuzzy baby animalnerds who have adventures in san francisco i’m not gonna say no especially if it glows in the dark the way the first two do including the arcs which is thoughtful AND fun he is hard to review though a lot of the fun of his books is in that journey of discovery where a thing leads to an unexpected thing leads to a weird thing leads toadventure they’re all brisk movement full of heart and charming characters with nothing to offend any reader all without coming across as cloying or cheesy except when he is actually writing about cheese which he does at great length in this bookit’s a uick read that doesn’t skimp on details or research; there are fun food facts clever ha has sprinkled throughout and it’s got this really appealing tone of bonhomie which is just what the doctor ordered to offset all the discord spinning through the world right now a very pleasant distraction that will make you smile and desperately crave bread slathered in butter please if i had to point out one negative thing it’s that his characters aren’t as developed or complex as you may find elsewhere but in a way it’s a little freeing to read something that isn’t concerned with psychological scrutiny and i kind of loved that it was fun without being “dumb” funOH i just realized this book is adventures in food and fun which is a thing that used to happen here on goodreads and no longer does uick gimmie some bread to dry these nostalgic tearsDRAMATIC BREADreview to come post vacationwhen sober whichever comes firstcome to my blog

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    I'm between 4 and 45 stars here Well now that we've gotten that out of the wayThe above GIF probably clues you in on one of the reasons I reuested this book from NetGalley the minute I saw it My obsessive love of carbs aside I was a huge fan of Robin Sloan's last b

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    Living in Silicon Valley for many years the Bay Area my entire life Berkeley Oakland San Francisco and San Jose I know many techie self starters Startup companies is synonymous with Silicon Valley as Sourdough French Bread is synonymous with San Francisco Mix it all together and Robin Sloan has written the ultimate startup sourdough novel that could ‘only’ have taken place in the Bay Area Software robotics developer Lois Clary from Michigan moved to the heart of the start up district in the San Francisco Richmond district For a girl who had never even boiled an egg she ate nutritive gel packs named Slurry she became an overnight self starter sourdough baker Oh there are tons of chuckles lots of details to learn about baking sourdough uirky characters to share those loaves and just an overall enjoyable book a few parts were too techie for my taste just as Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore was for me tooBut this is charming novel baked with warmthI’m looking forward to breaking bread with Celia when we both go see Robin Sloan

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    Two truisms 1 You don’t want to stand behind an elephant after it eats spicy food; and2 It’s really hard to read a book called Sourdough and not want sourdough bread especially when said book includes numerous scenes in which the main character is baking said deliciousness Notwithstanding that constant distraction what stands out most about Sourdough is Robin Sloan’s ability to marry technology and whimsy in a way that feels organic and yes pun intended vis à vis the strange foodie subculture explored in the book Sloan tripped the light fantastic with that idea to great effect in Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore though if he danced with the idea there he downright makes sweet yeasty love to it here Sourdough is a very weird book that doesn’t feel weird when you read it; it’s only when you think too hard about it or try to explain it to someone that things get strange It’s a little bit like a pleasant version of chewing on aluminum foil—you know exactly what’s going on when it’s in your mouth but the moment you try to explain to someone who’s never tried it before what it feels like you realize you can’t accurately describe the sensation so if you’re like me you just shove aluminum foil in the other person’s mouth and forcibly masticate on their behalf but I’m given to understand that such behavior is frowned upon in “polite” society which incidentally is why I tend to shun polite society though I have heard that the feeling is mutual and that polite society allegedly once said of me “I would aim a swift kick at his dangleknockers if it were in my nature; sadly it’s not though I have considered the possibility of subcontracting that unpleasant task to a willing steel toed boot wearer” which should tell you all you need to know about polite society the wanker Suffice it to say if you liked Penumbra odds are good that you’ll like Sourdough though it’s not a certainty If you haven’t read Penumbra and are wondering whether you should give this a go I would first point you toward Penumbra simply because I think it’s excellent and then tell you to come back here if you’re in the mood for something a little bit different a little bit sci fi a little bit magical and a lot San Francisco all blended together by a writer who has a knack for finding a likable voice no matter what he’s writing

