Blinded by the Right The Conscience of an Ex Conservative

Blinded by the Right The Conscience of an Ex Conservative [PDF / EPUB] Blinded by the Right The Conscience of an Ex Conservative In a powerful and deeply personal memoir in the tradition of Arthur Koestler’s The God That Failed David Brock the original right wing scandal reporter chronicles his rise to the pinnacle of the con In a the Right PDF ✓ powerful and deeply personal memoir in the tradition of Arthur Koestler’s The God That Failed David Brock the original right wing scandal reporter chronicles his rise to the pinnacle of the conservative movement and his Blinded by PDF/EPUB ² painful break with itDavid Brock pilloried Anita Hill in a bestseller His reporting in The American Spectator as part of the infamous “Arkansas Project” triggered the course of events that led to the historic impeachment trial of President by the Right Epub Ý Clinton Brock was at the center of the right wing dirty tricks operation of the Gingrich era–and a true believer–until he could no longer deny that the political force he was advancing was built on little than lies by the Right The Conscience PDF or hate and hypocrisyIn Blinded By the Right Brock who came out of the closet at the height of his conservative renown tells his riveting story from the beginning giving us the first insider’s view of what Hillary Rodham Clinton called “the vast right wing conspiracy” Whether dealing with the right wing press the richly endowed think tanks Republican political operatives or the Paula Jones case Brock names names from Clarence Thomas on down uncovers hidden links and demonstrates how the Republican Right’s zeal for power created the poisonous political climate that culminated in George W Bush’s electionNow in paperback and with a new afterword by the author Blinded By the Right is a classic political memoir of our times.

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    It should be noted that there are at least three things about the title of this book that are seriously mistaken and those mistakes set the tone for the book as a whole For one the author was not blinded by the right he was self deceived by his own lack of sincerity and depth For another the author of this book does not show a great deal of conscience To be sure he states that he was remorseful for the hatchet job he did on Anita Hill by smearing her after her allegations of sexual harassment during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in the Senate but this book is the same sort of sex obsessed rumor mongering libelous hatchet job on the right that he used to conduct on the left He hasn’t acuired a conscience; he merely has changed sides and dished out to his former associates what he used to dish out on their opponents on the left On top of this the statements of the author and his continual contempt for traditionalists and social conservatives demonstrates that he was never a genuine conservative at all 1 but either a hypocritical neo liberal or a libertarian with a strongly socially liberal bent This book says all the right things about it being a mea culpa a tell all of his former sleazy days but it ends up being as sleazy as anything he ever did while a self confessed right wing hit man Instead he is merely left wing hit man now which is moving down in the order of things rather than improvingIn terms of its contents this book is a straightforward tale It begins with a discussion on the author’s childhood his discovery of his own homosexuality during his teenage years his college experiences at Cal Berkley that exposed him to the harsh left wing radical political correctness that led him in his libertarian bent to side with the right despite his hostility towards his paleo Conservative father Most of the book discusses the author’s double life as a neo Conservative peddler of tabloid sleaze for various right wing publishing houses and magazines on the one hand and as a hard drinking but closeted gay man living in danger Eventually on the verge of being outed by the gay mafia he comes out and is temporarily accepted by his conservative cohorts because of his writing against the Clinton administration but when he writes what to him is a somewhat balanced and even handed work on Hillary Clinton his former associates turn on him and he returns the favor which this book is a part of The end of the book attempts to provide a phony sense of starting over and rejecting the corrupt ways of the past but the book as a whole is too full of dirty dishing on the sexual escapades of those who appear to be defenders of traditional morality to be anything than a left wing smear job of a particularly nasty kindIndeed what was for me interesting than reading the gossipy content of this book was trying to figure out why exactly the person who gave it to me who is himself strongly leftist in his own political worldview but also a respected leader within our own congregation found so praiseworthy about this book Certainly the moral life of the author in his drunkenness and debauchery and moral dissipation was no figure worthy of praise It appeared to me that the person who loaned the book to me seemed to enjoy it merely because of the way it painted conservatives as hypocritical dangerous to America’s freedom and uninterested in the truth if it contradicts with a supposed right wing conspiracy all while seeking to continue the false pretense that nothing similar to this problem exists on the left Instead of presenting a genuinely worthwhile position something worth modeling in public discourse or our own private lives this book seeks to present a tired false dilemma where the author was on both sides but never came to any sort of worthwhile position that truly comes to terms with the darkness and evil within his own heart or the full extent of corruption within our body politic of which this author is a prime example in so many ways1 See for example

