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  • The Smart One and the Pretty One
  • Claire LaZebnik
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  • 10 September 2014
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    about 32 pages into this badboy i got very excited because i was going to be able to use my what a bunch of assholes shelfthat's probably not a good sign right?this be the story of sisters and that special bond only sisters share there's lauren no relation the gorgeous flake who's in so much debt that she contemplates declaring bankruptcy before she uits her job in new york and moves home to mooch she's the PRETTY one and there's ava the spinster esue lawyer who dresses like a forty year old power lesbian she's the SMART oneboth sisters are candidates for therapy lauren has a shopping fetish and honestly believes her clothes give her mystical powers to succeed with men on dates or something she is emotionally immature and likes to have sex with almost strangers ava thinks if she wears makeup and makes herself look pretty that people will not take her seriously because the only thing people should notice about her is her mind she is a frigid prude who pushes men away faster than you can say habeas corpuswhile this is all obnoxious it's not particularly disgusting what is disgusting is ava starts dating russell a clothes' horse who works for a woman's clothing line and who fancies himself 'enry 'iggins to her eliza doolittle lauren starts dating a very serious man who works exhausting hours at a high paying job and who doesn't seem to care what he wearswait a secondthat sounds familiaroh right that's because they're dating their sistersjust in male formand that's when i threw up a little in my mouththere's a subplot involving contracts it's an obnoxious contrivance meant to set up the primary plot of ava getting some and one about cancer but both feel shamefully hollowtwo stars for some light moments uick pacing and a plot that picked up after the initial lagging clunkiness lord help the mister who comes between these sisters that's all i got to say about that

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    God I hate chick litThis one was especially bad Dear god the characters were abominable The smart one Ava is the least convincing lawyer character I've ever read in a book What kind of attorney can't articulate why something pisses her off or win an argument with her idiot sister? Clearly the writer has not associated much with actual litigators Further in the story Ava is full of caution and justifiable disdain for the vapid pretty boy pursuing her but in the end just becomes another stupid pretty girl an almost literal clone of her sister except with a job so that she can land said vapid pretty boy who really just views her as his own personal make over project that he fucks And the pretty one Lauren is a shallow binge shopping bimbo who only cares about how hot she appears to men Oh if only she bought the right camisole that guy would totally have been unable to suppress his lust for her I kid you not Also Lauren is pursuing penis while her mother is undergoing chemotherapy AND yes it gets worse believe it or not she thinks she's such a GREAT DAUGHTER for driving her mother to the hospital usually late for her treatments Somebody get her a trophyAlso Lauren NEVER LEARNS HER LESSON She in fact in classic narcissistic personality disorder fashion thinks that not only is her massive debt unemployment and uncontrollable binge shopping understandable but that if it weren't for that Ava would NEVER have landed the shallow and vile pretty boy and therefore a round of thanks is in order for Lauren's chronically immature spending habitsThe morals of this story are thus by all means interfere in the affairs of your grown adult family members As long as you mean well nobody is allowed to be pissed off After all you're faaaaaaammmmillllyyyyyyy gag you're just a self sabotaging insecure psycho if you are offended that a guy thinks you need to make yourself outwardly attractive and fashionable in order to be courted by him Nope he's not a superficial cad AT ALL Obviously YOU are the one with the mental problems Now start dressing and acting like a hooker you don't REALLY need to learn from your mistakes You just need to prove that your mistakes are awesome and totally forgivable because you're just so damn adorable tee heeThis book makes it really hard for me to sublimate my rage against the universe

