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Again My Lord Twist #2 [PDF / EPUB] Again My Lord Twist #2 The one that got away Six years ago Tacitus Everard the Maruess of Dare made the worst mistake of his life courting vibrant sparklingly beautiful Lady Calista Chance—until she broke his heartIs the The one that got away Six years Lord Twist MOBI ☆ ago Tacitus Everard the Maruess of Dare made the worst mistake of his life courting vibrant sparklingly beautiful Lady Calista Chance—until she broke his heartIs the only one she wantsSix years ago Calista Holland made the biggest misstep of her life begging handsome wealthy Lord Dare to help her run away from home—then marrying someone elseNow trapped by disaster in a country inn Calista has one day to convince the maruess she’s worth Again My eBook æ a second chance and Dare has one goal to steer clear of déjà vu But when the day takes an unimaginable twist what will it take to end up in each other’s arms.

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    WOW What a TWISTChronologically the story in this book comes before My Lady My LordThis is Callista’s story We left her in Mt Lady My Lord as a happy and cheerful person but we find her here as a wreck But the twist makes her re evaluate all her life This is as I have said her story her growth her torment As she relives the same day over and over again she goes through hysterics apathy anger acceptance compassion all the human emotions It is incredibly very well doneHer day starts always the same with bell tolling 7th hour but each day she does something to make it different but as she wakes the next time she’s again at the exact same point and nobody remembers what she did It was often painful to read as I kept putting myself in her shoes and I could feel her desperationHer beloved child as far as she can see is forever lost to her On the other hand she’s also out of reach of her abusive husband near the man she has loved before being sold by her father to her actual husband She’s also elated because for the first time in all her marriage she’s free to do as she wantsShe gets to know all the people living in this little town where she’s entrapped their stories their pain their labours their lives their lossesAnd she learns that she is becoming a better person understanding compassionate aliveI must spend a few word for the hero too because he was such a dear A happy serious loved only child he grew up a honorable serious man but the happy child peeks out with deliciously teasing and funny uirks One simply cannot avoid falling in love with himThe love story is beautiful It’s all on her POV since the hero doesn’t remember because of the loop but she does And she falls in love with him each dayThere’re so many emotions woven here that’s amazingOh I don’t have enough word to describe how good this book was Please DO read itAh I so WANT to read Evie’s book I hope KA writes it soon

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    Arc provided by Billet Doux Books through NetgalleyWhat to say of Again My Lord the second volume in A Twist series?Well first of all that this could actually be read before My Lady My LordThe reason why I am telling you this is because it has been awhile since I've read that first volume and let's just say that the characters names with the exception of the leading characters were somewhat faded in my memorycoughThat lead to a small case of nerves to say the least because for a moment I thought that Calista was actually the daughter of the couple of the main bookWhich she wasn'tisn't Thank God This was basically my reaction while reading the initial part of the story What? No Lord Chance did what? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMGNONo NO Why are you ruining my perfect OTP? criesSo in case you're a little like me head in the clouds and easily distracted by things such asDATES And names pay attentionCALISTA IS IAN'S SISTER SISTERYou're welcome Now go and appreciate the bookThis story as we can read in the synopsis is a romantic tale told in the peculiar way of the movie The Ground hog day One character gets to relieve over and over a single day much to her frustration and despairI admit however that there was a moment in which I got a little tired of the whole repetition of daysThankfully the author was able to deal with this situation by introducing new titbits almost every single day as well a much needed upgrade in the main characters thinking mechanismbasically they went from idiots who didn't know how to listen to one another to people who actually understood the conversation they were havingTo say that these two idiots could use some lessons in the comprehension department was to put it mildly and apparently the only way for them to overcome those difficulties regarding their behaviour was to make them repeat things A lotA little like dogs Okay jokes aside this book deals with domestic and child violence in a way that never sounds disrespectful or clumsyBut my biggest praise to this story has to be the way that I was feeling towards the main characters by the end of this For people who start out not that bright yeah I don't care if you are DARE You were still an idiot they do manage to grow up nicelyThat means that if in the beginning of the tale I was not that convinced by their prospective romance towards the end I was than their fanSo yes this romance did manage to win me overHowever My Lady My Lord is so far still my favourite novel in this series And I say so far because there is going to be volumes DNext victim I mean leading character Evie Calista's and Ian's sister

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    Again My Lord is the second in Katharine Ashe's Twist series and it is every bit as lovely as the firstThis tale opens with a young Calista missing her chance at love She makes a mistake and misjudges a situation causing her to be separated from the man she loves and instead wed to a monster After six long years fate and a mischievous goddess give her as many chances as she needs to finally get it rightWhile the prologue is about the Maruess of Dare the rest of the story is without a doubt about Calista Through her eyes and heart we experience a broad spectrum of situations people and emotions Through Calista we examine every facet of a single period of time and are reminded to live in the present pay attention to others and be open to the wonderful opportunities that can come our way each and every dayAgain My Lord is brilliant and refreshing even though we keep reliving the same scene with Calista With each mistake that Calista makes we learn about her about the maruess and about each and every resident in the small town she is trapped in With each new discovery that Calista has we feel a surge of hope or sadness as we slowly see the reasons that people behave the way they do And with each encounter that Calista has with Dare we see why she fell in love with him and ache with the same pain she bears at never truly being hisThe romance in this story is profound and heart wrenching because Calista has to rebuild her relationship with Dare every single day Every day the love she has grows while Dare begins each day a clean slate And yet despite each day being the same Calista constantly experiences something different Her encounters with Dare are sensual and intense slowly breaking her heart because they will not be the same tomorrow But despite the agony Calista reaches out for another chance again and again slowly making changes to her day to make it better not just for herself but for every life she touches hoping that one day everything will finally be perfectI loved this book In this self published series Ashe is free She writes exactly what she wants and you can tell The storytelling is brilliant the characters are exuisitely drawn and the romance is breathtaking When I read the last line before the epilogue I thought perfect I knew everything about Calista and through her I knew everything about each person she touched And I experienced the same joy compassion longing and love I will be reading this again and again and again This is why I read romanceI received a free copy of this story in exchange for an honest review although a review was not reuired

