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Spellfire [PDF / EPUB] Spellfire The Fire That Burns It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior It is the most sought after magical power in all Faerun And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon a young orphaned The Fire That Burns It can lay low a dragon or heal a wounded warrior It is the most sought after magical power in all Faerun And it is in the reluctant hands of Shandril of Highmoon a young orphaned kitchen lass Now she's on the run from half of the evil sorcerers in the land not to mention their relentless minions But with the help of a handsome young wizard some rough and tumble Knights of Myth Drannor and a certain old mage of Shadowdale she just might manage to stay alive At least until tomorrow An all new expanded version of Ed Greenwood's classic tale including a new forward by the author One of Ed Greenwood's most popular novels Spellfire is being rereleased in an all new trade paperback edition This version has been completely reedited and contains added text and material that bring new excitement to the story This edition also features new cover art and is classified as the first title in the brand new Forgotten Realms series Shandril's Saga.

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    I think I was in middle school when I read this I learned that you should not buy a book just because it has an animated dragon skeleton on the cover and the word spell in the title so my two dollars weren't completely wasted

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    Although the writting style is a little flat sometimes and that the excessive number of characters and different plots are very confusing this a fun introduction to the Realms and a must read for Dungeons and Dragons fans

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    by Ed Greenwood is one of the very first novels published in the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting and the first by the creator It set the stage for what would become dozens upon dozens of books in one of the largest shared world fictions ever madeAn introduction to the RealmsBeing the very first major setting novel to be published in the Realms which was originally picked up as a game setting rather than a fiction setting Spellfire seems hell bent on introducing as many characters places and concepts as possible This makes the book a little hectic in places with very few pauses for breath However it also does the job it was intended to do show as much of the setting as possible in a few hundred pages Various interviews and statements from Ed Greenwood have suggested that the original book was even longer and that if he’d included everything he’d wanted to that book alone would have been better served as a trilogyThis is an interesting case for how first books introducing new worlds ought to be I think if you are intending to share the fiction as the creator you owe it to your own artistic vision to claim as many pieces of proverbial turf as you can in your debut With Spellfire Greenwood sets out hard rules for how magic works sets up multiple major heroes and villains and establishes a significant number of rules in regard to religion and politics He drops enough hints scattered around the world to enable him to come back to them at any time without any future authors doing anything that would make them impossible I think though that if you’ve created a large world you aren’t intending to share with other authors something like Spellfire would have seemed uncomfortably busy and fast paced to the point of creating comprehensibility problems It felt like it was trying very hard to grab and hold your attention as strongly as possible which leads into my next pointDefinitely a world for gamingAs a lifelong player of Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition ADD through 4th edition and many other tabletop roleplaying games I was struck throughout this book by how much it felt like the narrative of a game of DD The pacing was extremely uick and the action felt like prepared set pieces Even a lot of the dialogue during action and combat felt like what you’d hear around a gaming table If you’ll forgive some gaming jargon I’m pretty sure we even saw several skill checks saving throws and critical hits This isn’t exactly a criticism of the book but it causes it to feel less like a novel and like a gaming module This might have been the point given the situation at the time it was written but it still serves as a caution if you aren’t looking for blow by blow action and plenty of itSpellfire‘s use of this style to communicate the game elements set the stage for a lot of the early TSR publication in the Realms Plenty of the early 90s authors in the Forgotten Realms started off designing game modules for TSR and DD and it shows in a lot of the fiction It wasn’t until later years in and around the Wizards of the Coast buyout of TSR that we started to see traditionally styled fiction in the Realms but I feel it never truly lost that gaming element that was built into itTherefore a great deal of structureFor readers who like their fantasy worlds to still be logically structured Spellfire and the Forgotten Realms are a setting for you At times you can see the dice rolling in the background and the rules help avoid a lot of the really frustrating fantasy tropes No wizard in the Forgotten Realms has ever been out of magic but at the dire final moment finds the strength for one last attack to save the day When these guys are out of spells they look around for rocks to throw and it’s actually uite refreshingIt’s really nice to see a world where the authors can concentrate on actually telling the story they want with the characters they want and not have to worry about whether something ‘can be done’ or not The rules are already there there are sourcebooks for it and while that may sometimes seem constraining I would imagine that it is also very liberating to be able to go in knowing that if you follow those rules you’re not going to accidentally mess up something important for all the other authors sharing the worldWhy should you read this book?I believe Douglas Niles’ Darkwalker on Moonshae was published a few months before Spellfire but the Moonshaes were really not used much in the overall fiction which is a pity as I do love Celt inspired settings Spellfire needs to be read for the same reason you need to read Dragons of Autumn Twilight by Weis and Hickman or The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett There is always value in reading the first book of a long running series For that reason alone every fantasy reader needs to pick up this bookBut beyond that Ed is absolutely hilarious I’ve had the pleasure of playing DD with him on a few occasions and he’s actually toning it down for his books which are still pretty wild for Sword Sorcery fantasy His dialogue is snappy witty and contains just enough jargon and vernacular to make you know you’re in another world but in a way that allows tone and context to communicate the meaning exactly Stlarn it His pacing in this book might be a little break neck compared to other authors but it certainly keeps you engaged He also has this strange knack for just sliding in lines here and there in first person for the minor characters; these brief lines give you enough of a snap insight into their character to make you identify with them a little bit The Forgotten Realms is one of the most successful fiction universes ever created and Spellfire will give you a very good idea why

