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The Yarian (Women of Dor Nye, #3) [PDF / EPUB] The Yarian (Women of Dor Nye, #3) Welcome to Carnal Bazaar A spectrum of colors, a myriad of fleshly talents Venturing into Vishik s underground with her best friend was not on Finley s bucket list So, when she s locked in a cell w Welcome to Carnal Bazaar A spectrum of colors, a myriad of fleshly talentsVenturing into Vishik s underground with her best friend was not on Finley s bucket list So, when she s locked in a cell with a vicious alien, her world, understandably, is turned upside down Snatched from her normal life upon Dor Nye, and thrust onto a primitive planet, she risks losing her sanity, her very life, and possibly, her heart Stand Alone Novel M F Romance WARNING This story contains explicit sexual content, dubious consent, graphic language, some violence against women, and situations intended for mature readers.

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    Totally disappointing, one of those I hate you I hate you books where the guy is loathsome and you can never understand why the woman would love him I hate this book, I really hate the idea that a woman kidnapped and forced into sex will forgive everything for sexual pleasure This is the kind of crap men think, not women The first two books were quite good so I was looking forward to unusual aliens and a development of the world but this was not worth reading If you liked the strong relationship in the first books and wanted try elsewhere, this book was garbage and I wish I hadn t wasted my time reading it.

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    I really liked the other two books in the series This one just struck a wrong note with me The author does such a fantastic job getting you to hate the hero that by the time last 5% he realizes he s been a total a hole, it s kind of too late He does NOWHERE CLOSE to enough groveling.Glad it was Kindle Unlimited.I will still check out from this author Hoping this was just a one off.So.f this book.Not recommended.

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    After reading the first two books in the Women of Dor Nye series I raced to get my hands on the third I had a brand new weird and wonderful alien hero and a brand new heroine to fall in love with Sadly, I didn t fall in love and I couldn t understand why the heroine thought she was in love either In the first two books the relationship between the heroine and the hero es was really strong, full of mutual respect and love In this book that was not the case The hero was a twat He treated the heroine poorly and with little respect and only seemed to realise that he should probably love her for her strengths when this was pointed out to him by some one else in the 10% of the book When, from almost the very beginning of the book you are silently urging the heroine to leave the hero and never look back, you know that things have gone horribly wrong However, I loved the first two books of this series so much that I will be giving it a second chance and reading the next in the series.

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    3rd in series Women of Dor NyeI looked at too many reviews for this book and ALMOST let them sway me into not reading it I m glad I chose to ignore them and make my own decision because I thought it was great Yes Hunter was a dick, yes he was mean and rude at times But Finlay was abit stupid at timesI m not gonna list every instance because whose got time for that They both made choices and acted with little or no thought They both chose not to speak when misunderstandings could have easy been explained away Throwing hurtful insults rather than talking Both funny and frustrating and gripping Proper page turner I loved it and couldn t put it down Great read about two mismatched people Learning and growing to come together.

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    I loved the first two Women of Dor Nye books, but if you re thinking the heroine in this book is anything like Lucia from the previous books, or that the hero is like Soren or his brothers, you are sadly mistakenas I was I guess the hero is similiar to Soren s brothers in that they didn t like humans and thought they were weak, although they did have a few redeeming qualities I was pretty disappointed with this book She s kidnapped by him, he s disgusted to have a weak human and all through the book he s either angry, disgusted or aroused by her and she is angry, frightened or aroused by him I just can t truly get into a book where the two main characters are so unhappy with each other, yet they want to have sex I also hate it when the woman tries to tell herself this is her kidnapper, she shouldn t be aroused turned on want to f etc etc etc Also, a HUGE no for me is when he who has sharp teeth will snap at her trying to scare her or when he grabbed her chin and it was hurting her so she tried to pull away and told him to stop and he squeezed tighter to get her to do what he wanted Too close to being abusive in my mind.

