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Enslaved [PDF / EPUB] Enslaved WHERE ARE ALL THE REAL MEN SHE WONDEREDFor Lady Diana Davenport they existed only in her books and dreams There she could lose herself becoming the licentious Diana goddess of the hunt — far from th WHERE ARE ALL THE REAL MEN SHE WONDEREDFor Lady Diana Davenport they existed only in her books and dreams There she could lose herself becoming the licentious Diana goddess of the hunt — far from the rigid restraints of eighteenth century London where she was courted by fops and fools That is until she tried on an authentic Roman helmet in an antiues store and was catapulted back in time landing in Marcus Magnus's arms This was no dream She was lost in Auae Sulis the city she knew as Bath prisoner of a Roman general who accused the violet eyed beauty of being a Druid spy — and then made her his slaveCOME TO MEHis words were soft imperious charged with danger and desire Marcus Magnus was powerful arrogant and infuriating A real man And now Lady Diana was his slave hostage to his will vowing to fight him to the end — with every seductive weapon she possessed.

  • Paperback
  • 436 pages
  • Enslaved
  • Virginia Henley
  • English
  • 10 July 2016
  • 9780440217060

About the Author: Virginia Henley

Virginia Syddall was born on December in England where her father Thomas Syddall taught her to love history She obtained a degree in History in the University In Virginia married Arthur Henley They moved to America and now they live most of the year in St Petersburg Florida and they spend the hot summers in Ontario Canada where they have their two adult children and three.

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge For info about what this is click hereVirginia Henley is one of those authors who shows up on a lot of best of historical romance lists but I'd never actually read any of her work When the e book version of ENSLAVED went on sale for 199 a few weeks ago it seemed like it was meant to be I'm pretty well known for my reviews of historical romance reviews and I've had a couple people asking me to write snarky bodice ripper reviews ENSLAVED was the perfect book to break my hiatus Better still; I got my friend and co mod Sarah to agree to read it with me Bad HR novels are always better with friends AlwaysThe best way to describe ENSLAVED is that it's like if you wrote a historical romance novel following the template of a play There are three acts in this book and they don't really fit together as well as they should because so much of what cinches them together relies on heavy suspension of disbeliefWARNING SPOILERS AHEAD Act I sets the stage We meet our heroine Diana An heiress who is under the guardianship of her horrible aunt and uncle They desperately want her money and plan to be rid of her by marrying her to a wastrel who is up to his ears in debt Peter Hardwick Diana isn't attracted to Peter at all even though he's very good looking because he's a fop and she likes real manly men Conuerors Knights She thinks it would be so much better to live in medieval times than Georgian times But her aunt and uncle are determined and will stoop to anything in order to see Diana out of their wayThis part of the book is probably my favorite because I thought it was hilarious how Diana managed to find ways to spite her horrible relatives and her relationship with Peter and his uncle?? Mark Hardwick were interesting I liked her encounters with the stuffy Earl and how she flaunted his desire for her at any opportunity rather than sinking to her knees in a puddle of lustAct II occurs after Diana randomly decides to try on a Roman helmet and it transports her to Ancient Rome She's almost crushed by the patrician Marcus Magnus who manages to stop just in time and is so taken by her blonde hair and violet eyes that he decides to enslave her on the spot He isn't pleased when she doesn't want to sleep with him so he sets her to floor scrubbing and Diana hates menial labor so much that she ends up giving in and then the sexings start in earnest with horrible phrases like manroot and love slick and dark honeyed cave and creamy with craving along with countless uses of marble hard and allusions to peens as swords with cringe worthy double entendres like I shall bloody you but not with my whip to refer to taking someone's virginity and referring to sex as swordplayThis part of the book takes place in Nero's Rome and obviously Nero is the bad guy and obviously since he is the bad guy he is bisexual but prefers the company of men as villains of romance novels of this time period often do The hero's brother Petrius like Peter get it is also bisexual and he and Nero end up getting it on later in a weird DS style relationship while plotting to ruin the relationship of Diana and Marcus Petrius has it in for Diana because his attempt to woo her with animal sacrifice warning a cute baby lamb dies in this book and rape did not go well so now nobody else is allowed to have her since she spurned his affections Shockingly his attempt to murder Diana succeeds She's taken to the Circus Maximus and turned into a human torch while having lions sicced on her and her suffering ends when Marcus stabs her to put her out of her miseryAct III takes place after Diana's death Being stabbed has put her back in the present where she learns that she's been missing for months Her relatives have declared her dead and taken her money and are none too pleased to have her return Diana ends up under the care of Mark who is Marcus's descendant and who she now loves thanks to her stint in Rome They start having the sexings Diana spurns Peter The guardians get a doctor to commit Diana to an asylum on the pretext that she is delusional because she believes she really did go to Rome It turns out that Mark has past memories of his life as Marcus now for some reason???? He rescues Diana from the asylum and together they blackmail the evil relatives into giving them permission to marry Peter tries to kill Diana and Mark and ends up getting thrown from the roof Everyone lives happily ever after The endThere was a gritty bodice ripper in here fighting desperately to get out but it was drowning in Bertrice Small level purple prose and bad plotting The three act formula didn't work because part I feels like the opening to a different book from part II and part III weakly attempts to tie parts I and II together by bringing up past lives and hinging on odd coincidences Plus the writing is bad At one point Diana actually says Ohmigod And it's written just like that too CringeI know the way bisexuality is handled in this book is also bound to upset people but I'm afraid that was par for the course in many vintage historical romance novels Many villains of vintage historical roms were either bisexual gay or homoerotic ie they only wanted to have anal sex andor had a weird UST turned to rage style obsession with the heroDid I enjoy this book? Yes and no It was fun to laugh at and was so over the top at times that it was genuinely entertaining but other times it was plodding and dull I've said this before and I'll say it again 90s bodice rippers were part of an uncomfortable transitional period in the historical romance timeline where writers were seemingly trying to clean up the unsavory aspects of 70s and 80s bodice rippers villainous heroes unambiguous rape scenes graphic torture racism misogyny while also trying to keep that same gritty edge What ends up happening though is that you get bland romance with alpha d bag heroes who stop just short of rape with total over the top cray cray villains who are probably rejected heroes who escaped the archives of unpublished bodice rippers that never made it past the 80s and dead pissed about it I wanted to give this book a 1 for annoying me so much but I made it to the end and it gave me some much needed laughs so I'll round up15 stars

