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The Castle of the Cats [PDF / EPUB] The Castle of the Cats When a farmer decides it's time to choose who will inherit his land he sends his three sons out into the world to prove their worth Ivan the youngest and simplest boy discovers a marvelous castle of c When a farmer decides it's time of the Kindle Ó to choose who will inherit his land he sends his three sons out into the world to prove their worth Ivan the youngest and simplest boy discovers a marvelous castle of cats that holds a magical secret a secret that only Ivan may be able to unlock and one that holds the key to his future.

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    If you're a cat lover this is a must If you're a reader of international fairytales that's two checks to read this Are you a Erik A Kimmel fan or are you familiar with Katya Krenina's vivid and magical illustrations? Then this is a book for youBased on a Latvian fairytale a farmer has three sons the two older bold and clever and the younger Ivan simple and small Summoning all three sons the farmer states It is time to decide who will inherit the farm It is also time for you boys to be married Go now ride out into the world Whoever brings back the most beautiful wedding kerchief will be my heirRather that rushing out to fill his father's wishes Ivan is content to play with his leather ball He has no desire to be the heir With great encouragement and love Iva's father convinces him to try and perhaps luck will be his What transpires on Ivan's reluctant journey is the heart of the story Yes it includes castles cats fanciful illustrations and enchantment Thank you Cheryl's Review for introducing me to this delightful book

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    This story is based on an old Latvian fairytale A simple young man discovers a castle occupied by cats and learns that “things are seldom what they seem and rewards are found where they are least expected” Young children would enjoy this delightful tale a great read aloud

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    A farmer sends his three sons out into the world on a series of uests in this Latvian folktale determined to leave his property to the one who is most successful The two oldest boys are eager but foolish Ivan is uninterested and must be prompted by his father to make an attempt Each time he sets out Ivan is led to an enchanted Castle of Cats where his modest gifts a small leather ball some mint AKA catnip and a carved wooden ring gain him such beautiful gifts in return that he is chosen as heir Ivan however has no interest in the farm and returns to the Castle of Cats with his bride the Cat ueenThe Castle of the Cats is the fourth picture book I have read following upon The Magic Dreidels A Hanukkah Story The Birds' Gift A Ukrainian Easter Story and The Spider's Gift A Ukrainian Christmas Story in which author Eric A Kimmel and illustrator Katya Krenina collaborated They make an excellent team and I always enjoy the work they do together This was no exception and I found the story uite engaging It draws upon familiar themes the three sons the youngest of whom almost always an 'Ivan' is a fool; the three uests in which the uesters must bring back something lovely; the enchanted bride but also went in a direction I did not expect with Ivan following his feline bride and eventually becoming a cat himself I suppose a life of indolence suits his personality The artwork here is interesting and uite lovely done in a style it looks to be part collage part painting that feels a little different from that seen in some of Krenina's other titlesThe only note of discontent for me was Kimmel's brief note in which he mentions that the story here was based upon the Latvian tale of The Palace of the Cats but that both he and Krenina preferred to transfer the narrative to Ukraine because they had personal ties to that country and this made them comfortable Given the dearth of Latvian stories that are widely available to English speaking children this disappointed me and it felt somewhat odd After all Kimmel has retold stories from all over the world and he can't have a personal connection to every country from which those stories hail Krenina has fewer titles to her credit but I assume they're not all Ukraine based Very odd Leaving that aside this was an entertaining and lovely picture book one I would recommend to all young folk and fairy tale lovers

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    I love cats which is why this got a 2 but this is really creepy

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    I've always been puzzled by the French story The White Cat and its adaptations This tale has just enough in common with it to help me make sense of that court tale Kimmel's note is unfortunately less helpful than usual But the art is as perfectly suited to the story as is usual with a book by Kimmel I continue my uest to read everything by this prolific master

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    Worst book I have ever read Story was bad it was awkwardly weird disturbing not politically correct and the illustrations are epically bad My niece had gotten it from a library and asked me to read it out loud and I was horrified that I subjected her to it

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    This book was hecka weird and I loved it

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    Handed to me by a co worker who knows I am an unabashed ailurophile This time it is not Puss in Boots who saves the hapless younger son's bacon but his old mare

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    Like most fairytales this book was very interesting but it is not a book I would most likely read again

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    Double win for us Eric Kimmel who does such great retellings; and cats which are Logan's favorite Originally a Latvian talk this retelling is set in Ukraine The story of three brothers competing for their inheritance The youngest the father's favorite is not as clever as the other two but is kinder and isn't really that interested in competing Nevertheless his father encourages him to do so On this first uest the young man encounters a castle of beautiful cats dressed in fancy clothing His gift of a leather ball sends them all scampering about to chase it They are so thankful they give him a gift to take home On each of three uests the boy goes to the same castle I won't ruin the surprise The illustrations are pretty and we had laughs over the dressed up cats' responses to his gifts especially the mint Themes of kindness sharing and trust

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