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    Mediocre biography In fact maybe 25% of the book is about McKean The rest is lightweight history There is absolutely nothing about McKean’s character family daily life or anything personal at all There is no analysis of McKean’s actions Further everything McKean did is viewed positively or excused by the author when most historians have taken a jaundiced approach to McKean Further the author tries to imbue McKean with credit than he deserves for major national events when in fact McKean was a major local and state politico and not really a national figure of great importance This book is just light in every regard I found myself very disappointed So I give this a 2 It’s nice that a biography of McKean for general readers has been released but it’s just an awful biography and a lightweight history by an author with an obvious ax to polish

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    I loved this book because I’m a direct descendant of Thomas McKean He would be my 7th great grandfather As I read I discovered things I didn’t know about him but really touched me was the faith and determination our forefathers had They made huge personal sacrifices for this country and I will be forever grateful The book tells of a great journey to independence and your truly grow to love this man in spite of his uirky disposition Thank you David McKean for taking on this project and letting the world know of this amazing man

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    A very interesting read about a historical character who has not gotten a lot of attention The subtitle is a bit of hyperbole although McKean did play a part in uite a few crucial events during this tumultuous time It is interesting also that he seemed to be onone side of an issue at one time and on the other at another time My sense from the reading is that it was a matter of trimming sails to maintain a steady course rather than acting as a weathervane

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    Very informative and well crafted biography of this little known but important historical figure

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    First of all I want to thank NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewBefore seeing the blurb for this book I had never heard of Thomas McKean I had however heard of most of the other people mentioned in the blurb and was curious what kind of life he had lived to intersect into so many critical moments in the founding of the US What I found was that Thomas McKean was a fascinating character full of contradictions He was very loyal to his principles but not to people He was a political opportunist but believed strictly in following and enforcing the letter of the law as he read it He was also very intelligent and played a lot of important roles in history In short I am very glad I read the book and learned of himAs a book however Suspected of Independence has some flaws It reads a little too much like a textbook at times The author clearly knows a lot and did plenty of research but lists of names and dates become confusing after a while Other historians I have read do a better job of telling a narrative story that is easier to follow I don't mean to say it is poorly presented only that it felt a bit didactic occasionally Another issue I had was the authors pretty obvious bias to cast Thomas McKean in the best possible light As you may have noticed the author's last name is also McKean and he is actually a direct descendent of Thomas McKean He goes out of his way a few times to explain and excuse things McKean did and give them the best possible interpretation an honor he does not extend to characters like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Which leads to my third and final complaint; other than McKean most other characters are painted pretty flatly The author describes them in simple ways and explains all their actions as caricatures of that representation Thomas McKean is the only character given much depthAll that being said the book was enjoyable It was an interesting perspective of not just the revolutionary war but the events that preceded and followed it Thomas McKean had a fascinating and important life and should be better known However if you aren't particularly a history buff the abundance of detail may feel a little too overwhelming35 stars

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    Many of the books I have read over the years that try to explore smaller portions of history or try to relate the life of a little known historical personage fall very short of their intent Mr McKean has chosen to explore the life and times of an ancestor who has appeared in the history of the United States but only in a few 'footnote' type references We have a much detailed account here of how Thomas McKean wove through the later colonial and formative years of the new country he helped to create and defend The cause and affect of his times are fully covered than in main stay sources but we also get a uick and easy coverage of others involved and how they either tried to form 'a perfect' union or strove to enrich themselves over the common cause Too often I ran into trouble in school reporting minor events or criticizing our early leaders for their actions Now sources show how many of the early powers were not the clean cut people of our history books

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Suspected of Independence [PDF / EPUB] Suspected of Independence The last signatory to the Declaration of Independence was one of the earliest to sign up for the Revolution Thomas McKean lived a radical boisterous politically intriguing life and was one of the most The last signatory to the Declaration of Independence was one of the earliest to sign up for the Revolution Thomas McKean lived a radical boisterous politically intriguing life and was one of the most influential and enduring of America's Founding Fathers Present at almost all of the signature moments on the road to American nationhood from the first Suspected of PDF \ Continental Congress onward Thomas McKean was a colonel in the Continental Army; president of the Continental Congress; governor of Pennsylvania; and perhaps most importantly chief justice of the new country's most influential state Pennsylvania a foundational influence on American law His life uniuely intersected with the many centers of power in the still formative country during its most vulnerable years and shows the degree of uncertainty that characterized newly independent America unsure of its future or its identity Thomas McKean knew intimately not only the heroic figures of the Revolutionary era George Washington John Adams Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin but also the fascinating characters who fought over the political identity of the new country such as Caesar Rodney Francis Hopkinson and Alexander Dallas His life reminds us that America's creation was fraught with dangers and strife backstabbing and bar brawling courage and stubbornness McKean's was an epic ride during utterly momentous times.