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    The description of the book appended is the table of contents which gives the thematic arrangement of the selections chosen by the editor These selections are generally very very short uotations than extracts Each section is headed by a brief essay by the editor the uotations serving to justify his arguments One gets the sense that these are the assembled notes for a projected book

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    Great intro to Augustine's theology Reading selections are conveniently systematized by topics with brief introductions by the editor

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    His section on time is particularly memorable We owe it to Augustine that he inserted Christianity into philosophical thought He leans heavily on Plato’s duality of mind and matter to describe how God the good in Plato’s case imprints on the human mind to fulfill plans for reality Fascinating stuff But Augustine had a particularly problematic dispensation of both intolerance and moral categorizing his comments on Jewish people and Judaism are a study for the future Why did christians thinkers some of the greatest thinkers writing about love so unloving? His belief The Jews ought to wander in cursed meaningless existence in the desert as a demonstration of the coming of New Jerusalem and God’s commitment to His people

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    I have been reading this book as my devotional reading each night almost since about mid February averaging about 10 pages or so each reading time which is about right for this book St Augustine of Hippo 354 – 430 was a towering intellect of Western Christianity at a time when the focus of the world was on Eastern Christianity centered in Constantinople and Alexandria The works of Augustine are considered to be among the most influential on Western Christianity theology and there are a lot of works He wrote his Confessions in 397 – 398 City of God begun in 413 finished 426 any number of books on all things that might fall under the view of a Bishop and at the end of his life he wrote a book of Retractions a better title would be Review about 428 in which he listed and considered after the passage of time all of his works in chronological order To consider all of this material is the work of decades; hence I very much enjoyed reading this book which gives a fine overview of Augustine compressed into a paperback volumeThe Editor of this work manages to whittle down the essential Augustine into ten sections titled in order The Man and His Writings Faith and Reason Three Levels of Reality Man’s Soul The World of Bodies Approaching God Through Understanding Moral and Religious Life Dimensions of Grace The Two Cities and Philosophy of History Each section is prefaced by an Introduction by the editor summarizing the material covered in the section; then each section contains various excerpts from the writings of Augustine It is worth it to consider the Introduction to each section both before and after reading each section of Augustine’s writingsAugustine may have been in what was considered a backwater in the early 5th century he did not even know Greek the universal language of the Christian East but history has shown that much of Western Christian thought can be traced directly to his writings Aided by a very good education there was almost no subject he did not consider in some way and so I found this book of The Essential Augustine to be an indispensable aid

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    A personable philosopher you're unlikely to find He can be a pleasure to read Alas all roads for Augustine start with God and end with Christianity so if you lack the faith to go along with him there you're left with tracing the path he takes in between which is only sometimes interesting

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    A very good collection of topically arranged excerpts from Augustine The man was dreadfully important and wrote copiously I found this collection useful both as a synthesis of his thoughts and as a diving off point for further study

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    Didn't think much of Confessions so I figured maybe he made his real mark with City of God but there's no way I'm gonna read that Perhaps this 50 cent 245 page book will do the trick

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    Not particularly helpful