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    I wanted a light fluffy read before I tackled a serious and heart tugging book from my stash I just never got into the plot other than to feel disgust and frustration with the two sisters Ava and Lauren Ava is a presentable but frumpy hard working lawyer Younger Lauren is cute and perky and in financial trouble Finding herself fired from her job facing eviction from her New York apartment and burdened with debt she ups and moves back to California to literally sponge off her family when she learns of her mother's cancer Ava tries to get Lauren back on track with finances while Lauren tries to make over Ava When Lauren found a betrothal agreement between her parents and Russell Markowitz's parents made when the two when were about 7 years old she goes all out to bring the two of them together and to seal the deal Along the way she meets Daniel at the hospital where his mother is also undergoing chemo A strange love hate relationship develops between the two I found all the characters shallow and spineless with no real spark of personality The only character I truly enjoyed was Nancy the girls' mother who remains cheerful and hopeful that she will beat the cancer that her own daughters don't seem to take very seriously Light and fluffyI got that but it fell flat for me when I continued to read and not care about the outcome of the plot one way or the other

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    So this was actually the first LaZebnik I read But that was five years ago so all I remembered was that I liked it Between that how much I enjoy her YA I thought I'd give it a re readAnd I still like it I think the characters are a bit less likable than in her YA That's not all bad though In some ways it's nice to have love interests who come off badly at times And the family stuff was pretty goodI kind of wish even had been done with Ava's attitude towards clothes and looking pretty That's something I've struggled with at times wanting people to like you for you and worrying that dressing up would change their impression of you in wrong ways

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    Claire LaZebnik’s The Smart One And The Pretty One is the story of two sisters trying to understand each other as adults while simultaneously boosting each other as they share difficult experiences And though I wanted to like the Nickerson girls and cheer for them from the get go I just had too many issues with this bookFirstly both sisters felt like such stereotypes to me Ava is a lawyer yes of course she is while Lauren worked at a fashionable boutiue stocking up on clothes and other items she couldn’t really afford She’s materialistic and a little bratty She craves the spotlight and demands it of everyone in her life In terms of stereotypes she’s the poster child for “youngest sister” while Ava has her post as “mature big sister” all locked upI never felt like I really got to know either of them I was standing at a distance looking in as they dealt with their myriad of problems Part of what kept me disconnected was the narrative voice third person and the fact that I couldn’t get into the minds of either woman The novel would have functioned better for me if it were told by one of the sisters preferably Ava because she annoyed me far less though Lauren’s insight might have helped me understand her better as a characterWhile we saw the Nickerson daughters evolve by the end of the novel it just wasn’t enough to redeem them in my eyes While LaZebnik can certainly write I didn’t identify or like any of her characters and like a fight with my own sister The Smart One And The Pretty One left me with an unsettled feeling in my stomach

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    I adored this book I can't say enough good things about it I knew exactly where Ava was coming from and found myself being eager to see what she did with herself for my own benefit I really can't think of the last time that I identified with a character in a book so much I don't dress to impress and hate wearing makeup And like in the book my little sister has done my makeup on occasion And Lauren also what a great character Even though I didn't identify nearly as much with her as I did her sister Ava I saw a bit of my sister in her Russell was so sweet I loved him too These characters were real people to me This MUST be made into a movie So besides the fact that I felt like those characters were very real to me this book was just funny Your everyday can't help it funny That's just who they were I loved that and found myself laughing often while reading this Also the whole plot the idea that people that knew each other as children but that are now strangers are thrust together in a variety of situations It made for some great set ups and sneaking around on Lauren's part Ava is so stuck in her ways that Lauren has to trick her into being social with anyone other then their family My only unfulfilled wish for this book would have been to see the ending drawn out a bit maybe just 20 40 pages Without giving away anything I wanted to hear Russell's thoughts a bit on a particular character

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    Although I don't usually go for chick lit the title of this book caught my attention It started out ok and the plot line had good potential Though pretty soon I started to get annoyed with Ava's character She was just too awkward and I couldn't help but cringe with how she interacted with Russell for most of the story Lauren's character however was what kept my interest to finish the book The relationship with her and Daniel showed potential and I wanted to see it evolve further Even till the end I was rooting for them and wanted to see a happy endingI was disappointed that the story ended without letting use know where Lauren stood as far as Daniel and her future I'm hoping that this means there will be a second book that continues Lauren's story I did not like the ending at all I felt that I was too rushed and as soon as Russell and Ava started to make progress it came to an end I would at least liked to have seen an epilogue at the end All in all it was an ok easy read I'll give it two and a half stars instead of three only because the ending could of been a lot better I would however like to see a story on Lauren in a future book maybe where she reunites with Daniel a few years later back in New York

