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A Knight Well Spent [PDF / EPUB] A Knight Well Spent Scotland 1141 A Norman king's attempts to rule the Highland clans is making his favorite knight's job difficult indeed and that is before a woman of mystery lays siege to the warrior's heartSHE LIVES Scotland A Norman king's attempts to rule the Highland clans is making his favorite knight's job difficult indeed and that is before a woman of mystery lays siege to the warrior's heartSHE LIVES TO HEALHe's a giant of a man; what's he's the enemy These truths should be enough to send Aislynn running far and fast from the wounded stranger in the woods But he needs her help and the reward he bestows changes her foreverHE FIGHTS TO KILLFormidable knight Rhoenne Guy de Ramhurst has been gifted with a fiefdom and the unenviable task A Knight PDF/EPUB or of taming the rebellious Highlanders that populate it He also has a castle full of dissidents led by his own half brother Yet these challenges pale in comparison with attempts to forget the healer who saved his life and captured his heartAND ONE LOVE RULES THEM BOTHRhoenne believes a family curse places any woman he loves in mortal danger When Aislynn is abducted by his profligate sibling Rhoenne becomes her protector even as he tries to resist her But Aislynn has secrets of her own and as deception and danger swirl ever closer around them the truth may be their only salvation.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • A Knight Well Spent
  • Jackie Ivie
  • English
  • 15 August 2015
  • 9781420101652

About the Author: Jackie Ivie

Jackie Ivie was born and raised in a suburb outside Utah's capital beautiful Salt Lake City The second in a family of four daughters and one son Jackie was constantly amusing her siblings with her invented games escapades and stories And she was always reading She would even walk the family dog with one hand holding the leash while the other held the ever present book No subject went unr.

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    “His Royal Highness King David of Scotland and Norman king is on the thrown 1141 AD Normandy occupies Scottish lands and are at war with the Scots Normans consider the Scots uncivilized and barbaricSir RHOENNE Guy de Ramhurst a knight and First Earl of Tynebury is seriously injured in a battle While attempting to return home he runs intoAISLYNN aka Lady of the Brook a Scottish maiden who’s beauty is beyond compare She attends to his wound with the constant reminder that she is a “healer” Aislynn is “marked’ by many giftsBRENT to who others call the Bastard is the Rhoenne’s brother and heir He is named High Sheriff of Tynebury when Rhoenne is absent and called to battle Brent comes uponDONALD O’Rourke attempting to take certain liberties with Aislynn Donald is a blacksmith and a man Aislynn may be forced to marry Brent kidnaps AislynnSir HAROLD Montvale also a knight is Rhoenne’s second He grew up with Rhoenne and is his ever constant companion He constantly exchanges annoying and amusing dialogue with Rhoenne His intent is to make Rhoenne think about his actions on any mattersROSIE aka Old Rosie a free women who has been with Rhoenne since birth is placed as Aislynn’s attendant Rosie carried out her duties masterfully and did so without taking any nonsense from RhoenneRICHARD 2nd younger brother to Rhoenne is a knowledgeable man that is not suited to be a knight but proves himself worthy of Rhoenne’s trustThe DONAL CLAN aka Gallgaels are considered to be the most dangerous and notorious of Scots They choose to make themselves visible to the Normans when and if they so desire Can an alliance between the Celts Gallgaels and Normans be made?ADVENTURE Forewarning of danger ensued My heart raced and I sweated bullets when 2 of the main characters were in danger The possibility of a siege and of betrayal was due to non other than a king’s edict The adventures that followed led to unexpected relationships I profusely cried when protection was given and a very painful injury resulted I also shed tears due to a death wish Arrival at the Montvale manor led to misunderstandings which eventually turned into understanding love and life think I’ll read that part againHILARIOUS Harold Montvale’s dialogue towards Rhoenne is always very funny that is when you could follow what he said and where he is going with the conversation He seems to always have the upper hand in that respect Aislynn on the other hand is curious about everything She is the typical “why baby” and can fire uestions off in rapid succession Pity should be given to whoever is caught between her and Harold dominating a conversation Then there is the problem of trying to continuously speak in your native tongue while occupying the land of Celtic language One could learn to speak a combination of the two which can cause confusion The ability to tolerate or not to tolerate alcohol is unuestionable Absolutely hilarious The author did a great job in expressing that matter Male reactions to Aislynn’s beauty is believable to the point that Rhoenne learned to uickly and stubbornly say “Nay”RECOMMENTATION From my standpoint this is a fantastic work by the author The only thing that I did not like is how she picked up the pace too much during the last few chapters It is as though she is telling the reader “whoops I’m out of time and must hurry up and finish the book” I highly recommend you reading this book and look forward to YOUR REVIEW

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    Usually don't read books like this but lately I've been reading a lot like this Love this book

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    I am not sure about this book

