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Provocation Explicitly Yours #3 [PDF / EPUB] Provocation Explicitly Yours #3 Provocation is book three in the Explicitly Yours SeriesFor Beau Olivier control is everything He thought getting his power back from Lola Winters meant he’d won the game but all he did was teach he Provocation is book three in the Explicitly Yours SeriesFor Beau Olivier control is everything He thought getting his power back from Lola Winters meant he’d won the game but all he did was teach her how to play Now Lola’s Provocation Explicitly PDF \ ready to take on the master himself and only she knows the rulesIn order for Lola to get close enough to hurt him she has to love him It won’t be easy to love the devil but it will be worth it—if it means sending him to hell where he belongs.

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    AUDIO VERSION You just cannot go wrong with Christian Fox

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    ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Title Night Moves Author Jessica Hawkins Rating 45 stars HEA view spoiler Not yet hide spoiler

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    5 STARS“If you can’t love me teach me how not to love you”WowBook 3 hurt me something fierce‘It only took one ember to send everything up in flames’Provocation is sad and so evocative It’s intense emotional and it’s pure melancholia So many rioting emotions were felt when reading this‘Only a monster could invent a scheme to hurt someone so thoroughly Only the devil himself would actually go through with it though’I grieved for Lola and just wanted to hug her so badly Her character in this book is strengthened She’s grown stoic but is still so impassioned My heart ached for her‘She thought she should cry—it seemed like a healthy reaction Nothing came She stared up at the ceiling forcing her eyes to stay open until they watered until one salty drop slid from the corner of her eye to the edge of her lip She wondered how much she’d have to drink for her tears to taste like vodka’‘Lola’s love for Beau was as fresh as the wound he’d left her with’‘Lola had been dealing with men since she was a teenager They weren’t difficult creaturesBeau was in love with Lola And Lola knew as early as six years old when her father had left that your first broken heart was also your most painful’And Beau damn it I just wanted to shake him HardWhat an afflicted complex man he is At times I wanted to hug him too‘He was than a part of her world—he was all of it’‘He’d proven he could buy things that couldn’t be bought He was a master at something that couldn’t be mastered’‘It was only a matter of time now before he had her back The uestion was what he’d do with her’The penultimate instalment in this melancholy erotic series is deep and intense It is just as captivating as all the books in this series have been so far I can’t believe that Obsession is the last of Beau and Lola Already long obsessed with these two crazy lovers I’m diving in nowFull Review of the full Explicitly Yours series will be in Obsession Book 4

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    I really want to find out how this will end but I don't want it to end

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    Oh my days I'm actually dead This was amazing I did not see any of this coming after reading the second book As I got into this book the third I figured Lola was plotting something Any prejudices I had about Lola have been completely suashed Lola is a SAVAGE WHAT OH MY GOODNESSBeau deserves every single thing Lola did Ah revenge is sweet and payback is a bitchWhat Hahaha hahah This is too much I can't deal As all of this played out My jaw was dropped my mouth ajar the entire time I was bewildered shocked ecstatic and scared for Lola because Beau is a beast on his ownThis was too good Can't wait to devour the 4th book Hahah Finally I'm glad my initial inticts about Lola were right she's not like any other Heroine She went all out actually plotted and spent weeks planning how she'd hurt him for what he did to her It seems it worked but Beau is terrifying at the end though I'm scared for Lola I don't know what he'll do to herHaahah I can't breathe this was tooooo goooooddd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This book was brilliant dysfunctional disturbing and simply wonderfulYou have to READ it The plot is fantastic you'll be on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what's going on and that ending will have you gripping the railing and possibly want to punch something or sing praises depends on who's side you're on 🤷🏻‍♀️For me I'm jubilating singing praises Haha Yes Yes And yes 💃🏻💃🏻

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    Jessica Hawkins have a penchant for throwing off cliffhangers in ways that I never thought possibleI was excited over the fact that yessss Beau Olivier is finally getting what he deserved But when Lola finally delivered her revenge I am like WHAT I expect it to be epic like make Beau lose everything he own epicAs I read on hmm yeah it is still pretty bad ass of Lola to replay that nightmare for him trick him into falling in love and view spoiler dissapear from his life hide spoiler

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    First book They were getting to know each other Lola and Beau The second book Lola broke up with Johny and be together with Beau but it happened that Beau holds something in the past that hurt Lola so they broke up The third book Lola come back to Beau but only to hurt him back Balas dendam lah kiranya ni Hmm What should I say about this book? I have read 3 books in this series and have finished read the forth book too Still going to give 2 🌟 for the last book

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThis is the third in a serial and it would seem there is one to come It has been a while since the previous installments came out so it took me a few minutes to get right back into the story but then it dashed along at a pace We are now at a point where the bluff counter bluff and twist in the tail are incredibly confusing But for pace and madness this is hard to beat It has passed a point of no return so I hope that the final episode brings some form of acceptable closure for these two damaged souls

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    Ok so I did NOT like this one as much as I did the other two In my honest opinion this was full of nonsense Lola's revenge was bullshit and Beau's reason for why he's so addicted to her is not much differentI did not like how the author kept going back and forth between past and present and that's something because I don't really mind past present stories Idk I don't think it fit in the book I though It would be like the others and start were we left off but instead I was transported into the future and then dragged back to the presentBeau was even of an a hole then he was in the other books Oh and cheers for me because I can't stop imagining Sebastian Stan as Beau

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    Oh my freaking gosh this was awesome Where did the past four hours of my life go??? After reading the first two books in the Night Fever series I honestly had no idea where this third installment would go But believe me it does not disappoint I can't believe how much I did and didn't want Lola's plan to happen and how much I love and hate where this wentall at the same timeCannot wait to see where the fourth and final book takes us but I have a feeling it is going to be the hottest grittiest story yet Brilliant work as usual With Jessica Hawkins you get a story that is both compelling and compellingly written

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