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Ever the Brave A Clash of Kingdoms #2 [PDF / EPUB] Ever the Brave A Clash of Kingdoms #2 Ever the Divided Ever the Feared Ever the BraveAfter saving King Aodren with her newfound Channeler powers Britta only wants to live a peaceful life in her childhood home Unfortunately saving the King Ever the Divided Brave A ePUB ✓ Ever the Feared Ever the BraveAfter saving King Aodren with her newfound Channeler powers Britta only wants to live a peaceful life in her childhood home Unfortunately saving the King has created a tether between them she cannot sever no matter how much she'd like to and now he's insisting on making her a noble lady And there are those who want to use Britta’s power for evil designs If Britta cannot Ever the ePUB Ñ find a way to harness her new magical ability her life—as well as her country—may be lostThe stakes are higher than ever in the seuel to Ever the Hunted as Britta struggles to protect her kingdom and her heart.

  • Hardcover
  • 464 pages
  • Ever the Brave A Clash of Kingdoms #2
  • Erin Summerill
  • English
  • 10 March 2014
  • 9780544664463

About the Author: Erin Summerill

Erin Calabio Summerill Brave A ePUB ✓ claims Hawaii as her ancestral land and England as her birthplace She grew up as an Air Force brat on bases in Hawaii California and England After graduating with a BA in English from Brigham Young University Erin taught high school English in Hawaii while starting a career as a professional photographer and aspiring to become a novelist Erin's photography has receiv.

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    Happy Release Day Wooo you guys this book was SOOOO good This is a spoiler free review Though there will spoilers for book 1Omg this was fantastic I adored the first book though I'll admit it was a little slow at times The world was so pretty and Britta was such a likeable heroine that I didn't even care about the pacing But this book? FAST Perfect pacing Pretty much non stop Not to mention SO MANY FEELS that I am still just I don't even knowI can't talk too much about the plot aside from what the synopsis mentions but you know the thing that happens at the end of book one? Well yep that's kind of a major plot point for this book No it wasn't too good to be true When I read that last page I was losing my mind and that's pretty much why I was BEGGING for an ARC of this book by the way a HUGE thanks to HMH books for sending me this copy and saving my sanity So on that note and as you can tell by the synopsis Britta now has this strange connection with the king that no one can explain She's hiding it from Cohen but the king himself knows DRAMA ENSUES Not to mention everyone is in disarray and trying to track down the woman who had the king under her spell thus controlling him from the first book There are lots of plot twists and fun turns and wow I was highly entertained It was difficult to sit this book downAlso this one introduces new POVs and I enjoyed them all SO MUCH I don't want to give too much away since we're still a ways away from the release date but I was so pleasantly surprisedI will say this Those of you who are hoping to get to know the king well you will have your needs met I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I CANNOT EXPRESS IT WITH WORDS PROPERLY SMOL KING ALERTbreathes deeplyAlright continuing on I just adored Britta and no not just because her nickname is my nickname and we have the same hair color She was fierce believable flawed and truly a pleasure to have as a heroine I loved watching her struggle with some emotionalmoral conflicts Cohen on the other hand I went back and forth on I found him a little lacking in the first book but he surprised me in this one To be completely honest he drove me crazy for a good chunk of the book because of his protective overbearingness he has towards Britta but without spoiling anything I did appreciate his character arc and by the end he had grown on me a good bit I was suprised at how much I ended up really loving him by the end As far as the romance I'm going nuts over here because I can't say much without major spoilers literally NOTHING and I'm in agony since I can't talk about it a;lksjfa;lksjfaldkjf Ugh but I'm not sure how I feel about the end On one hand I think Erin made the right choice and on the other I'm I can't I'll get emotional I can't talk about it Let's just say I was surprised time and time again I also had like 3 ships going at one time so don't talk to me Wait no talk to me if you've read it PLEASE TALK TO MEI was worried about certain people being used as plot devices but now that I know what I know I'm feeling pretty good I'm also SO EXCITED because there's another book in this world and ERIN GIRL I AM SO READY FOR THIS If you're looking for a well rounded story in a gorgeous fantasy setting with lots of emotional dramaconflict this is for you The writing was just lovely as always and my gosh buy yourself the hardcovers because look at that design My advice is to savor the world savor the characters and come to me crying afterwards because I still need solace Pre reviewI don't know how I feel right now Part of me is happy and part of me is sad Like what how am I supposed to just I don't know I don't knowwwwww If I say any then that it would be a spoiler for sure I haven't decided on the amount of stars because I just need to recover and thinkThis was an emotional journey beautifully written and I'm a huge Erin Summerill fan now for sure Erin if you're out there PLEASE tell me if there's a possibility of getting a book about a certain character I'm sure you can guess who I'm talking about Like I really need this My heart is bleedingFull review to come closer to the release date And a huge thank you to HMH books for sending me this copyMy Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy

