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  • Paperback
  • 216 pages
  • Granta 132 Possession
  • Sigrid Rausing
  • English
  • 23 January 2014
  • 9781905881895

10 thoughts on “Granta 132 Possession

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    I haven't been back to Granta in a long time and was a little taken aback by how pat a few of these pieces were one in particular that got off to a great start I say this as an unsophisticated reader for whom Granta used to be a struggle and a pleasure to read For me to put down a piece and think Really? That's it? makes me wonder if some of the kvetching from the Guardian over the past decade is true4 to 5 stars to the followingAfter Maiden by Oliver BulloughBandit by Molly BrodakThis is New by Marc BojanowskiPossession by Bella Pollan

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    Granta has always been an on and off interest of mine same with being a subscriber to it or reading it here and there in a bookstore or a library and this issue absorbed me from the first piece visit from an English journalist to Ukraine and Crimea just before and after its incorporation in Russia to the last memoir of a a daughter about her law breaking father born in a concentration camp with some superb picture of Indian couples in between

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    An excellent selection of stories Glad I finally got round to picking up a copy of Granta Will definitely be subscribing after this

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    Only one story kept my interest

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    A slightly emaciated issue than usual but some good stories The opening essay reportage in the Ukraine After Maidan is excellent The Buddhist is rhetorically interesting The final story Lucy the Liar is an excerpt from a now published novel I don't really care for when Granta publishes excerpts I feel cheated of a cohesive story or essay but it did make me interested in perhaps reading the full novel so it succeeded despite my annoyance This is New is well constructed and Possession is entertaining

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    Not one of my favorite issues of Granta in part because of the darkness of so many pieces But dark they are and understandably so because of the issue's themeMost detailed and intriguing and disturbing for me wereKerry Howley cage fighting and childbirth in Texas The Cage of YouGreg Jackson twisted tale of Hara and Lyric and their attempt to put a puzzle together EpithalamiumMolly Brodak memoir of her father dark and deep BanditMax Pinckers incredible photographs of people in India seeking a private love Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me ThirstyBella Pollen incubus drives the will to write PossessionHanan al Shaykh a young woman breaking loose from Islamic tradition The Mother of All SinsThe will to own to possess the self a people a place a country an idea

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    A solid issue It felt a little uneven to me as the pieces either really grabbed me or really left me feeling meh I could appreciate most all of the pieces even when they didn't move me So it really comes down to taste I especially liked Bullough's rambling travelogue on post revolution Ukraine Also Howley's The Cage of You which combines her feelings about being pregnant with her research on cage fighters Weise's Poem Conveyed was meta with a light touch The issue finished off with a couple strong short pieces Unferth's Open Water reduces a whole relationship into one preemptive stream of consciousness thought and al Shaykh's The Mother of All Sins is a jewel like view into a very specific world

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    Another great issue of Granta All the prose was of high uality The photo essay was fascinating Molly Brodak's Bandit about a woman dealing with her criminal father Bella Pollen's Possession about her visits by an incubus and Kerry Howley's Cage of you comparing MMA fighting and childbirth were all obvious standouts

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    One of the better issues of late Each piece was interesting and I was fully engaged Have It felt this way about an issue of Granta in a long time Even the poetry worked for me especially the women is a construct

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    Turns out I didn't review this after I read it and now can't recall anything about this one Demoting to two stars

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Granta 132 Possession[PDF / EPUB] Granta 132 Possession In this issue Oliver Bullough travels to Ukraine and Crimea in the wake of revolution; Kerry Howley writes about cage fighting and giving birth; Molly Brodak remembers her father a compulsive gambler In this issue Oliver Bullough travels to Ukraine and Crimea in the wake of revolution; Kerry Howley writes about cage fighting and giving birth; Molly Brodak remembers her father a compulsive gambler and failed bank robber; and Bella Pollen describes being visited – repeatedly – by an incubus Here are fifteen takes on the human drive to possess – a person a home a territory – and the many ways we become possessed – by ideas Granta 132 Epub / by desires by spirits.

About the Author: Sigrid Rausing

Sigrid Rausing is Editor and Publisher of Granta magazine and Publisher of Granta and Portobello Books She is the author of History Memory and Identity in Post Soviet Estonia The End of a Collective Farm and Everything is Wonderful which has been translated into four different languages.