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    Each year I and my family read and rate all the Goodreads picture book nominees This one is nominated for 2016 I make a few comments and then add their separate ratings and a comment from each of them There's 20 15 first round and 5 new ones for the semi final round and this is the seventeenth being rated My rating might be somewhat influenced by the family naturally Dave 4 stars Inspirational story based in part on the actual transformation of an East Village neighborhood in San Diego with a muralist who also does the illustration for this book It tells the story of Mira ho thinks her neighborhood is gray and dark and she adds color tot it with this muralist and others Tara my wife 5 stars Loved it InspiringHarry 11 4 stars I liked when the policeman stopped and said excuse me? and just when you thought he was going to ask them to stop doing it he joined inHank 10 4 stars I liked how they used their imaginationsLyra 9 4 12 stars Beautiful colors when and after they painted

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    Based on the true story of the colorful transformation of the East Village neighborhood in San Diego California this picture book shows how art can impact uality of life Mira is a little girl who loves to create art She lives in a gray city where she tries to share her art and change things but her art is too little to make big changes Then she meets a man who is creating huge murals and who allows Mira to help him Soon other neighbors are helping and colors begin to fill the streets creating a close knit neighborhoodThere is a sense of joy and hope throughout this picture book led by little Mira a girl with the heart of an artist from the very start of the book Just sharing her art with her neighbors is an act of artistic courage that sets the tone for the rest of the story The text is accented by “Bams” and “Pows” that add to the dynamic tone Everything here is filled with creative energy and a cheery toneLópez’s art shows the gray concrete city and then imposes Mira and her own colorful attitude against it The paint splashes on the page and also creates vibrant rainbows of swirling colors that dance on the page The diverse neighborhood is captured with a richness that is captivating As color fills the page it fills the neighborhood tooA brilliant testament to the power of art and the way it can transform a life and a neighborhood Appropriate for ages 4 7

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    #bookaday So many possibilities with this book A great stepping off point for a community service project

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    Based on a true story of the transformation of the East Village near downtown San Diego Illustrator Rafael López created the original murals along with members of the community The book’s illustrations are vibrant and beautiful filled with possibility and hope The text is simple enough this book could be shared for preschool story time or in a K – 1st grade class Maybe it will inspire kids to try this in their own neighborhoods

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    This story stars young Mira a girl who can't stop seeing beauty even though her neighborhood is grey She draws and paints constantly and shares her art with others When she meets up with a muralist the two of them bring something beautiful to the neighborhood and chase away the grey The book includes a section in the back that tells the true story of Rafael and Candice Lopez who used murals to transform the East Village neighborhood of San Francisco into something bright and engagingMy daughter who is two ADORED this book It's a good thing I have already covered the hallway wall with butcher paper or I'd be dealing with uite the mural I'm sureNotes on representation Mira appears to be Latinx and the neighborhood is made up of people of all skin colors

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    The endpapers and title page art grabbed me immediately but the beautiful words and illustrations continued to pull me in I love that Mira views herself as an artist I love that at one point in the story music begins playing in my head and with a single page turn it abruptly stops I love that back matter is included to explain the story behind the book I love that by reading this book I want to hop on a plane to admire the The Urban Art Trail This will definitely be a book that encourages re reading and nonfiction exploration

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    You my friendsare all artists he told them The world is your canvas

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    A beautiful colourful book about the importance of art and music and community and dancing and kindness

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    With each season of the year even in those months when the outside world is sleeping nature sends us color It may only be a flash of rich red from a swooping cardinal or vivid blue from a chattering jay but its vibrancy is a message It's a reminder of associating color with the excitement of being fully aliveNot only does Mother Nature send us little pieces of color when there is nearly none but the burst of hues from one season to the next or from a dry spell ended with a rain storm seems to happen in hours rather than days Sometimes people take their lessons from the natural world They make loveliness bloom where there was none Maybe Something Beautiful How Art Transformed A Neighborhood Houghton Mifflin Harcourt April 12 2016 written by F Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell with illustrations by Rafael Lopez is inspired by a true story of people who did that very thingMy full recommendation

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    Illustrated by the muralist whose work inspired the book Maybe Something Beautiful is about the Urban Art Trail in San Diego and the vision of the community there to transform their drab grey cityscape into something beautiful and meaningful From calligraphy poems on the sidewalk to murals that lit up like sunshine the project involved everyone from police officers to schoolteachers to children and is a testimony to the power of art imagination creativity and what people can do when they work together for a common goal and a common good I love what the muralist told them when they finished You my friends are all artists The world is your canvas Such a beautiful and inspirational picture book

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Maybe Something Beautiful How Art Transformed a Neighborhood [PDF / EPUB] Maybe Something Beautiful How Art Transformed a Neighborhood What good can a splash of color do in a community of gray As Mira and her neighbors discover than you might ever imagine Based on the true story of the Urban Art Trail in San Diego California Maybe So Beautiful How PDF ✓ What good can a splash of color do in a community of gray As Mira and her neighbors discover than you might ever imagine Based on the true story of the Urban Something Beautiful How Art Transformed Kindle - Art Trail in San Diego California Maybe Something Beautiful reveals how art can inspire transformation and how even the smallest artists can accomplish something big Pick up a paintbrush and join the celebration.