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Menakas Choice [PDF / EPUB] Menakas Choice We make love and leave That is our motto Live by it Menaka or you shall suffer untold unnecessary griefBorn during the churning of the ocean Menaka is the most beautiful of all the apsaras in the worl We make love and leave That is our motto Live by it Menaka or you shall suffer untold unnecessary griefBorn during the churning of the ocean Menaka is the most beautiful of all the apsaras in the world with uick intelligence and innate talent However she craves for the one thing she can never have family Elsewhere after severe austerities a man now blessed with the name Vishwamitra challenges the gods and dares to create another heaven Fearing his growing powers Indra the king of gods decides to put a stop to his ambitions by making Menaka seduce himWhat will happen when Menaka and Vishwamitra meet each other Will Menaka finally find what she really wished for Or will she again be forced to surrender to her destiny Find out in this fascinating portrait of one of the most enduring mythological figuresFeaturesThis is untold tale of the famous apsara Menaka and eually famous Rishi VishwamitraThe novel is not just a love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra but also a story of a woman restricted by her designated role and fighting for her dreams in a male dominated world; and the story of man defying all odds to achieve his goal and fulfil his destinyThe writing is lucid and narration is grippingThis is the latest book by Kavita Kane the best selling author of Karna’s Wife The Outcast’s ueen and Sita's Sister.

About the Author: Kavita Kané

A senior journalist with a career of over two decades which includes working for Magna publication and DNA she uit her job as Assistant Editor of Times of India to devote herself as a full time author A self styled aficionado of cinema and theatre and sufficiently armed with a post graduate degree in English Literature and Mass Communication from the University of Pune the only skill she know.

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    Apsaras the celestial nymphs are always overshadowed in the mythology by near perfect leads In the over all sketch of any tale they're always reduced to mere seductresses whose beauty leads to destruction and ruin Kavita Kane successfully brings forth the muted tale of Celestial Menaka whose life is deeply entwined with that of great rishi Vishwamitra the first and last man she seduced The first part of this book discusses the rebellious Menaka and her passionate yet ridiculed relationship with Gandharva king Vishwavasu while the second part discusses the mission she has been assigned seducing the great Brahmarishi Vishwamitra Be it Vishwavasu or Vishwamitra their insecurity with beautiful and earnest Menaka has been portrayed elegantly in uite casual wayIn both the parts Kavita successfully points out the most sensitive yet dismissed emotions of the Apsaras the muted anguish Indra's foul plays the Assignments that Apsaras are entitled with their muted desires their denied love life and the respect they crave for Kavita Kane always strikes the chord by expressing the subtle lives of dampened characters of Mythology and that has made me her ardent fan Still Menaka of Menaka's desire is easily manipulative and doesn't stand tall like Uruvi of Karna's wife or Urmila of Sita's sister She lacked the essence of a strong woman and often got caught in the tides of emotion Yet an intimidating composition of beauty and brain

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    With her stories mostly having mythological women as her subjects Kavita Kane has done it againtaken one less significant character from the larger than life mythological stories and woven a delicate story bringing the character centre stage Menaka according to stories was just one of the most beautiful 'Apsara' a pawn in Indra's scheme sent from heaven to disturb Rishi Vishwamitra’s penance and prevent him from becoming powerful than the devas in heavenBut author Kavita Kane has given Menaka a personality She becomes not just a beautiful sensuous nymphet meant as diversion or for physical gratification but also a woman with a ticking brain; she is aware of circumstances she thinks and decides her own course of action It is her story; of how she dares to take a path of love and loyalty of how a game of deceit becomes her truth of speaking her mind and standing up against wrong of how her love is destroyed by the conniving Indra not once but twice of her decision to sacrifice her happiness for the greater good of her children and her husband of her desperation to reunite with estranged family of her silently bearing the painSince forever men in Indian society have been given a status eual to Godinfallible Rishis like Vishwamitra leading a ascetic life have been revered and depicted as above all mortal insecurities But the author has shown the human side of Vishwamitra Known for his volatile uick temper and placing a curse on whoever dared to cause trouble in his prayers Vishwamitra is absolutely besotted by charms of Menaka and gives in to his carnal desires like any other man and seeks pleasure in the arms of the woman He finds much satisfaction and comfort in leading a householder till Menaka pushes him away so he could reach a higher goalThe lucid description of Menaka's charm and beauty is very attractive and made me wish to see this lovely damsel in flesh Kavita Kane has described the romantic and amorous episodes between the sage and celestial nymph with such artistic beauty that nowhere it seems either out of place or vulgarit gives you goose pimples instead it is almost delicious to read'All is well that ends well' and Menaka stands vindicated of her guilt of deviating the great sage from his path of attaining highest wisdom her children have no ill feeling towards her her sacrifice is recognised and held honourable by her husband Vishwamitra and Indra learns a lesson of humilityThis book is as delightful to read as 'Sita's Sister' with easy syrupy language Read it for that relaxed feeling and easy joy

