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    A week in Vegas sounded heavenly for Lisa widowed mother of three and Grim Reaper Lisa was traveling to Vegas for a GRS conference which sounded rather dull but might be fun When Lisa arrives in Vegas she is so surprised to find souls than she usually sees in an area Maybe Vegas just has dead? Who knows food alcohol sleep and gambling awaits and not necessarily in that order Here she meets Mara and Cam who are partners like her and Nate are Mara and Lisa become instant friends and find themselves in all kinds of trouble Brux has a hilarious writing style that keeps you laughing and smiling through the whole book Her characters are relatable even if they are grim reapers angels demons and souls Another fabulous book in this series and I will be impatiently awaiting the next adventure

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    Yeesh I loved this too much happy sigh There was so much to take in and so many juicy litte pieces given I honestly can not wait to explore Nate and Lisa's relationship Also can't wait to see what side effects happen now that we know Death himself is who he is to her spoilers lolMy only complaint would be the typos and the little nuisances that could have easily been fixed before publication Boone my reaper sister I love you You need a new editor and new beta readers ASAP I can help with the beta reading

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    Ghosts demons supernatural beings in Vegas oh my What is a Reaper to do? Add in a temper tantrum of epic proportions Nd you have the mix of a really exciting story I can't wait for the next one

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    Styx and Stoned is a fast paced and fun read Boone Brux has created a world and characters that are plenty entertaining Honestly she’s one of the funniest authors I’ve ever readThis is the 2nd book in the series and I have been waiting for what felt like forever to read it I won a copy at Coastal Magic Con It was worth every minute of waitingLisa goes to Las Vegas on Reaper business I swear this woman has worse luck than I do and that’s saying something While we don’t get to witness and of her stupid people reaping there is plenty of other action and adventure One thing I love about this character is that I can relate to her on a level that just doesn’t happen in other books She’s a mom she has shitty luck and just can’t get a break I understand that completelyIn Styx and Stoned we learn a lot about the other characters in the series I understand Hal a lot better than I did previously and now I can understand why he’s such a wankerOverall this was a funny enjoyable read I laughed through most of the book and I really like when that happens The action never really stops and you never know what will happen next

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    Lisa Carron may be a reluctant grim reaper but don't underestimate her this widowed mother of three has a spine of steel and a sense of humor that will keep you cringing and laughing along with her Lisa's conferencevacation in Las Vegas gets interrupted when the newly reaped start returning to the mortal plane and the supernatural beings who enlist Lisa's help aren't exactly people you say no to without running the risk of being struck down in some horrific manner But as with most supernatural beings Lisa knows she isn't getting the whole story and why is a junior reaper the only one that can help?Thoroughly enjoyable read I love Lisa's dry wit and sense of humor regardless of the situation Some typos but don't let that stop you from grabbing this book Mature topics death promiscuity angels demons and some intense fight scenes but no explicit sexual content or graphic descriptions of violence

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    This is a 35 star readThis was such a fun read filled with demons and angels and reapers oh my Written in a cosy style and so well paced that the pages practically turned themselves Good ? demons check original Deities of Death check and a backup of souls from the River Styx being pushed through to the mortal realm most definitely The story takes place in Las Vegas and incorporates the Conventions within which leads to than a few smirks A paranormal look at what happens when the Ferryman has a hissy fit and the adage that you can't choose your family Enjoyable light read

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    SUPER COOLI loved this book I can't wait for Lisa's next adventure and where this will all lead her Please keep those books coming Boone Brux Now I can finish my VV Inn series I had to stop and read about Lisa since she's on her way to see Dria SO EXCITING Can't wait to read this and the twist you and CJ Ellisson put on a book together I love CJ Ellisson and the way she writes She totally puts it out thereLMAO let's see how Lisa deals with the very uniue and sensual Dria Thank you for this great book

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    They say a mother has superpowers and Lisa definitely shows she can do it all in this second book of The Grim Reality series She is a mother first and the rest just seems to fall into place all be it a bit chaotically but she learns along the way Angels Demons Reapers Souls all around with everything seeming to come apart at the seams but Lisa and her new found friend work hard to pull everything back into order with a little help from her porter Secrets come out along the way and lies are made right Boone Brux adds humor into her realistic world and pulls me in with this series

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    I absolutely loved this book I loved Lisa and Mara together they were both so much fun This series is uickly becoming one of my all time favorites The story was very well written and had a steady pace We got to learn about Lisa and other supernaturals also we learned about Hal 3 I'm really looking forward to reading the next bookThe editing in this one was so much better There were a few mistakes but nothing you can't look over

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    I loved the characters and I loved the story line A great addition to the Brux' Grim Reaper series Full of puns tasteful and otherwise smart humor and an outlandish plot that kept me wondering how this would pan out We were introduced to Mara who is the ultimate BFF for Lisa and I laughed my way thru all their antics

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Styx Stoned [PDF / EPUB] Styx Stoned Las Vegas All expenses paid Normally a trip like that would be a dream come true for a widowed mother of three who just happens to be grim reaper Here's the thing though situations rarely work out as Las Vegas All expenses paid Normally a trip like that would be a dream come true for a widowed mother of three who just happens to be grim reaper Here's the thing though situations rarely work out as I imagine they should And usually not in my favor This time isn't any different Instead of the endless free drinks and gambling I'd been hoping for I get the opposite demons water zombies and a bimbo ghost roommate who gives new meaning to the phrase dead drunk But it's not all bad I'm making new friends learning spectacular reaper skills and saving souls I just hope I don't lose mine before I can get the Underworld all sorted out.