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Kill Switch Devils Night #3 [PDF / EPUB] Kill Switch Devils Night #3 I've done far worse than what I went to prison for She has no idea how bad this can getWINTERSending him to prison was the worst thing I could've done It didn't matter that he did the crime or that I I've done far worse than Devils Night ePUB ☆ what I went to prison for She has no idea how bad this can getWINTERSending him to prison was the worst thing I could've done It didn't matter that he did the crime or that I wished he was dead Perhaps I thought I'd have time to disappear before he got out or he'd cool off in jail and Kill Switch Kindle - be anything but the horror he wasBut I was wrong Three years came and went too fast and now he's anything but calm Prison only gave him time to planAnd while I anticipated his vengeance I didn't expect thisHe doesn't want to make me hurt He wants to make everything hurtDAMONFirst thing's first Get rid of her daddy He told them I forced her He Switch Devils Night MOBI · told them his little girl was a victim but I was a kid too and she wanted it just as much as I didStep two Give her her sister and her mother nowhere to run and no fuel to escape The Ashby women are alone now and desperate for a knight in shining armorBut that's not what's comingNo it's time I listened to my father and took control of my future It's time I showed them all my family her family my friends that I will never change and that I have no other ambition than to be the nightmare of their livesStarting with herShe'll be so scared she won't even be safe in her own head by the time I'm done with her And the best part is I won't have to break into her home to do itAs the new man of the house I have all the keysKill Switch is a romantic suspense suitable for readers It is advised to read Corrupt Devil's Night and Hideaway Devil's Night prior to reading this book Both are available on Kindle Unlimited.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 522 pages
  • Kill Switch Devils Night #3
  • Penelope Douglas
  • 17 March 2016

About the Author: Penelope Douglas

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    NOW LIVESix years ago his little girl and I changed each other and while I couldn’t change her back I could certainly give her some new memories of me Now that I could do US UK AUS CA it on Goodreads It is recommended to read Corrupt Devil's Night #1 and Hideaway Devil's Night #2 prior to reading this book Both are now available on Kindle UnlimitedCORRUPT Devil's Night #1 US UK AUS CA Devil's Night #2 US UK AUS CA the Pinterest board the playlist 𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑Sending him to prison was the worst thing I could’ve done It didn’t matter that he did the crime or that I wished he was dead Perhaps I thought I’d have time to disappear before he got out or he’d cool off in jail and be anything but the horror he was But I was wrong Three years came and went too fast and now he’s anything but calm Prison only gave him time to plan And while I anticipated his vengeance I didn’t expect this He doesn’t want to make me hurt He wants to make everything hurt 𝐃𝐀𝐌𝐎𝐍First thing’s first Get rid of her daddy He told them I forced her He told them his little girl was a victim but I was a kid too and she wanted it just as much as I did Step two Give her her sister and her mother nowhere to run and no fuel to escape The Ashby women are alone now and desperate for a knight in shining armor But that’s not what’s coming No it’s time I listened to my father and took control of my future It’s time I showed them all—my family her family my friends—that I will never change and that I have no other ambition than to be the nightmare of their lives Starting with her She’ll be so scared she won’t even be safe in her own head by the time I’m done with her And the best part is I won’t have to break into her home to do it As the new man of the house I have all the keys

