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Howl My Name Grayslake #5 [PDF / EPUB] Howl My Name Grayslake #5 Reid just killed her father There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now DammitWerewolf Reid Bennett has one goal investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan Reports are coming in that the male is abus Reid just killed her father Name Grayslake ePUB ☆ There’s no way Evelyn’s gonna mate him now DammitWerewolf Reid Bennett has one goal investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan Reports are coming in that the male is abusing his werebears and – even if he’s a werewolf – Reid will put a stop to it Unfortunately the resolution ends up being permanent and now Reid’s the clan’s leaderThe Howl My PDF/EPUB or only positive about his new situation curvy werebear Evelyn Archer She makes his wolf howl and he aches to explore every inch of her lush frame He’s the clan’s leader and he knows exactly where he’d like to lead Evelyn — his bedroomEvelyn doesn’t know what to do with Reid Sure he’s the sexy wolf her werebear wants to nibble and claim but she My Name Grayslake Epub Ü has bigger issues to deal with Such as the fallout of her father’s death at Reid’s claws Okay maybe she can take a break for one little lick They both have plans for the Brookfield clan and each other Except there’s a small problem — someone wants them dead Nothing new for Reid but a threat against Evelyn is unacceptable When it comes to Evelyn he’ll break all the rules to keep her safe including dusting off his homicidal tendencies again.

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    The best part about this book is Reid and his inner monologue it's hilarious Reid is an alpha werewolf who's a psychopath he admits he is but not a Norman Bates type the friendly psycho who kills the bad psychos before they go Manson Family on everyone Make sense? Reid works for the head honcho of all bears for the South as his problem solver because he's so good at wet work murdertorture He's been sent to investigate the Brookfield bear clan and fix any problems He does by killing the Itan bear chief and his evil brothers as soon as he arrivesEvelyn Evie Archer is the daughter of the now deceased Itan Archer and new to the clan but has already been beaten and tortured for a week by her uncles and father Great family reunion She's uite happy about Reid's arrival and purging of the evil leaders Not to mention that he's her mate Evie was a good character in that she's kind and caring but definitely not a pushover and she wants to help people especially Reid She's also not afraid of him and accepts him as he is Most everyone is terrified of him because of his aptitude for murder Reid despite being crazy with a hair trigger he cares about people and he's very sweet to Evie He desperately needs her for his sanity and let's her know her worth to him all the time He's good at communicating with Evie and basically a perfect alpha plus an extra side of crazy psychoness As for his inner monologue he's always wishing how he could kill and talk less He thinks about how his necessary killings of a child rapist will get him into trouble with his therapist and what else she'll take away she's already taken away alcohol and cigarettes Maybe she'd make him do yoga he fucking hates yoga I wish books were this amusing Short and amusing good book

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    Well this was an interesting read for me Let me say I love Celia Kyle I’ve read many of her books She has a fantastic sense of humor Her heroes are hot alpha males with that “mine” mentality I adore Her heroines are smart sassy and strongReid is a psychopathseriously He has anger issues and would just as soon kill you as to look at you I F’ing LOVED him He was your typical hot alpha male The way he loved Evie was amazing I loved how he accepted the clan and everyone in it as “his” No one messes with what is HIS You do you’re dead End of sentenceEvie was so strong and a warrior She stood up for what was right even if it almost cost her her life She loved Reid no matter that he had blood on his hands She was never scared of him like everyone else was I liked how they accepted each other immediately neither of them hesitantThe major problem I had with this book was I felt like I was reading someone else’s writing I don’t know what it was it could have been me the mood I was in I had a hard time following the dialog in the beginning I felt like it was all over the place I couldn’t tell who was saying what and at times felt like the sentence was out of place that it jumped around It seemed to get better by around 30% but still didn’t have that easy flow that I’ve seen in many of Ms Kyle’s booksI would give this 35 stars but round up to 4 because of the storyline and the two main characters

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    This made for another fun shifter read Here's my breakdownThe pros For a shifter read where the couple meets their mate often the insta love is done to an overkill thankfully that wasn’t the case with this book Smoking hot sex and uite steamy Fast moving action packed plotThe cons I was left wanting from the hero and heroine I liked them but didn’t love them I would have liked some development for them as a couple I think 399 was priced on the high side it's only 150 pages I wanted some banter between the characters some funny andor smartass moments occasionally I just didn’t find any humor at all in this one Overall this was a uick but satisfying paranormal romance and I will defiantley check out of Kyles future work

