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The President Is Dead [PDF / EPUB] The President Is Dead Packed with fun facts and presidential trivia The President Is Dead tells you everything you could want to know about how our presidents from George Washington to Gerald Ford who was the last presiden Packed with fun facts and presidential trivia The President Is Dead tells you everything you could want to know about how our presidents from George Washington to Gerald Ford who was the last president to die met their ends the circumstances of their deaths the pomp of their funerals their public afterlife and stories of attempted grave robbings reinterments vandalism and conspiracy theories surrounding their deaths and much The President Is Dead is filled with never before told stories including a suggestion by one prominent physician to resurrect George Washington from death The President PDF/EPUB ² by transfusing his body with lamb’s blood You may have heard of a plot to rob Abraham Lincoln’s body from its gravesite but did you know that there was also attempts to steal Benjamin Harrison and Andrew Jackson’s remains The book also includes “Vital Death Information” prefacing each chapter a complete visitor’s guide to each grave site and death related historical landmark An “Almost Presidents” section includes chapters on John Hanson first president under the Articles of Confederation Sam Houston former president of the Republic of Texas David Rice Atchison president for a day and Jefferson Davis Exhaustively researched The President Is Dead is richly layered with colorful facts and entertaining stories about how the presidents have passed.

About the Author: Louis L. Picone

Louis L Picone is the award winning author of The President Is Dead The Extraordinary Stories of the Presidential Deaths Final Days Burialsand Beyond and Where the Presidents Were Born The History Preservation of the Presidential Birthplaces He holds a Masters in History and also teaches American history at William Paterson University in Wayne New Jersey Louis is a member of the Aut.

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    In this non fiction book we examine the deaths of all of the presidents who have passed away so far I will fully admit that I did not read this cover to cover; the stories of the deaths were all very interesting but the sections about where they were buried and their funerals and who attended was less so But some of the stories were truly fascinating in particular how Garfield's death occurred it wasn't the assassination that killed him Overall this was a very well researched book that I appreciated and had an insurmountable level of detail

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    A little depressing no surprise considering the subject matter but a good off beat history book

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    Very interesting book how and when every American President died A excellent reference book on the subject Enjoy

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    I enjoy this kind of book Lots of fun factsinteresting things about the deaths of presidents and 'almost' presidents Another uick read from Book Bub while on vacation at the beach

