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The Death of Ayrton Senna [PDF / EPUB] The Death of Ayrton Senna Richard Williams leaves no stone unturned as he examines the life and the untimely death of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna; he gets deep into the psyche of this complex Brazilian as he analyses his c Richard Williams leaves no of Ayrton Epub â stone unturned as he examines the life and the untimely death of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna; he gets deep into the psyche of this complex Brazilian as he analyses his character and attempts to discover the reasons behind the driver's burning desire to win It was Williams believes a desire which a precious few drivers have an inherent belief within Senna that he had the divine right to victory Senna's faults are covered as eually as the good side to his persona and the author manages to accurately define the Brazilian hero's The Death PDF/EPUB or character like no other has The events leading up to and in the months and years following Senna's fatal crash at the San Marino Grand Prix are examined in detail The views of various experts and Formula One drivers are revealed in the book and many of their thoughts about the remarkable driver make a fascinating read Williams gets closer than anyone else to producing the ultimate story of a racing driver whose thirst for success and unparalleled ability led him to the heights of his chosen discipline and ultimately his deathThis all encompassing examination of the Death of Ayrton MOBI ô death of a superstar and a legend in his own right is an intimate yet pragmatic volume that will satisfy the reader's desire to discover the explanations of what really led to the death of the most thrilling driver of modern times.

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    A must read for motorsport lovers

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    A fantastic book In less than 200 beautifully written pages Richard Williams manages to capture the essence not just of Ayrton Senna but of Formula 1

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    Ignore the sensationalist title this is the real deal a proper book about Ayrton Senna not some grotesue cash inHaving read a few of Christoper Hilton's Senna books it was refreshing to get a new ish view on his career Some of the incidents were covered in pretty much the same way the same praise was said about Ayrton and so on The book opens with detailed and touching account of Senna's funeral and then goes on to cover his racing career from karting to that weekend at Imola It's definitely not a complete racing record full seasons in Formula One are covered with one paragraph but that is not what this book is about The final few chapters deal with his death and the aftermath of the crash including the trials held in Italy Williams does not draw any final conclusions about the crash or the investigation leaving the reader to make up his mind about what might have caused itThere were a few sloppy mistakes 1988 Monaco became 1989 Monaco Senna supposedly won his third title in 1990 but these didn't detract me too muchWith just 180 pages in length it is at times just touching the surface the subject matter It could be much comprehensive but for what it is now painting a picture of the man and what his career meant it succeeds Definitely recommended for anyone interested in racing or great sports figures

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    The first chapter is emotionally hard hitting What follows is a run through of Senna's career pausing only on key events and highlighting the controversies and rivalries that he is best remembered forThe author considers the accident objectively and looks also at how that affected the sport afterwards Not simply in the big picture sense but looking at specific examples from the remainder of the 1994 seasonWhile Senna is often referred to in reverential tones as he perhaps deserves this is not hero worshipping His flaws are admitted with eual candour I'd recommend this book for anyone new to Ayrton Senna as an introduction to his legacy and tragedy

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    Great book a short sharp tale of his life Not on my to read list for this year but a must read for 2014Good bit Mr Williams does not treat the reader as a fool He is than a story teller; he commentates on the eventsBad bit My memory of events

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    intelligent examination of what makes a legendSubtle and insightful this skilfully written book covers the making of Senna's glory years and the aftermath of his fatal crash It helps the reader to appreciate the human and sublime aspects of genius

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    A really great book if you're into the classic formula 1 beautifully written and puts in perspective the life of one of the bests drivers that F1 ever had Very recomended

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    This is for the Formula 1 fan of 20 to 25 years back specially those who admired Senna It's an engrossing read which culminates on the accident that took Senna's life but it is not exclusively about it It wasn't easy for me who have always been unconditionally a Senna supporter to read something that acknowledges that he was not only determined but often overly aggressive and single minded about victory Still the book seems to do justice to his talent behind the wheel

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    The title tells it all A death that no one thought could happen He we too good to die in a race car but shit happens His death had wide reaching implications The ultimate racer

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    The second best book on Senna I have read after Tom Rubython's The Life of Senna Not as detailed as it is far smaller and goes very uickly through his life The most detail seems to be focused on the trial after Senna's death but seeing as the title is The Death of Ayrton Senna that is to be expected

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