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    This story is my favorite from the Grayslake seriesI love the fact that this book was a longer book because I could enjoy CK characters and her humor It took me a page to like Reid He was the perfect character for me psychotic out for blood do not mess with me or mine It didn't take me much time to connect him with his half sister from Grayslake and her story I remember him as a ruthless Alpha who lost his pack due to his violent nature and I am so happy that he got his storyReid was sent by Terrance to investigate the Brookfield clan’s Itan after an anonymous call for help Obviously he killed the Itan and ended up Itan for a Bear clanThe caller was Evelyn Evie for Reid who was Reid's mate and the perfect woman for him Through her I discovered his story and why he was so psychotic That made me like Reid even I loved the book It was a fun read with enough action to keep me entertained Besides what's not to like about a bad ass with a tender heart?

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    Reid the ruthless Alpha who lost his pack due to his violent nature finally gets his own happy ending I enjoyed this look into a character who is a bit darker a bit edgier a LOT vicious than any other pack member we've seen to date He's not your typical H but I enjoyed it nonetheless You find out why he has aggression issues and it's a bit sad but understandable The romance was intense and powerful The only reason this is not a 5 star read is due to some issues that should have been caught in the proofreading process before publication Incorrect words such as or when the author meant of and a time or two that words were just missing altogether Other than this definitely in the top two of this series

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    Ms Kyle has done it again Another wonderful book in a great series I just love her sense of humor The way she spins a story and gets you so involved with her characters is awesomesauce

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    To Tame a wild WolfIntenseSuspensefulScorching hotThe story line is incredible it will suck you in till the very last page The Characters are fantasticYou have a broodinghot tempered Wolf shifter Reid The spunky sweet Bear shifter Evie A villain sick and twisted insane Father and Uncles Evie gets sent to her Fathers clan when the Grandmother she was living with died In the weeks she was with her Fathers clan she and the other clan members was abused by her Father and Uncles Till one day she gets a hold of the phone number of the Itan AlphaTerrence of the southeast clans She makes a call for help Terrence sends his best enforcer Reid a wolf shifter to check things out Reid comes upon Evie's Father trying to rape Evie's little sister so he kills him When Reid reports to Terrence what happened Terrence makes Reid the clans Itan When Reid gets to the clans compound he finds Evie almost being killed by her Uncles He kills all but the worse one who gets away so it looks like trouble in the near future Reid also realizes Evie is his true mate Can Reid find the Uncle and stop him from causing trouble? Can he claim and protect his mate? You will love this Suspenseful and scorching hot RomanceThis is a must read book

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    There were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this book First the H himself I'm a sucker for the super alpha everyone thinks he's crazy and dangerous but the h finds him adorable leading male The h was also very strong and sweet add a very good match for the H They both recognized each other as their mates fairly early into the story but I felt there was still a buildup to their relationship I also liked the danger and suspense which started pretty much from the beginning and there was the perfect sprinkling of humor to keep it from going too serious I know this author usually writes books that are on the shorter side I tend to find them fast entertaining reads However I wish there was detail in this one as to what was going on For example the H and h were talking then all of a sudden they were kissing I just found myself backtracking a few places asking how or when did that happen? I don't like books with endless pages of unnecessary descriptions but I would have liked a little to help it flow easier for my reading style I received an ARC for my honest review but it's one of those books I would recommend anyway

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    Grayslake book 5 Finally Reid gets his own story As seen in previous Grayslake books Reid is a wolf that has aggression issues with a side of bloodlust This is also seen as extreme and he has a therapist to help counteract this I found it uite interesting to hear Reid's back story and why he is the way he is I also like how you come to realize he is not a sociopath through the introduction of his mate Evie She sees who Reid truly is and helps balance him This story is about Reid coming to a bear clan to check it out after a report of trouble Knowing Reid it is not a simple or clean cut as watching and reporting There will be blood and violence a true hallmark of Reid's As Reid tackles the issues of the clan as the new Itan he finds his mate the previous Itan's daughter This was a good a full story and I enjoyed just like the others in this series I am waiting for the next one Hopefully the foreshadowing is correct in who is next

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    35 stars rounded up I was surprised how much I enjoyed this story as Reid was never a character I liked before But it seems all the snarly sociopathic wolf needed was to find the right causes to champion He is sent to investigate a bear clan rescues said clan from its truly evil inner circle the words I really want to use would have me filling Mia's swear jar becoming their Itan But he also finds his mate and through their relationship we see what has made Reid what he is and what he can now become for her and his new clanI only had one problem which brough it down half a star If this is the final book in the series it left loose ends and left me wanting If there is another book I haven't found it yet and would love to know

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