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    Well this was something differentI enjoyed The Melier very much, but this book was nothing like it Way off the trail of the first two Not bad at all, but not as great as the others And I don t agree with some of the bashing reviews either Finley is a gal who let herself be dragged by her friends to a very shady part of town She has a bucket list apparently The group of friends venture into a brothel full of exotic alien men The Carnal Bazaar A spectrum of colors, a myriad of fleshly talents .Each of them select an exotic alien guy and Finley ends up inside a cage with an alien who s a little too wild for her taste He looks menacing and a little out of control He has fangs, he has yellow and green reptile skin Black hair and a great body Clearly someone she can t handle and she s right to be scared.HunterHe s been captured and forced into being a prostitute in the Bazaar He s been caged and trained to please his clients He s even been hurt by one And in comes Fin, with no clue to what she got herself into And of course the caged warrior is supposed to seduce her and please her like any client would demand But apparently miss Fin is appauled by his indiscretions and forwardness OH COME ON REALLY Of course, there is a twist in this storyHunter is attracted to Fin And when he s about to seduce her, the space cops, or whatever you call them, crash the party.So everybody is in deep sticky shit In the midst of the arrests and madness, Hunter decides to make a run for it and out of compassion, takes Fin with him to a friends house His only ally in the planet, who happened to work as a nurse in the Bazaar From that moment on, its a show of hystericsHunter can t control himself around her, but he s trying his best to leave the forsaken planet with or without her Unfortunately plans of escape don t work to help Fin leave, cops are on to them and she s guilty for hiring sexual services At least by the looks of it, on that planet it s illegal And because the cops are also kind of dirty, Hunter might end up back at the bazaar or enslaved, so he has no choice but to flee and take Fin with him Although her tiny weeny brain doesn t understand YOUR BOTH FUGITIVES YOU DID SOMETHING ILLEGAL FINLEY DUH On to the review then a I don t agree that this is exactly an alien abduction.b The story wasn t that great, but it hooked me enough to finish it I like how Poppy writes Its fast paced, but coherent Her style is still there.c Apparently nobody thinks hero s a victim Sure he s not the most cheery person He s kind of a jerk But let me remind you again cause I m not sure we ve read the same book He is captured first He is forced to be a prostitute in a brothel Trained and hurt by some clients He s been caged for who knows how long He happens to be attracted to a woman who he was supposed to serve sexually as a client against his will like all the others Would you be nice Would you be a happy person in this case At least he didn t let her get arrested He gave her shelter He tried to help her get back home I read it Also he is angry at himself for feeling the way he does It must hurt his pride He s a psychological mess Why wouldn t want to do to her what was done to him d I hated Finley Worst heroine ever Or at least one of the worst She s so stupid Of course she should feel guilty Also she should stop being shocked of everything She went to a place to have sex with an alien What did she expect Teddy bear hugs She infuriates me, the way she constantly victimizes herself and doesn t stand her ground Or do anything to gain my respect Making the hero look like the evil guy They are both messed up, but she s worse because she s a hypocrite If the tables were turned and she took him to her planet would she be a jerk By the way she is the victim of hanging out with stupid people who convince her to get into to trouble She follows the lead and goes to a place that is clearly shady Sure It s great to have fun To have sex I m all for it But in no way are you innocent The minute they told you where you were going, you knew what you were getting into Fin Why not a bar full of aliens Why not club or stripclub even No You went to a brothel dude Save the crocodile tears e World building, unlike the other books is non existent No culture, no descriptions and no race variety Plain and tribal boring.f Plot is simple and predictable Very weak.g Hunter is not a likable character I agree He is an ass And romance doesn t happen til the end h Sex and relationship build up was awful.i Ending Hea guaranteed but unsatisfying. Oh hell 2.5 Stressed Stars I really wanted it to be good But it wasn t So dissapointment leads to not recommend this sample in the series But I know you can do better Poppy I truly believe this was just a stone in your path.I will read other future books of autho obviously I l just try forget this happened.I bid you farewell, may yourr next reads be fabulous

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    For some reason, I had it in my head that the story was going to continue with the same aliens as books one and two No idea why I thought that its titled The Yarian and pictured with a green guy on the cover vs blue Besides the series revolves around The Women of Dor Nye, not the Aliens In The Yarian, the series takes on a way different and darker tone with hardly any humor Finley is kidnapped and taken to Hunters primitive planet after he accidentally mates her in a surge of passion Hunter is in a position of resentment and bitterness towards Finley because he feels he mated a species that is inferior Finley has no idea what s going on and doesn t understand why Hunter won t take her home, and also why he is so hot and cold with her.A lot of people objected to the darker theme of this story I read dark romances and didn t find it that bad Hunter was never physically abusive he could be mean and insensitive and border on verbal abuse when angry But what couples don t get nasty with each other at times when they fight I don t consider any of the sex scenes forced, seduced yes, forced no So I had no issue with the darker theme This story brought tears to my eyes at one point, and I felt Finley heartbreak and desolation I could feel her pain and just wanted to shake Hunter The only issue I had was I felt that Finely capitulated too quickly to Hunter He agreed to her terms but after everything he put her through that man or Yarian if you will, needed to work for it Overall the story is loaded with passion, emotion, and enough heartache to put a tear in your eye I am giving it 4.5 Boundless Stars it was excellent.

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    Nowhere near as good as the other two books But I did finish it so 2 Stars

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    4.5 stars I love Poppy Rhys writing style She manages to make a common genre of romance feel very original in all her books Overall I enjoyed reading this book The main characters were well developed and the plot was exciting The quality of writing was great and think the author did an awesome job of world building My one major highlight is to point out the ANGST in this romance So if you hate angsty relationships and slow burn love then I would say be aware, but don t be afraid to try it out, because it was overall really good Where I thought this book fell short was the personality of the female character Fin She seemed very hot and cold with love for Hunter I was mildly frustrated with her character because she would say how turned on she was, then the next line she was remarking on how terrible hunter was It was confusing and sometimes annoying I just wanted to see romance between the characters I mean the sex scenes were awesome but I never really got why they fell in love The ending seemed a little rushed I felt like the characters didn t even fall in love until 90% of the book was finished and I wanted MORE But I understand this is by no means a reflection of the quality of the book, but my own personal taste as a reader Seriously check out the first two books in the series because they are also SO AMAZING And really I just can t wait to read about the awesome universe Poppy Rhys has created.

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    after everything this guy put her through and after all the truly nasty, ugly, things he has said and done to her, after she has tried her best again and again, he tells her that he never wanted her as a mate apparently because she is weak and useless He told her that being mated to her is his punishment from the gods, and a whole shitload of other nasty things And she forgives him After all that, and all he has to say is I m sorry one time, literally, and she falls on her back for him telling him that it s ok and she forgives him. Other than that the book had some potential Most of the time every little thing was spelled out excruciatingly step by step, but occasionally there were scenes that seemed to flow a little better, and that maintained a bit of mystery, and I liked that However my question is, was it worth it For me, no The little scenes throughout the book that kept me going, were in the end, outweighed by the complete and total flop at the end of the book Complete and total disappointment.

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