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Dirty Aristocrat [PDF / EPUB] Dirty Aristocrat Lord Ivan de GreystokeDon’t let my fancy title fool you because I'm a bad boy I've always been Now I've set my sights on Tawny Maxwell the one woman who stirs a possessiveness and desire in me that Lord Ivan de GreystokeDon’t let my fancy title fool you because I'm a bad boy I've always been Now I've set my sights on Tawny Maxwell the one woman who stirs a possessiveness and desire in me that makes my insides twistShe's nineteen blonde fabulously beautiful and married to Robert MaxwellWhich makes her a gold digger and my fking stepmother Oh and completely unavailable until nowFor the old man’s dead she’s the heiress of a hundred million fortune and I’m the executor of her trust but it ain't no walk in the park My stepbrother and stepsisters feel robbed and are of the opinion that she should join her husband asachokengtitikkomachokeng and I’ve got a raging hard on PermanentlyThen I come up with the perfect solution A fake marriage to meTawny MaxwellEveryone thinks I’m a gold digger Even the dazzlingly beautiful man whom I can't stop thinking about looks at me with distrust and suspicion in his silver eyesBut they don’t know the whole storyI have a secret It's so big it will blow their minds but I’m not tellingNever Stand alone A forbidden billionaire alpha romance.

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    I beta read and really enjoyed Both Ivan tattoos yum and Tawny were great individually and together And the sex scenes were scorching There is a mystery to unfold as well 45 stars Sorry no time to write a reviewStand aloneDual POVsLIVE Beta copy to be provided to me by author Georgia Le Carre in exchange for honest feedback review

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    My thanks to Georgia Le Carre for the advance reading copyDark Aristocrat was SIZZLING HOT This is the kind of book that I enjoy immensely sexy tough bad guy with a seductive charm and a beautiful sweet and kind young woman in over her head with said bad boy Humorous boiling hot and suspenseful Dirty Aristocrat is definitely a ride you want to takeAbout the story Nineteen year old Tawny is the young wealthy heiress of rich and old Robert Maxwell Everyone believes she is just gold digger and wasn’t genuinely in love with the old man Lord Ivan de Greystoke is R Maxwell’s stepson and now the executor of her trust Their connection to each other is strong Ivan seems he cannot get her out of his head He’s been obsessed with her from the moment he met her but he is not an idiot He won’t fall for her charms She’s in love with money and he definitely won’t be her next victim When her life is threatened his stepbrother and stepsisters are under suspicion Ivan then comes up with the ideal solution He suggests she should get married to him for a couple of years until she is old enough to have total control of her assets And she accepts Tawny is angelically beautiful and for Ivan giving in to her charms seems to be a matter of time But Tawny has a big secret that absolutely nobody knows A secret that can change everythingMy thoughtsThe author has written a love story for a polar opposite couple who make a true connection It was fully fleshed out and the narrative just perfect The book had all the things I really love a possessive and protective super bad alpha; a strong and not naïve as most people assume woman; sexual tension and hotness overload; and many lol moments The dialogues between the protagonists sizzle at times with heat and other times with danger The scene where she is being intoxicated from a drug was pretty hilarious The chemistry between the hero and heroine is so good that I can feel the sparks between them in their interactions while the humor in the tale had me laughing under my breath throughout the bookThis book totally rocks; that’s why I'm giving it 5 stars

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    475 Lord Ivan de GreystokeIvan de Teribble starsI LOVED this bookI am a fan of Georgia 's writing because she writes a page turnover every single timewhether it's action drama steamy schorching hot suspensful in a twist you simply turn the page over and over until you ask yourself wait what? It's over? damn damn damnI want and need It was exactly the same with this story it's a twist with camouflage of a plot who is who BUT then again it's not really what you think it is and it's all layered with a dose of mistery and than you unravel it and you gasp shit then NO then againo hell no then it's oh fuck yes then again gasps in surprise and then you are in a peaceful bliss cause you have spent a very pleasurable time indulging yourself into a fast paced thrilling hot romanceso I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to enjoy a fast paced scorching hot and steamy romantic story about people who meet under not so likely circumstances and under false pretence their feelings evolve as the mistery unravelsIt's hard to present it in a different way without giving away spoilers and I don't want to do thatGeorgia you've done it againThank you for the copy you have given to me in exchange for an honest reviewI truly enjoyed itand that sample chapter from Zane's book I can't wait to get a hold of that

