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  • Warlock Shawn Moore #1
  • D.R. Rosier
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  • 04 June 2016

10 thoughts on “Warlock Shawn Moore #1

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    This was a fun and easy read It hit all the fun spots and didn't take too long to get to the good parts There's a LOT of sex in this book but it kinda goes with what the book is built for that and the fact the title has the word sex in itduh Overall It was nice The MC isn't a duche which is nice and he's also not headstrong Just a fledgling warlock trying to get his legs on the ground Actually it's one of those stories about going from zero to heroor in his caseanti hero Like I said fun read

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    What can I say this is just one of those guilty pleasures Its a guys book all the way and not going to be for all guys at that but I just found it fundamentally enjoyable if a little ridiculous

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    Rating 45 stars This was a highly enjoyable read This would probably be best described as a urban fantasy magical harem adventure When an author uses all those components together it sometimes can be a mess Sometimes the author will add the harem or sex component and it will feel forced or out of place Or maybe that part is good but the magic component is lacking or the story doesn't make any sense This author did an excellent job of integrating all those components in this book the sex the magic and the story There was a lot of sex in this book and it was well written Even though there was so much sex written I didn't feel like it overwhelmed the story or was out of place The sex scenes were hot however I also felt there was an emotional component involved in the sex which made it that much interesting The main character was a nice guy yes he finds out that he is a Warlock which means his soul is owned by a demon succubus but that doesn't really make him evil He doesn't go out of his way to hurt people in fact he treats the succubus and vampire he is with very well There is a tendency for authors to write about the masterslave relationship with too much domination The character is written as a nice guy but the women he is with want to be dominated so what's a nice guy supposed to do but demean dominate and humiliate the women he is with? Not because he wants to oh no only because they love it so much This happens way to often and it sometimes makes me uncomfortable Shawn wasn't like that though in this story The sex was somewhat realistic in that it wasn't the same every time There were times he was aggressive and times he was gentle He wasn't trying to break them in half like in other stories and I enjoyed it because of that The magic system was very interesting as well The difference between mages warlocks vampires werewolves and the Fae The story wasn't super involved but it wasn't lacking much either At the end I rated this book so high because it was a lot of fun and I really couldn't come up with anything to really complain about

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    Good book poor grammarI really wanted to like this book I did like this bookIt's action packed it's erotic it has intrigue a nobody builds to somebody; it was a highly enjoyable urban fantasy rompBut the grammar ruined my immersion There their and they're; were and we're; and CASTED The casted freaking killed me He casted a shield No he did not He cast it GrrrrSome might complain that things were too easy for the MC and I can understand that Not just things but people He or less walked through every encounter whether it was a magical assault a meeting of species' heads or convincing women into sexy time; there wasn't much that slowed him down Made for a uick read but some people might complainWould have given four stars if not for the numerous grammatical mistakes

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    A must read for lovers of well written urban fantasy Warlocks shifters angelsThis review is for the three book Shawn Moore series No spoilers The series is well worth reading The main character Shawn is easy to like and the other characters are well developed The sexual relationships are well written not too long not too short not porn Respect is shown the women as is love The struggles he and his allies endure kept me reading into the night The magic is well written and thankfully has to be learned and practiced rather than just given Great job

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    An great story with a side of eroticizimI thoroughly enjoyed this novel with its strong plot and enough sex to keep things spicy Although I noticed a number of grammatical errors they were minorand did not detract from my reading pleasure I'm looking forward to the next book in the series

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    Another rambling urban fantasywith gratuitous sexThis scribling fails as both an urban fantasy and a sexual one Maybe some tweener boys might find it titillating but any other readers wont Remember there's anreason it's aKindle Unlimiyed FREEbie

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    Great StoryAction sex adventure and politics D R Rosier has it going on Just the right amount of detail a main character you want to succeed and a supporting cast that you never tire of reading about The next book is a must

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    Great storyI really like how the author made the warlock human The MC is a young man who finally finds a place for himself Great read

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    Warlock love sex and damnation is an enjoyable first novel in this series but has one fatal flaw that left me on the borderline of rating this three stars instead of four For all that is good about this book this novel suffers from the same issue as a lot of books in this genre in fact a lot of self published books in general; it has been rushedI think that authors are just so eager to get to what is fun about their stories that they forget to lay the groundwork that is needed to make that story great However you can't truly get to know characters the world magic systems or any of that other good stuff unless the time has been taken to develop those things As a result we are left with a book that was good but maybe could have been great if those things had been developed from the start Instead all of the strong elements in the book felt a little shallow Relationships are developed ridiculously fast so they had no weight and the main character's journey from a homeless person to force to be reckoned with wasn't satisfying as it happened so fastA good example of this would be the man's homeless status at the start of the novel We could have done with a chapter or maybe two showing how hard his life has been exploring this concept that even as someone already down on his luck life was made even harder for him because of how other people view him and this strange feeling people get where he makes them nervous Setting up how bad things were for him right at the beginning and really making the reader feel it would make us excited for him as his life started to turn aroundHowever overall I couldn't bring myself to give this one just three stars as I did enjoy it I have hopes that the author will take his time a little in the future and that the next novels in the series are a little developed

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Warlock Shawn Moore #1[PDF / EPUB] Warlock Shawn Moore #1 Shawn is a young man down on his luck living in the streets He isn’t lazy it’s just for some reason people don’t like to be around him and even fear him to a certain extent They’d always had H Shawn is a young man down on his luck living in the streets He isn’t lazy it’s just for some reason people don’t like to be around him and even fear him to a certain extent They’d always had His life is about to change though as a man named Ben tells him he had an uncle an uncle that died and left him an estate He isn’t sure he buys it and has no idea he’ll soon be fighting for his very life Not to mention fighting for his soul WARNING This book is Warlock Shawn eBook Ç an erotic urban fantasy novel If you are offended by explicit sex do not buy this book There are MF FF and MFF scenes of a sexually explicit nature NOTE This novel is told in the first person point of view of Shawn as the main protagonist and the third person for various other characters.

About the Author: D.R. Rosier

I was born and raised on Long Island and always had two hobbiesI loved computers and I read books voraciouslyI've been working in the computer industry for twenty years and have continued to read a large number of books On a whim I started writing erotic short stories online and to my surprise they were always highly rated and than that I found I loved to write Since then I have w.