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  • 542 pages
  • Steelheart (de Lohr Dynasty, #3)
  • Kathryn Le Veque
  • English
  • 01 January 2016

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    Steelheart FateThis was a very interesting story of David de Lohr and Emilie Hampton I won't summarize their story I will give my honest opinion There was a lot of complexity to it Having read Rise of the Defender his older brother Christopher's story I always wanted to know about David's life and really understand him and Emilie Therefore I was happy that this author wrote his tale She did an exceptional job at meshing Steelheart basically paralleled to Rise of the Defender As I was reading I kept thinking how difficult and challenging this must have been to write while wanting to do it justice and maintaining the authenticity of both characters brothers simultaneously during the same time period I can tell this was not an easy feat All I can say is wow wow and wow The hero and heroine grew into their relationship over time It was great to see these characters develop I laughed out loud numerous times and I also cried I also thought how great it was to realize what was happening to David and Emilie's relationship was probably true to form with what loyal dedicated knights were going through in their lives as a whole These knights were being called to duty by their liege time after time trying to leave their own legacy with family and having heirs This had to have been difficult for themThe story reminded me that things happen for a reason and as time goes by we become wiserhopefully and circumstances do mold us into who we are Thank you Kathryn Le Veue for this story It truly was a pleasure to read You did what a lot of fans wantedDavid's story You tried to make everything as clear as possible and you did not disappoint at all I believe you accomplished what you set out to do Great job

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    medievel soap opera muddled live affairs and happy marriages family suabbles loss grief joy

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    The reason I gave it a three star it’s because as much as I wanted to hear Davis's story after him playing such an essential role in the Rise of the Defender as Christopher's brother The book lacks some Essence and at times I felt like I was rereading the Rise of the Defender all over again

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    Fate Brought Them Together Love Kept Them ThereDavid de Lohr is the younger hot tempered brother of Christopher de Lohr Rise of the Defender He is wickedly fast and fierce with a sword and totally devoted to his older brother Christopher The bond he has with his brother is like no other for most of their lives they had only the other to rely on making them extremely close David is also arrogant stubborn selfish and totally against marrying Most of the time he allows his emotions to dictate his actions without thinking things through before acting In short he is a very complicated character After reading Rise of the Defender I really wanted to see David's story told Steelheart is that storyI loved this book It is a character driven story of personal growth through trials and tribulations It is a story which shows how one's selfish and self righteous decisions and the resulting actions adversely affect others around them It is a story about two brothers whose lives are so closely meshed that lines are sometimes crossed causing devastating heart wrenching results Most of all this book is a love story which develops over years of time between a man and a woman in between battles and defending a realm with miscommunications emotional upheavals and a jealous rivalYes David de Lohr is a very complex and complicated character but IMHO this book fully developed his character and his experiences and trials brought him to his full potential with a love to last through eternity The book not only lived up to my expectations it exceeded themI loved Lady Emile Hampton David's love as well She is a bit immature at times she is only 19 when the story starts so it is to be somewhat expected but is also strong willed patient and wise beyond her yearsI have one very strong suggestion Before you read this book you really should read Rise of the Defender Christopher de Lohr's story David is a principal character in that book which actually shadows this book Ms Le Veue uses passages from Rise of the Defender in Steelheart but reading Rise will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of both brothers how that story line is related to Steelheart as well as other characters in Steelheart as several characters are in both books

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    What can I say about this author Kathryn Le Veue she is so talented and a great storyteller Steelheart is another beautiful success for hers She never disappoints me

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    Thought I would never finish this book😕😖😕Over the last month I have read about 15 books by Kathryn and have enjoyed every one for the most part This one however it's only saving points were the pranks pulled by Emilies' sisters and the responses that resulted from those pranks Emilie appears bipolic flipping back and forth from a child to a woman threatening David constantly David has a huge streak of immaturity as well considering the times and his profession But the worst was the lack of editing Way too many errors and it was distracting and annoying Don't plan on reading any except for the de Wolfe family

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    Very much a repeat of Christopher David spent much of his life in Christopher 's shadow I was sad that so much of his story was a repeat of Christopher 's book He was his own man with his own feelings and his own love Emilie did not deserve to be a second thought to Dustin The author slammed the brakes on this story as soon as David realize d he loved Emily's and their story deserved so much Emilio and David were shortchanged Kathryn usually hangs on until a child is born I don't think she liked David

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    This is David de Lohr and Emilie's story Although there is some overlap between the previous episode this is for the majority from David's perspective where he meets and falls for Emilie the Earl of Canterbury's first daughter It is a tale of loyalty love and the passionate feelings of those that endure through very difficult times and come out stronger

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    Average If you read the de Lohr Dynasty books in seuence you will be skipping large sections of this story as it is repeated from the previous book There are many errors in the print Words are spelled correctly but they are the wrong words Spell check can only do so much Only one slightly sexy scene in the story

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    I was very disappointed in this book and was glad it is part of the de Lohr Dynasty collection The writing was very choppy and the number of errors was atrocious Daniel nor Emilie were ever really flushed out Daniel showed substance in the excerpts from Rise of the Defender

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Steelheart (de Lohr Dynasty, #3)[PDF / EPUB] Steelheart (de Lohr Dynasty, #3) EPIC Medieval Romance Claire Delacroix NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author 1192 AD – David de Lohr the younger brother of the great Christopher de Lohr RISE OF THE DEFENDER is a man who has li EPIC Medieval Romance Claire Delacroix NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author AD – David de Lohr the younger brother of the great Christopher de Lohr RISE OF THE DEFENDER is a man who has lived his entire life in his prestigious older brother’s shadow While his brother was nicknamed “The Lion’s Claw” as the right hand of Richard the Lionheart David was nicknamed “The Lion Cub” because of his youth But David is a force to be reckoned with Lightning fast with a sword he is a knight of the highest order and worthy of his own great legacy And so the story of David de Lohr the knight with the heart of steel begins Newly returned from the Holy Land where he fought with the Christian armies David returns to find that England is perhaps dangerous that the sands of The Levant At a grand tournament given by Richard’s brother John David finds himself entrenched in the danger of the politics of England Mercenaries hired by the prince are posing as legitimate knights trying to kill those loyal to Richard News of Richard’s disappearance on his way home from the Holy Land only feeds John’s lust for the throne As he brings a mercenary army to England’s shores David and his brother must combat this tide of evil Politics and mayhem follow David wherever he goes But what David didn’t count on was the introduction of a lovely young woman the daughter of the Earl of Canterbury Casually acuainted at first David must save Emilie Hampton from the prince’s clutches not once but several times throwing Emilie and David together again and again Emilie makes her feelings for David known but David the confirmed bachelor is terrified of his feelings for her As the fight for Richard’s throne gains in intensity David finds himself increasingly distracted by the lovely lady who has stolen his heart It’s politics mystery passion and chaos for David and Emilie as they try to find their way in a world that would see the two lovers torn apart.

About the Author: Kathryn Le Veque

Juggernaut Indie author Kathryn Le Veue is a 'tour de force' in publishing Kathryn is a critically acclaimed time USA TODAY Bestselling author a charter All Star author an Indie Reader top seller and a bestselling award winning multi published author in Medieval Historical Romance with over published novels Among her many accomplishments she is the CEO of Dragonblade Publ.