Rimonah of the Flashing Sword A North African Tale

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    An interesting blend of the classical Snow White tale by the Grimms with elements from the Arabian Nights mostly a a very clear nod to Aladdin and the Forty Thieves In this version the familiar white as snow red as blood and dark as ebony wood symbolic colour trifecta for Snow White becomes skin as black as promeganate's skin eyes as bright as pomegranate's seed and a voice sweet as pomegranate juice and I'm not sure it holds the same symbolism The Evil ueen here is a wicked sorceress with no other motivation but grabbing power though she does keep her vanity and has a porcelain bowl that works as a Magic Mirror stand in and she also does do the familiar 3 attempts on Snow White's life before she succeeds Only that the apple is a poisoned ring here and again I'm not sure the symbolism is respected The rest of the story is just as the Grimms told it she's kept in a glass coffin for the prince that'll wake her up watched by the 40 Robin Hoods that stand in for the seven dwarfs There's not really much variation in this retelling merely a change of names and key elements and it doesn't feel authentic to the place and setting and culture it's aiming to represent and the art style doesn't uite do it for me either; it looks like trying to force visually the authenticity that the written word didn't convey

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    Based upon a Jewish folktale from Egypt author Eric A Kimmel spins the story of Rimonah of the Flashing Sword in this gorgeous picture book A North African heroine whose story greatly resembles that of the Brothers Grimm fairytale Snow White Rimonah is born to a mother who wished for a child with skin as dark as a pomegranate eyes as bright as pomegranate seeds and a voice as sweet as pomegranate juice Growing up in the palace of her father the king she has a happy childhood until the death of her mother at which point her father is enspelled by an evil witch and she herself is taken to the desert there to be murdered at the new ueen's order Spared instead Rimonah is taken in by a Bedouin tribe and grows up into a fine horsewoman and sword fighter When the ueen discovers she is still alive she sets out to kill her by giving her an enchanted scorpion necklace Now aware that she is still in danger Rimonah flees eventually falling in with a band of forty thieves outlaws who much as in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves live in a cave When the ueen strikes again Rimonah falls into a deathlike sleep and is kept by the thieves in a glass coffin until the arrival of a princeAs someone with an interest in comparative folklore I greatly enjoyed Rimonah of the Flashing Sword A North African Tale although I did come away wondering how many of the details were from the original North African source and how many were taken from other sources According to Kimmel's brief note at the beginning of the book this was inspired by a story in Howard Schwartz's Miriam's Tambourine Jewish Folktales from Around the World although elements of other variants of the tale were also used I have to laugh at some of the reviews which take Kimmel to task for not revising the Grimm version to their liking when his note makes it plain that he explicitly did not use the Grimm finding older variants 'dynamic' Perhaps these reviewers didn't read the note? In any case although this shouldn't be read as an Africanized version of Snow White it certainly does bear comparison to that tale and I would be very interested to know which other variants Kimmel used in his retelling At some point I'll have to track down the Schwartz and read his telling as well It's clear that one other source was Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves In any case I found the story engaging appreciating its blend of familiar and unfamiliar elements and I found the artwork beautiful Omar Rayyan always delivers something gorgeous and this was no exception I did expect Rimonah to be a slightly darker shade of red given the reference to pomegranates although here again I am bemused by the reviewers angry that she was not depicted as black Apparently such people have never seen a pomegranate? Rayyan mentioned in his artist's note that he was inspired by many different artistic styles and settings so his illustrations are not 'authentic' Then again the story itself seems to be an amalgam so why not the artwork? All in all a lovely picture book one I would recommend to all folk and fairy tale lovers particularly those who appreciate strong heroines

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    Kimmel takes the story of Snow White and places it in an Arabian Nights setting It’s a good book and a great rough draft for a truly new telling of the Snow White tale – but it’s not uite what I would call a final draftThe text takes a standard copy of the Grimm fairy tale and changes a few key nouns but other than that doesn’t have any real feel of a whole new retelling A Scheherazade type style would have worked betterMeanwhile the illustrations aren’t a style I would have gone with either The sketchy pastel style only reinforces the rough draft feel of the book Either a photo realistic style like Maxfield Parrish or something that mimicked the style of the time and place would have really made the book popLet’s just say it – if we’re going to have a non Eurocentric fairy tale let’s have this characters speak and look like non EuropeansSo overall good but not great

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    I was pleasantly surprised that this melding of Snow White and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was so satisfying

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    Snow White meets the Arabian Nights and the combination is fabulous Beautiful pictures beautiful and exciting story Snow White has never been one of my favorite stories I'll take 40 Thieves over 7 Dwarfs any day

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    This North African folktale is a combination of Snow White and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

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    Many fairy tales combined in this tale where 'sleeping beauty' meets forty thieves This North African tale had strong and vivid illustrations to show the power good and bad of the characters

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    Such a uniue story It’s a North African Snow White tale with influences of ancient Egypt Judea Persia Ottoman Empire and Morocco Chock full of positive girl power too

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    That was uite a different take on Snow White It seems almost every culture has some version of Cinderella but Snow White isn't as common internationally Kimmel's author's note states that he based this not only on an old Jewish story but on some other aspects of North African and Middle Eastern stories which means we don't get seven dwarfs but Ali Baba's Forty Thieves of which Rimonah is number forty one and the step mother bears a strong resemblance to Nefertiti Rimonah survives a scorpion attack is known as an expert with a sword and saves her father's life it really does make sense that the step mother tried the same trick on him I'm almost certain I've read the bit about the vial of blood somewhere before but I can't place where other than Angelina Jolie obviously I believe there's a handkerchief with blood drops on it in The Goose Girl so perhaps that's where it comes from On the whole it's a fresh take and well illustrated with lovely vibrant colors

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    This is apparently an ancient African Tale handed down over the generations We were amazed at the similarities it shared with several fairy tales that might be known to us Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Arabian Nights; and even Goldilocks and the Three Bears made an appearanceLuke and I both agreed on the 3 star rating

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Rimonah of the Flashing Sword A North African Tale [PDF / EPUB] Rimonah of the Flashing Sword A North African Tale Rimonah was born with skin as dark as a pomegranate's peel and a voice as sweet as a pomegranate's juice and she was the fairest in all the land She never knew a moment's sorrow until the day her moth Rimonah was born with skin as dark the Flashing eBook ☆ as a pomegranate's peel and a voice as sweet as a pomegranate's juice and she was the fairest in all the land She never knew a moment's sorrow until the day her mother the ueen died Soon after a cunning sorceress tricked the king into marrying her and then seething with jealousy she plotted to kill Rimonah But as Rimonah grew to be a fearless horsewoman her goodness and bravery saved her time and again from her evil stepmother's Rimonah of PDF/EPUB or malicious trickery Beautiful and brave Rimonah of the Flashing Sword is rewarded in this North African version of Snow White.

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Rimonah of the Flashing Sword A North African Tale
  • Eric A. Kimmel
  • English
  • 08 December 2014
  • 9780823410934

About the Author: Eric A. Kimmel

Eric A Kimmel was born in Brooklyn the Flashing eBook ☆ NY in He attended PS Andries Hudde Junior High School and Midwood High School Brooklyn College was across the street from his high school so he didn’t want to go there He headed west to Easton Pennsylvania where he graduated from Lafayette College in with a bachelor’s degree in English literature Eric worked as an elementary school teache.