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    Nutritive gel for dinner People do this That sounds like a futuristic overpopulated planet and dwindling resources scenario At least Soylent Green looked like it had texture and mouthfeelAnyway our young hero gets to eat something a lot better than nutritive gel slurry She becomes launched on an adventure in baking It is all very cute and kind Fluffy like the inside of the loaf I didn’t get a lot out of it It’s pleasant Maybe I’m jealous My starter doesn’t sing and smile

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    A novel that begins with such promise as it opens with a witty look at office life for the employees of the pioneering San Francisco technology companies and the fortunes of newly recruited and blissfully naive Lois Clary ends up with author Robin Sloan overworking the dough Stretching credibility in the second half what starts as an engaging comedy focusing on a young robotics engineer descends into a convoluted fairytale whilst attempting to make some wider commentary with parallels to society which never resonated with me Sourdough opens vibrantly and the plot moves uickly sweeping the reader along in a breezy tale of slave to technology Lois having her eyes opened to the potential for something other than the tech heavy world that she has seen little outside of This first half is full of whimsy and gives a take on life inside at the global technology powerhouses and the never ending uest for increasing productivity and automating every repetitive task Before robotics engineer Lois Clary was recruited by a talent associate on behalf of General Dexterity in San Francisco she had spent her life to date close to her family in Michigan But when the company at the forefront of designing the industry leading robot arms for factories and labs offered her such an eye watering array of benefits and a huge salary it proved impossible to turn them down and every woman likes to be wooed After two months of exhausting hours and a culture of sleeping in the office Lois spends her rare moments of downtime in a state of catatonic recovery A trip to the in house medical centre diagnoses her with stress which goes a long way to explaining the pains in her upset stomach Her colleagues at work swear by the waxy green Tetra Pak’s of Slurry the nutritionally complete and rich in probiotics gel which has the consistency of a thick milkshake The only upside of dining in the lunchtime Slurry corner is the chance for Lois to interact with her colleagues Working in the control branch of the company Lois focuses on instructing the robotic arms on how to move; no easy task when they cannot even be programmed to crack an egg successfully Everything changes for Lois when she finds a menu stuck to her apartment door for the neighbourhood restaurant Clement Street Soup and Sourdough and after partaking of her first combo double spicy little does Lois know how her life is about be set on a very different track For all its spice the meal she consumes sits perfectly in her belly and the accompanying sourdough bread proves positively heavenly with the baby faced delivery man guaranteeing that she will like the food of the “Mazg” a reference to the cultural heritage of the two brothers Boereg and Chaiman who run the restaurant When a Visa issue forces the brothers to relocate they bestow a crockpot containing the culture starter for making sourdough bread and transform their “Number one eater” from not just being a consumer but into a baker What begins as an obligation not to let the brothers down slowly evolves into a simmering passion for Lois as her produce turns the eye of a few of her colleagues and is snapped up by the in house chef at General Dexterity Inspired and enjoying rewarding creative work Lois finds her world soon starts to open up from making friends with her neighbours to pleasing the ladies of the local Lois Club yes they do simply share the same first name and they apparently have a club in every town Whilst she might earn as much in twenty minutes of coding as she does from baking bread doing something that demands passion and a little physical effort suits Lois far better she might even be happyThe majority of the narrative is told from the perspective of Lois after she is left the starter culture of Clement Street and Soup when brothers Boereg and Chaiman move away Through the form of emails from Boereg the history of the Magz people is told which disappointingly takes the focus away from Lois and her character development and proved tedious Seeing the unfolding progress of Lois was markedly fascinating than a character who appears sporadically in the form of occasional sketchy missivesWhen chef Kate suggests that Lois could try out for the farmer’s markets things go rapidly downhill when she is given a spot at the cutting edge Marrow Fair an underground market and experimental place for innovative techniues new tools and “pizzazz” in the words of manager Lily Belasco In short if Lois gets a robot on board then she gets a spot and as she slowly moves between part time baker and solving the egg problem to uitting her job at General Dexterity and concentrating on her uest my interest slowly waned For starters the members of the Marrow Fair are far less compelling to read about than either the General Dexterity oddball staff or the wacky women of the Lois Club Even though some of the humorous interludes and the prissiness of the farmer’s market and its select foodstuffs works initially Sourdough starts to take a serious tone with attention turning to the relationship between bacteria and humans and other associated nonsense In all honesty I found the ending made little sense and all became rather pretentious meaning that after a uirky and engaging first half Sourdough became all ‘soggy bottom’ and proved a struggle to finish Sadly the premise does not indicate that this novel turns increasingly fantastical and incidentally note that many reviewers fail to comment on the metaphorical meaning of the story perhaps indicative of how obscure the bigger picture perspective remains even by the closing pages In truth it is only the final fifty pages that go badly haywire and Sourdough is undoubtedly a well written novelWith thanks to Readers First who provided me with a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