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    After writing a debut book and seeing it go out into the world finishing the second book was harder than I thought it would be But I went with my gut and tried to tell the truest story I could for these characters And I feel like it's one of the best books I've ever written I know that not everyone will feel the same And that's all right I'm just grateful for anyone who will give this series a chance I poured my heart into this book so if you do like it I would love to hear your COMMENTS Thank you so much for your support

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    It’s definitely a far better book than it’s predecessor But it did leave something to be desired it just felt like there were a lot of things that could have been explored and developed further both in terms of story and characters And it felt like those things were sacrificed for the sake of dedicating time to a rather unnecessary love triangle That being said I think what saved this book me is that it was thankfully told from multiple PoV namely Britta Cohen and Aodren I do not think I would have made it through this book if it was told only for Britta's PoV like the first book was Aodren was definitely my favorite PoV with Britta and Cohen about tied for second Characters Britta The heroine Cohen The love interest Aodren The king they all need aka a precious cinnamon roll I love Lirra A newly introduced huntress Her I like she does what she has to Still not entirely sold on her being this great huntersoldier but at least she’s held her own for most of the book and she certainly helped Cohen out I am pleased to say that we finally got to see a bit of Britta in action and while I still do not think her skills warrant the high praise she received in the first book she is passable One thing that did not change was my opinion of Britta and Cohen has a couple To me they're about as interesting as white bread My problem is this most of Cohen and Britta’s love story all happened off screen I did not get to watch them fall in love They simply were already in love by the time we met them in the first book It was written as though it was a fact It was not a journey The typical they’ve known each other their whole lives blah blah fell in love as young teens etc Cohen left Britta for reasons he did not explain they reunite Cohen leaves again Britta is left uncertain again Wash rinse repeat I do not mind either of them as characters but I simply did not care about them as a couple I honestly found myself shipping Britta and Aodren Because we got to watch that relationship develop and grow And in contrast to Cohen who kept making choices for Britta without telling her everything she needed to know Aodren respected Britta's independence and her right know her right to decide for herself But I knew from the dedication page alone that this story was never going to truly explore the possibility of them However I appreciate their friendship nevertheless One relationship that did not get enough spotlight was Gillian and Lief They are so subtle and cute I hope they get some scenes in the upcoming Aodren spin off Gillian was an excellent friend to Britta as well which she certainly needed with all that was going on around her As they say you don’t need a lot of friends just a good one The main issue for me with this book is I just never connected or related to Britta or Cohen But overall I liked the book enough and the writing is fine The world is reasonably interesting so I would not mind stories in this world Hence why I am looking forward to the Aodren spin off This book to me is somewhere between a 2 and 3 stars It was decent but feel no need to rush out and get myself a hardcopy for my shelf

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    My curse has struck again Another hyped series another unpopular opinion What let this story down was the hyperfocus of the romantic drama If I had cared about Britta and her love life maybe this would not have been so disappointing But I didn’t care At all I wanted about the politics of the world; seeing these two kingdoms trying to combat systemic discrimination I was definitely not here for yet another unnecessary love triangle I was not here for the angst or the repetitive cliches I still cannot believe that there was an honest to god ‘cuddling naked for warmth when the other LI walks in’ scene I have read that scenario so many times before and I’m completely over it It was the fact that those sort of scenes took preference over the scenes detailing the actual rebellion and kidnapping mystery the supposed focal point of the plot which made it so difficult to push through to the end The fact that the entire last uarter of the book rushed through all of the important scenes and instead focused on concluding the love triangle was the final strawI did like that the story was told in multiple perspectives I wish that I had been invested in the characters themselves though Britta and Cohen irritated the heck out of me in particular They were jealous and petty constantly riling each other with the same dumb jumping to conclusion nonsense they did in the first book I was excited to see of Aodren but again we focused on his growing relationship with Britta than his duties as the king which was not what I hoped forOverall? This series had potential If of a focus had been placed on the politics of the brewing war or the rebellion against Chaneller discrimination I would have been onboard The romantic drama particularly the love triangle angst was not my cup of tea and truly soured my experience I struggled to get invested in this story or the characters and I am just glad that the series is finished I am not sure what made this series so hyped but I’d much rather recommend The Wish Granter or Frostblood if you want romance heavy YA fantasy with some politics that is well written and engaging Review copy provided by the publisher for an honest review

