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The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 [PDF / EPUB] The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2 New world New home New family Lucia's story continues as she attempts to adjust to life in a new setting with new people and new threats all while feeling completely out of her depth She soon realizes New world New home New family Lucia's Women of PDF ☆ story continues as she attempts to adjust to life in a new setting with new people and new threats all while feeling completely out of her depth She soon realizes a deeply rooted prejudice toward humans is going to make things far difficult than she had imagined Trying to come to terms with Melierun's disturbing culture and mating customs becomes challenging when an unseen threat is intent on ending her And then there's the fight for respect from The Melier PDF or her in lawsWho said the life of an ex bounty hunter was going to be easy WARNING This story contains non human alien heroes mature content involving multiple heterosexual males mfm graphic language and situations intended for mature readers.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 303 pages
  • The Melier Women of Dor Nye #2
  • Poppy Rhys
  • English
  • 17 May 2016

About the Author: Poppy Rhys

Poppy is a small town American girl Women of PDF ☆ living in a tiny Canadian hamlet who spends her days pounding on the keyboard drinking tea and living one step outside of reality Her retirement plan is to be abducted by the aliens she writes about but for now she enjoys life with her husband their three cats and when she’s not getting sucked into cute animal videos you can normally find her with her.

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    Author said the book will be available early January Oh the lies you have told me book the lies OO it is late January and my forever avid eyes see no updates whatsoever about the release day so far I am conflicted Meanwhileenters standby mode exits standby modeOfficial release date for the book is now 29th of January source our wonderful author Let us all rejoice party and pre order in 72 hours reenters standby mode with tab openREVIEW TO COME

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    4 MMF StarsI wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book since the first book is about Lucia and Soren and now it’s Lucia and Soren’s brother Zun I liked Zun from the first book it was hot and I kind of wanted something to happen between Zun and LuciaOverall the book is meaty The beginning was the best part because there was so much sexual tension between Lucia and Zun it really made you glued to the book I read the book in one day I liked the interactions between Zun and Lucia but I wouldn’t have minded of Soren Yes Soren is still in the book because that is her first mate but the main focus of the book is Lucia and Zun’s new relationship and the person trying to kill Lucia which we don’t knowI liked how Lucia is the princess and she has the baby and everyone doesn’t like her It was interesting to read her interactions with different characters I will admit towards the last 40% of the book I kind of lost interest because it became political and well I wanted steam but there is plenty of steam in the book So I did a lot of skimming probably the last 30% of the book Overall I enjoy these books and I will probably finish he series but it’s not a series I can binge read because they are mighty long

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    Lovedloved loved it Even though I wanted smack Lucia a few timesOkwell for me this about a good as a seuel could get I really could get enough of the stories or characters only a few things bothered me but even soo it was one of those stories I NEVER wanted to end and I honestly hope there is at some pointWe got to meet of SorenVal'ja's family some goodsome Not and some grew on you ; Again wonderful world building and a very enjoyable book but a few thing got to me like I saidone was a reviewer before I started reading who made it sound like the menage that happens in this book is just thrown in willy nilly and like Lucia suddenly just jumps into bed with one Soren's brothers without his approval or notwhich honestly bothered and confused before started reading thinking how odd that sounded for the characters I thought I knew and then REALLY TICKED ME OFF after I started to read what actually was happening in the book Ok if unlike me your NOT fan of menagethat's perfectly fine even though IT IS spelled out this happens in the books description but don't misrepresent its actions or how it happens eitherthat not fair to the book or the other readers Now Supposedly Val'Zun one of the brothers from the 1st book started to develop feelings for Lucia before they left her home planet and before they back to his and Soren's home world He's asked Soren if he can became Lucia's mate as well it's a tradition on their world Soren is honored and thrilled to know his brother cares and if anything were to ever happen to him someone would be their for Lucia and their childbut it take Lucia a good while to warm to the idea and even Zun has mixed feelings at times Their relationship moves at what feels like a natural pace though they both the have issues to work through but they do and it was really sweet My other problems ? One Where was Lucia's sense at times ? Ok new baby and planet and ppl and new possible mate etc I get it per say but the same time when someone tries to kill her and the others around her are soo naïve as to who it could be when the time comes they are almost down right stupid about it assassination attempts lead to their planet being invaded and after a while proof come that shows the pool of suspects it pretty darn tiny and yet And yet If the person in uestion which I figured out a uarter of the way through hadn't gotten soo frustrated by their failed attempts to kill her and her baby they lost it and tried to kill her in front of everyone I don't think ANY OF THEM naïve family would have gotten it even it SHOULD have been obvious to them all That and and the overly big deal Lucia made out marking her mates Ok maybe it's me but don't ppl still get tattoos in her time ? Or pierce their ears or anything ? Seriously it wasn't a big deal Soren's ppl didn't wear rings or collars i hate that in books where males collar a female BDSM or not and maybe I'm used to it with PNR books where shifters or Vamps are always wanting to leave some sorta mark usually a bite to show the mate in uestion has been claimed and in another series I've read set in the future ppl show claims with tattoos but anyone who's happy to be with their mate wants something to show Hey I'm claimed Someone wantslovescares enough to want to claim me for their very own We all want that even now And that all her males wanted and it bugged me how she just didn't always try to see things from their pov all they while complaining they were doing the same to her Lucia supposedly had had soo many adventures and seen soo many things but seemed to have baby brain something for most of the bookyes she was in a difficult and over whelming place but it felt like she'd lost who she was for most of the book But I Loved it Will keep it to read again at some point and how read from this author again some time in the future ;

