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    What a sad true story about Sameem who began life living ain a childrens home till the age of 7ys Until her mother who had only visited her a few times decided she wanted her home This is a terrible story of abuse she suffered and being slave almost to her family cooking cleaning and being physically hit for no reasons At the age of 13 her mother took her to Pakistan where Sameem thought she had finally gained her mothers approval only to find she was there to be married to a man she did not like or know Her mother planned for her to become pregnant and then brought her home to the uk again with the only explaination being to bring her new husband back to uk and have him become a british citezenNow pregnant Sameem was still beaten regularly and still expected to work in the home to the point she was exhausted Not knowing what childbirth entailed she was in the dark about what was going on right until her baby boy was born The family ignored her son and as she was made to work for the family buisinesses she had to leave him with her mother during the day to find he was starving hungry when she got homeThe final straw coming when she noticed fresh bruises to her sons body She planned to run away but where could she go

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    This book is a true story first person narrative about a British Asian girl It is a survivor tale that opens a world that is unseen to most of the British public Follow Sameem as she grows up and is treated so horribly by people she should have been able to trust This is a gripping story that deals with difficult cultural issues faced by British children of Pakistani parentsThis book is easy to read and understand Sameem talks the reader through British Asian family life in the same way as she had to learn about her new family when she left the Children's Home Sameem is freuently beaten and treated like a slave At the age of 13 she is taken to Pakistan forced to marry a complete stranger and 2 months later falls pregnant As if things can't get any worse Sameem returns to Britain and her abuse and torments continue More drama happens but right at the end of her story there is a happy endingI am pleased that Sameem has written and published her story She is not alone and her circumstances are not uniue It is good that her tale is now in the public domain as nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors Perpetrators of abuse are very good at hiding their actions from the public and know how to hit so it does not showI really enjoyed reading Belonging because it allowed me to enter a very private world It was great to look at the world through the eyes of Sameem and learn about different cultural and family roles I developed an empathy for Sameem right from the very start She does not tell her story in a sweet slushy way but in a frank matter of fact manner I felt that things could have been so very different if there had been a good follow up when Sameem left the Children's HomeThe editing of Belonging is very good and the story is told in a professional manner You are not left with any gaps and everything makes sense The timeline is strictly adhered to and the story does NOT have those annoying flashbacks found in so many books This book is so well written and is very easy to relate to I am a 55 year old white skinned English Atheist man yet her writing is so good that I so easily dropped into the shoes of a brown skinned British AsianPakistani Muslim girl This shows the uality of her writing AND how this book should appeal to everyone I read this book whilst on holiday and when I finished reading it I felt both refreshed and enlightened For me there is only one vote I can give Belonging the maximum score of 5 stars Sameem has done well to survive her upbringing and when I read on page 280 that in May 2007 she was elected as a Labour Party councillor for Moss Side Manchester I thought well done girlBelonging was written in 2008 and has 281 pages

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    So Sad Nearly Bought a Tear To My Eye

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    This was such an inspiring book to read The childhood she endurded made her stronger and shaped who she is today and that says a lot about her I was horrified that a mother could treat her child in the manner that hers did I guess what really impressed me was how Sam handled her mother later in life after she was grown and out of her reach I must say she is a brave young woman and a true inspiration I wish her and her family all the best HUGE thanks to Sabrina for letting me borrow this book to read

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    This was a thought provoking story It is very sad that this sort of stuff still happens in todays time Just can't imagine going through something such as this

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    I wonder what happened to aunty Peggy

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    It was a good read but I must say I was annoyed by the main character a lot Didn't see it mentioned in other reviews but what I noticed is that she wrote a lot of times that she would not give in to her mother but she did give in all the time even when she had her child and he was about 3 years old she said she wouldn't let him suffer as she had but what did she do? She did go to her brothers shop to work for him every day even once she knew her son was not fed while she was gone and was beaten Okay if you do not have the strenght or the abilities to escape but do not constantly say you are standing up against them thenShe finally did leave but only because she was lucky that a nice man came in to her life I think if that would not have happened she would still be thereAnother thing that annoyed me is again how it is shown in this book that a lot of immigrants do not want to mix with westerns They make sure there children have to marry someone from there old country and than those men women also receive a visum and can live in Europe So I was not so in awe of this book as many other reviewers were She did make me laugh when as a child she was a muslim she had the idea of going to houses and sing Christmas songs So glad they were not caught lolAs a child she did have fight in her but they managed to beat it out of her Still with all this said a uick read

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    This is from a cuurent downpour of books dealing with abuse or heart break stories avaialable in cheap paperback form I chose to read this book because although everyone has s story to tell this one was being told from a perspective of a totally different culture The story itself is heartbreaking as is any story of the abuse of a child The story intertwined nicely through her early years of abuse I felt her pain which is the point of writing to feel what another wants you to feel But as the book progressed I felt she was wrapping things up a little uickly not taking the care to explain the joy and comfort from escapingDid I learn anything different than what I suspected? Did I discover that this ethnicity subjects there children to any worse pain than other ethnicities No pain is universal

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    This book made me laugh cry and want to punch a wall at the same time I enjoyed this because of its a basic triumph story a child given nothing enduring everything to making it If i begin to talk about this book i will give it away So i do want everyone to read this because it does bring you into the world half knowing about by the rest of the world Also the authors voice was beautifully written into the story Its like she's telling you her life while sharing coffee it by no means pleasant but its something that should be heard and shared So read this book it was amazing

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    I would give this book 10 stars if I could I can't believe a mother would put her own child through the things that Sameems mom put her through This is one of the most heartbreaking books I have ever read She was given love from the staff at a childrens home than she recieved from her owm familyI don't want to say to much about the book and spoil it for others but I will tell you once you pick this book up you wont want to put it down

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Belonging [PDF / EPUB] Belonging Abandoned by her parents Sameem Ali spent six and a half years growing up in a children's home When she was told that her family wanted to take her back she couldn't wait to start her new life with th Abandoned by her parents Sameem Ali spent six and a half years growing up in a children's home When she was told that her family wanted to take her back she couldn't wait to start her new life with them Instead she returned to a dirty house where she was subjected to endless chores Her mother began to beat her and her unhappiness drove her to self harm So Sameem was excited when she boarded a plane with her mother to visit Pakistan for the first time It was only after they arrived in her family's village that she realised she wasn't there on holiday Aged just thirteen Sameem was forced to marry a complete stranger When pregnant two months later she was made to return to Glasgow where she suffered further abuse from her familyAfter finding true love Sameem fled the violence at home and escaped to Manchester with her young son She believed she had put her horrific experiences behind her but was unprepared for the conseuences of violating her family's honour Belonging is the shocking true story of Sameem's struggle to break free from her past and fight back against her upbringing.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Belonging
  • Sameem Ali
  • English
  • 04 December 2015
  • 9780719564604

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