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Demons Dont Date Demonic Tales #2 [PDF / EPUB] Demons Dont Date Demonic Tales #2 Commander Bo’saverin Hevalis head of the Cobalts is trying to recover from the injuries he sustained in battle The enforced downtime is giving him too much time to think torture for a man of action Date Demonic Kindle Ø Commander Bo’saverin Hevalis head of the Cobalts is trying to recover from the injuries he Demons Dont PDF or sustained in battle The enforced downtime is giving him too much time to think torture for Dont Date Demonic eBook ↠ a man of action The trouble in their sector is weighing heavily on his mind as it seems to be getting ever closer to the demon homeworld The only good thing is the strange green haired man he rescued constantly stealing his attention There is something about Ari that pulls at Bo in a way no other ever has As the two get to know each other there is no denying the attraction between them Bo longs to show Ari a life that he's never had a chance to experience before Held hostage by his mother Ari grew up locked away from everything and everyone only experiencing the world on his compcube and longing to explore what is outside the walls that trap him Now living with the demons he's free to find himself and live his own life and find his passions Even as feelings grow between Ari and Bo enemies lurk in the shadows slowly working to take down the demon leaders and send Ari back to his controlling mother Bo will face down any danger to prevent Ari being taken from him allowing them to start the life they both deserve.

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    Better and betterFantastic These books keep getting better as the series progresses Filled with heart and soul Ari and Bo made me feel happy and satisfied I love the cast of characters and the widening glimpse we get of this expanded universe Featuring a complex and original culture and society this book gives hints to fascinating backgrounds and history The chemistry between the characters is sweet enjoyable and passionateI appreciated the flip and twist to the Traditional Villains While laid out well in advance the approach and execution was thought provoking and unusual which made the resolution even satisfying

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    I really have to temper all these glowing reviews by saying this book only hovers between an okay and a like For those who rave about how sweet it is you should read that as unbearably cheesy There are so many snuggles and tears shed that it's hard to believe this was about a group of badass demon men The book would have have been literally half as long if all the long sappy speeches declaring love or praising someone were taken out The author has the characters go on and on in the most cheesy manner There are also lots of infobackstory dumps throughout As for our charactersAri is a child man tiny sweet shy blushing but a little feisty too For those who read shifter mpreg he is the epitome of an omega Bo is a great character loving cool funny and badass Dasa and Caris are back and still kissing like crazy As for Ari and Bo dude there is literally over 3 feet in height difference There are lots of references to Bo crouching or suatting to kiss Ari or look him in the eye To me that's not sexy I love the alphaomega dynamic but I need to be able to imagine them actually fitting together But they are constantly cuddling kissing grinding no matter where they are For those who don't realize it this is an mpreg story although the book ends as the pregnancy is barely beginning so don't expect details or delivery; I have a feeling that will be folded into the next installment In spite of these things including bantering during battles I actually enjoyed the story on Kindle Unlimited There was a great conspiracy storyline a bit of supernatural fun some good humor sexy times and likeable characters I wish the story had been tighter and less purple prose but I will stick with the series The setup for the next story looks interesting so I'll check it out

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    after the first one I knew I had to read this one as well and I really liked this one as well Ari is a great character and Bo is just Bo Both together are funsome scenes were a bit too much for me and although I appreciate Bos devotion to Ari sometimes it is a bit muchcan't wait to read the next one

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    Rating 4 starsI really enjoyed this second installment of the Demonic Tales by Hannah Walker I find it way interesting than I did the Avanti Chronicles I think it’s because I connect with the characters in this world Ari and Bo were wonderful and we also get to hear from Caris and Daisalin There was also a many new secondary characters added that were just as greatThe story itself kept me interested throughout and although there was a lot of the shmaltzy dialogue that has become this author’s trademark it wasn’t as overbearing as it has been in other books There is m preg in this story for those that don’t like that sort of thing I think when it comes to alien races it becomes a bit believable and I don’t really mind m preg in my storiesIf you liked the first book in this series I really think you will enjoy this one also If you are new to the series I recommend reading the first book in this series before starting this one

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    A fun inventive seriesI love every book in this series It's full of humor and drama on an alien planet whose inhabitants are war like beings with horns and tails Pretty intimidating to hapless off worlders who happen to end up there I don't normally read sci fi type books but l have apparently been missing out on a good thing here ;

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    Loved itDespite the book's length it didn't lag drag on or lose my interest at all I found it intriguing with loads of action adventure humor and sweet steamy slow burning action Ari and Go was a wonderfully strong couple that had amazing chemistry and love for each and their extended family This is a wonderful series and can't wait to read the next book

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    Demonic TalesI have thoroughly enjoyed the characters and interlinked stories in the first two books and cannot wait the next book to find out what happens to See a nd his mate who are currently at odds

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    Love this seriesBrilliant Want Great characters and storyline Fast moving and funny Great love story Can't Wait for the next book

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    Another good story in this series and though the prose gets repetitive the storyline is interesting and I can't wait to find out what is going on behind the scenesRecommended

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    💖💖💖I loved Ari and Bo's story and I enjoyed seeing of Caris and Dasa I can't wait to read the next Demonic Tales book

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