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Alien Dragons Baby Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #1 [PDF / EPUB] Alien Dragons Baby Red Planet Dragons of Tajss #1 Not every alien is an enemy even if he kidnaps you Calista is happy with her life of scientific research She has no need for a man she has her books her friends and her work Things are fine until her Not every alien is an enemy even if Baby Red PDF Ç he kidnaps you Calista is happy with her life of scientific research She has no need for a Alien Dragons Epub / man she has her books her friends and her work Things are fine until her ship is attacked by space pirates and crash lands on a desert Dragons Baby Red ePUB ¹ planet with heat so intense she and her friends can't survive without help Ladon is a Zmaj warrior resigned to a life alone who only desires to Dragons Baby Red Planet Dragons Epub / protect his treasures His hopes for a mate faded long ago yet when he meets Calista something stirs It takes no than one look to know that she belongs to him He's been alone for so long but she is the ultimate treasure and he will protect her Now there's only the small problem of her living long enough to understand A devastated planet a mysterious history space pirates and threats environmental and alien beset them on all sides The sexy Zmaj warrior will have to battle the planet's ultimate threat in an epic effort to obtain the one thing he knows Calista needs to survive Then maybe they can begin to come to terms with the feelings they create in each other But will the other humans accept this huge and alien looking dragon warrior Or will they find him just as big a threat as the rest of the red planet The future of both their races depends on it Alien Dragon's Baby is a full length scifi novel with a happily ever after ending plenty of steam bloody battles and alien human intrigue It is standalone and has been co written by newcomer Miranda Martin and one of Dragons Baby Red Planet Dragons Epub / the hottest science fiction romance authors out there Juno Wells.

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    15 starsI was in the mood for a silly entertaining sci fi romance also Dragon's Baby reminded me of the Ice Planet Barbarians but this one was short of the mark The beginning was fun and engaging I especially liked the scene where the cheeky old man forgot his ID and was outrageous and funny Things uickly deteriorated as soon as they got boarded by space pirates crash land on a desert alien planet and no one was injured even though they were all without safety gear and passed out in the hallway of the spaceship Things are not explained or are overlooked The reactions of the characters were off They cracked jokes and argued about Star Wars and Star Trek in the middle of life threatening situations and it wasn't funny or uirkyMy number one pet peeve in this sub genre The language barrier trope carried on until near the end of the book leaving me feeling bored with their clumsy attempts to understand each other All that effort and word count could've been used to develop character and plot SighThere's another pet peeve here the clever heroine who is actually dumb The heroine Calista is a Botanist researching a new strain of wheat but for an intelligent woman she sure acts dumb eg wandering aimlessly in a new scorching planet and almost dying of dehydration and heatstroke; running away from the hero for no good reason and being attacked by animals and needing to be recued again and told off like a naughty child by the heroThe hero Ladon is a Zmaj warrior an alien dragon with a surprise in his talewink wink and last of his kind As soon as he sees Calista he rescues her and looks after All her needs He also thinks of her as his treasuredefinitely a swoon worthy heroexcept he touches the heroine in a fully intimate way without her permission while she's unconscious A definite no no This whole molesting an unconscious female under the guise of curiositysaving her life is fast becoming a trope in this sub genre and it's not okay It's not romantic It needs to stop And just because the heroine is later attracted to him it doesn't excuse his actions I know this is a light fluffy read still consent is important between adultsThe characters were not well developed the plotthere was not much of a plot just romance The romance and side characters were bland and forgettable and the ending was abrupt and left me feeling like several pages were missing from the book It was a disappointing read The seuel might be better but I'm done for now

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    So my friend CC called this a knock off of all our fav blue alien series and I just thought that Yeah okay it might be a knock off but between sexy blue aliens and hot as hell dragon men I would always go for the dragon How could I resist? So did it seem similar? YES Ridiculously similarBased on what I just read if I ever end up in a situation where I have to choose between blue horned aliens and dragon men with wings to spend the rest of my life with I'm going with the sexy blue horned aliensIt wasn't bad per say just a lot less fleshed out It ended and I thought I was missing pages it was so abrupt Other than the MCs none of the side characters were endearing Maybe Jolie cause she was nice but I'm totally not interested in continuing the seriesAnother 2 point fiver Boy am I on a roll

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    I really enjoyed this Even though it seemed like almost a knock off of my favorite blue alien series I really liked Landon and Calista Enjoyed the story It totally sucked me in

