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  • Kindle Edition
  • 437 pages
  • The Ippos King Wraith Kings #3
  • Grace Draven
  • English
  • 02 May 2016

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    Soooo any news on a release date?

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    UpdateThere is a coverThe author shared it on Facebook I have to admit it's not my favorite but I still am really looking forward to it the author shared a teaser of the cover on Facebook This might be my most anticipated book of this year because the wait was so longFINALLY Anhuset and Serovek I have been dying to read their story

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    UPDATE 091820For those who are interested the author posted on her blog on 090920 that the release date for The Ippos King was changed from September 15 2020 to October 6 2020For further details from Grace Draven see the link belowFor those who've been waiting andor interested here is the latest update April 3 2020 from GDSERIALIZED CHAPTERS NO LONGER AVAILABLEAnd here are the links to the serialized chapters unedited and subject to change being currently offered THE IPPOS KING – Rough draft serialization – part the first April 3 2020 THE IPPOS KING – Rough draft serialization – part the second April 10 2020 THE IPPOS KING – Rough draft serialization – part the third April 17 2020 THE IPPOS KING – Rough draft serialization – part the fourth April 24 2020 THE IPPOS KING – Rough draft serialization – part the fifth May 1 2020 The book is now available for pre order and set to come out on September 15 2020view spoilerJust thought I'd take a moment to shareFB Update from Grace Draven 052318view spoiler So an update on The Ippos KingI've resisted putting out a specific publishing date beyond 2018 for this book for multiple reasons Here are a few1 Goodreads librarians like to keep things up to date there so if they see a date being touted that's what goes on there and that's what GR followers see and treat as a concrete date even if it's an estimated one2 I've not been far enough into my word count to even hazard a good guesstimate I'm still not there but I know what date I won't be able to meet More on that3 My original goal of releasing this book in 2017 went by the wayside due to significant events in my personal life in 2016 and 2017 Shit happens We don't expect it we don't plan for it and it throws the best laid plans right out the window We're halfway into 2018 I'm sure something will pop up that will make a specific release date dicey Crossing fingers I'm wrongAnyhoo I had really hoped to get The Ippos King written edited revised and packaged for a publication date prior to July 25th That will NOT be happening Why so specific a date when I'd avoided them previously? Contractual obligations and non compete clauses in my contract with PenguinBasically I can't publish a novel length work in my preferred genre two months before and three months after the Penguin title PHOENIX UNBOUND goes live Its release date is September 25th so that publishing moratorium on my other work goes in effect July 25th and lasts until December 25thI could rush The Ippos King slap together the remaining 23rds of the book in 3 weeks dump it in a rightfully pissed off Evil Editor Mel's lap and ask for a 4 day turnaround on edits I won't I'd rather take my time write a better book give my editor the time she needs to make it an even better book via edits and revisions and release it at the very end of the yearSo while I'm still not going to give a specific date as of now I can tell you the release won't under any circumstances breach of contract isn't a term I ever want to read in an email or hear in a phone call be until after December 25th even if I finish it in sayAugust However I will be working very hard to see that it does go live before end of 2018I almost never do pre orders but I might do it for this one I'll keep y'all updatedI've had some readers say they're tired of waiting for me to roll this book out that they're done with me and won't read anything else of mine Sorry to hear that I hope you'll change your mind in the future Fortunately though there are some amazing books out there to snag and fill your library And I'm always happy to recommend the authors I loveFor those of you who stick with me while I work on this book and series I thank you for your patience and appreciate your understandingI've a couple of other smaller projects lined up that will go out between now and end of year Novella lengths in which one is the re release of an older story and another will be done in late fall And of course PHOENIX UNBOUND in SeptemberThankshttpswwwfacebookcomgracedraven hide spoiler