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    This is a uixotic and whimsical magical fantasy teeming with warmth charm and uirky characters Lois Clary is a software programmer lured from her home and comfortable job to move to San Francisco with a lucrative financial and benefits package offered by General Dexterity a robotics company There she finds she is expected to commit body and soul and every hour in search of cutting edge robotic arm improvements This takes it toll on her life health and spirits as she develops a knot in her stomach that persists She exists on slurry a nutritive gel to keep her going until one day she orders the double spicy a soup and sandwich with sourdough This has remarkable healing properties as she immediately begins to feel better Ordering this almost daily Lois becomes the number one eater of brothers Beoreg and Chaiman's food To counteract her social isolation Lois joins the local chapter of the women named Lois group finding herself friends and a support groupBeoreg and Chaiman have to leave suddenly for Europe and beueath supplies and their uniue live starter with an aroma of bananas to Lois Lois has never cooked or baked in her life before but something within her impels her to begin baking the sourdough After some initial hiccups she finds she bakes a wonderful sourdough always with faces on the crust which Chef Kate at work orders on a daily basis Kate encourages Lois to apply for a stall at the artisan food general market However she is turned down but offered an alternative venue at the Marrow Fair by ueen of the Underworld Lily Belasco This is a varied experimental biotechnological food community based on a ex military base which emits low level radiation It is funded by the remote and mysterious Mr Marrow about whom there is much speculation and rumours Lois is in her element as she researches how to improve a robotic arm that could help her in her business However mass producing the sourdough leaves her magical starter in an extreme state of depression and in the doldrums for which Lois tries to find a remedy The narrative is interspersed with emails from Beoreg from Edinburgh and Berlin He tells the personal history of his family the Mazg culture the sources of the singing starter his desire to set up his own restaurant and his brother's forays into making Mazg music If you like magical realism done with panache then this is a brilliant and spellbinding book to read I like the combination of biotechnology with fantasy Robin Sloan makes this work well in the ideal location of San Francisco and its guiding spirit of the alternative An enthralling and enchanting read which I highly recommend Many thanks to Atlantic Books for an ARC

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    I adored the first half of this book but the second half was justso so odd

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Sourdough [PDF / EPUB] Sourdough Lois Clary a software engineer at a San Francisco robotics company codes all day and collapses at night When her favourite sandwich shop closes up the owners leave her with the starter for their mouth Lois Clary a software engineer at a San Francisco robotics company codes all day and collapses at night When her favourite sandwich shop closes up the owners leave her with the starter for their mouthwatering Sourdough bread Lois becomes the unlikely hero tasked to care for it bake with it and keep this needy colony of microorganisms alive  Soon she is baking loaves daily and taking them to the farmer's market where an exclusive close knit club runs the show When Lois discovers another secret market aiming to fuse food and technology a whole other world opens up But who are these people exactly.

  • Hardcover
  • 259 pages
  • Sourdough
  • Robin Sloan
  • English
  • 08 August 2015
  • 9780374203108

About the Author: Robin Sloan

Robin Sloan is the author of the novels Mr Penumbra's Hour Bookstore and Sourdough He grew up near Detroit and now splits his time between the Bay Area and the internet.