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Aspects du mythe [PDF / EPUB] Aspects du mythe An informative guide to the modern mythologies This classic study translated from the original French deals primarily with societies around the world in which myth is or was until very recently living An informative guide to the modern mythologies This classic study translated from the original French deals primarily with societies around the world in which myth is or was until very recently living in the sense that it supplies models for human behavior and by that very fact gives Aspects du PDF/EPUB ² meaning and value to life The author believes that understanding the structure and function of myths in these traditional societies serves to clarify a stage in the history of human thought myths reveal that the World man and life have a supernatural origin and history and that this history is significant precious and exemplary.

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    From the first page of Eliade's Myth and RealityEveryone knows that from the time of Xenophanes ca 565 470 who was the first to criticize and reject the 'mythological' expressions of the divinity employed by Homer and Hesiod the Greeks steadily continued to empty mythos of all religious and metaphysical valueIf you know this indeed if you think everyone knows this then you may be among the target audience for this work that traces the history of myth from the ancient to the modern worldI enjoyed this book than I did Eliade's Shamanism Archaic Techniues of Ecstasy or The Myth of the Eternal Return mostly because in comparison to these previous works Myth and Reality is complex in its argument although I agree with Eliade's suggestion that if you are new to his work The Myth of the Eternal Return is probably the one with which to startUsing examples from sacred and classic literature as well as the findings of ethnology and anthropology Eliade discusses the relation of myth to reality to time and history and to human psychology He comments on a variety of types of myths including those of cosmogony of initiation of memory and forgetting and of salvation Subjects Eliade mentions along the way include yoga karma cargo cults the Grail legend psychoanalysis modern art and Taoist alchemy yes apparently that is a thing

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    Several professors at Grinnell College IA and Union Theological Seminary NYC assigned books by Mircea Eliade the historian and anthropologist of religion for their classes Except for his book about time Cosmos and History I found them so redundant that I got the impression that he wrote the same book again and again The problem may have been that the instructors were all assigning introductory level texts Perhaps there are other advanced texts which would have impressed me I have not read for instance his dissertation on yoga

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    Not what I was expecting Very scholarly type writing but doesn't really break down the myths and compare them Doesn't even look at major modern religious myths Only wants to look at myths in tribes that until very recently have not been influenced by outside cultures I can see where it is coming from as a study but it would be far interesting if the author wasn't treating myths as something only the natives recite believe and act on

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    Some chapters of this book are almost astounding Yet the author repeatedly says that he can't go into a particular topic here or that he's addressed it before He repeatedly uses Latin phrases and obscure philosophical terminology and does not include a glossary I felt like I was in a seminar in which I'd missed the first half Other parts of the book seemed repetitive Well worth reading but I would turn to his earlier works

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    Comparative religion at its faithful best Explains solutions of various religions towards the defeat of time and other existential conundrums Chronos meticulous a hole though he was can be fairly credited with the commendable act of destroying Chaos Nonetheless he was still a jerk I had thought Zeus had killed him off but he still seems to be hanging aroundWe all long to move from becoming to being and if we are just uiet and calm we can do that in our own little spaces of time Life is still a mystery and no one has all the answers The danger comes from those who think that not only are there answers but there are right and wrong answers Those people tend to make a play for power in this world using their certainty as leverage

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    A great introduction to the concepts of one of the foremost mythographers in history Mircea writes in an easy to read prose and briefly draws from actual myth to illustrate his points Warning for those wanting a detailed break down and discussion of classic mythology this book is not for you For those wanting a broader view that backs it's stance by observations of mythic dialogs still being observed this book is a great find A classic piece of mythographic material and a must read for anyone serious about tradition dialogs

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    This book provides a broad if a bit jumpy overview of a variety of archaic mythologies and the reasons for such mythologies Some sections were understandable to me than others and there are many ideas cultures ideologies for me to investigate further But overall very interesting book

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    st patrick's seminary course

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    A strong definition of myth as a creation story that helps us understand the meaning of life as opposed to understanding myth simply as a fiction

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    Eliade is as usual an amazing interpreter of humanity's deepest thought processes despite them being archaic and forgotten This book proves it just as good as any other study by Eliade At the same time i was amazed to find out the scholar aknowlodged even back then in the 60's when this volume was originally published the strong ties between modern comic book heroes and mythologyepic heroes This gave me the confidence to continue my own study in this direction This might be trivial now but I imagine claiming such hypothesis in the 60's must've been seen as being at leasr excentricMy only claim against this book is how Eliade seems to repeat himself a lot reusing ideas from other books in fact this is my issue with his whole bibliography But overall Eliade never ceases to amaze me everytime I read him

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