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    This book is the Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead of 1980s and 1990s Washington DC It's a story of US politics during the George HW Bush and Bill Clinton administrations told from the view of a man who wrote influential Anita Hill takedowns and the article that launched Troopergate in addition to a lot of other similar materialThis man is David Brock an adopted gay UC Berkeley grad who admired RFK as a young adult but became turned off by what he perceived as censorial self righteousness of liberal on campus activists in collegeHe moved to DC and joined the staff of the conservative The Washington Times after graduation and then later joined The American Spectator during which time as he describes in this engaging sobering and clarifying memoir he worked with a number of conservative lobbyists lawyers millionaires and billionaires political operatives politicians and private investigators to publish apocryphal stories that would help get Clarence Thomas the 5th vote in Bush v Gore and Shelby County v Holder confirmed by a Democratic congress and harm Bill Clinton's presidential legacy and Hillary Clinton's political career and policy agenda He had an insider's view of the Arkansas ProjectI started reading this book during perhaps the most heated moment of the 2016 US presidential election when the Access Hollywood tape came out and Bill Clinton's sex scandals became relevant again I finished it today It seems even important to bear witness in the shadow of an outcome so few of us expected Many of the pro Thomas anti Clinton individuals that Brock meets works and socializes with come across as extraordinarily craven hypocritical morally and ethically absent downright looney but also in Brock's telling pitiableI was a college classmate of Ken Starr's daughter and met him and stayed in his house when our a capella group toured the East Coast They both seemed like decent people driven by a faith they believe in and I wouldn't count him in the above group although Brock's critiues of Starr's opportunistic embrace of prurience and willful mixing of politics and justice are fair Brock began to have second thoughts about his work and associations as any sane person would On the strength of sales of his first book The Real Anita Hill Brock received a 1 million advance in 1995 from Simon Schuster's Free Press to write a hit job on Hillary Clinton He writes I attended only one short meeting with the publisher of Simon Schuster Jack Romanos who asked me only one uestion before okaying the 1 million Did I think Hillary Clinton was a lesbian? Romanos wanted to knowBy mid 1995 I had staffed up with a small brigade of researchers to get the job done Washington and Arkansas were full of Hillary haters and by the time I was done I felt as though I had talked to every one I checked out every conceivable lead and a lot of inconceivable ones too I spent days on the phone with Republican investigators on the Hill everyone from the Barbarellas to Bossie who gave me everything in their uiver I dined at a fancy Italian restaurant with Senator Alfonse D'Amato who was heading up the Whitewater inuiry but he was looking for information from me After almost two years of research and writing retracing every step of Hillary's life doing than one hundred interviews and collecting virtually every piece of paper that had Hillary's name on it going back twenty years I had something balanced to say about Hillary Neither saintly nor evil Hillary was a rare combination of passionate idealist and gutsy streetfighter I was able to put myself in my subject's shoes to judge her by the standards of the real world not impossible ideals to sympathize with the trials and tribulations she faced and even to see a kind of beauty as a good soul tried to assert itself in difficult choices The resulting book The Seduction of Hillary Rodham was to Brock's benefactors and cliue a betrayalBooted out of a movement he had come to despise Brock rebuilt his personal and professional life from scratch wrote a private letter of apology to Anita Hill and a public one to Bill Clinton He slowly gained the trust of real journalists Clinton loyalists and then the Clintons themselves He switched sides and worked for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign and headed three pro Hillary organizations including Priorities USA in 2016But this book was published in 2002 before any of the remarkable events of the past eight years Here is what Brock writes about the relationship between the kind of politics he practiced in the 1980s and 1990s and voting Since coming to Washington in 1986 in the next dozen years that I worked so zealously as a movement conservative I never once took the time to vote I didn't vote because the act of voting the truest and purest expression of one's political values as a citizen would have forced me to confront the political lie that I was living After reading this book which I recommend one takeaway is clear It is an argument that Brock makes explicitly as well in some cases based on visceral first hand information of individuals like Laura Ingraham Hillary Clinton is not as many of her detractors and disappointed supporters argue charismaless She has a rare anti charisma in that self doubting individuals who come into contact with her project onto her things they hate about themselves She connects with voters but too often tragically she connects with their darkest fears and insecurities instead of their hopes and dignity They see their imperfections in her they hate her for it and past the point of reason in the case of 67 million voters and countingGlenn Greenwald Susan Sarandon and others on the pacifist left see in Hillary Clinton their own compromised relationship with American military power They vote and protest against Middle East intervention but then live and live well under the protection of drone strikes and mass surveillance They hate themselves for it and Ira War voting Libya intervention supporting Hillary makes for a ripe home for that hateIn some hacked emails Colin Powell accused Hillary Clinton of hubris and being greedy Powell's work on behalf of the Ira War is the very definition of hubris The New York Times never uses the word greed in this 2001 article Powell's Wealth Now Over 28 MillionSince his retirement from the military seven years ago Gen Colin L Powell has become wealthy through high priced speaking engagements amassing an investment portfolio in excess of 282 million according to his financial disclosure statementGeneral Powell who began Senate hearings today as President elect George W Bush's choice for secretary of state earned 67 million in speaking fees last year in 109 appearances around the country the records showIn most cases he charged 59500 for his remarks to such diverse groups as Gallup the polling organization; Petsmart the pet supply company; Lucent Technologies; and Middlesex Community College For a speech at Credit Suisse Financial Services he received his highest fee for a single appearance 127500 on May 5General Powell said he would also resign from positions he holds outside of government He left his membership on the corporate board of America Online last week The disclosure records show that he will be able to take advantage of stock options from that company which if exercised today would be worth 827 million Blinded by the Right and perhaps a great darkness in ourselves Hillary became America's bête noire and now we will soon have a leader whom zero of our living presidents voted for Whatever the future holds a lesson and next step might lie in the place where Brock's story turned years ago In finding Hillary Clinton's humanity I was beginning to find my own

