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Nostalgia from [PDF / EPUB] Nostalgia from Who said boarding school was not fun This all boys boarding school memoir transcends autobiography If you've even wondered what boarding school might have been like this memoir is as close to living t Who said boarding school was not fun This all boys boarding school memoir transcends autobiography If you've even wondered what boarding school might have been like this memoir is as close to living that experience as you are likely to get The book includes marvelous pictures of Munro College's buildings and panoramas Enjoy the his stories about his interactions with other students and the pranks they played and his humorous looks at some of the teachers he had during his time there are brilliant It’s amazing that the college was so isolated in the rural countryside and that the students there had none of the social outlets that most take for granted today You may envy the closeness and camaraderie between his fellow students as they spent their free time having bull sessions and playing padda It's a journey inside one of the oldest and most prestigious high schools in Jamaica For non Munronians this memoir is a provocative riveting and an animated account of the author's years at Munro and for Munronians it must trigger a vivid reliving of the Munro experience.

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    Nostalgia from Set A City Upon a Hill by Garfield Whyte's book about his life at the High School Munro As most of us can remember their school days and the writer describes his adventures events teachers and the entire complex Munroe High School His nostalgia and love for these times are so evident in every description of the place Through education writer from the boy becomes a man and after leaving Munro College realizes however some moments were beautiful All discipline and learning have been here to gain knowledge of the distant life His writing enthusiastically describes Munro College which is open to all social classes and for each has eual criteria High maintenance that was the High School in Jamaica is one of the most prestigious and that his students can proudly remember those daysI received a free copy from the author without an obligation to review

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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like inside an all boys boarding school in Jamaica? I truly had never given it a thought but since I am always drawn to nonfiction memoirs biographies and the like I jumped right into this book with an open mindGarfield Whyte recounts his days living at a very regimented all male boarding school for his junior high and high school years 7 years in all The school is the esteemed Munro College founded in 1856 and sitting upon 150 plus acres at the peak of the Santa Cruz Mountains at than 2500 feet in elevation Whyte speaks to his years there the teachers who planted a thirst for knowledge and the teachers who could be downright cruel when implementing the physical punishment of caning upon misbehaving students The school had a firm set of rules to live by and no deviance from those was tolerated Acceptance into this school was a hard thing to accomplish and the boys who went there were expected to understand how privileged they were to be there getting an incredible education Whyte excelled at this school by all accounts although he did partake in a few shenanigans while thereThe only fault if you can even call it that that I found with this book was at the end of the chapters where Whyte defines some of the Jamaican language and slang spoken That would be excellent except that the same definitions appear over and over again; some are found at the end of each and every chapter That is a mild fault and may not even really be a fault if the reader doesn't read this in a short period of time and needs reminders about the languageThe book also includes many photos of the school and its surroundings which enhances the story a lot Despite Whyte's great descriptions of the grounds and the ancient buildings the photos are a welcome way to actually peer inside the esteemed institution

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    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewIn this sentimental memoir Garfield Whyte takes readers down a wistful thoughtful and saccharine journey down memory lane in his book Nostalgia from A City Set Upon A Hill Set in the backdrops of Munro College an all boys boarding school in Jamaica Whyte paints a literary tale of flashbacks of his fondest memory of his schooling and the significance and impact that this school bestowed upon From the sights and sounds of the school to the classrooms the teachers and students and the bricks that laid the foundation of this institution Whyte explains why Munro in all its simplicity during that time was the city set upon a hill“There were other boarding schools in Jamaica but none like this one The others were duplications as in my view this one was the real authentic all boys’ high school”In this compound Whyte retells of how their lives revolved around this institution The outside world practically didn’t exist to them because everything that they could want and needed was provided for It was truly a city built upon a hill It was a school that young boys aim to attend and parents hoped their child would be lucky enough to attend You were considered lucky and fortunate to get accepted As we read further into his memoir we learn of his appreciation of the simple things like eating and water The school taught him and other students to be thankful for the basic needs and in such it taught him discipline that could be used in his future life “Munro College was recognized as the only high school and there was to be a one way street that led up to that winding hillside to the city set upon a hill After the Common Entrance Examination my seven year pilgrimage began”Each opening chapter in this memoir begins with a uote from a famous person whose uote leads into each topic Whyte introducesThis memoir is his account of his life and recollection of his memories of the students and the people that he encountered while he was a student of Munro Through this detailed account Whyte allows us to FEEL Munro College and why once you are a Munronian you are a Munronian for life While this memoir is of his personal account I enjoyed this personal and sentimental journey of Garfield Whyte So if you are ready to immerse and feel of what is like to be a Munronian then this deep wistful recollection of memories will allow you to taste see and feel Munro the city on the hill