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    2 rounded to 3 because I am a Realms junkie This is not an outsider novel This is barely even an insiders novel If you ignore this advice enter at your own peril The problem is Ed Greenwood's Realms is so rich detailed and full of history He created this world at the tender age of 5 FR wasn't released until 30 some odd years later he wanted to share his vision and stories with everyone Unfortunately he shared it all in one frantic dumpThe Good The side characters are amazing Elminster Snow the whole oeuvre of the Knights of Myth Drannor Faerun and Toril is a living dangerous place full of likable characters It was interesting to see the inner workings of Zhentil Keep The BadPacing pacing pacing This book should have been titled Company of the Bright Spear with a sliw burn of getting to know her group and Shandril coming into her powers at the end I would have loved to fall in love with all the members only to see them crushed in the end Instead they are dead in the first few chapters and 700 other things happen until the end The UglyNarm Battle after battle after battle afterthe end

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    This is the last read for this particular copy It has been through years of worldwide travel reading and than one flood I'm not going to elaborate on that tussle with the geese So I shall bid a tearful farewell to Shandril her friends and my old battered and beloved copy as I take it to the recycle Don't gasp if your reading this it is in no condition to ever be read again believe me if I didn't recall the missing parts it wouldn't have been readable these last few times I've not read much else in this series which I understand is very good but obviously I have enjoyed this trip into the Forgotten Realms I don't think I can write much about the story without spoiling it So I will leave it at this If you have a chance to pick this up and read it do so I don't think you will regret a moment spent on this adventure please note my affection for this novel stems from my early teen years I don't apply the same stringent criteria to it as I do other items read as an adult You have been warned

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    This is the second book I read from Ed Greenwood after The Herald I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't like The Herald very muchIn short I loved this bookI am a big fan of Dungeons Dragons even though I discovered the Forgotten Realms less than two years agoSince then it has been a nice surprise after the otherThis book is full of characters a lot of characters; of course there are the two main characters but there are so many of them in the plot that is uite easy to become confusedBut it is worth; I loved every moment of it

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    The story is simple Shandril has always longed for adventure and when she is able to leave her predictable life behind she does so Everything is very ordinary until she discovers she possesses this powerful form of magic which she is not able to harness or completely controlI feel that Greenwood has many elements to craft a fantastic story This is the original Forgotten Realms novel and it contains a great amount of information about the world and some of its characters However Greenwood errs in his entire treatment of the story Instead of a powerful lead character we have an insecure character who is reminded of her insecuirties by the constant shielding of her companions Also Greenwood find ways to introduce a love scene when perhaps it was out of place Finally the multitude of characters makes the reader be particularly lost and these characters are so powerful they are able to get the upper hand at all timesTh result is Spellfire I felt at times that the author was patronizing me and that really bothered me Also because we have super characters the opposition came about as completely useless I felt that the majority of the times the villains only were able to launch desperate attacks without any strategy and their participation was circunstancial at best Not only we have one main villain we have many organizations trying to get a hold of Shandril's magic I felt it became an auction to see which villain came up with the most outrageous plan Because of this I feel that there was no actual threat and no substantial story to tell because the outcome would be decidedThe treatment of Shandril by the many characters also bothered me; they constantly shielded her and protected her This is very noble specially fighting against the forces of evil but in doing so she did not in my opinion developed as proper Shandril just happens to become an object everyone is willing to protect and because everyone is constantly on their guard the rest of the ensemble lost wonderful opportunities to become likeable and to show us their stories Shandril did not need to do anything because her companions would defend her It was until the end when Shandril was finally on her own that an actual story could have surfaced albeit too late It was at this time that I really enjoyed the action trsnapiring in the pages and felt that the author was finally tryingThis is a book to the most devoted fans I do recognize that many people really like this book It has tinges of brilliance but the magic power as well as the story were not sufficiently harness to create something concrete