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    A Knight Well Spent by Jackie Ivie is a heart pounding mouth watering finger licking fantastic read for all Historical Romance lovers If you miss this one you have missed one of the Yummiest books of the centuryAislynn who also refers to herself as the Lady of the Brook is gifted with healing skills and dreams of things to come Petite long dark trusses brown green eyes with ivory skin she is a sight to behold She does not feel so pretty though as she is lanky and doesn't have all the proper curves that real women have so she does her best to hide herself under larger clothing Aislynn is a very intelligent lass who is not afraid to look you straight in the eyes and her pierce seems to penetrate right to the soulRhoenne Guy de Ramhurst is Lord of his own keep and large parcel of land This gifted to him by King David of Scotland for services rendered to the crown and allegiance to His Highness Rhoenne is a very large man piercing blue eyes that seem to drink you in blonde hair and abbs that any women in her right mind would love to caress over and over without thought to conseuencesLord Montvale is a knight totally dedicated to his Lord in every possible way Very handsome he has no problem with having his share of the ladies He is most often irritating occasionally manipulating and not afraid to do whatever needs to be done to protect those he loves More often than not this gets him into all out disagreements with his LordThe story starts us out with a chance meeting and a lucky one at that between Rhoenne and Aislynn Rhoenne has been hurt badly and Aislynn is in her Lady of the Brook outfit praying to the Gods and Goddesses that might be Luckily for Rhoenne Aislynn is very skilled in the healing arts and has him righter than rain in no timeOur story then finds us in Lord Rhoenne's keep with the Lord angered at the way his property has been taken care of in his absence His half brother Brent is no where to be found because he is out looking for wenches as per his usual Horny little bugger that he is Brent is about to be put in his place the hard way About the only thing Brent has done right this time is capture Aislynn but Rhoenne makes his claim to her as soon as he realizes who his brother has capturedRhoenne decides to give Aislynn total power over his keep which she puts to rights in no time and makes it a totally different place than what it was Rhoenne's half sister who was in charge of the everyday chores is not very happy at this especially since Aislynn makes the woman do than her share of the clean up to atone for the disgusting way in which the place what kept under her carePoor Rhoenne has made a vow of not seeding any woman because of a death curse Little does he know that Aislynn is going to give him a run for the money and test his patience and endurance to the ultimate of limits Can he withstand this most luscious enchantress and her breath taking delectable bodyA uote to Rhoenne's dilemmaYou'll rue this Montvale Rhoenne said and it was spoken between clenched teethOh I think not She has the frame of a goddess and the features of Aphrodite Further she has an iron fist You seem to need one I grant her free use of it Especially on your headThe author has given us such a delight that I would call this book a keeper Lusty action packed intriguing deceitful heart wrenching and down right luscious this book is right up in leagues with authors such as Hannah Howell Jo Beverley and many of the other epic writers of the current era of the Historic Romance genre'

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    Sir Rohenne is a Norman night who is trying to maintain his keep He freuently leaves his bastard born half brother in charge while defending his demesne Each time he returns he faces serfs who are angry at how tough his brother has been angry fathers who demand recompense for their stolen daughters and a general mess of a home He needs someone strong to handle his home but does not necessarily want a wife He is convinced there is a curse on his family that causes the death of any woman who bears a son into the family While recovering from an injury he encounters Aislynn who is a healer that mesmerizes him He finds that he cannot let her go but is afraid to claim her because he does not want her to suffer because of the curse Aislynn is convinced that the curse does not determine their destiny Just as they seem to becoming comfortable with each other and their love for one another a decision has to be made What is important in the end their love their loyalty to their friends and king or the safety of their people?I had a difficult time with the dialogue on this book It wasn't difficult to read but the author seemed to go out of her way to create characters that didn't get to the point when they were speaking The main characters were always beating around the bush I think this was her attempt to create sarcasm I found myself freuently rereading the scenes to make sure I was getting the mood of the conversationThe story line is well developed and the problems the hero and heroine faced were complex yet realistic The author really developed the character of Harold friend to both parties in the romance Sir Harold will do anything in support of his liege lord We are able to get inside of him as he tries to stay supportive to his friend distant from the heroine and helpful to both

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    This was my second read by Jackie Ivie A Knight Well Spent has a good plot but the pace was so rough it spoiled my enjoyment of the plot I always felt as though I didn't really understand either the characters or their actionsAislynn was a foundling and now spends her time practicing her healing craft whenever she can get away from the miller family who took her in When she heals a massive knightly looking fellow of a spear wound he rewards her with a kiss The next day she's abducted by a lecherous Sassenach overlord and taken to the castle There she discovers her captor isn't the overlord his brother is And his brother is none other than the knightly looking fellow she healed Suddenly her life is no her own she's claimed by the overlordas his chatelaine and healerRhoenne won his lands by gift of the king Winning the loyalty of his subjects is much harder He's attracted to Aislynn but made a vow to never subject a woman to his family's cursedeath in childbirth But his time with Aislynn only deepens his attraction and soon he must make a choice between love and loyalty to his kingLike I said great plotbut the execution of it left me wanting

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    Ah a good cliche romance novel Sometimes it's just what a girl needs Don't argue it's true And this one certainly fits the billIt's historical accurate enough to get clothing pieces named correctly and enough of the dialect down to be believably antiue which I appreciateSo let's get down to the nitty gritty Yes it's formulaic Yes yes I know I know it has a half naked man on the cover But let's face it girls we don't get that kind of romance very often in the real world right? And this one THIS one actually has a story in it Matter fact for a bodice ripping style marketing approach there was actually only one scene with bodice ripping in it and it isn't even the scene you think it isI have only one complaint which I will of course address now The author makes a little too much use of the triple dots of doom You know that dot dot dot that breaks up a phrase? But it's not too hard to get past that and after that it's a reasonably well done storyBottom line I liked the characters the story had me appropriately enthralled and the ending was satisfying A good read

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    I don't know why but this was just a hard book to read The plot was a real downer but at least I finished it The usual big misunderstanding in which the hero thinks the heroine was cheating on him with his best friend but they made it look that way to save the hero but would anyone tell him the truth? No Uggh 255httpktleyedblogspotcom201109k

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    I'm not much of a romance reader but I met the author at a local bookstore and she was so nice to chat with that I wound up buying this book I thoroughly enjoyed it It's well written and was pretty easy to escape into I liked it

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    Saya tergoda membaca novel ini karena judulnya dan ringkasan ceritanya yang rada rada berlatar belakang sejarah Ya I am fans of historical story and found myself dissappointed after reading this novel karena hmtoo many romance than the history itself

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