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    2 StarsOverall Opinion Man what a mess This was like a cheesy pornographic soap opera and not in a good way ; First I was really confused about the relationship lines They were really vaguely explained and it wasn't until way later in the book that I realized that Ivan's mom was a previous wife and his step siblings and relation to the h as a step mom weren't really accurate If his biological dad was married to the h THEN she would be a step mother He had absolutely no relational connection to the h IMO I don't even think he was really connected to the step sisters and brother because if anything they were ex step siblings due to the divorces is that even a thing?? Next I never felt connected to the characters I did feel bad for the h at times but that was it The H forget it He was mysterious throughout and it never was really cleared up to where we get to see the guy underneath the manwhore and ashole exterior and then he was confessing his love and I just didn't get it Last I know I might be a minority here because I felt like there was too much sex I felt like sex was thrown in to signify a connection that I just didn't feel Attraction and lust yes love noSo if you want a hot I'm not denying it was hot and dramatic read without a lot of depth here ya go Otherwise you might just pass on by ;Brief Summary of the Storyline Ok this is a doozy and rather complicated so I'll try to keep it briefThis is Tawny and Ivan's story Tawny was married to Ivan's recently deceased step dad his mom was obviously no longer married to him Ivan and Tawny had always had an attraction but for obvious reasons didn't act on them Ivan is a Lord and his ex step dad put him in charge of being executor of estate for Tawny and protecting her from the other step children from another mom trying to kill her for the inheritance they feel they were wrongly not granted He comes up with the idea of an arranged marriage that would make the inheritance no longer available even if they were to murder her and Tawny agrees They spend time together there are some sexy times some family issues some big secrets getting revealed view spoiler she was actually the daughter of the dead guy making her an ex step sister instead of step mom hide spoiler

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    ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewOh God I had so much fun reading this book I stayed up late in order not to stop reading and I wasn't disappointedTawny is a young woman with a very infamous label; a gold diggerWhen she married Robert a wealthy and veyr older man she knew what she was getting into Everyone despises her and when the time comes for Robert to pass away she is alone than everRobert's three children hate her and with good reason since she is to inherit everything The only man she can count on is Ivan Greystoke Robert's stepsonIvan is not your usual rich playboy He is dark passionate and downright filthy when it comes to his sexual preferences When he is given the task of protecting Tawny he doesn't expect to fall completely under her spell Her kindness seems too good to be true Determined not to fall victim to her charm he treats her as he knows he should; coldlyHis arrogance both shocks and frustrates Tawny who finds herself depedent on him 'You think the sun rises to hear you crow don't you?' I retortDoesn't it? Their relationship is complex but neither of them can deny the attraction When Tawny's life is in danger Ivan will find himself doing everything he can to save her But will it be enough?I loved the writing It sucked me in and I was never bored Ivan will shock you amaze you and frustrate you with his behavior but trust me you will end up in love with him Total book boyfriend material if you're not bothered by his dirty talkingTawny was a heroine I fell in love with I found her completely relatable and I simply loved how she handled IvanGeorgia Le Carre promises and delivers a tale of passion full of twists and turns that you won't see coming Do not miss this★★★5 Dirty Stars★★★Now LIVE US