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    Edit Author Interview Interview of Kavita Kane The author of 'Karna's wife'Read this book to know about the celestial beauty Apsara and her controversial love storyRead the full book review on my blog Menaka's Choice by Kavita Kane Book reviewRegards

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    Interesting to read fictions based on Hindu MythologyBut it's tiring to read dozen of pages dedicated to tiring romanceand lustor love whatever25 stars

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    Kavita Kane outdid herself Having read her book Karna's wife I had huge expectations from this one And I was not disappointed I loved the book to bitsactually thinking of reading it once againWhat I love about Kavita's books is that the protagonist is very human someone we can all relate to Menaka's Choice is about Menaka the apsara The title was intriguing as apsaras the celestial beauties are normally not given a second thought They are beautiful nymphs who just come to distract I don't think anyone gave a thought to their feelings This is what makes Kavita's work special She writes about what is lovely lady feels For the first time we are forced to look beyond Menaka's beautiful face behind it lies enormous sadness disappointment guilt and anger but she moves on regardless with love and hope No one can capture it better than Kavita Kane It just took my breath away Vishwamitra has been portrayed as a strong man with conflicting emotions a just king who wants the best for his subjects a Rishi who was willing to throw away years of tapasya just be be with his beloved An absolute delight to lovers of mythology Kavita Kane is certainly one of my favorite authors

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    ‘Apsara’ generally subsisting at the periphery of literature uite often depicted for the consumption of a voyeur; thus ends up being an object of sexual gratification rather than a living flesh and blood character Britannica’s description of ‘Apsara’ tersely sums up their prevailing representation in the works of literature “Originally water nymphs the apsaras provide sensual pleasure for both gods and men” Given the context Kavita Kane’s choice of a protagonist in her latest work ‘Menaka’s Choice’ is as intriguing as it is interesting The title in itself stimulates the reader to ponder whether is it even possible to give an apsara a choice when they are even denied a voice till nowFor the complete review please visit

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    Superb tale of celestial manifestations and human frailties and resolve brings into focus a class of divine in all senses beings who have been hitherto confined to it or side roles in fiction

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    This is the second of Kavita Kane's that I laid my hands on and I don't regret itPlease read my review on the link below

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    I regret that I was so late to read this masterpiece It was first Kavita Kane book This will leave you with tears at the end This eventually taught me one thing that sometimes we have to make some hard choices but never ever we should sacrifice our self respect for anyone even if it means to sacrifice the ones we love the most This book is the best example which screams to tell you that if you see any story may it be from history or mythology from women's perspective you will get to understand it better as they are the ones who nourish this world of male ego they are one who choose rational decisions over vengeance ones This book actually showed me the side of Meneka an apsara who we generally think as mere seductress is much than that dancing or a lovemaking object she is a woman of values valour intelligence much than the so called Devas themselves

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    The book deals with aspects of Hindu mythology that I have not heard of before and the author's efforts in humanising these characters and giving them agency particularly Menaka who is used as a pawn by Indra but subverts his will time and again are truly commendableBut it's hard to enjoy a book where the editing is subpar where inhuman is left as in human and it's is left where its should be used and where there is telling than showing There are simply too many instances where narratives that don't take place in the story are spelt out where there are too many instances of showing how characters are feeling instead of telling and it makes a critical reader lose the enjoyment of readingStill the general story is interesting and the women in the story are fascinating characters

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