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See You in the Cosmos [PDF / EPUB] See You in the Cosmos A space obsessed boy and his dog Carl Sagan take a journey toward family love hope and awe in this funny and moving novel for fans of Counting by 7s Walk Two Moons and The Curious Incident of the Dog A space obsessed boy and his dog Carl in the eBook ☆ Sagan take a journey toward family love hope and awe in this funny and moving novel for fans of Counting by s Walk Two Moons and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time year old Alex See You PDF or Petroski loves space and rockets his mom his brother and his dog Carl Sagan—named for his hero the real life astronomer All he wants is to launch his golden iPod into space the way Carl Sagan the man not the dog launched his Golden Record on the Voyager You in the PDF/EPUB ½ spacecraft in From Colorado to New Mexico Las Vegas to LA Alex records a journey on his iPod to show other lifeforms what life on earth his earth is like But his destination keeps changing And the funny lost remarkable people he meets along the way can only partially prepare him for the secrets he'll uncover—from the truth about his long dead dad to the fact that for a kid with a troubled mom and a mostly not around brother he has way family than he ever knewJack Cheng's debut is full of joy optimism determination and unbelievable heart To read the first page is to fall in love with Alex and his view of our big beautiful complicated world To read the last is to know he and his story will stay with you a long long time from the publisher.

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    The moment I started SEE YOU IN THE COSMOS I knew I would be reading something different Something originalI don’t know about you but I haven’t read a thousand books that make space for rockets in their plot let alone mention them I’m not what you would call a science geek but I welcome variety Alex however adores rockets He’s only eleven years old yet he already built his own rocket he strongly hopes will make him win the Southwest High Altitude Rocket Festival or SHARF Sadly he has to go alone because his mother won’t take him and his older brother is mostly absent I wasn’t too keen on the idea of Alex traveling with strangers especially adult strangers but he did it anyway Kids don’t listen to me I’m not adamant enough in my speeches I guess I was surprised to see him take such reckless decisions because to me he seemed like an intelligent eleven year old boy who understands than the average eleven year old boy would And I thought it was imbedded in everyone’s minds that strangers should not be trusted so easily But okayThough despite the every parent’s nightmare situation I enjoyed most of this novel I probably would have enjoyed it had I cared even a little about rockets but unfortunately I do not There’s a lovely atmosphere in the story I may not be one for looking at miniature space ships fly in the air but I am one for animals so I loved dear Carl Sagan not the scientist ha haI also thought Alex’s recordings were interesting Instead of chapters we have ‘‘recordings’’ By that I mean Alex is recording himself talking about his love of science and his adventures He very much likes to record sounds too – and not the voice type For instance he wishes to record the heartbeat of a man in love How adorable is that? uite random but sweetNot a perfect book but Alex is a kid worth meeting with a uest as strange as it is admirable Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Audiobook rating 5 starsStory rating 3 starsSuch pleasure to be on this journey with Alex and Carl Sagan 🚀 Tons enjoyable than I expected Since the story was told by Alex an 11 year old boy with responsibility level of at least a 13 year old we were limited in knowing several stuff ex the older kid from the train what happened to him there?? or with Terra and Steve And we didn't delve into Seth's vow of silence early on either But the 'diary' format suited the audiobook perfectly Each chapter was recorded with background sound and everything The narrator for our lovely Alex was absolutely incredible Such adorable voice and the emotions were spot on throughout the whole bookI'm so glad I chose to go with the audiobook for this 🚀 It was one of the most memorable ones I've listened to 🚀