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    Ivan de Greystoke was one gorgeous dirty piece of aristocratic work and Tawny Maxwell was hot as hell and sweet to boot Tawny was married to Ivan's stepdad Robert who was old enough to be her father So given his vast fortune and family estate she was labelled by everybody as a gold digger their relationship couldn't have been based on love Even Ivan executor of the estate and will thinks Tawny was in it for the money But what she had with Robert was real and authentic and love was very much there but Tawny and Robert had a secret one she swore to keep to him on his deathbed So when she comes up as the sole heir to his fortune cutting his kids off she finds herself in danger where everyone benefits if she's no longer alive Ivan though hot and cold with her realises after someone almost gets to her that she needs protection and takes her into his homeFrom there it's a push and pull between Ivan's want for her and Tawny's desire for him and misunderstood circumstances When they do get together though? Oh yeah he's dirty and they're hot as hell An easy breezy read with a little suspense thrown in some nasty 'step kids' and a hot steamy love affairMy favorite part of the book though is the turtle sanctuary and the island it's on I'd love to be sitting there right now4 stars for keeping my mind of all the bad that's going down in life right now That makes it well worth the read

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 35 starsThis wasn’t a great romance but a great book overall The chemistry wasn’t really there between the main characters There are a few twists and turns in this book and that’s why I like it I won’t go into too much detail because there is a great twist towards the end that when I read this the first time I did not see coming and that is rare for meTawny 19 is a country girl from Tennessee the daughter of a stripper Everyone believes she is a gold digger for being married to a 60 year old English multi millionaire Robert Ivan also known as Ivan the Terrible is a landed lord and a billionaire He is the step son of Robert the executor of Robert’s will and Tawny’s guardian until she turns 21 He is a big playboy and mostly has one night standsAll in all I think this book would have been better suited as a mystery or thriller if it was changed a bit The romance scenes felt a bit like fluff to me If you want something a little different in your reading though this book is uite uniue and I suggest you read it❤️

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    4 Dirty StarsI haven’t read a Georgia Le Carre book in some time so I was curious to see how her writing has changed I was instantly drawn to the cover and summary I’m a smut reader so yes throw in a billionaire pleaseThe book is kind of long until I realized there was a second book behind the first one Dirty Aristocrat is a standalone I just wish I knew the real length prior to reading I’m funny like that Suffice it to say it ended at the 64% markI thought the book was really descriptive It took about 30% of the read which is like 50% of the book before they both actually get married So I wouldn’t say the summary is misleading I was just thinking they would be married by chapter two or something Tawny is rich because she married a rich man and he died He dies in the first chapter and it’s apparent on how much she loves him It was kind of awkward of first because I was thinking how is she going to move on from Robert her husband to Ivan her new husband but you just go with itI found Tawny the typical smut Heroine Everyone thinks she’s a gold digger and she doesn’t really try hard to sway people’s opinion Throughout the read there’s an underlying mysterious feel to the book You can’t pinpoint what but it’s there and I liked that It added something to the storylineIvan is the typical smut bad boy hero He has random and kinky sex even though it wasn’t with Tawny it’s really hot to read I like Ivan he was a jerk but he promised Robert he would take care of Tawny and that he didTawny and Ivan have to be together for the sake of the situation Robert’s family want Tawny out and Ivan promised to protect her I love a damsel in distress storyline The book isn’t too steamy but there are some steamy scenes and it’s kinky So everyone winsOverall if you are in that kind of book Georgia Le Carre hits the right spots Read on Kindle Unlimited

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    Tawny St John Maxwell is a gold digger so all Robert Maxwell children thinks Robert is ill and won't be around long Now she and heiress at the age of 19 and now has an executor of her trust until the age of 21 yrs which is Lord Ivan de Greystoke Robert's stepson Tawny and Ivan tries to avoid each other because of the strong attraction they have to each other however Ivan believes she a gold digger Ivan is a Lord but he does what he wants and is a bad boy through and through the problem is he can't get Tawny out of his mind Every woman must be a blonde he sleeps with them in hopes to get rid of all the thoughts of Tawny Now Robert has put Ivan as the executor over his estate and makes him promise to take care of her until she reaches the age of 21Now Tawny is drugged and Ivan must keep Tawny safe and figure out who is trying to kill her but Tawny has a big secret and is determined to never tell anyone

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    Not my favorite The h was annoying and the H was a disgustingly walking STD

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