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The Thrill of Victory [PDF / EPUB] The Thrill of Victory Stevie Corbett, a tennis star recently diagnosed with cancer, must decide whether to go forward and have surgery at the expense of the tournament she has been training toward for over three years Judd Stevie Corbett, a tennis star recently diagnosed with cancer, must decide whether to go forward and have surgery at the expense of the tournament she has been training toward for over three years Judd The Thrill PDF/EPUB or Mackie is a reporter trying to expose Stevie as a glamour girl, but uncovers her tragic secret instead He takes her to his grandparents old farmhouse to help her consider her future But can she trust his intentionsor the attraction growing between them.

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    I quite enjoyed this one It was written back in the day when Ms Brown was writing Romance without any real suspense or mystery It was a feel good read and I liked both characters He was attractive in a disheveled, disreputable, range wolf way Debonair he was not But he was sexy The chip he carried on his shoulder only added to his appeal So did his arrogance It began to rain Great, splattering drops fell onto the flowers that Stevie had so painstakingly cultivated Oh, God Groaning he gave her another searing kiss Pent up frustration erupted in an explosion of sexual desire I think if I had read this book a few years ago, it would have got a 4 star but because I have read her newer books with all the details and the twists and turns it will have to be a 3 star.

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    Judd Mackie memang wartawan paling tengil dan paling mengganggu dlm hidup Stevie Corbett, petenis tersohor peringkat atas Sejak kejadian di Stockholm satu dekade yg lalu, Stevie tidak bisa lupa atas gangguan Judd Dan kali ini saat dirinya pingsan, lagi lagi Judd mengganggu hidupnya.Saat Judd mengetahui penyebab sebenarnya yg membuat Stevie pingsan, alih alih membuat berita yg sensasional, Judd yg baru dipecat dari pekerjaannya sbg wartawan, memutuskan membawa Stevie ke rumah peninggalan kakek neneknya di tempat terpencil Di sarang inilah cinta mereka bersemi Dan disana jugalah mereka berusaha merangkai masa depan masing masing Judd ingin menjadi penulis, sedangkan Stevie mulai berpikir utk menjadi apa setelah tidak menjadi petenis lagi.Novel ini masih tipikal novel author ala tahun 90 an Banter diantara mereka lumayan walaupun bukan yg terbaik Sayangnya klimaks cerita malah jadi antiklimaks bagi saya Karakter Stevie yg over mandiri dan bertolak belakang melulu dgn Judd kadang menghibur tapi lebih banyak ngeselin nya Tapi lumayanlah baca novel ini walaupun so so saja.

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    Sorry to say I was not impressed by this story I ve read what a wonderful author Sandra Brown is and I guess I was expecting much better Typical plot, she wants him, he doesn t want her, he wants her, she doesn t want him While this is a perfect storyline when done right, when it s not it s meh Being the Christmas season I decided to be generous and give it two stars, but it was like a one I will give it another try with this author but if the next book is anything as trite as this I will cross her off my list of authors to consider reading in the future The best positive thing I can say is that it was a quick read so if you want to pump up your numbers of books read, go for it Otherwise save for reading time for something with substance.

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    Stevie seorang petenis berbakat tiba tiba jatuh pingsan ketika sedang bertanding di sebuah turnamen Judd seorang jurnalis olahraga ditugaskan bosnya untuk mencari tahu penyebab hal itu Judd ini bertahun tahun selalu memberikan kritik yang tajam di setiap performa Stevie makanya Stevie sangat tidak suka ketika Judd sangat gigih mencari tau soal pingsannya itu Pada akhirnya Judd mengetahui bahwa Stevie stres setelah diketahui mengidap kanker Sebrengsek brengseknya Judd toh berita tersebut disimpannya Dengan siasatnya Judd berhasil memaksa Stevie untuk menghabiskan beberapa hari di rumah pertanian warisan dari kakek Judd Disanalah Judd mulai menulis novelnya dan Stevie bisa bersembunyi dari wartawan yang mengejarnya Hari hari mereka dihabiskan dengan adu mulut yang menurut saya lumayan menghibur walau seringnya Stevie yang kalah berdebat Sayangnya endingnya terlalu dipercepat yang tiba tiba mereka berdua jatuh cinta, kanker Stevie hanya tumor jinak, novel Judd laris dan HEA 3

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    Una linda novelita de Sandra Brown, de las m s antiguas, creo.No hay otra trama de misterio como esta autora gusta hacer, pero es entretenida igualmente Los protagonistas son queribles y el ep logo es muy dulce.

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    This was a bit of fluff That s not to say it s not fun to read There s not a discernible plot but you don t really care after the tennis champion meets the sports columnist And another happy ending.

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    Es una historia muy dulcee Est muy bien llevada el antagonismo Judd Steve y como van llevando su relaci n hay crecimiento y evoluci n.No dice nada nuevo ni descubre la p lvora es una novela rom ntica que est muy bien escrita y nos deja con una sonrisa y una sensaci n c lida en el coraz n al terminar Me encant

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    Tennis pro, Stevie Corbett, suddenly collapses on the court It s the opportunity Judd Mackie has been waiting for Somehow, if he can get close to her and learn the truth, he ll scoop the story of the decade When Judd breaks into Stevie s apartment, he finds her angry, bristling and wounded Something is terribly wrong with her, something with the potential to ruin her career and perhaps end her life.Judd becomes an unlikely hero to the ailing tennis pro, stealing her away from cameras and badgering newsmen to the seclusion of his family s cabin in the woods There, Stevie must come to grips with her illness and determine the course of her future What she doesn t expect is the rare gift Judd bestows upon her, a gift of love and life.

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    If you love classic romances, you ll love this easy read by Sandra Brown Stevie Corbett is a famous teen player who collapsed during a match Judd Mackie is the journalist who s scooping her story They have a love hate relationship, as they became friends, when she reveals about her ovarian cancer and the worries about her losing her dreams of having a baby During the two weeks, they get to know each other better They fall in love, while decisions are made, and Judd writing a novel, while taking a break from the newspaper They reveal things about each other In the end, they get a happy ending I don t want to give it a way.

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    RECEIVED BOOK FREE THROUGH GOODREADS FIRST READ.What is it about summer and romance books I don t know and don t care All i can say it Sandra Brown is a FANTASTIC read, not matter the season.This story is about a tennis star and an ill mannered sports writer who has taken it upon himself to knock her down at every chance Before he succeeds an event happens and wellboy gets girl, girl gets boy etc etc An easy, relaxing read.

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