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    It’s a cliché to say about a book that you didn’t want it to end but sometimes the cliché is the truth So it is with this middle grade book like no other one that children and adults alike will adoreScience geek Alex Petroski would be the first to point out that his real age may be 11 but his “responsibility age” would be much much older And readers you will agree with him His father died when Alex was 3 his older brother — 24 year old Ronnie a college sports star turned sports agent — has moved West and Alex’s mother becomes so incapacitated probably due to severe depression that it’s Alex who cooks shops and cleans Here’s a scene when Alex adopts a stray naming the dog after his hero the late Carl SaganThen I took him back to my house and my mom was lying on the sofa watching her shows like she usually does and I told her I got the groceries but I got a pup also and I’ll take good care of him I promise I’ll play with him and feed him and give him a bath and all the stuff you’re supposed to sayAnd she said You’re in the way So I got out of the way My best friend Benji’s mom would freak if he brought home a pup but my mom she doesn’t care as long as I make us dinner and don’t bother her when she’s watching her shows She’s a pretty cool momSo you see how it is Brother Ronnie moved to Los Angeles and while he pays the bills for his mother and little brother Ronnie hasn’t visited in than a year; Alex has pretty much been on his own Alex wants to emulate Dr Sagan and the Golden Record he launched into space in 1977 in the hopes of announcing our human presence to any alien life Alex gets a donated iPod spray paints it gold transfers the information from Sagan’s Golden Record onto it and adds additional entries in which he makes observations on the human condition for the aliens’ edification When Alex decides to make the journey from Rockview Colorado to the Southwest High Altitude Rocket Festival SHARF in Albuuerue so as to launch his Golden iPod into space aboard Voyager 3 there’s no adult who’s going to dissuade him Along the way to Albuuerue and beyond Alex fortuitously for him finds himself relying on the kindness of uite a few strangers — and fortuitously for us he captures his adventures in a series of daily recordings along the way Author Jack Cheng hooked me from the very first transmission chapter with this heart warming tale of a boy who reaches for the stars and finds than he ever imagined Highly highly highly recommendedIn the interest of full disclosure I received this book from NetGalley Penguin Young Readers Group and Dial Books in exchange for an honest review

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    Thanks for Netgalley and respective publishersHello guys This is Hirdesh and I was reading SEE YOU IN THE COSMOS AND I loved itBooks have comprised in such way of recording by the leading characterBook was about a 11 Eleven years old boy Alex who loves 3 things Doing recording CARL SEGAN his dog Rocket launching he didnt knew but he was great leaner in thatEasy and lovely piece of writing and loved to read it thoroughlyIt was captivating

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    there are not enough stars in the cosmosThis book is just precious precious and precious5 precious cosmic starsIt’s just this simple peopleEVERY HUMAN IN THE UNIVERSE NEEDS TO READ THIS BOOK ESPECIALLY KIDSI'm so elated now after finishing this book I feel like one of those whimsical red balloons drifting away in the skyBefore I drift awaaaaaay too far awaaaaay I’ll say itI’m not only buying this book for my kids but I'm buying a bunch of books so I can go around handing them over If I could I'll attach one to a rocket and send it up so the aliens can read it too And this book will go in the same shelf with the other timeless priceless gems I’m buying the Little Prince The Alchemist Wonder and Harry PotterWhen I'm done buying all these books this will be my let’s stare for hours and smile and sight with pure contentment” shelf People don’t make me ask you again Read this book You gotta read this book I personally just want to read this book forever until the end of time It will be my never ending story like the cosmosThis book was so captivating from the super cute cover with the silhouette of a boy and his dog  against a the blue starry night Oh I'm so captivated right now I just want to lay back on the beach do some lazy stargazing as I used to do with my dad when I was little and sigh and wonder and sigh and wonderThis book is written from Alex’s POV and I fell irremediably and idiotically in love with his voiceIt reminded me of Butterfly during our hiking adventures  She holds my hand and takes me for a walk yup SHE takes ME for a walk That’s how it is with her while she chats incessantly about EVERYTHING EVERY SINGLE TOPIC UNDER THE SUN the woods the plants the flowers the butterflies flying around the flowers the birds that chase those butterflies the sky where those birds fly the stars above the sky and all the worlds around those starsThoughts giving birth to other thoughts one after the other like pearls in a necklace of pure unadulterated childhood wisdom in a never ending procession of sentences and forgotten in commas and many many “ands”So Alex is this precious kid that loves Carl Sagan like me and The Cosmos like me and rockets like me and Contact the movie like me his soul is magical and  it gleams in my favorite color which is teal that doesn't happen in the movie but that is how I felt and  he takes care of Carl Sagan his dog and how precious is that name for a dog??? and  of his mom who is like depressed or something else that you'll learn later and  he adventures by himself on this road trip to launch his rocket and  he records all his whimsical thoughts in his iPod which he wants to attach it to a rocket so the aliens know how wonderful earth is and  I experienced all the feels with him the joy of friendship and  the sadness of a broken family and mental illness and  it was all so magical AND I LOVED IT AND I LOVE ALEX AND I AM ADOPTING HIM TOO Second character adopted besides Lada From And I DarkenI had been reading maniacally for weeks and I had to take a break after this book and wait for its assimilation into my soul to be completed My soul and this book were FULLY assimilated Resistance was futile What about you? Do you ever have stream of consciousness like Alex’s?Do you record them in an iPod?When are you launching your rocket to the universe? Daniela ArkBookworm book blogger writer collector of stories that matter and passionate about diversity and euality especially feminismemail contactmedanielaarkcom

