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    5 STARSOh my god I forgot about how much I love Beau and Lola I missed them so much“I would buy you over and over again Lola but I would never sell you Not to see every dollar bill in the world stacked at my feet”The explosive ending and revelation just blew my mindI didn’t see the plot twist coming and it kinda hurt my heartA lot‘He was everythingThere was a word for that—it was love’It’s gut wrenchingIt’s crazyIt’s phenomenal‘What she felt for Beau was new but already it seemed as though it could reach a terrifying size It couldn’t be trimmed monitored or kept It was a vine that had the potential to overtake everything in its path’Provocation Book 3 must be read straight away after this Like seriouslyFull Review of the full Explicitly Yours series will be in Obsession Book 4

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    AUDIO VERSION You just cannot go wrong with Christian Fox

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    35 stars

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    I did not see that ending coming these two are seriously messed up they are utterly broken The hell was that ending and where did it come from? I'm stunned I'm sorry what?Okay before that bizarre ending occurred one I didn't see coming I don't think anyone did My heart ached for Lola despite her stupidity I understood her reasoning She feels indebted to Johnny but that doesn't stop me from wanting to slap some sense into her I mean come on Get your ish together I was tired of hearing her say she wants like her inner dialogue but she does and says the opposite Lady get a grip UgghAnd Johnny Why is he even here? He's simply a Duffus a dummy an actual piglet I can't believe anyone would stay with him his behaviour is appalling His apparent love for Lola Give me a break Is that why he's willingly send her to another man's bed for the second time Lord have mercy All for money because he is incapable of getting his lazy arse to work for what he wants Ugh This character is infuriating I'm going to stop now I'm visibly vexedBeau I have no words Such a lovely hunk of a man A wonderful hunk of masculinity Hmmm But that ending though what the hell was that? I can't say any I'll spoil the storyOff to read book 3

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    Johnny Lola dreams are within reach now they have never had so much money however as they dive into the cost of everything she finding out its not enough All Lola needs to do is make a phone call cause Beau has been constantly on her mind and communicating how he wants of her When she tells Johnny this he doesn't stop her nor talk her out of it Lola wants this she is saying its for their future when reality Beau has touch her in ways no other has and its no longer about the moneyGive me that too Lola Something no one else has When I'm inside you tonight when I take you I want to know something about you he doesn't

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    no work for me todayI amazed by this story

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    35 starsI enjoyed it than the first book but the reveal at the end was than a little bit odd Seriously?The chemistry is still a little 'off' for me but in light of recent events I now see why It's no 'Cityscape' but still a decent read and I will continue with this series

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    I don’t like the story but I still want to know what happen to Lola and Beau also Lola and Johnny In this book Lola admits she is falling in love with Beau but at the end of the story something happens that makes Lola think like Beau is taking revenge on her So I’ll continue to read their story in the third book Provocation

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    I honestly don’t understand what on earth is happening in this series? I finished this one confused and then tried to start reading the next and became even confused I will be abandoning this series because it just doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere other than in circles the characters are tolerable at best and the love story is beyond puzzling

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    FULL REVIEW POSTED45 Unforgiving Stars Give me that too Lola Something no one else has When I'm inside you tonight when I take you I want to know something about you he doesn'tDang talk about an alpha Beau is one heck of one Hawkins wrote the second book in her fever series even steamier and intriguing than I'd have thought I can honestly say that with this book she has fully caught my interest and hooked me hundred percent on her storyIn Night Fever book #1 read my review here we learned that Lola is in a boring monotonous long term relationship with Johnny Their relationship gets shacked up when Beau walks through the doors of the bar where both of them work making them an irresistible offer As we know now they took the offer and paid the price One night with Beau evoke an undeniable hunger in Lola; something she didn't know she was craving for Beau He's what she wanted all along and the their chemistry is off the chartsWith the money Lola can make Johnny's dream come true note Johnny's dream not hers BUT one million doesn't seem so much any And that's when a night call is made a call that will definitely change the course between Lola and Johnny as well as between Beau and Lola I'm here tonight because I want to be Lola saidI'm here because every way you touched me last time was the right way and because it meant something to me Well yeah there it isout in the open Both gave the other parts of themselves that weren't meant to be shared They opened up Made themselves vulnerable Made each other feel Ironicallyhe saidfor a moment just now at that table I thought I would give it all up for you My kingdom for my ueen Oh yeah Beau is good really good with his words hands tongue andwell you get the picture Until this moment I was mush in this man's hands and ruled for him But then dang I didn't see it coming Hawkins added the twist of all twists that made my eyes about to pop out of my head More like a WTH I knew Beau has some secrets going on and is way deeper than meets the eye but his hidden agenda HOLY COW Be prepared to get shocked because it'll shock youHawkins wrote an even better seuel with Night Call; her writing was stronger and her characters came alive in this story I was glued to my kindle to read and find out about Beau what makes him tick and def how Lola will decide what's best for her I loved that this story was so much than just steamy lustful sex it has a back story that I'd have never guessed So be prepared All I say is A man's ego is as fragile as a woman's heart You should know how real this is for me If ever there were a prize worth winning you are it Just know that these stars this moment it's real Everything I'm experiencing is real Oh Beau so much truth and irony in one statementonly a few hours later and Lola will find out the painful truth I'm so ready for book #3 reading how Lola is about to kick ass or not✦ Read all my review A Z on the blog✦ Like the blog on Facebook✦ Email subscription to my blog

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Domination Explicitly Yours #2 [PDF / EPUB] Domination Explicitly Yours #2 Domination is book two in the Explicitly Yours SeriesAfter submitting to a millionaire for a night Lola Winters’ dreams are suddenly within grasp—until she discovers Beau Olivier’s money doesn Domination is book two in the Explicitly Yours SeriesAfter submitting to a millionaire for a night Lola Winters’ dreams are suddenly within grasp—until she discovers Beau Olivier’s money doesn’t go as far as she’d thought As unexpected costs appear and her relationship is tested Lola begins to uestion what she really wantsLola knows she can solve her problems with one Domination Explicitly PDF or phone call but she may risk going too far to have it all Because she’s not dealing with just anyone—Beau Olivier is a master For Beau there’s no such thing as too far There is only conuest There is only victory Beau already possessed Lola’s mind body and soul for a night but it wasn’t enough Like Lola he wants than he got But the they havethe there is to lose.

  • Domination Explicitly Yours #2
  • Jessica Hawkins
  • 08 November 2016