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Earthbound [PDF / EPUB] Earthbound David and Ellen Cooper came to the lonely beachside cottage in hopes of rekindling their troubled marriage Yet they are not alone on their second honeymoon Marianna a beautiful and enigmatic stranger David and Ellen Cooper came to the lonely beachside cottage in hopes of rekindling their troubled marriage Yet they are not alone on their second honeymoon Marianna a beautiful and enigmatic stranger comes to visit David whenever Ellen is awayWho is Marianna and where has she come fromEven as he succumbs to her seductive charms David realizes that Marianna is far than a threat to his marriage for her secrets lie deep in the past and beyond the grave And her unholy desires endanger the life and soul of everyone she touches.

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    Earthbound follows Ellen and David Cooper to an isolated seaside cottage not far from the one where they spent their honeymoon twenty years earlier Only now their marriage is in a state of disrepair due to David's recent infidelities Shortly after their arrival David discovers that the derelict beach house is haunted by the beautiful spirit of Marianna a nympho ghost whose lust filled depravity has doomed her not just to earth but to the very confines of the cottage Unholy desires fill David with each unabated visitation by Marianna who only appears whenever David’s wife is away When David inevitably succumbs to Marianna’s temptations he resents the liaison and vows to be faithful to Ellen However his errant impulses and foolish skepticism cause him to disregard the warnings of the mysterious heiress on the hill who urges the couple to leave immediately and David finds himself growing deeper in his carnal knowledge of Marianna’s ghost even as their dalliances begin to literally sap away at his health and energy leaving him powerless to stop himselfBilled as “A Lover’s Ghost Story” and comprising few characters and a claustrophobic setting Earthbound defies straightforward genre classification as it blends elements of horror and suspense in a tale of paranormal erotica The story is sexual than terrifying—though the sexual content is restrained in language than you might expect Sure legendary author Richard Matheson injects some uality suspense into this rambling tale; however he also veers into shameless bathos and outright titillation And yet one could reasonably argue that the sex scenes were as flat and lacking as the dialogue On the other hand Matheson deserves props for deftly exploring the complexities and unforeseen flaws of both relationships and the human mind even if it comes across as heavy handed and didactic in the epilogue Earthbound is far from being his best work though it is somehow hauntingly erotic and occasionally exciting Any faithful readers looking for a Matheson tale that’s of the same masterpiece league as The Shrinking Man The Beardless Warriors my favorite Matheson novel by far and—to a lesser extent— Duel will likely want to skim over this meager addition to Matheson’s legacy

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    255Oddly enough there were no psychic little boys running around in this This is instead a classic ghost story with a slight twist A horny ghost Richard Matheson the third recipient of the Grand Master of Horror award and the author of I Am Legend has been on my check out list for a while I saw this book at the library and decided to give it a shot; not at all realizing what I was getting myself into The writing itself isn't bad In fact there are some downright beautiful sentences But some of the dialogue is heavy without the flow of real conversation and the characters have a bad habit of repeating themselves Also Matheson loves the verb hissed Everything and everyone hisses in his bleak gray world The story is fairly uick paced everything takes place in the span of a few days mostly in the same location There were no major scares; it instead relies upon an overall sense of creepy wrongness I did enjoy the plot and the overall theme although the denouement was a bit heavy handed and preachyBonus The longest sentence about an orgasm I have ever readview spoiler All he knew was that magically both of them were naked and Marianna was bestowing upon him the kind of headlong wantonness that he'd imagined only in his most covert of fantasies wordless unconfined increasingly berserk her exuisite face gone bestial with demented sensuality her hands and mouth like swarming creatures on his flesh her ivory body twisting turning offering every possible variety of sensation driving him deeper and deeper into a pit of mind consuming lust until reared up on him back arched and stiff tumid breasts upthrust her expression one of insensate abandonment she drained his loins with such a violence that it seemed as if his very blood were pouring into her hide spoiler

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    This is not something I'd come to expect from the likes of Matheson but it certainly turned out pretty good with some original thought and creative ingenuity put into it I do not like to give away spoilers so I will simply say this has content that's for a variety of readers including suspense horror eroticism steamy romance tragedy thriller and even a little twisted or possibly so that I let on

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    What a joylessly depressing read Wow I mean my day was going good until I listened to this story From the moment the married couple arrived at their destination the cold unyielding drabness of their surroundings literally sucked the happiness out of me It was crazyThis read is void of real emotional attachment I did not believe the husband and wife wanted to work on their relationship I justdidn't believe in this storyIt passed at creating emotion It was just the wrong one Skip this one folks Nothing to see here but despair Not the good kind either The kind where you want to slit their throats for them so it can be over already

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    A Chilling Ghost story Dark and fascinating Grabs you immediately I could not put it down It's hightly eroticsometimes disturbingly so Beneath the the ghost story is an intelligent probing of the relationshiop between mind and body and a sharp and provoking contrast between lust and craving on the one hand with it'd deadly and empty results; and Love and intimacy on the other with it's power to renew redeem and and ultimately save us all from ourselves

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    A day into reading this book and I was prepared to not like it I didn't like the direction it was heading and I had problems with the characters That continued for about half the book It was only the interesting storyline that kept me going So you can imagine my surprise when I wound up being impressed by the end and the moral of the story It was much deeper than I would have imagined or guessed from the beginningI'm not sure this is a great book but I learned something from it and I think it will haunt me for a long time in a very good way So I recommend it

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    The good thing is it's just typical The bad thing is it's just typical For some reason ie I'm stupid I was mistakenly convinced it was Stephen King behind the pseudonym When I realized it's actually Richard Matheson I felt disappointed for I had read Matheson before and expected better Kudos for great edition though

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    Damn This book was fantastic Richard Matheson is the man I know some of the reviews said this book was horrible but from where? Yeah the guy in the book is shitty to his wife but doesn't he get his coming in a way? The dialogue was masterful Being that there were only like 4 characters in this book was refreshing I really got a sense of the married couple; their problems their issues their faults They're trying and it was just so real to me Then throw in Marianna to mix the pot and bam I'm hooked Is she real isn't she? Who the heck is real Right? Can't say any other than grab this book if you see it It made me a fan Beware This book turns exorcist on you too which is just genius Loved it

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    Beautiful cover that's it Oh actually there is one thing next time I'm feeling frisky I must remember to cup my breasts or thrusting cones as they are also described and say for you with loveNOT

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    Not a bad book but certainly not up to the standards of I Am Legend At times the prose is a little messy and in particular Matheson's use of adverbs is definitely dubious especially considering the fact that at times he makes them up Also toward the book the sentence 'He reach for her' rears its ugly head and makes you wonder what the heck Matheson's editors were doing if they were doing anything at all Still it's a decent story and fairly early on after the lead character has been drinking Matheson comes out with the line 'the cotton padding had been installed between reality and response' which I find to be a simply wonderful turn of phrase

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