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    I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Thank you to he author Jack Cheng and the publisher Dial Books for this opportunityThis follows the journey of 11 year old space obsessed Alex Petroski and his dog Carl Sagan as they travel to a space camp to launch their home made rocket There Alex attempts to emulate his hero the real life astronomer Carl Sagan and launch his golden IPod containing all his recorded musings about life on Earth into spaceThe journey he undertakes proves a far complicated one than just his geographical travel Along the way the reader learns about Alex and the world he inhabits This understanding is broadened by the meeting of other lost souls who prove that age and happiness are not synonymous and that love can take many formsI enjoyed seeing the world through the eyes of one so young In some instances this reminded me somewhat of To Kill a Mockingbird where the emphasis was on reading between the gaps of this young understanding Alex did not always tell all the reader ended up learning from this storyThis is dually also what caused my discontent whilst reading this I found Alex uite a difficult character to penetrate I felt such sadness for him and yet also found him to be uite annoying I felt so horrible for feeling this way for one so young and so lost in the world I could not help but feel too old to properly appreciate his perspective on the world His constant uestioning and running monologue was true to his age but sometimes ended up boring me and thus ended in a loss of affinity towards his characterAlex's inner musings was what made up much of the story and as I could not enjoy them I could not enjoy this read There is a beautiful message buried in here but this just wasn't the book for me

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    VIDEO REVIEW HERE FOR Y'ALL SIGH File this one under 'disappointing reads of 2017' I first heard about this book at a Penguin Teen event I went to in January and thought it sounded super cute so when it came out I picked it up The story follows our eleven year old main character who is space obsessed and wants to launch a golden ipod into space Carl Sagan and Nasa once sent a Golden record He ends up going on this BIIIGG journey and meeting a bunch of people and 'discovering himself' and stuff but I just didn't particularly enjoy thisSo here's a rundown of things I didn't like THE FORMATTING EUGH Okay so the entire book is told in the 'voice recordings' on his ipod so that when he sends it into space the aliens can know about his life It's a cute concept but reading it is really frustrating and by about the 50 page mark it was driving me crazy It read like this so I said let's go to the shops because then we can get ice cream and Joe said that's not a good idea because it's only an hour before dinner and I said that's no fun do you guys have ice cream on your planet if you don't it's this really cold stuff that comes in all different flavours and my favourite flavour is rainbow which Mikey from school says is for girls but I don't agree It just keeps going like that There's no uotation marks to indicate speech and it's just this running commentary from a young character which got really annoying especially because he repeats himself so much I'm sure a lot of people would find it charming but I did not This book used a trope that I hate the absent family trope Normally this is only seen in YA books so teens can go out partying and their parents never protest In this book and 11 year old kid goes on a road trip and his mum doesn't object and his brother who lives interstate doesn't call to check how things are going or anything It really bothered me especially when it turned into a longer trip I was like ??? why aren't people concerned about you? The family thing does kind of get explained near the end but it was still not great in my opinion Also all the adults he met on his trip were completely cool with the fact that an UNESCORTED CHILD was wandering around No one called the police or anything People even helped him I WAS SO CONFUSED Like yeah he's mature for his age but HE IS STILL ONLY 11 Mental illness specifically schizophrenia is introduced to the story pretty late and I felt like it was kind of just thrown in there randomly as an excuse for a character being absent in the story which I didn't like I don't think it was handled particularly well but others might not agree so I don't know The supporting characters were all pretty meh I found them to be a little flat I also found it to be SUPER WEIRD that these adults dropped their lives to help some random child on his uest Like isn't that kind of weird? Shouldn't you be concerned about why he isn't with his family? Am I the only one that thinks this haha? The dog that is on the cover is missing for half of the story so THIS BOOK IS FALSE ADVERTISING Finally I think Alex the child main character is written as WAY older than 11 There were some moments where he would say annoyingly profound things and adults would be all ' wow ur so smrt' but I'm over here like no child would ever say that so I don't know it just felt very obvious that this was an adult trying to write as a child ya feel?As a positive though I liked that the story was about space and that the main character was so passionate about it I enjoy characters who love being educated Despite all my complaints about this I was still compelled enough by the story to keep reading I wanted to know how things would wrap up Although I didn't enjoy this book a lot of people probably would so if you're interested then definitely check it out