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    Story GOODIntimacy Level GOODEnjoyment VERY GOODLength 450 pagesStyle Time Travel Historical RomanRevised 11252012 Re Read 11252012This was an uniue read for me as it was a historial taking place within historical period Re reading this book the movie 300 Spartacus comes to mind I love that it was in a RomanGreek time travel why because the slave concept made the story appealing for that time period of Ancient Rome as they were very sexual beings and the garments were sometimes revealing Diana lives in eighteenth century London Unbeknownst to Diana she has time travel back to Auae Sulis and is now a prisoner and slave of the general where he believes her to be a spyI loved Enslaved by Virginia Henley I can admit I detest time travel romance as I haven't found many that appeals to me The concept was good It was almost like a kismet thing between Diana and Marcus Marcus is the general who enslaves Diana and he his every bit a Greek God I love his character and though he was the powerful general I love how Diana could drive him crazy I think the heroine held her own and not too many heroines can say they lost their virginity twice I also like both connection of MarcusMark won't give it away with letting the reader know the connection of both names This is a historical time travel and I haven't read much Ancient Rome time era and would love to see present romance and or erotica books for a change with this location This is my third time re reading it and it never gets old Originally read in 2005httpwwwromancenoveljunkiescomSo

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    Read for the URR 2017 New Year's Reading Challenge prompt 'Bodice Ripper'313 I buddy read this with my friend Nenia her review is here and if you're looking for a review that actually talks about the plot in a logical way I suggest you give hers a read and finished it at least two weeks ago not exactly sure as I didn't 'finish' it in the normal way but I just haven't felt capable of writing a review of it until tonight I think my problem has been that I didn't want to put into words how disillusioned I was with the bookI really don't know how many times I read this as a teenager but I'm estimating it's way over 20 this has been logged as the 21st time on GR but that's a very cautious guesstimate and I LOVED it It was one of my favourite romances from the ages of 13 to 22 when I think I started visiting the library and borrowing all new romances from what was a much expanded selection compared to my mum's collection and while I had accepted the possibility that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as teenage me did I didn't really think that was what would happen I had this rosy memory of the story but when I started re reading it as a 32 year old who has since read triple the number of romances I had 10 years ago I saw all the flaws that I had overlooked or not understood the implications of back then I recognised the writing for its uestionable uality especially some of the descriptive phrases during the sex scenes I can now see how horrible the way bisexuality was treated was although as a teenager I thought Petrius was a homosexual who forced himself to pretend attractions towards women for the sake of his brother's image and I think this being my first ever MM sex scene may have coloured my impression of how gay people behave for years afterward Thank goodness non straight characters have become so much mainstream and less villainous that future generations even if they do read this at an impressionable age like I did won't grow up with Petrius as their only model for a characterperson of a different sexuality than their ownI stopped reading this just before Petrius did something very bad to his own father in order to get rid of Diana because that was always my most hated part of the book view spoilerher death slightly traumatised me and I've never forgotten it hide spoiler

