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Take Me with You [PDF / EPUB] Take Me with You 'Someday when I am rich I am going to invite someone from my travels to visit me in America'Brad Newsham was a twenty two year old travelling through Afghanistan when he wrote this in his journal Four 'Someday when I am rich I am going to invite someone from my travels to visit me in America'Brad Newsham was a Take Me Epub / twenty two year old travelling through Afghanistan when he wrote this in his journal Fourteen years later he's a Yellow Taxi driver working in San Francisco He's not rich but he has never forgotten his vowTake Me with You is the compelling account of his journey through the Philippines India Egypt Kenya Tanzania Zimbabwe and South Africa as he searches for the right person someone who couldn't afford to leave their own country let alone holiday in the West Newsham's story will change the way you think about your life and the lives of those you meet when you travelWho does he invite home read Take Me with You and find out.

  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • Take Me with You
  • Brad Newsham
  • English
  • 21 May 2015
  • 9780553814484

About the Author: Brad Newsham

In Brad's wordsI was a miserable student and for my last year of high school in hopes of a turnaround I was Take Me Epub / sent to Principia Upper School in St Louis Missouri a school for the sons and daughters of Christian Scientists At graduation the only college that accepted me was Principia College in Elsah Illinois I decided to go there instead of to the Vietnam War and in I was sen.

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    Although I could appreciate Newsham's reports of his travels in search of a stranger to invite back to the US I found myself increasingly irritated by his tendency to 'waffle' and his at times superficial response to the third world people and places he visitsI also became and annoyed at his plan to invite a person to the US his motives didn't seem very clearly delineated to me and smacked of self aggrandizement I often found myself thinking 'If he really wants to help someone in the third world perhaps he could have stayed on at Mother Theresa's for than a day or sponsored a child in Kenya rather than writing a book about his uest'Still some of Newsham's observations have rekindled my own travel bug and I've once again started saving in order to 'hit the road'

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    This book is actually written by the father of one of my former students and is a real delight He travels all the way through Asia India etc to discover someone to invite back to America to stay with his family He is a reflective funny honest and descriptive writer Brad is also fun to read because he is a local Bay Area writer and super nice I am happy to lend it to anyone I was so excited to read wondering who the special one would be?

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    For some reason I read this book in a day There is no excuse for that I don’t know how I got through this book so uickly as it was just okay and it was nearly 400 pages I was in Kaikoura and I didn’t have a TV but that is all Anyway this book was about a Dude right before one of his novels was published and he took a bunch of money and travelled the world in hopes of meeting someone to invite back to the US and that it would change their life for the better and mean a lot to them He travelled to a lot of 3rd world places and it was all an interesting read about them Usually I am not really all that much into reading about that but this book wasn’t too bad Probably the only thing I didn’t really like was the timing I always read the masthead before I read the book so I get an idea of the timing that this book takes place and I think this book was originally published in 2000 and then in paperback in 2002 or something So it’s not the newest book He talked about S Africa a lot and apartheid which to me seem to have been around for most of my life But it was a huge issue in that chapter and when I finally got to the epilogue it mentioned something along the lines of it taking nearly 10 years for the person that the author chose to come to America to finally make it and he arrive in 1999 or something So all the contents of this book took place nearly my lifetime ago I wish I had known that going into at least the S Africa chapter as that one talked about ongoing political issues within that country Another epilogue which was written for the paperback edition mentioned September 11th which I always find interesting Like if it took so long for the person to get to America before September 11th imagine how long it would have taken them after All in all a very interesting readGrade C

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    Enjoyable travelogue and the person Newsham selects to bring back to the US is the one I was rooting for But he chooses at the very end and there's no follow up In fact Newsham spoke to my book club last week and admitted that he couldn't find a publisher to back the writing of the rest of the story

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    This is an excellent book Brad travelled to many places that I have no plans to go plus he did it very frugally so it was interesting to read about his adventures It sounds like he met a lot of interesting people along the way with the goal of inviting someone to his home for a month

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    I love that this is a true story of travel and a guy with a mission to unite the world I would love to get into a cab with this guy since he seems to be from SF

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    There are a lot of mediocre travel memoirs out there but this one is really good Highly recommended

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    The author travels the world to find someone to invite home to America This is my favorite travel book I have recommended it to several people

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    The ending is the best part of this book

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book although it seems in some ways a throwback to an era long passed It was published just before the tragic events of 911 In fact Newsham wrote his epilogue just 10 days before that infamous day He is clearly very passionate about travel and encountering people during his sojourn He writes The being needs travel new sights new people new experience the way the body needs food touch an occasional soak in a backwoods hot springp 139 As passionate as he is about travel he is not so naïve to think that he occupies a privileged position as a foreigner and an American On a bus trip to Jaipalghuri he witnesses locals trying to retrieve bus that crashed off a cliff killing over 20 passengers When Newsham expressed surprise that there was no mention of the crash which occurred several days ago a local replied to him dryly Is not news Only if tourists die No tourists here Indians only Newsham always keeps this in mind through his travels His experience in a South Africa that had only recently shaken off the chains of apartheid was very telling for he observed many remnants of the old mentality from the neighborhood of Mayfair West to the grumpy Jack O'Doyle All in all this is a great travel book and Newsham's observations and reflection at each stop of his journey leads me to believe that this would be a great book for my students to read before they study abroad The next challenge of course is finding students who still read books

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