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    Another fantastic novel by Erin Summerill I've been so lucky to have read many of her works over the years and to have the privilege of seeing her talent and skill as a storyteller shine through and as she's grown as a writer EVER THE BRAVE is everything you want action swoon worthy romance intrigue and of course her signature writing style that made EVER THE HUNTED so wonderful This seuel is just the book you've been wanting after finishing the first book Trust me when I tell you to run don't walk to nab your copy of this book when it comes out next week

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    A pretty interesting seuel to Ever the Hunted Now it definitely had it's flaws but the fight between the two kingdom was highly entertaining It intrigued me enough to want to dive into the third book whenever that comes outCohen is off doing his own thing for most of the book Then there's Britta who is developing a stronger connection with someone and then a little bomb was dropped Not literally but her mom shows up and things just kind of escalate from bad to worse to really freaking bad If you catch my drift shit hit the fan a LOT Besides all of that Britta grows and into her powers which got me pretty hooked The whole magic part of this book was probably the thing got me flipping through the pages the most The romance part was okay I don't really like love triangles so I didn't really look forward to any of that or really pay attention I didn't really care about who she was with unless it's Cohen Overall it was an interesting book Yes it had it's boring or slow parts because the pacing seemed a bit off throughout the book If it didn't throw in a love triangle I probably would've loved the book a lot I did enjoy the character growth in this book I can't decide who grew Britta or Cohen Either way I liked the book enough that I can't wait to dive into the third book

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    This is probably going to be a really shoddy review and I feel extra bad because this is for an ARC but I'm honestly just so frustrated by this read that I don't know how to articulate my feelings in anything than rant formGoing into EVER THE BRAVE was concerning based on how the plot twisted near the end of book one I had hoped that Summerill wouldn't introduce a love triangle element but alas she did It was a situation complicated as a result of some of Britta's magic but still It felt like an excuse; not only for the added drama but to give us two extra POVs after EVER THE HUNTED's single POV most of which felt like unnecessary filler to show how one character basically spent the whole book running in circles and chasing his tailFrustration was the name of the game really The bit of hopeful potential joy I got out of the first book in the Clash of Kingdoms duology was totally missing here I felt that too much time was spent on things that we didn't need angst over dresses and a forced friendship between our main girl and a handmaiden which the author spends most of the book convincing us exists but is never actually felt because why vs actually fleshing out of the clash between these two kingdoms Despite the conflicts I never actually felt like it was that big of a deal Everything felt too small scale too focuses on personal dynamics the sense of grandness never came through Maybe because the king was a doofus I swear his POV might actually have been worse than Cohen's and he was the one running over the border eight million times chasing wrong informationSo much isn't ever really explained Such as with Phelia for example This was a reveal that wasn't much of a reveal I expected it after the midway point of the first book and I felt her presence was really underutilized I had so many uestions about the why of her role her power etc and we get no answers Too much word count spent fighting off hypothermia I guessAlso I would've liked to spent time on the actual showdown these two books were building towards instead of just brief mustache twirling 'I'm Super Evil' moments and then boom you're dead Which kind of mirrors my feelings about these bawse lady Channelers from the Guild We meet them most of them are bitchy and then boom treaty ending done That being said I'm glad everything is boom dead boom done after only two books because I couldn't have trudged through another I was unhappy enough about this read during the middle to 75% portion that I was thinking this would be a one star but there was enough maturity in the writing and even some of the actions of the characters but not Aoden never Aoden wtf I'm pretty sure she's with Cohen but I wonder if she'd like me are you fucking serious and don't get me started on poor little rich prince boy and his woe about being an outsider that I'm willing to bump upI see a spinoff is in the works and honestly I'm not surprised by the pairing but I have no interest in anything further from this world at this point I received an ARC from Edelweiss and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review