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    For a non fiction memoir this book is pretty entertaining Don't we all love to reminisce on the days of our youth? In this memoir Whyte reminisces on his school days in the City Set Upon a Hill Those were better days days when students had no cell phones or internet for entertainment just themselves their minds and sports Those were the days when discipline was uite different than it was today and I can identify having gone to a religious private school for 5 years There is humor built in with vivid descriptions of the surroundings and photographs of this wonderful school in Jamaica This is a side of Jamaica most don't probably know about Yet he injects the dialogue with rich local Jamaican dialect making it all the authentic Anecdotes of the teachers they loved and hated the strictest disciplinarian and the distrusted carpenter along with the Bull sessions for Boys will be Boys make this a very relatable story I recommend this powerful nostalgic memoir that is replete with Jamaican and private school culture I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I received a free copy of this story in exchange for a reviewNostalgia is a memoir about the author's school days at Munro College a school for boys in Saint Elizabeth Jamaica It brought to mind my own school days and I found myself agreeing with a uote Mr Whyte included which seems to be the crux of the memoir It is indeed ironic that we spend our school days yearning to graduate and our remaining days waxing nostalgic about our school days —Isabel Waxman I enjoyed the story and found the writing flowed well It was easy to read and I especially appreciated that photos were included to help us see what he saw as a student I think the book was well named and anyone who looks back on their years in school with nostalgia will be able to relate to the author

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    A lovingly written nostalgic account of the author’s time at a boarding school in Jamaica This is clearly the No 1 establishment on the island and you pick up the love and pride he still has for it even after all the years that have gone by – it comes off every page of this touchingly sentimental memoirA lot of the narrative is devoted to descriptions of things like the food the buildings and the lay out of the school and at times the book risks sounding like a guide but the author relates entertainingly about the strange customs and the fraternal feelings that are engendered during his years there For me the best parts are the interplay between the pupils and the staff and camaraderie as well as the rivalry between the pupils themselves No one who has not spent five years living at a boarding school or been in a concentration camp I’m not kidding the similarities are legion can appreciate the strength of the enmity and the cliueiness as well as the sense of fellowship that living in such institutions can produce – and I thought that the most interesting sections are those that revolve around these things It was only a pity that there aren’t of them My other reservation is that most of the events are simply recounted The golden rule of writing is ‘show and not tell’ and this rule is not rigorously applied This means that the anecdotes that really become alive are the ones in which we are ‘shown’ rather than being ‘told’

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    Nostalgia is a mental trip to Jamaica It's a much in depth experience than spending a week long vacation there This story invites me to hang out with true Jamaicans and to learn about the culture and meet the people first hand I was fully immersed in the Jamaican culture The average tourist can only thoroughly visit this special place thru reading this book This memoir is a great start to understand the unbelievable strength of the Jamaican people High standards for proper behavior cleanliness respect for oneself and respect for a fellow person are hallmarks of this school and the Jamaican culture in general Firm grounding is taught in the schools and thoroughly described in this book Although the setting is a microcosm Jamaican culture and society permeate the school's walls and functions The reader truly experiences Jamaican culture at its finest I highly recommend this book It was a wonderful easy relaxing and interesting read

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    I recieved an e copy of this book from the authorI'm giving this book a 45☆ solely because I don't usually like memoirs as much as full on fictionThis book is about the authors boarding school days at an all boys school Honestly until this book I never even thought about what it would be like to attend a single gendered school I loved the way it was written I also loved the way it was carriedIt was very consistent and orderly and did not feel all over the place like some memoirs doIt also felt very much like I was there with the authorwhich is something that some memoir's tend to lackOverall I'm so very glad I got to read this book and definitely reccomend this to the WHOLE WORLD