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    This was a very sweet story aimed at the middle grade market The main character Alex is an eleven year old boy but with a responsibility age of 13 who is passionate about all things space and rocket related His hero is the astronomer Carl Sagan after whom he names his pet dog The inspiration for the format of this book comes from the Voyager Golden Records These were recordings chosen by Carl Sagan and an expert panel to be representative of life on Earth and sent into space on board the Voyager spacecraft in 1977 as an introduction to human civilisation to any extraterrestrial sapient life forms In this book Alex creates his own recordings using a golden iPod with the intention of sending them into space onboard a homemade rocket and each chapter is a transcript of these recordings Alex is a brilliant main character He is so full of wise uestions and amazing knowledge and yet is still so beautifully innocent and naïve It is this innocence and naïvety that leads him to take off on the adventure of a lifetime with his trusted canine companion alongside without regard for conseuence or safety This adventure leads him to among other things an amateur rocket launch; it leads him to discovering about his deceased father and brings his uiet home life into the spotlight and reveals just how much this young boy has been dealing with at home with a mentally ill mother The cast of characters Alex meets along the way are also incredibly beautifully written with how we really only see them through the eyes of this special eleven year old boy This is a story that is tinged with bittersweetness but ultimately is a triumph of Alex's indomitable hope and optimism He truly is a very special main character who at times can feel wise beyond his years and others perfectly unmarred by the harshness of life I am very sure that I would have loved this book as a 10 year old because of how it views the world and in particular the curious behaviour of adults through the eyes of a wonderful young boy The adult version of me fell head over heels in love with the canine Carl Sagan and I can 100% guarantee that my younger self would have been eually bonkers The book is also filled with a wonderful sense of humour that would endear itself to any child and indeed any adult who is still a child at heart A charming story for children three and a half stars rounded up to four A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher Penguin Random House UK Children's via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a cute book although some of the events were a little unbelievable It kept my attention and I was rooting for Alex I listened to the audio version The audio version had than just narration It had other background noises reminiscent of an old radio program

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    This was such a fun read I wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoyed this book a lot I really loved the narrative and Alex is such a cool character His family life is so sad but it was heartbreaking how he didn't seem to notice how anything was off with his family He was such a happy kid with his cute dog I really appreciated how it mentioned within the first few pages that Alex is a POC The characters are all amazing and I loved them Jack Cheng wrote such a fun cast of characters and I think that's the best part of See You in the Cosmos Overall this was an awesome read and even though it's Middle Grade I think everyone can enjoy this book I definitely recommend this book if you're looking for an original fun read with great characters

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