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    SOAPBOX I am seriously at a loss for words right now I pride myself on always being honest in my reviews regardless of whether it is an ARC or a book I pay for It is awfully hard to write an honest review if you can't tell people what things didn't work for you I included two small spoilers in my review for this book I say small because the first one the reader finds out at the very beginning of the book what makes this even MORE ridiculous I JUST found out that you can download a FREE sample of this book that gives away one of the spoilers I posted The mind boggles at the ridiculousnesssigh The second I left purposely vague Both I put in spoiler tags so anyone who didn't want to be spoiled wouldn't see the info and anyone who prefers to know spoilers before purchasing could make an informed decision Especially if they know ME and we share the same likes and dislikes in our books Imagine my surprise when I got tracked down on FB messenger received a message here on Goodreads AND got an email all within the same ten minute period telling me to remove my spoilers ASAP AuthorsPR companies should not be trying to manipulate reviews ARCs stop being in exchange for honest reviews when a reviewer's hands are tied by stipulations This type of thing needs to stop NOW So that is my say on the matter I will no longer read or promote this author or work with the PR company she is using for promotion If anyone would like to know what the spoilers were feel free to message me The funniest part about all this was I wasn't sure how I was going to rate this book That is why I was taking 24 hours to think about it As you can see after this fiasco I have now 1 Starred itsigh I am going to hold off a bit on placing a star rating on this book I've got a bunch of mixed feelings about it I liked book one and Damon was always an intriguing character to me but his character and 70% of this book didn't work for me for LikeAT ALL I wasn't expecting sunshine and rainbows by any means but I pretty much felt ZERO connection between Winter and Damon until the last 30% Coincidently the last 30% of this book was the best part of it by far If the first 70% had been as good I would have given the book 4 Stars Alas I felt like there was way too much filler with all the past chapters and they bored me I did love the twists that came at the end again last 30% of this was awesome I loved seeing the characters from the prior books as well So yeaI need to marinate a bit before I decide on a rating

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    ➳The dark side of Penelope Douglas has arising in this shocking romance of a novel that will have you uestioning your sanity ➳Let me start this off by saying I am a true fan of Penelope's writing and the beauty and magic she has with them by moving the mind of the reader to a whole new world And that's why I always read her novels I never back down from signing up for her novels or anything that she promotes She has earned that respect from me and the admiration is there as well I knew that if I got involved with this series something dark would come out of it The first novel Corrupt was action packed emotionally draining when it came down to the dark side of each character and also sexy and steamy in the best of ways steamy wink wink y'all know what I am talking about And the love I had for her first novel in the Devil's Night series was just the beginning of me getting emotionally involved with the horsemen And then Khai's story was created in Hideaway and I knew that my baby Khai was going to need all my hugs and kisses The drama in both books is nothing in comparison to what we got in this novel Damon's story And I want to warn my followers that if you are NOT into dark romances with menage a trois or voyeurism then you need to skip this novel for sure As some of you know I am not big into sharing I love possessive alpha males and Damon was indeed very possessive of Winter but he was also very possessive over other people that I was not expecting to make a twist and turn of I won't mention who it may be so if you want to know