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    Granted this book is a decade old but Brock's book is a veritable Who's Who of the Republican right and an expose of the right wing disinformation machine the Republicans built in the 90s There are so many reviews of the book I hesitated to write one But here are some points many of the other reviews leave outBrock clearly shows that the worst thing that ever happened to the GOP was the collapse of communism Without the communists to hate and deride Republicans were left in a vacuum Their party had no real platform beyond communism's destruction other than the unspoken platform of maintaining the status uo of the military industrial complex So when the Soviet Union collapsed the Republicans looked for new enemies domestically professional women gays and the politically correct elitist media cultureWhether he realizes it or not Brock does an exceptional job of showing the underlying premise as to why the extreme wing of the GOP hates professional women and gays so much both threaten the dominate male culture Hence professional women are characterized as bull dog dykes and gay men as ineffectual fags Neither stands up to what a real man should be like nor what a real woman should be like Brock's repetition of how professional women and gays are characterized clearly shows how the same euphemisms are used over and overThe other thing this book does is provide a list of names of everyone involved in the Republican hegemony It is ironic that one of these individuals likes to keep a picture of Lenin as a sort of role model because Brock's portrayal of the GOP shows it to be even ideologically entrenched than the communist party ever was and just as if not so vicious in its internal purges of anyone who doesn't tow the lineIn the end you'll wonder what ever happened to true conservatism Does conservatism really have a place in today's political discussion? Or is it as atavistic inbred and hateful as Brock describes it to be? Rather than being the shoulders of the past that today's leaders could use to stand upon to peer into the future as described by the late conservative writer Russell Kirk conservatism appears to have regressed into an infantile chorus of whiningFinally Brock puts himself right in the middle of all this unflinchingly showing how egotistic power and status hungry he was along the way He does make some attempt to explain why he behaved so shallowly but it is much too early for Brock to really be able to objectively evaluate his own pitfalls In the years to come however I'm sure he will complete his personal evaluation and it wouldn't surprise me if he revisits this topic later in his life with the new perspective of time and distanceIn all this book is a must read for anyone who remotely considers themselves a follower of American politics