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    Loved it The Hero is so hot and the setting of ancient Rome if so different than the usual Regency romance

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    I read the reviews on this book and can't believe how many readers didn't like it I thought it was a great book It's a TT story Lady Diana loves history While shopping she puts on an old helmet and is transported back in time to the Roman days She is taken captive made a slave by Marcus Magnusand they fall in love She and Marcus are betrayed in the pastand when she comes back to her real timeshe is being cared for by none other than MM's many times great grandson When she tells him of her incredible story he doesn't believe her but she changes his mindbut then they are betrayed by her relatives Really fun story A on a scale of 1 to 10 for hot I'd give this book an 8

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    Lady Diana Devenport has had a hard time coping with her aunt and uncle who are these nasty scheming individuals greedy for her money She wants freedom and adventure While in Bath she puts an ancient roman helmet and is transported in time to 61AD where she becomes the slave of Marcus Magnus – a roman general I don’t know much about Bath other then the Romans build some nice bathing facilities there which our heroheroine used on a daily basis and multiple times a day contrary to any other period of English History except the present Hero was typical Alfa type man and I was astonished that he treated Diana so well The romance story was nice and also the villains were interesting however I believe they didn’t get enough of their own evil brew Diana was transported back in her own time from where she has been missing for about 9 months her aunt and uncle have declared her dead and embezzled all her money Safe to say they weren’t happy at her reappearance To save the day comes Mark who is the modern day Marcus All the characters in this book are the same through time except for the aunt and uncle they were the modern day villains I liked the romance story it was uniue to have such connection through time sex was hot though funny phrases like mons I do not know what that means just guessing and phallus were used repeatedly which was strange since dick was used as well don’t know why we had to go back to calling it something else I rate books by their story content but also by how interested I am to keep reading This book was very fast to read and I did not want to put it down I am staring immediately on another one by the same author “Tempted” and fyi I would love to have Virginia Henley as my grandmother mine has never even used the word sex or any other connecting to that onechildren just come dropped by storks if you ask mine

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    The hero Marcus Magnus reminds me of Gerard Butler's character in 300 w all those 'Roman Soldiers' and everything AH AH AH HOTNESS TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL

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    A little corny in a few places but over all I enjoyed it much than I was expecting A very different take than any time travel book I’ve read Sort of reincarnation meets time travel or soulmates connected over multiple lifetimes I kind of wish it was a series and the good doctor got his own soulmate through time happy ending as well As far as I can recall this was my first Virginia Henley book and I’d absolutely read another Totally recommend it

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    I'm not even certain what to say about this story It's a mix of story concepts like Outlander Time Travel reincarnation and Wizard of OzThe story begins in Georgian England with a seventeen year old heiress preparing for her her come out season Her greedy guardians try to trick her into marrying the man of their choice a good looking but evil man so they can split her inheritance before she reaches the legal age of eighteen Confused I am Back then legal age for a male was twenty one and for a female it was twenty five This is just before the official Regency period King George is mad and Prinny is just waiting for the Regency bill to be passed Not only that but the heroine wears powdered wigs and panniers I thought that except for court dress they were wearing the Grecian style gowns by then and had discarded the wigs due to the huge tax on wig powder The change of dress was inspired by the French Revolution and the fear that the same thing would happen in England Whatever It's fictionIn kind of like Wizard of Oz introduction things happen to introduce people like the hero his brother an abbess who will become part of people she meets in her trip back in time That happens when she dons an antiue helmet She becomes the slave of a rich powerful Roman soldier the hero but not the heroThat's the set upThe story is told in an omnipotent voice head hopping uite a bit which I found distracting The voice contains an emotional distancing uality as if told by an omnipotent reporter which prevented me from making a deep emotional connection with the charactersThe historical detail for both ages is rich and the descriptions wonderful in fact I think the life and times of the people than the adventure kept me engaged The potential for brutality was eluded to and not shown my preference for the most partThe story was compelling enough that I had to finish it I can't say there was anything particularly compelling about the seventeen year old heroine or the thirty something hero They are both pretty much typical of the romance genre She the innocent who discovers her womanly powers and he the dominant alpha male intent on mastering and possessing her rebellious spirit

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    This is the book I always claim as my ultimate favorite when asked What is your favorite romance novel?Hands down this book is singularly responsible for many of my complex dreams

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