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    An inspiring book about one of Jamaica's most renowned preparatory academies Garfield Whyte creates a vivid heartfelt and enlightening picture of life there as a student in the late 1970's and early 1980's Blending significant memories and anecdotes with resonant emotions and powerful rays of wisdom Nostalgia conveys an unforgettable impression of a school where young men learn to succeed and to help others rise above problems in the world A fun compelling and encouraging read

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    Book ReviewTitle Nostaliga from A city set upon a hillAuthor Garfield WhyteGenre MemoirAutobiographicalRating Review After reading TJ's last summer in Cape Cod I was uite excited to read Garfield Whyte's memoir Nostaliga from A city set upon a hill One thing I have noticed about both books if they open with a summary written by someone other than the author I found these opening to be strange and intriguing and certainly peaked my interest in the book before I began reading Compared to the previous book I read by this author this book is extremely short at only 70 pages making it an extremely uick read for a memoir as Whyte is only focusing on his high school years rather than his entire life Whyte grew up in Saint Elizabeth Jamaica where he and most other boys dreamed of attending Munro College a highly regarding school in the area in which Whyte started in 1977 One thing I noticed which I have only seen in a handful of memoirs was the pictures especially the one of the school at the end of the first chapter which sets the scene and allows the readers to access the mindset of the author in this moments his awe and excitement at living the shared dreams of all the local children As a young lad staying at a boarding school for this first time it was absolutely wonderous to share in his emotions which come across so strongly; anticipation excitement and a hint of fear and intimidation The pictures of the school are absolutely stunning and I can understand how children attending this school must have felt it is almost something god like sprouting from the top of the hill The vivid descriptions of the school and the surrounding areas coupled with the photographs are amazing and it definitely inspires the imagination I can practically see smell and feel the beautiful locations Whyte talks aboutReading about the bright and slightly autonomous days at Munro College were pure nostalgia hence the book's title I also liked reading about teenage life from the male perspective which isn't something I have seen a lot of even in memoirs as some people can view their teenage behaviour as shameful or embarrassing Whyte manages to reinvigorate the simplest things like a wall and idle chatter with the virility and vitality of youth once I enjoyed the simplistic and idyllic scenes that Whyte describes in some great detail while there is very little in the way of action or anything majorly exciting in the life of a teenage boy but it is just a perfect relaxed read While Whyte's life at this time was the epitamy of peacefulness and calm with there being no altercations or anger harboured at school apart from the odd caning he feels looking back that these years prepared him for his life ahead and not just academically but socially and ethically as well One thing Whyte remembers fondly was the diversity of the school and it taught him to accept people of all different background and how it helped him become a kinder selfless person within this strict but homely environment It also surprised me that while he recounts these events he never once mentioned being homesick or desiring to go home he was content with his outing days ever once in a while Whyte also talks about certain teachers who taught him some valuable life lessons such as respect for one's elders and not to abuse the privileges given to him lest he suffer the conseuences As I approached the halfway point in the book I found myself thinking like the author would have thought at the time I found the jokes which were long since unhumourous for myself funny once at times I was jolted by bouts of side splitting laughterI was very surprised by how much Whyte remembered about his teachers and how much detail he devoted to talking about most of them individually One thing I enjoyed about this book was there is no direction or structure to the memories Whyte is recounting he just documents them as he thinks of them meaning we bounce back and forth through the years of his education and the things that happened and the people he met in between At times it almost seems as if a teenage Whyte is writing these words in a journal rather than his older self reminiscing of his life gone by I also really enjoyed Whyte's accounts of the types of foods they ate at school and here I commend his memory as I can not remember the majority of what happened in my school life it was if it all passed me by at once in a blur of colours sounds and smells I honestly believe for anyone that reads this book some of the things these boys get up to are absolutely hilarious and are almost guaranteed to make you remember some fun times from your own youthThis book for me was great and make me fondly remember my own youth and some of the things I got up to it was pure nostalgia and I loved every second of time It surprised me and at times shocked me but with the book being so short I had no real issues with the book that I will linger one I highly recommend you pick this up if you are looking for something slightly different and light hearted to throw yourself into I would also recommend this book for pulling yourself out of a reading slump or to take a break from serious reads

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