then keep reading because I will have a spoiler section following this review➳Let's talk about the story And just because Penelope is my number one favorite author does not mean I will back down from speaking the truth It hurts me to write this aggressive review about an author whose words have changed my mindset in many ways but it is indeed something that I cannot be backed down from writing about For those who have read about Damon in the first and second novel you know that he is the most emotionally dark individual out of all four horsemen He had a childhood past that we learned about in the second novel that has you wanting of him and comfort him And then of course we also know about the malicious side that is his father Gabriel After knowing about Damon's past I was still intrigued to keep reading his novel That's when we meet Winter The strong individual who has made Damon's mindset change with a semi positive attitude His side of protectiveness towards her is also one in which he wants to hurt her Not for revenge but for the sake of just wanting the dark to arise and engulf them both; The shit the came out of my mouth All for Winter's sake because she was my sole motivation in everything I did and I was kind of fucking ashamed she had that power ➳There are a lot of twist and turns in this novel that sometimes I felt like just stopping and DNF ing the novel But out of respect for Penelope I continued reading The drama that revolves Winter and Damon is one that I felt kept dragging for my tastes and yes This is the longest book that Penelope has ever written and I am so proud of her for accomplishing such a task that not many can do There were somethings that to me I felt were not necessary but maybe did make an importance to the story plot in general There is no denying that if you skip a single page of this novel you will be completely lost There is mystery in every page an angst and darkness of every turn that you cannot miss out on reading And when finally Damon and Winter ever do make an appearance together and demonstrate their passion towards each other the page burns because of said passion; I don't know if I felt responsible for the fact that she now only had four senses by which to experience the world but it was a strange feeling to want to protect someone from others when I knew I'd be worse for her health than anyone ➳From the first book you could always tell that every important character in this novel was connected in some way Maybe in a genetic way or an emotional type of way But the connection was always there Reading Damon's story you soon realize that some people are legitimately connected genetically and the shocking part of it all is what really makes the story worth to be read Not many can be compelled to read such a malicious and dark novel but others do have that tempting side to it that makes them want to read In my case I like to read dark romances This one in particular was just not my cup of tea ➳I think I have said enough about the uality of this novel As previously mentioned I am proud of Penelope for having all these dark yet beautiful words in mind and creating an indeed uniue novel that had my skin crawling Do not enter by reading this novel with a mindset of finding a cliche happily ever after The prologue had to for sure be my only and favorite part of this novel because it was only Damon and Winter That is the way that it should always be and I am glad that Penelope was able to acuire such a beautiful yet simple ending Now the uestion remains What is going on with Will? Honestly Will is such a mess Emotionally and physically He was left off at the end of this book viewed as him having the time of his life But I feel like there is to him that we have not been able to identify I will be hesitant to read his novel that's for sure but I am determined to give him the benefit of the doubt ➳Devil's Night SeriesCorrupt Devil's Night #1 ♕ Hideaway Devil's Night #2 ♕ Kill Switch Devil's Night #3 ♕ Nightfall Devil's Night #4 ➳ARC kindly provided by the publicist in exchange for an honest review➳Follow Me OnBlog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter