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    35 StarsI’ve been on a bit of Sci Fi alien romance run recently luckily I am not the only one who like their heroes which extra parts and jewel toned skin Some of our lovely followers of the Under the Covers Facebook page love it as well and this series was one of the recommendations I received In this review I will be talking about the first two books in the series The Melier and The Melier Homeworld They focus on the same characters and is basically one big ol’ book split into two parts What I liked about this book and what grabbed my attention straight away was that the tables were turned Normally it is a poor human woman who is kidnapped and her sexy alien mate saves the day However in The Melier our heroine Lucia saves our hero from slavery and gives him a chance at a brand new life Unfortunately Soren – as named by Lucia – has no memories of who he is or where he came from Soren What an alien If you like your aliens weird and alien then Soren is for you Being 7 ft tall with 4 arms and blue skin with some different alien euipment you won’t mistake him for a earthling However despite his intimidating look I loved Soren; as much as a 7ft blue alien with 4 arms can be adorable he was adorable I think it helped that he purred when he was happyThis was a great romance however I didn’t think it was a particularly sexy one Despite loving weird alien differences unfortunately Rhys didn’t uite manage to make sexy timessexy Maybe because she focussed too much on how different Solen was from what you would usually expect rather than making the scene sensualIn the second half The Melier Homeworld Soren has recovered his memories and we go from Lucia’s home to his And it’s clear that this couple are on their way to becoming a triad I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first part we were introduced to members of Soren’s family who I really hope get a book of their ownI also had the same issue with the second book that I did with the first it just wasn’t hot Despite the addition of another sexy Melier However as the book wasn’t flooded with loads of sex scenes it was still a sweet alien romanceadventure and I was hookedIf you like sci fi romances with aliens as heroes this is for you If you don’t like your romances a little ‘out there’ then you will probably want to avoid this it’s not every bodies cup of tea For myself I am already desperate to read the next book in this series and see what other wonderful alien treats Poppy Rhys has in store for me