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    No spoilers in this review of Ever the Brave There will however be minor spoilers for Ever the Hunted the first book in this series I liked it I give it 35 stars It was a fitting conclusion to the Clash of Kingdoms series although I enjoyed the first book a little My favorite part is this series feels like true YA fit for even young teen readersIn this installment Britta and Cohen struggle to help Malam recover from the mistakes made in their former ruler’s regime especially the oppression of those who wield Channeler magic Britta’s magical bond—which tied her to Cohen after healing him years ago—was severed at the end of Ever the Hunted She’s now bonded to King Aodren after healing him from the wound necessary to break a long standing Spiriter bondBritta and Cohen spend much of the book apart as Cohen performs his bounty hunter duties He is in Shaerdan searching for Phelia the Spiriter who had a hold on Aodren in book 1 Cohen soon runs into Lirra the Archtraitor’s daughter once again He ends up helping her investigate the recent kidnappings of many Channeler girls all the while continuing to search for Phelia Back in Malam Britta learns new information about Phelia after saving a man this woman attacked With the help of King Aodren Britta begins a journey of her own trying to learn about her magical abilities as well as her past Ever the Brave asks two main uestions Is there any way for Aodren to unite his divided kingdom? And will Britta and Cohen ever find a way to have a relationship especially with the obstacles that keep getting in their way?My biggest gripe is I got frustrated by Britta’s decision making process at the end of the book It didn’t feel in keeping with her character development in this duology and seemed to just be a device to create tension And I felt like Ever the Brave often lacked the grit needed to make me feel truly tied to the conflicts and truly worried about the future of Malam and its peopleAdditionally uite a few of the relationship scenes felt like typical YA tropes We keep reading YA books for a reason though right? We love many of these tropes 😉 The other positives? Summerill’s prose is easy to read The kingdoms she built are uite vivid in my mind And I like the characters she created Britta and Cohen are my favorites but I enjoyed getting to know Aodren better as he also had POV chapters in this second installmentI guess than anything what I’m trying to say is this book seemed to be on the young side of YA So while it was good instead of great for me it’s exactly what I think is missing from many current YA authors and their new releases Bad language was kept to a minimum and the adult situations were limited to fairly innocent interactions So I absolutely recommend this series to young YA readers I am so excited to see an author putting out new material that is fit for the younger end of the YA audiencePS THIS IS A MINOR SPOILER FOR EVER THE BRAVE SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK Summerill recently tweeted about her next release a standalone about King Aodren and Lirra called Once a King I read this tweet before starting Ever the Brave and was surprised that I didn’t see much build up for her next book toward the end of this one Yet I’m excited to see what direction it will go especially since Summerill said it’s probably her favorite book yet 🙂Read all our reviews at here And check out our full book recaps at here

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Note This is the second book in a series that needs to be read in order If you are new to the series you can check out my review of book one Ever the Hunted HEREEver the Brave is the second book in the young adult fantasy series Clash of Kingdoms by Erin Summerill I loved the first book in the series ever the hunted and I have to say I really enjoyed Ever the Brave as well I found the story to be an excellent follow up novel to the first book It was just as strong of a story ever The Brave picks up shortly thereafter the events of the first book so you do need to read this series in order  There are lots of interesting aspects to touch on in Ever the Hunted there is magic romance political intrigue and action and suspense Plenty for any fan of fantasyOne of the things I loved about Ever The Hunted was the interesting magic abilities found in some people I remember wanting to explore those abilities To find out about what kind of channeler Britta was and what she could do And I am so happy to report that my wish was granted in Ever The Brave If you remember what happened with the king and Britta as the end of the first book you know that will certainly prove interesting The king is much of a main character in Ever the Brave along with Britta and the wonderful CohenEver the Brave is told in multiple perspective between Britta and Cohen and I loved that we started out right from Cohen's point of view Getting inside of his head and seeing his feelings for Britta as he is sent off on missions for the king helped me grow even closer to him We also get to see the King's point of view in this book and darn it if I don't really like him as well He certainly complicated things but in a good way I enjoyed seeing his point of view splashed throughout the story And I am so happy to say that there is going to be a third book in this world I don't want to spoil too much but I am really really happy with how everything turned out I love all of the characters At the end of the last book I was still a little undecided on some of the characters and I do have my favorites  but I felt like I understood everyone so much better and I was overall really pleased with each and every one of them Ever the Brave was a very satisfying read We got to learn about the magic and channeler's we got lots of swoony moments and romance tons of adventure and action and a really satisfying wrap up Plus another book I love that because I am not ready to leave this world I love it so much Please write many books Erin SummerillBottom line If you are a fan of young adult fantasy books Ever the Brave is one you should check out It has a great uest style adventure with lots of magic romance intrigue and a really cool world I really enjoyed this one and I am looking forward to book three alreadyThis review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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