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    Kill Switch is my favorite book of 2019 Damon Torrance is a character that I went from absolutely loathing to loving with all my heart over the course of three books The author deserves some kind of award for the way she changed my mind about his character and the depth of which she made me feel for him I'm telling you guys Penelope Douglas knocked it out of the park with this one It was everything I have no words to fully express how much I adore this book these characters and this series I will be so sad to see it all end after Will's book This series has become one of my favorites of all time and made Penelope Douglas one of my favorite authors The story is intricately woven uniue gripping angsty steamy dark and just all around amazing The characters are complex and the relationships between all of them are interesting intense and at times super fucked up I'm not just talking about the romances either The friendships and family relationships are some of my favorite aspects of these books I read over 100 romance novels every year and love plenty of them but I rarely add a book boyfriend to my fictional harem Not only did I add Damon this year but I shoved his ass way to the top with my man Vicious If you know me you know just how significant that is I can't get enough of his character so fingers crossed we get to see a lot of him in the 4th book of the Devil's Night series In short Kill Switch is a fucking masterpiece It's the book that I enjoyed the most in 2019 and Damon has a permanent spot in my harem and my heart If you like dark new adult romance do not miss this series It's an absolute must read

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    reread july 2020 — 4 starsanybody else attracted to villains becauseand im not talking about those bad boy wannabes who smokes cigarettes or has tattoos and sleeps around but actual villains who are how do i say this lightly ✨fucked up✨TW spoilers sexual abuse from H's mother when he was 11 15 there are 2 flashback scenes of this suicidal thoughts self harm➵ Damon Torrance H I need her to hurt me because pain covers up pain and if I feel one I won’t feel the other the reason why i like Damon out of all of them is because he's not just a rich and entitled dude who's doing all these things because he's bored cough Michael and Kai cough but he's doing it to forget his pain and the abuse he faces he might be the most fucked up out of all of em but so far he's the first hero in this series i sympathized with 100% Michael? hell no Kai? ehh maybe 80% but Damon? YES he's also the most interesting and has the most depth and how he grew up he could've literally been a serial killer i really wanna psychoanalyze him but im lazy so sorryyy➵ Winter Ashby h How I’d never hated anyone as much as I hated him but how I loved what I felt with him than I loved anything I felt with anyone else either first of all love the representation of a blind character thank you for that second well i just liked her after reading Hideaway though i don't know who my favorite is Winter or Banks? hmm i don't know but we'll see after i read Nightfall but anyways uhh i don't really know what to say about her because i was focused on Damon the whole time oops but just know she's not as annoying as Rika that's all there is➵ OWOM drama spoilers aight we all know Damon had crazy kinks but apparently he wasn't that much of a ho?? i think? apparently he was of a voyeur? i don't know im wishful thinking right now but there is 1 flashback scene of Damon eating out his teacher 1 scene of Damon giving Will a handjob 1 scene of Winter dry humping this random actor in the haunted house and the stupid threesomespeaking of the threesome that happened in the 83% mark let's talk about that shall we? first of all it was stupid second well it was stupid x10000 and third instead of feeling anger and annoyance like in Corrupt i felt disappointed it was like watching the character arc of Daenerys Targaryen in s8 and watching the last episode all over again why? because it was OUT OF CHARACTEReverything was going so good and yet another scene like this is added and for what? for smut? it really doesn't make sense for Damon to share Winter he was even known for fighting to the death to keep what's his like he kidnapped and allied himself with Trevor in the first book because he wanted to keep his friends and remove Rika and now you're telling me he's going to share all of a sudden?? right and honestly Damon said i love you for the first time after this and i just didn't even swoon and celebrate this moment why? because of the stupid unnecessary threesome i was honestly just like this it was stupid and it just ruined my mood also the fact that i read this days before Nightfall with this scene still fresh in my mind well i won't stop picturing Will going till 2nd base with Winter soo also why do they always use sex to heal? isn't that not healthy? well wtf do i know ➵ Rika Fane rant alert first of all the fuck when did Damon start liking her? i i really feel like this change with her character is kind of out of left field like suddenly she's good with mind games and politics and throwing knives at people with 100% accuracy?? listen im actually glad her character changed because books 1 and 2 Rika was not it but suddenly now she's Mayor material? the character we know who's mostly act first think later kind of girl? plus i think im a little bias here but oh well Banks is suitable to be Mayor she's really selfless and she even risked her own life to save 9 dogs and her cook knowing she could get killed AND she's studying sociology and politics but again wtf do i know rich people in these books are apparently a different breed and it's like real life Game of Thrones so good for Rika i guess??➵ Alex and Will also uick uestion why did people want Alex and Will to be together? im actually genuinely curious i heard there was drama about this on the facebook group but like these two barely even had any scene together that could be counted as romantic?? in Hideaway Alex just tells us how he fucks and in other scenes they hang out with the main character but they barely even interact with each other too and i think Alex deserves someone who's not hung up with someone else sooooanyways i know i said i suddenly forgot what Damon did in the first 2 books but ehh i don't think i should forget because what he did was shitty im glad he took accountability tho but i think he should've grovelled because i mean he did try to kill them 😅 but you know what i did forget? my homework my social life why? because Nightfall reread april 2020 — 45 starsto summarize this bookDamon shows red flagsWinter is blind so can't see color redthe end original rating october 2019 — 5 starsDamon is a crazy mofo and that menage scene was unnecessary and completely out of character for all the people involved but I still loved this Devil's Night series #1 corrupt ↠ 175 stars#2 hideaway ↠ 3 stars#3 kill switch ↠ 4 stars#4 nightfall ↠ 175 stars

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    I loved Damon as a villain but I'm obsessed with him as a hero The complexity of Damon and all the intrigue he offered is why he will forever be my favorite antihero