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    I alternated between loving this book and being very annoyed by it I spent time in the enjoying it side but got annoyed as the book went onI liked the family relationships in the book I enjoyed the byplay between the sisters and how they went about reestablishing their friendship I found both sisters to be interesting charactersLauren needs to grow up but she's got a good heart Her sister Ava is trying to help her in the growing up department Sometimes she appreciates this sometimes she doesn't Ava's been grown up for a long time She's always taken life seriously She wants to share this with her younger sisterWhat I didn't like what the message about appearance The characters say that beauty isn't important but ignoring your appearance is The fact that these conversations take place between two gorgeous size 6 women doesn't help

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    This book is as its title suggests about a “smart one” and a “pretty one” in this case twenty something sisters Ava and Lauren Nickerson respectively Ava is a smart overly buttoned up lawyer and Lauren is a bubbly overly free wheeling buyer and devotee of all things fashion They both have their romantic storylines as we switch back and forth between the two But the book is also about a family reconnecting and learning a little about each other in adulthood as the sisters support their mother through a medical crisis The characters seemed genuine and interesting and the reading experience often felt like being a fly on the wall as relationships developed through witty conversations I liked this one It gains depth from characters that are supportive of each other especially the sisters whose support often comes in amusingly annoying forms to the other

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    I read this about a year ago before I joined goodreads thus why I'm just not giving a review Unfortunately since it's been so long I don't remember lots about the book but I enjoyed it enough to give it 4 stars Upon reading the summary I immediately thought of the movie In Her Shoes and there were definitely some similarities the two sisters being complete opposites and at times battling it out because of that oppositeness If I remember right both sisters tend to realize and struggle with their own insecurities while living togethera bit of that the grass is always greener way of thinking that they wish they were like their sisterUltimately and predictably things work out for a happy ending But isn't that how we want things to end?

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The Smart One and the Pretty One[PDF / EPUB] The Smart One and the Pretty One When Ava Nickerson was a child her mother jokingly betrothed her to a friend's son and the contract the parents made has stayed safely buried for years Now that still single Ava is closing in on thirt When Ava One and eBook ✓ Nickerson was a child her mother jokingly betrothed her to a friend's son and the contract the parents made has stayed safely buried for years Now that still single Ava is closing in on thirty no one even remembers she was once engaged to the Markowitz boy But when their mother is diagnosed with cancer The Smart PDF/EPUB or Ava's prodigal little sister Lauren comes home to Los Angeles where she stumbles across the decades old documentFrustrated and embarrassed by Ava's constant lectures about financial responsibility all because she's in a little debt Okay a lot of debt Lauren decides Smart One and the Pretty PDF/EPUB or to do some sisterly interfering of her own and tracks down her sister's childhood fiancé When she Smart One and ePUB ´ finds him the highly inappropriate twice divorced but incredibly charming Russell Markowitz is all too happy to re enter the Nickerson sisters' lives and always accountable Ava is forced to consider just how binding a contract really is This sparkling novel about two sisters is both witty and stylish Even if you don't have a sister of your Smart One and the Pretty PDF/EPUB or own you won't be able to resist LaZebnik's charming take on modern relationships read it Holly Peterson bestselling author of The Manny.

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Please check One and eBook ✓ out THINGS I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN now available in bookstores and online LaZebnik hits it out of the park with her story about pretty popular Chloe and her loving relationship with her older autistic sister Ivy BOOKLIST starred reviewWriting with honesty and wit LaZebnik offers a thought provoking portrayal of how people can come together The Smart PDF/EPUB or despite or perhaps because of their.