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The Essential Augustine [PDF / EPUB] The Essential Augustine Foreword1 THE MAN HIS WRITINGS How A Came to the Episcopacy Serm 355 2; A Chooses Eraclius as His Successor Letter 213 1 5f; A on His Own Writings Retractations Prol I 1 32 FAITH REASON Belief is Voli Foreword THE MAN HIS WRITINGS How A Came to the Episcopacy Serm ; A Chooses Eraclius as His Successor Letter f; A on His Own Writings Retractations Prol I FAITH REASON Belief is Volitional Consent On the Spirit Letter ; ; To Believe Is to Think wAssent Predestination of the Saints ; Believing Understanding On Free Choice II ; Authority Reason Against the Academics III ; Two Ways to Knowledge On Order II f; Reason Authority in Manicheism Value of Believing ; The Relation of Authority The Essential PDF \ to Reason True Religion ; If I Am Deceived I Am Alive City of God XI ; I Know that I Am Alive The Trinity XV f; Knowledge Wisdom The Trinity XII ; Error Ignorance Enchiridion THREE LEVELS OF REALITY Creator Human Soul Body uestions for Simplicianus I ; Natures on Three Levels Letter ; Soul Ruled by God Rules Its Body On Music VI f; Soul Above the Sensible Below God True Religion ; God Mutable Spirits Bodies Nature of the Good ; Divine Psychic Bodily Nature City of God VIII f; Causality Divine Psychic Bodily City of God V ; Divine Ideas as Prototypes Different uestions f; God Set Spiritual Creation Above the Corporeal Literal Commentary on Genesis VIII ; ; ; Evil the Privation of the Good Enchiridion MAN’S SOUL Existence Life Sense Reason On Free Choice II f ; Sensation as an Activity of the Soul On Music VI f; Memory Understanding Will The Trinity X f; The Wonders of Memory Confessions X ; Three Levels of Vision Literal Commentary on Genesis XII ; THE WORLD OF BODIES All Bodily Natures Are Good City of God XII ; Invisible Seeds in the Elements The Trinity III ; The Elements Contain Seminal Reasons Literal Commentary on Genesis IX ; Measure Number Weight Literal Commentary on Genesis IV ; Concerning Formless Matter Confessions XII ; Place Time the Physical World City of God XI ; The Wonders of Nature City of God XXI ; God Works Thruout Nature The Trinity III ; Man’s Natural Endowments City of God XXII ; The Physical World the Xian Enchiridion APPROACHING GOD THRU UNDERSTANDING Creation is a Great Book Serm Mai ; The Journey of the Soul to God On Free Choice II f; f; f; The Soul’s Ascent to God Confessions VII ; The Whole World Proclaims Its Maker On Psalm Serm ; Ascending to the Supreme Truth True Religion ; Plato’s View of God City of God VII ; How to Think About God The Trinity V f f; The Problem of Speaking About God The Trinity VII ; God Is the Selfsame On Psalm ; A Divine Invocation Solilouies I ; Late Have I Loved Thee Confessions X MORAL RELIGIOUS LIFE All Men Desire Happiness On Psalm Serm f; Man’s Greatest Good Moral Behavior of the Catholic Church ; Good Love Bad Love City of God XIV f; Moral Evil Stems from Bad Will City of God XII ; Two Precepts of Love City of God XIX ; On Diversities of Local Customs Letter ; Doing Good to Body Soul Moral Behavior of the Catholic Church f; The Evil of Telling a Lie Enchiridion f ; Lying Concealing the Truth On Psalm ; Faith Hope Charity Enchiridion ; No Virtues Apart from God City of God XIX ; Our Reward Is Not in This Life On Psalm Serm DIMENSIONS OF GRACE What the Grace of God Is On Admonition Grace f; A Was Never a Pelagian Retractations I ; What True Grace Is On the Grace of Christ f; The Work of Grace City of God XXI f; How Freedom Is Restored by Grace Enchiridion ; God’s Foreknowledge Human Willing City of God V ; Grace Before After the Fall Enchiridion ; Grace Good Works On Psalm Serm ; Prevenient Grace On Psalm Serm ; Grace Human Miseries City of God XXII ; The Beatific Vision On Psalm Serm THE TWO CITIES A’s Analysis of the City of God Letter to Firmus; How the Two Cities Differ City of God XIV ; Two Loves Make Two Cities Literal Commentary on Genesis XI ; Two Cities Formed by Two Loves City of God XIV ; The Unimportance of Externals City of God XIX ; Relation of the Heavenly Earthly Cities City of God XIX ; Jerusalem Babylon On Psalm ; Summary of the Two Cities City of God XVIII ; All Nations Are in the City of God On Psalm ; The Church the City of God On Psalm ; The Foundation of the Holy City On Psalm ; Religion Human Destiny True Religion ; The Meaning of a People City of God XIX f; Peace the Tranuility of Order City of God XIX ; Two Kingdoms After the Resurrection Enchiridion PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY Belief Historical Events Different uestions ; The Universality of Providence City of God V ; Meaning in History True Religion f; Six Ages in Biblical History On Psalm ; Symbolic Meaning of Jewish History On Psalm ; Christ in History Letter f; The Two Cities in History On Catechizing the Uninstructed ; What Is Time Confessions XI ; Critiue of Cyclicism City of God XII APENDIXES Selected Annotated Bibliography Alphabetical List of A’s Writings Glossary of TermsINDEX.