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    He made himself the cure which wouldn't have been necessary if he hadn't also created the diseaseHi I'm Alana and I am hopelessly in love with Damon Torrance1010 would let him ruin my lifeYou know the feeling you get when one of your most anticipated reads of the year is even BETTER than you imagined and now that you've finished the book you're just in this withdrawal period where you are trying to figure out what the hell you just read while simultaneously wishing you could reread it for the first time? Yep that's where I'm at right now Send helpThis book was justoof A LOT If you thought Corrupt or Hideaway were messed up oh sweet child you haven't seen anything yet Seriously Damon started out as my least favorite character in book one I absolutely loathed him but now? Knowing his back story I would absolutely lay my life down for him That totally counts as enemies to lovers right? Anyway slams fists on table let's talk about this mindfuck of a book The first thing you need to understand about this series if you are new is that these characters are seriously flawed and they show their love in rather interesting ways to say the least This is a dark romance series so it's not meant to be pretty in the beginning and the middle and honestly the end too You won't find rainbows and butterflies in this you'll find yourself uestioning your morals dark secrets game changing plot twists and a whole lot of painbut honestly I wouldn't have it any other way I personally love my favorite books to be served with a side of pain and sufferingI have been eagerly awaiting Damon's story because Hideaway book #2 basically felt like one giant set up for this book so I knew this was going to be good Honestly I'm just gonna put this out there Damon deserves his own series That's how complex of a character he is His back story absolutely wrecked my soul and I am so heart broken for him Damon is fresh out of jail and ready to get revenge on the girl who put him there Winter Winter is now stuck in her sworn enemies web that he so brilliantly created and knows she's about to play the biggest game of her life The tension is literally so high y'all This is Penelope Douglas' best enemies to lovers book so far Plus can I also just add that I absolutely LOVED that Damon never let Winter's disability slow her down or treat her like she was fragile and incapable of certain things like her family did to herOne of the best things you can do for yourself upon starting this book is know nothing about the plot You just need to experience this disturbing yet seriously hot mindfuck of a book I don't want to spoil anything for anyone and since this book has so many plot twists my lips will stay sealed except for this I am so IMPRESSED Like actually blown away by this book I can't even remember the last time I gave a romance book 5 stars but this honestly deserves than that It's so complex and the flashbacks added so much depth to this story and just UGH PLEASE READ THIS BOOK That's it just read it and suffer with me Favorite uotes “Having Damon around was the only time I ever felt solid in my life” he told me “He’s powerful But painful” “How I’d never hated anyone as much as I hated him but how I loved what I felt with him than I loved anything I felt with anyone else either” But for me everything was harder I couldn't detach from my brain and I wasn't happy unless it was a mindfuck Fear made us feel alive I'd changed her forever I'd bent and twisted and broken everything that made her the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me All in all if you are looking for one SERIOUSLY messed up love story with enemies to lovers like you have never seen before then don't pass up this series and importantly this BOOK Because hands down this is the best one out of the series and I haven't even read Will's story yet but I don't care nothing will top this You heard it here first friendsPS this is on Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to itPPS we need clarification on a certain MM romance and who the fifth horsemen is please and thank youA HUGE thank you to Penelope Douglas and Social Butterly PR for including me in the blog tour and providing me with an e ARC of one of my most anticipated reads of 2019Blog | Twitter | Instagram

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    only penelope douglas could make me go from absolutely loathing a character to absolutely loving him in the span of 3 books this book is definitely not for the faint of heart damon and winter both have tough pasts but there was so much beauty in their relationship i think for me this book did a fantastic job at splicing in flashbacks with the present day to get me to care so much for these characters and i think the reason for their enemies to lovers relationship made the most sense out of all of the characters in this series 1010 would recommend to anyone who loves dark romances tw for assault pedophilia incest

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    I savoured this one because I didn't want it to end I've always admired Penelope Douglas' ability to make me root for an anti hero but I'm blown away by Damon He's the ultimate anti hero but somehow I found myself rooting for him after everything he's gone through I never forgot his previous crimes and I don't think Penelope Douglas expects the reader to I imagine we're supposed to hope for his own version of an HEA in spite of them and I certainly did This is dark romance at its absolute best Why isn't there a six star option on here? Devil's Night is one of my favourite series ever and Kill Switch just made it to the top of my favorite reads of 2019 It'll take something amazing this year to knock it off the top spot

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