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She: Understanding Feminine Psychology [PDF / EPUB] She: Understanding Feminine Psychology What does it mean to be a woman What is the pathway to mature femininity And what of the masculine components of a woman s personality Robert A Johnson explores these questions in this new edition of What does it mean to be a woman What is the pathway to mature femininity And what of the masculine components of a woman s personality Robert A Johnson explores these questions in this new edition of She, updated to reflect the growth of his She: Understanding Epub / thinking on these subjectsMany writers and scholars have long considered that the ancient myth of Amor and Psyche is really the story of a woman s task of becoming whole, complete, and individuated Here, examining this ancient story in depth and lightening up the details, Johnson has produced an arresting and perceptive exploration of what it means to become a woman You will not read these pages without understanding the important women in your life and a good dealabout yourself as a woman.

About the Author: Robert A. Johnson

Robert A Johnson is a noted lecturer and Jungian analyst in private practice in San Diego, California He has studied at the Jung Institute in Switzerland and at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in India.

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    There were moments when I thought Johnson was really on to something, but overall I couldn t relate an iota to the femininity posed in this book and, in fact, felt offended by it at times This could be due to my surface level reading of the book, but it could also have to do with the fact that Johnson tries to summarize feminine psychology in a mere 80 pages missing opportunity after opportunity to present concrete modern examples of his interpretation of this Greek myth Alas, true to my compulsive form, I must now read He and We I d like to see how they all tie together and to see if Johnson interprets the psychology of his own sex gender better than that of females.

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    A short read assembled by a Jungian psychologist type fellow Overall pretty flaky and shallow Idea herein is that the Greco Roman character Psyche and her associated tale of love w Eros is actually a template for feminine behavior and personal evolution The book reads pretty much like a horoscope and as such is not terribly interesting or full of impact or win, if you re a hip nerdcore kid.Apparently, this same author has written a similar tome for males based upon Ares Most likely won t be visiting that.Really need to stop picking books at complete random and movies for that matter , or not Either a gem is uncovered, or I die havin read only crummy books But at least that s better than spending nights w stains of a salisbury steak hungry man spattered across my shirt and stuck in the moustache while being sedated by Dharma Greg re runs.

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    An interesting essay, but still slightly subjugative I wonder if it s because of the author s personal views, or a sign of the time in which the book was written Was 1989 really that long ago There is a companion book called He of course.

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    Unless we do conscious work on it, the shadow is almost always projected That is, it is neatly laid on someone or something else so we do not have to take responsibility for it I took notice of him passing away last 24th September My homage, reading him and listening to him.This is a great book as proof that, in some cases, a myth namely Psyche and Eros may provide a model for understanding woman s failed or successful psychological development But, despite Robert Johnson mentioning the feminists having a lot to say about this mythical approach, he doesn t reveal much To me, in our days the Feminist movement, in some cases, reached the incomprehensible level, maybe, demanding new Myths to explain and understand such a feminist fury and hate projection , ultimately, and negatively, impacting on women s psychological development And there s always the question of those true and false feminists Though not agreeing totally with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, her words may shed some light on these issues the serious and sincere feminists who really care about the equality between men and women should not be seen with these fake feminists Hirsi Ali was commenting on a Women s March back in 2017 And she s been critical about Islam.She s quite an antithesis to Linda Sarsour Crawl back under your rock Swedish Foreign Minister Margot WallstromOr, quite recently, a Swede feminist calling indirectly a Canadian clinical psychologist a caveman or a bug or something else.

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    This slim volume focuses on the story of Cupid eros and Psyche Eros is the need for love and Psyche is the spirit of love Johnson explores the maturing process of women through the story of Eros and Psyche The story enchants on its own and we have heard much of this story through the Grimm Bros fairytales However, once we meed Eros, the perfect man who does not want to be seen for what he really is, Eros mother Aphrodite, and the most beautiful girl on earth Psyche we are taken in by all the tasks that Mother in Law sends her through so she will be qualfied to marry her perfect son Sounds crazy, but when we realise this is the story of all women as they mature into womanhood, then the story is not crazy I used it as a text in my classes for over 25 years It is an importnat book.

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    Well, I still don t understand Feminine Psychology, but I enjoyed reading the book Another notch in the belt of Jungian thought One of these days I expect to have an awakening when it will all suddenly make sense to me Till then I continue to plug away at reading building a foundation I hope This one looks at the myth of Eros and Psyche as a metaphor for the spiritual journey every woman faces.

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    A book about feminine psychology written by a man and using a man centric pscyhological interpretation.An interesting essay, but still slightly subjugative.

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    She Understanding Feminine Psychology is an interesting book for readers that are intrigued by philosophy, psychology, mythology Johnson relates feminine psychology to the Greek myth of Eros Cupid and Psyche to show the similarities between modern and ancient times, as well as the surprising authenticity and relevance of this myth The myth deals with Psyche, a young, lonely daughter of a royal family that ends up falling in love with Cupid, the son of the very jealous Aphrodite She has no idea that she s in love with Cupid because she was originally arranged by Aphrodite to love and marry Death, but Cupid pricks himself with one of his arrows and falls for Psyche Long story short, Psyche finds out that she s in love with Cupid and loses him In order to win him back, she must go through many challenges created by Aphrodite She makes it through each task with the help of nature and even Cupid In the end, they get married and Psyche receives immortality from Zeus Johnson compares this myth to the experiences that women have in their transition from maidenhood to womanhood He also elaborates on the maturation of women during marriage and the relationship between women and their mother in laws One of the most interestingly analytical aspects of the book is his explanation of a woman s abilities to gain consciousness of the cruelty in the world around her and to encourage and understand herself emotionally and psychologically in times of distress I found it quite interesting when Johnson admitted that men needed the femininity of a woman in order to fully understand and find meaning in situations and sometimes even in themselves He elaborates on this topic much further in one of his other books, He Understanding Masculine Psychology Many women that have read this book were taken aback and somewhat offended by the fact that the writer was a man, but I actually wasn t surprised or angered by it I can honestly say that there is a great deal of truth in the book, but it is quite general I really enjoyed the book because the author kept me on edge Not because he was always right about everything, but out of my own curiosity to see whether or not he d say something ridiculously sexist I have to admit that the book wasn t what I was expecting, and I m pretty relieved about that Of course there are a few things that I disagree with, but that s mainly because I can t relate to a lot of the generalizations that were made in the book I would recommend this book for strongly opinionated people because its great for finding new topics to either support or refute Its also a good book for debates and discussions concerning both the masculine and feminine psyches.

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    A narrow and occasionally offensive reduction of women that purports to be an analysis of the female psyche What it is, is a reasonably interesting interpretation of the myth of Psyche and Eros I would be giving it stars if the author had been honest about what this short book actually is Instead he makes sweeping conclusions about femininity but only in relation to masculinity, because the female psyche is valued only by reference to what it can do for men, apparently , based on his subjective views on one myth.

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