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    A Story About a Powerful Peasant19 March 2012 To put it blunt this book was utter rubbish Sometimes actually most times I wish Goodreads would have a rating system of 10 as opposed to the one they currently have five simply because I feel that a rating out of 10 gives a much better idea of what I actually think of a book Then again when does one stop at 20 50 100? I personally don't know but I have always liked to use a rating of 10 simply because giving a book a 1 seems to have of an impact of a scale of 10 as opposed to a scale of 5 That little gripe behind me a friend of mine recently said that this is an example of Greenwood's bad writing done to tie in with a roleplaying product Basically he wrote the story and then decided to incorporate aspects of this story such a Spellfire into the roleplaying game Personally I do think it is unnecessary and just adds a monty haul concept monty haul is a gaming term that applies to characters that are all powerful to a game that already has plenty off them I have suggested elsewhere that books based on roleplaying worlds can help to create a good atmosphere for the world but with the exception of a small handfull of novels namely the Dritzz series I really never appreciated any of the Forgotten Realms novels In fact most of them were seriously boring though I will mention them as I come to them when writing reviews They also did not portray a grey area concept of the world that I liked To be blunt when I have run games set in the Forgotten Realms I have generally thrown the novels out of the windows metaphorically speaking of course and just run the game my own way Now this novel is about a young woman that discovers that she has great amounts of power something that really doesn't work in Dungeons and Dragons since all of the characters are supposed to be balanced and supportive of each other and utilises raw magic known as Spellfire Obviously bad guys want to get their hands on her and good guys want to try to teach her to use it properly Once again unlike the grey area worlds that I prefer there is no aspect where a group has decided that she is too powerful and therefore must die I have seen similar plots and themes before but when it comes to Greenwood and the Forgotten Realms it simply fails

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    2020 Update Five years wiser I can safely report that no Greenwood's novels do NOT get any better I have to give a shout out to Rob Bricken at Gizmodo magazine for his 100% accurate and detailed review of Spellfire; my own review below pales in comparison Although he created the Forgotten Realms his skills as a campaign creator and dungeon master did not translate to being a good author At least not in this case Ed Greenwood wrote many books set in the Forgotten Realms I can only hope that his writing improved over time Spellfire was an almost unendurable novel Were I not invested in the setting and DD I don't think that I would have completed the novel and I rarely give up on a book The problems are countless a heroine lead character who shows little personality and for the most part remains passive throughout the events of the novel; very poor characterization; a cast of forgettable interchangeable characters with only a couple of exceptions; lack of real conflict; poor pacing; and worst of all the constant need to refer to magic as 'art' My art is not strong enough his art is beyond compare art art art No other Forgotten Realms novels use art for magic It irked me with every utterance I am confident that later books by Ed Greenwood will be much enjoyable although I did try to read Elminster in Hell many years ago before I was interested in the Realms because it was on a free book exchange shelf and I had to put that one down uncompleted so maybe it doesn't get any better I have to note too that the author bio lists no literary accomplishments instead listing his appearances and activities at RPG conventions This explains a lot I will continue to read the Realms novels and really really hope that his novels improve

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    I recognize all the merits Ed Greenwood had by writing the very first saga for the Forgotten Realms But the book has many many problems For starters those who are not familiar with this world like I wasn't will feel like this is a very strange narrative Because it talks about people and places like you already knew them never explaining where they came from or who they actually were It is confusing specially because Greenwood inserts so many parallel storiesAlso the characters themselves seem to be echoes from the characters of other famous sagas aka The Lord of The Rings except the part where you get to actually KNOW everyone In this book all the elves have the same personalityaura and if he was talking about one or another it didn't make any difference People often compare Elminster with Gandalf but I say there can be no comparison Gandalf is way better writtenThe feeling I had from it overall was that Greenwood wanted to write a love story and it's really badly told Shandril is not a heroine She's just a girl who happens to have a great power within Her beloved Narm freuently reminded me of Pod the fool but brave shield barer of Tyrion Lannister The love story or stories to be fair because lots of them are cramed in it is poor dull and sometimes irritating It mixes passagens where nothing seems to happen with everything happenin at once and jumping from the frying pan into the fire I mean three dragons in a row? Isn't it too much? Yes it is way too much And all the passages jus reminded me of how much Greenwood wanted to tell a great tale like the one cited above but just couldn't get there Anyway it's nice to read fantasy that I had never read before and I will continue reading the saga eventually But I will also stick with what everyone here is saying there are better stories about the Forgotten Realms to be read Hopefully I'll get to them

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