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    Eh Brock's still or less a self flagellating opportunist It's worth reading if you enjoy as I do getting the dirt on some of the shadier characters in the right wing I loved hearing that Grover Noruist has a giant portrait of Lenin in his living room and that Newt Gingrich is pretty much as awful as you would imagine he is and reading of Laura Ingraham crawling around on all fours drunk at a gay club while whacked out of her mind on cat tranuilizers just brings a small glimmering tear of joy to my eye

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    I'm a few years late reading this book; I think at the time I was a little disgruntled with the single minded university politics around me and reviews that contained words and phrases like tell all sensational and insider's view on the right wing conspiracy led me to believe that it was a politically motivated sensationalist accountI was so wrong I think that I've had a hard time connecting to politics because coming of age as a political being in the time of Bush is just so surreal most of the time you look around and all you can think is How did we get here?This book is important to read if you want to answer that uestion It's thoughtful scrupulously honest and insightfulIt was interesting to go back into the details of events that happened when I was too young to really be aware of them remembering the events that first made me aware of politics in this country And in the ugly face of those scandal based politics I think it's much easier to understand why our generation is so apathetic For me that's the first step to dropping back in and really taking a look at putting our mark on this country As far as I'm concerned a book that makes me want to get involved is a good thing

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    I thought this was going to be an analysis of the conservative movement but instead it was a journal of the author's activities as a right wing leader who was also a closeted gay He did admit what we always knew the conservative right wing is racist sexist homophobic and employs no fact checkers

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    I totally loved this book it stuck with me long after I read it A riveting portrait of the conservative movement in the 1980s and 1990s and a moving memoir about a man who changed his political allegiances at great personal cost

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    David Brock explains the politics of the Republican party as only an insider with good notes could He eagerly became the talking puppet of the party for a decade deluding himself he was an objective journalist with an obscene salaryHe reveals the why and how of Troopergate the Arkansas Project President and Hillary Clinton's persistent ethics scandals and why the party has devolved into always being against and not for anything Against communism Against the Clintons And finally against the culture of immorality they so deftly exhibitThe index catalogs who's who in the party and what they did As Brock rains his conscience while looking for his soul the book picks up pace and is hard to put down

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    Blinded by the Right reads like data being dumped out of a hard drive The book is an interesting story told in a blind rush

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    I became aware of David Brock through a recent documentary called The brainwashing of my Dad in which he is one of those that are interviewed in the film I found his insight and commentary into politics of the right verses left very interesting and thought provoking This book show how David rebelled against liberalism in college and grew into a right wing conservative writer He wrote a provocative and controversial bestselling book on Anita Hill The real Anita Hill and also wrote about Troopergate that was one of many Clinton scandals that were propagated by the right wing media in the 1990's Later in the 90's he develops conscience and slips back to being liberal Thrown into the mix was his personal struggle being a gay conservative which brought it's own issues both professional and with family and friends I could identify with the premise of moving and changing sides in the political spectrum I too was a liberal minded person in my young adult years but I wasn't necessarily hard core believer of any one party With the advent of having a family in the years surrounding 911 I became conservative for awhile I never caught hold of the anger bitterness and lunacy that seems to grown part of right wing politics David seems to have gone through a similar pattern himselfThe book was an interesting look at the inner workings politics in Washington DC and the give and go of the right verses left You do see some of what drives those who push the liberal hatred to the brink with personal and unscrupulous attacks I look forward to reading of David Brock

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