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    I was in the mood for a sci fi romance and had this recommended to me A story written by two completely new to me authors and several good reviews for what I thought might just be run of the mill alien captures human Hmm well yes and no actually Calista is part of a crew on a voyage to find a new home she's third generation and I will be honest here and say it doesn't really feel very futuristic to this reader at all They are attacked and the ship breaks up leaving Calista and fellow survivors on an inhospitable planet with creatures out of nightmares or even Dune Now our heroine just happens to be a botanist and is sent out to scout for edible plants and just why she's sent out completely alone is beyond me because hey that's a downright stupid thing to do Well you know I intimated that the planet wasn't really suited to sustaining human life forms and yep Calista struggles to walk let alone explore but unknown to her someone is watchingA planet devastated by war with few survivors but those left have adapted to their harsh environment One such is Ladon not a shifter exactly but this alien has wings and a tail plus scales so to Calista he looks like a dragon Now their first meeting is not exactly a case of shaking hands but Ladon is very keen to explore the new piece of treasure that he has claimed Although I hasten to add that even though this story is adult Ladon is no brute to force the issue and the couple get to know each other in spite of obvious language difficulties Yet still there remains the problem of Calista getting back to her friends although she has no idea that without help from Ladon the planet they have crashed on will kill them all So it didn't feel like I was reading a story about people hundreds of years from now but nevertheless I did get sucked in There are possibly too many references to popular culture but the authors pass that off as crew members devouring old Earth movies videos and books Plus there's a very strange female general in it who felt very out of place and unfortunately she isn't really explained so I'm left wondering about her Maybe she's an alien?Still I mustn't digress from the story and I think most readers will fall a little for the lonely but sweet Ladon Calista can't stop talking and her dialogue is very funny as she struggles to understand her new situation I think the fact that Calista doesn't see herself as attractive and hadn't really wanted a man made her romance with Ladon all the poignant It's not sloppy though funny yes sexy too but most of all an interesting take on what it is to be completely out of your comfort zone I think the fact that we get first person narrative from both central characters really added immensely to my enjoyment Ladon isn't the only native on his planet though so I'm off to see what else the authors have written

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    I liked this storythe heroine was weak for an Alpha Dragon to pick she could have used backbone and to stand up for herself wher fellow humans I liked the Dragon Alienhe was strong smart kind but protective

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    for SeriesI’ve found a new crack obsession My definition of crack is a crazy balls out premise an alien hero different color andor unusual appendages are a MUST a tried and true romance formula and a fascinating ‘verse that captures my interest Boy has the Dragons of Tajss delivered Does it have its flaws? Yep Do I give a flying zemjla? Nope not even a little bitA mishmash of different fantasysci fi components that we’ve seen in shows from Dr Who to Beetlejuice this is a series that goes for some serious issues like xenophobia racism etc and there’s danger everywhere but it’s the details that tend to make me giggle There’s a generation ship that is hurtling through space minding its own business when it is attacked by space pirates and crash lands on a planet called Tajss Everything and I mean everything is designed to kill andor eat you not necessarily in that order It’s hot AF so the human body is NOT designed to survive on this planet For example there’s an ongoing debate between the Star Wars vs Star Trek fans Dr Who references and a big worm y thing that will kill you but all I could picture was thisBasically all the fixins for a cracky kind of sci fi rom read This will appeal to fans of the Ice Planet Barbarians type of romances If that’s your jam get a taste of this Zmaj jelly I think you’ll like itBOOK SPECIFIC ReviewCalista and Ladon Lay dun Story follows the “intro to sci fi crack 101” Survival is paramount except for some uestionably timed romantic interludes during the heroine’s severe dehydration and threats from everything that’s trying to kill her A little ridiculous and not the strongest writing and yet I was hookedFor reviews visit

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    35 starsThis new to me author and series have some potential but some things didn't work for meI liked the idea of the human generational ship trying to get to a new home The pirate attack was sudden and they were really lucky to even be able to crash on a planetLadon is pretty amazing He is not a shifter but rather an alien that has some dragon features like scales wings and a tail view spoiler oh and 2 penises yikes hide spoiler

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    Total rip off ice planet barbarians

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    DNF1st Too many modern day movie references for me to honestly believe this story takes place in the distance future a future where the heroine is a third generation passenger on a ship2nd The writing style was confusing at times Example; a pirate blocks the path of the heroine and her friends Suddenly he has a hole in his head Never explained how it got there It's just there and the pirate is ex machina style dead There were a lot of instances like this where things weren't explained well enough3rd The reactions and emotions of the characters weren't ever believable or appropriate for the situation their ship is under attack by pirates let's have all major characters cracking jokes and talking about scenes in Star Wars They've crashed on a desert alien planet and instead of being understandably freaked out or scared they're arguing if it resembles Tatooine or Vulcan 4th They just crash landed on a desert alien planet and none of the characters are even DIRTY let alone INJURED They never made it to the life pod They were literally in a hallway the scene faded to black and when they woke everyone is scattered on this planet not at all injured There's a woman who was wearing a white flowing dress and her dress wasn't at all dirty; not a hair was out of place and she stood tall and perfect Uhm did none of you actually crash land here? Or were you beamed down? I didn't understand thisThis is probably nit picking since it's literally a short story about Alien Dragons but the fact that I've read way stranger alien stories that came out way BETTER and believable than this shows that's not an excuse I'd suggest Ice Planet Barbarians The plots are similar crash landed on a planet with extreme temperatures only to be saved by aliens etc but the author does a better job of making the plot and characters believable The writing is also ten times better

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    Not bad but really not goodThe plot is a good one even if it reminds me of another series just hot and not icy However that’s where the good ends since this story goes down hill uicklyThe heroine is a weeping silly spineless mess so you really never feel any real connection to her Guy saves her and has treated her well he shows some interest a lady nut job runs off screaming in a unfamiliar alien world only to be captured and reuire saving from the very alien that saved her before They have sexual contact was too uickly and at a time when you’d least expect them to since you know “danger” and her suffering from heat exhaustion Also it’s like the author wants you to like Calista so much that she makes the other characters unnecessarily unlikeable like Lana and Rosalind I don’t like wimpy female leads so Calista ruins what could have been a good book

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