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    I was very disappointed in this book While the information it does include is for the most part interesting what’s notable is all that it leaves out For example very little information is given on the presidents’ families even though they are the ones who would feel the loss most keenly I wanted to hear about the wives because they are freuently the ones interred in the same tombs During the chapter on John Adams the author mentions that he was eventually entombed with his wife Abigail but gives no further information I had to look up was she alive at the time of his death? No The books also made no mention of little Eddie Lincoln the son who predeceased his father by 15 years and was later reinterred to the famous Lincoln tomb in Springfield Most surprisingly while the author offhandedly mentions that a picture of the Lincoln deathbed scene is factually inaccurate as Tad was not present at his father’s side he doesn’t tell the sad yet interesting story of Tad on that night Tad did not find out his father was assassinated from a friend or family member but was rather at a performance of Aladdin at another theater and found out at the same time the rest of the audience did when someone came out on stage with the announcement that the president had been shot Tad was heard to scream “They killed papa dead” before being whisked away to the White House where he spent the rest of the night alone Tad was so much an afterthought in his father’s death that it strikes me as somewhat sad that he was less than an afterthought in this book There were many other family members who were interred with their presidential fathers or husbands who were given little or no time at all including Calvin Coolidge’s son who died suddenly as a teenager of a sports related infection while Coolidge was actually in office If you’re going to write a book about presidential deaths and burials at least include all the interesting stories surrounding their tombs including the people interred there with themAnother large piece of family information left out of the book was anything to do with Sally Hemmings DNA as well as family history has conclusively proven that Thomas Jefferson did have children with his slave and the book Dead Presidents by Brady Carlson a better book on the same subject delved into the Hemmings descendant struggle to be buried in the Jefferson plot with their other relatives THAT is an interesting story that still has repercussions today and yet they’re not mentioned as faily members at all There’s so much random information I’ve picked up over the years on presidential deaths and assassinations that I expected to be in this book and just isn’t The information that is presented on the other hand is often very dry and somewhat unnecessary I’d rather hear about Tad Lincoln than about how many horses pulled the caisson with the casket and what color they were I’m interested in the Jefferson Hemmings story than in the exact streets Grover Cleveland’s body took in his funeral procession throug Princeton New Jersey At the end there’s a chapter on “Almost Presidents” which seemed promising and contained information I hadn’t read anywhere else but this too was disappointing Two of the men don’t really count as almost presidents the first was acknowledged by the author as one of like 14 men who held that same position and the other was sort of president on a technicality for a day except that as the author points out his term hadn’t officially started yet either so even this designation isn’t uite true The others include Sam Houston President of Texas whose chapter was interesting and who I admittedly know little about and his status as president of a nation that soon became a state is certainly uniue and Jefferson Davis whose status as the Traitor President makes it somehow offensive to end this book on American presidents with him He was never an American president He was president of a rebelling “nation” at war with a legitimate American president who didn’t have the luxury of a long life like Davis had What is disappointing is that this chapter could have had so much potential If you’re including Sam Houston leader of a sovereign nation that became a state why not include ueen Lili’uokalani last leader of a sovereign Hawaii before it became part of the United States? Sure she’s not a president but certainly she’s deserving of her place in history than the two forgetable men included and the man who actively rebelled against his own nation because of how much he valued the right to own other people Or what about presidential nominees who never lived to the election? I’d rather get details on Robert Kennedy’s assassination and funeral as well as the death of an American dream than read about a man who was so forgotten they actually have no idea where his body currently rests The author also betrayed his own political leanings calling the New York Times known for a liberal bent he did this with no other newspaper and in fact offered no other media analysis than this and acting as a Nixon apologist something he did for no other president including Buchanan or Harding It detracted from any idea that he may be a neutral scholar when it came to the later presidential deaths and funerals By this point I was already fed up with the book anyways so perhaps it was just another reason to be angry but at this point I wasn’t in the mood to be forgiving when so much pertinent information was left out yet the author had time to be partisan Of course the book wasn’t bad in itself I did learn a lot but couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing out on some major details he just didn’t include because he I don’t know didn’t feel like it? based on the things I DID know were left out There is certainly a focus on the minutiae of presidential funerals at the expense of personal relationships I DO recommend this book however for anyone interested in presidential deaths There’s a lot of information here But it should only be used as a supplemental source rather than a main one

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    First while this looks like a tome to read I actually waded through it in about the course of an afternoon This mostly due to my own speedy reading and also to the skimming of someexcruciatingly long winded details about some of these funerals Lincoln's in particular was far too longHowever the overviews of the places of death usually homes or short term residences and the graves themselves are interesting Particularly those like in the case of Lincoln who have been several times re interred or had updates to their final resting places It is also interesting to see how many former presidents I can also visit while going to their Presidential Libraries That seems to me a fine place to be buried; steps away from a libraryOver all the book is an entertaining enough summation of the deaths and after deaths of every president who has left us The author is also kind enough to give us a preview of sorts of our still living presidents and our almost kind of sort of presidents such as Jefferson Davis

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    Very well written and highly knowledgableI am interested in presidential history and found this book very interesting and the details were accurate and thorough I highly recommend it to history buffs And anyone curious enough to wonder how our founding fathers died Cheers to Louis Pick me for teaching me many facts on our presidents passings

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    For history fans and I can't see anyone else being particularly drawn to this the book is a treasure trove of facts Exhaustively researched and informative without being too much of a textbook the detailed minutiae can become overwhelming after a whileOne uniue aspect which adds the flow of history to the book is the decision of the author to place the president's stories in the seuence of their passings rather than a straight order in which they served By doing so it provides some surprises for the reader for instance that the first president to die after FDR was JFK nearly 20 years afterwards

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