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Like a Mighty Wind [PDF / EPUB] Like a Mighty Wind Millions of copies sold translated into nineteen foreign languages top of the national best seller list for thirteen consecutive months these are just some of the superlatives this remarkable book can Millions of copies sold translated into nineteen foreign languages top of the national best seller list for thirteen consecutive months these are just some of the superlatives this remarkable book can boast This is the powerful story of incredible miracles in Indonesia This is the book that swept America with the reality that miracles are for today.

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    This is a first hand account of revival in Indonesia from the perspective of an Indonesian missionary It is filled with miracle stories which deepened my hunger for God I noticed others commented on the literary style which was not relevant to me When I want fine literature I turn to a classic or novel; this serves its purpose and is entirely readable

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    This is one of my all time favorite books I have read it multiple times which is not something I normally do I love the simplistic child like faith of the people and I love that even when you think that you don't have God in a box that He shows you how truly small your box really is This is truly a wonderful book worth 5 stars

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    A revival began in East Temor in the 1960's that changed the lives of so many is the subject of this amazing account Mel Tari was a participant in this revival and experienced first hand the mighty power of God raisng the dead and healing the sick Awe inspiring reading

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    A must read for every believer Mel Tari takes you through his journey of growing in faith and seeing God save lives and do the miraculous in Indonesia and America Tari has a wonderful simple faith in the promises of the Bible THIS is the kind of Christian walk God wants for each of us A highly recommended read

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    Awesome and life changing If you want faith stirred up and your passion for sharing the gospel ignited I highly recommend this book Jesus is Lord indeed

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    As another reviewer points out the strength of the book is that it continually points to the Bible as God's Word and its simplicityThat's where the strengths end I did not like that the author very clearly states that intellectual thought is opposed to the Christian life I also didn't like some stories the author told where he used his emotional reading of some biblical principals to override specific biblical commands At one point the author is praying with friends to turn water into wine after praying he tastes what now looks like wine but it tastes like water The author chooses to tell his friends it tastes like the most delicious wine in faithI lived in Indonesia for a year I have a great respect for my Indonesian brothers and sisters in Christ and I beg god regularly to move in America the same way he moves among them Their faith is very great But I think maybe God brought Mel to America not just to challenge our commitment to God's word and the simplicity of scripture but to challenge his assumption that intellectualism is always opposed to true faith I wouldn't recommend this book

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    Awesome Everybody needs to read this eye opening book I have been challenged in my thinking with every chapter I encourage this book to be shared with anyone seeking from the Father

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    A well written and easy to read conversational style book Many good points are included in it I don't doubt that these events took place as they are also mentioned in the accounts of skeptics Since the events took place in the mid to late 60's another story needs to be written and another uestion asked1 Which people denomination or religious organization then suceeded in killing this supernatural activity?2 How is it that Mel Tari is now invited to go around to do circut talks of these events events which happened 40 long years ago?That is the story that now needs to be written Andre

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    Mel Tari is from the Indonesian island of Timor He gave his heart to the Lord during the 1965 revival He traveled in that area as part of a team ministering and seeing the Lord perform a number of signs and wonders as Mel learned to hear the voice of the Lord and respond in obedience He later traveled to the States with a message to return to the simplicity of the Word This recounts his experiences and concludes with a section on how to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit The testimonies at the beginning are fascinating and exciting to read The tone of the book changes towards the end with of a teaching

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    Powerful book of pure simple faith and the response of God The author knows true intimacy with God and shares numerous eyewitness accounts of miracle working power through God Revival came to Indonesia and the people experienced God in ways I have never seen How precious and beautiful is our Lord I consumed this book but there are truths revealed in Mel's writing that I will revisit again and again Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others to seek all God has for those who believe

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