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    Teaser for The Ippos King on Grace Draven's Facebook Pageview spoilerGrace DravenApril 27 at 1012am · Teaser from THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings Book #3 Serovek leaned down to rest his forearms on the balcony’s stone balustrade A carpet of spruce treetops lay below him so dark a green they looked almost black in the oncoming twilight A few stood out from their brethren their crowns dusted in a thin veil of snow that caught the last sparkle of light from the setting sun The wind gentler now as it glided through the mountain’s col and up its flank whispered in his ears—mysterious words breathed by zephyrs promising treasures beyond price and pleasures beyond imaginingHis companion stood beside him oblivious to any seductive serenade Her cloak swirled around her tall form hinting at the lean muscular body concealed by draping cloth She raised a slender hand her claws catching on the edge of her hood to fold it back and let it drop to her shoulders Her head turned a fraction just enough for Serovek to catch a glimpse of her yellow eyes edged in long white lashes“Tell me again sha Anhuset” he said in his most casual voice “Why it is I must beg your forgiveness when it was you who stabbed me?” THE IPPOS KING by Grace Draven Copyright 2016 by Grace Draven All rights reserved hide spoiler

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    I love Grace Draven's Books especially the Wraith Kings Series I was excited to read this on Grace Draven Facebook pageIppos King WK #3 Serovek and AnusetThe Nomas King WK #4 Gaeres and EmerenceThe Parias King WK# 5 Andras and ZiganaThe Anastas King WK #6 Megiddo and AcsehKeep on Writing Grace Draven

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    September 2019 Oh my Gods this cover Anushet looks so bad ass I love itExpected publication DECEMBER 2019??? Why Grace? Just Why?

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    From her blog Serialization of THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings #3I’m serializing the rough draft of THE IPPOS KING Wraith Kings #3 via my newsletter so if you’d like to follow along please scroll down to the bottom of my home page and you’ll see the box on the right for subscribing A couple of things about this serialization I read Chapter 1 and 2 when they were sent per newsletter There hasn‘t been an update since the end of October I am putting this on my DNF shelf for now Pity I am disappointed that she didn‘t follow through with thishttpswwwbloggracedravencom

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    So now the date is October 6th?Damn and it's just around the cornergasps in expectationI FREAKING CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS any longerWhat does it meanexpected publication 2017? It s a way to torture isn't it?Dammit dammiti knew it

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    Update THE IPPOS KING – September 2020 after Sept 10th books not ready yet but it will be 😉I'll be waiting 😉

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    Anhuset and Serovek Can't wait

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The Ippos King Wraith Kings #3[PDF / EPUB] The Ippos King Wraith Kings #3 The WRAITH KINGS saga continuesThe demonic horde that threatened to devour the world has been defeated but at great costPlagued by guilt and nightmares Serovek Pangion sets out to deliver the soulless The WRAITH KINGS saga continuesThe demonic King Wraith PDF/EPUB Â horde that threatened to devour the world has been defeated but at great costPlagued by guilt and nightmares Serovek Pangion sets out to deliver the soulless body of the monk Megiddo to the heretical Jeden Order for safekeeping Accompanying him is sha Anhuset the Kai woman he admires and desires most a woman barely tolerant of himDevoted to her regent Anhuset reluctantly agrees to act as a Kai ambassador on the trip even though the bold margrave known as the Beladine Stallion The Ippos MOBI :ß gets under her skin like no other and Anhuset fears he'll worm his way into her ard heart as wellBut guilt and unwelcome attraction are the least of their problems The demons thought vanuished are stirring again and a warlord with blood soaked ambition turns a journey of compassion into a fight for survival When the Beladine king brands Serovek a traitor Anhuset must choose between sacrificing the life of a man she's grown to love and abandoning lifelong fealty to the Kai peopleA tale of loyalty and acceptance.

About the Author: Grace Draven

I'm an author and Louisiana native King Wraith PDF/EPUB Â living in Texas with my husband three smalls and a big doofus dog I have lived in Spain hiked the Teton Mountains honeymooned in Scotland ridden in competition rodeo and am the great great granddaughter of a Nicaraguan president I also hate doing laundry and refuse to iron anythingI've loved storytelling since forever I published my first short story with.