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    Well35 Mixed feeling StarsSighNo matter how much I like Poppy's writing it seems its not enough to give her a full 4 Stars She never gets there no matter how much I try sueeze it out of me and find excuses for herI really enjoyed this one but obviously some things were missingHow can I say this?Just like the first book we follow Lucia again in another stage of her life She's married to an alien prince has a thing for his brother and is totally lost in their world Politics racism and social confrontationThough the author maintains her style the premise of this book drags and falls into an unending routine of hysterics which I disliked because it didn't help you enjoy the intrigue or the plot It suddenly became a teenage soap opera The pace changed in comparison with the first book and I found myself a little bored in the middle of it Poppy's universe and characters are very rich And each convey a different and very defined personality Which is one of her strengths Still in this instalment the main characters seemed a little sloppy and I can't recall a memmorable scene like in the first book Having such an established strong character like Lucia it just dissapointed me a little because there is no real change or impact in her life Or at least it didn't feel that way Adapting to the new society was a little shady because she was in her room most of the time Her rivals rarely appear She's always running and scared Which is a contradiction to the first book Her baby is a pop up just so you remember sometimes she has a child and her uncle adores her It seems like she lost her guts back home Her essenceI liked the second brother though and was really entertained with his depth and background I liked his personality and his actions around our heroine He was interesting and at the end of the book certainly the best character out of all the lotAlso I found myself being pushed into action scenes and a sudden explanation It was just not enough and didn't feel enjoyable at all It wasn't satisfying to see a main character turn from a challenged powerful woman to a flimsy scared crazy person who can't decide what she wants and just isn't herself anyThe plot twist was entertaining and it compensated for the boring crazy parts in the middleAnd potential ingredients from her first book were left out Well most of it except the goo that isTo conclude previous book was a pearl from the ocean compared to this and this sample wasn't necessary at allSo no this did not reach my expectations and I'm hoping the third book proves to be betterI bid you farewell and hope future reads are fab

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    There's only so much suealing and giggling I can take from the heroine of a story before I start losing all respect for herAlso I'm not much one for menage e trois in my romance on the best of days and here It was almost like Soren no longer existed I'm a bit confused overall I was looking forward to this book The first book in this series wasn't perfect but I did really rather enjoy the originality the characters as well as the twists and turns of the storyline Reading this one I found the characters suddenly rather unlikable the atmosphere stale and the plotting lazy to invisible I don't uite know what to say Even the way the mystery was solved view spoiler The detective work if there was any to find Lucia's would be assassin all happened unmentioned behind the scenes and was apparently completely unnecessary In the end the very obvious guilty party simply jumped up and announced their guilt without any pressure of discovery hide spoiler

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    Lucia arrives to the Melier home planet with her daughter mate SorenVal'Ja and his brothers She is not welcomed rather the hatred towards her is palpable She has little hope that Soren's family will accept herVal Zun is the surprise element here and his relationship with Lucia takes a surprising turn I was disappointed with Lucia as a mother Baby Re'Len always seems to be on the sidelines and almost never with Lucia

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    Although this story builds on the first one it is not nearly as good The lack of trust and associated lies really detracted from this established couple The major new element here was not handled well and there were large gaps in the development of the relationshipsI like the central characters but they need to get away from home

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    Lucia was just as funny in Home World as she was in the first; yet she wasn’t in “heat” the way she found herself so many times in book one  What she did find herself in was a difficult situation  She travels to a planet where humans are abhorred and she is treated like something to be scraped off the bottom of one’s shoe  This was really very heartbreaking to witness from Lucia’s POV  The Melier truly hated her just because of what she was and never took the time to get to know her  Lucia puts on a brave face and endures determined to make headway in the alliance between humans and Melier  Her courage was commendable Throughout her ordeal in dealing with the Melier’s blinding hatred she also has to deal with the possibilities of taking on a second mate  It is Melier tradition and custom for brothers to share a mate and at the end of book one Val’Zun asked Soren if could join with Lucia  Soren left it up to Lucia  What to do what to do? One hunk or two? LOL  Lucia is appalled by the idea of taking on a second mate and can’t understand the practice; but slowly and with time spent with Val’Zun she changes her mind I personally felt that there weren’t as many explicit scenes in Home World as there were in book one and for once I am OK with that  I know that is a shocker  I really enjoyed the story  The only thing that kept it from being 5 stars was I guessed who the bad guy was pretty much right from the start  I hate that  When it’s supposed to be a mystery I want it to be a mystery  I don’t like being able to figure out the plot and the end of the book from the beginning; which I did yet at the same time I still very much enjoyed getting from point A to B even though I knew the destination in advanceSara 

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    35 stars I really did like the book I felt that the relationship between Lucia and Val' Zun progressed at a realistic pace What got on my nerves was Lucia's behavior at times She seemed to be throwing constant tantrums for no real good reason except to get her way The only one allowed to do that in this book is Re'Len and ironically she barely fussed Other than that I liked the progression of the book and the world building that gave us a deeper look into Melierun's culture and of course green goo

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