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    35 starsThank you to Becca for the great recommendation I loved this hero with his introverted slightly awkward wit and gentleness She teased him again and again he did not always know what to say in return She drove him a little mad A lot Hero was so patient and caring and oh I just fell in love with him but the format of the story kind of kept him to the side than I wanted It was mostly from the heroine's pov and with the Groundhog Day theme we get the same day over and over with slight variations as the heroine learns and reacts to things differently Now tidbits about the hero are given but I wanted to see when the hero and heroine stay up talking in the church pew I wanted to hear him talking to her not just her second hand account We get to see the heroine's growth but we don't really get to see the hero and heroine grow together because of the nature of the story I missed seeing and experiencing thatI thought two or three repeated days could have been cut out as the middle started to drag a tiny bit for me but overall this was a fun and different read I really appreciated how the author tried something different and did a pretty good job pulling it off There is an ease to Ashe's writing that have her being one of my favorites and she's one of those authors that can get my eyes watering out of nowhere with a simple line Tacitus thought of his father's adoration of a woman with rotted teeth who could barely walk The hero thinks back to how much his father loved his mother even though someone looking from the outside would have some doubts why It's a wonderful line stating about how love is love and how imperfect people can be perfect Beautiful If you're looking for something fun and different you'll want to give this one a shot The first in the series you can start with book 2 like I did no confusion is already on my tbr and I almost shed another tear when I saw the book 3 who I hope stars Evie heroine's sister and Mallory hero's friend isn't out yet I really want their book

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    45 stars rounded upRead for the July 2017 TBR Challenge prompt series catch upI had a bit of a struggle to find a book to suit this month’s prompt to read a book in a series I’m behind on because I’m pretty much caught up with all the ones I’m currently following There are some I haven’t started yet but I wanted to try to stick to the prompt and finally I came up with Again My Lord the second book in Katharine Ashe’s Twist series In the two books in the series so far she’s taken a couple of well known movie plots as her starting points and adapted them into historical romances which while certainly out of the ordinary in terms of the premise are nonetheless well done and very entertaining possessing a depth of understanding and exploration of character motivation that wasn’t possible in the films which inspired themTacitus Caesar Everard Maruess of Dare has two reuirements in a bride First she must have good teeth; second she should be someone with whom he could live a contented sensible life without becoming emotionally involved When he meets the vivacious eighteen year old Lady Calista Chance sister of Ian hero of My Lady My Lord Tacitus is delighted to note that she has excellent teeth and that she is so different from him in terms of personality – she’s lively and outgoing whereas he tends to be shy and somewhat subdued – that there’s little chance of his falling in love with her and immediately decides she’s the girl for himHe sets about courting her putting up at a country inn close to the Chance estate where he remains for a month while he takes Calista on drives and outings usually accompanied by her younger siblings Calista chatters on and teases him in a way he’s never experienced before and isn’t sure how to respond to; he doesn’t exactly dislike it but can’t shake the feeling that perhaps she is simply making fun of him Still he continues to spend time with her coming to realise that she has a keen mind behind the bubbly exterior and pretty face – and after a month has passed decides that it’s time for him to make a formal offer He is about to make his way to her home when she arrives at the inn and promptly tells him she is running away and asks him to take her to London Believing Calista is asking him to take her to meet another man Tacitus only now realises he’s fallen in love – and curses himself for an idiot He takes her back home and leaves her without another word determined to fall out of love as uickly as he’d fallen into it But it’s not easy – even when a few weeks later he sees the notice in the paper of her marriage to another manSix years later Lady Calista Holland is trying not to fall apart as she bids farewell to her five year old son Harry who is going to stay with her mother and sister for a month Calista’s husband however has not granted her permission to accompany him; he’s very possessive and resents any of her time or attention being given to anything other than him so all she is allowed to do is deliver Harry to her sister at the inn near the small village of Swinly and then she must return home immediately Everything is set – when a huge horse thunders into the yard and would have knocked Harry down were it not for the fast reflexes of its rider Calista is astonished to recognise the autocratic severe yet handsome as ever features of none other than the Maruess of Dare the man she fell in love with six years ago and the man who abandoned her when she needed him the mostThe horrible weather only gets worse aptly reflecting Calista’s gloomy mood and when she wakes the next morning to discover that the storm is so bad as to have flooded the roads and made it impossible to leave the village her feelings are conflicted On the one hand she has a respite from her miserable abusive husband; on the other if she cannot get home on time she has no doubt Richard will take out his anger on her and later their sonI don’t want to spoil the twist in the story although it will uickly become apparent once things get going so I’m not going to say about the plot Instead I’ll say that Again My Lord is a wonderful tale of love and redemption that encompasses a gamut of emotions from dejection to elation from despair to hope The majority of the story is told in Calista’s PoV so we are privy to her transformation from a woman who has been beaten down by life and who has little regard or care for anyone or anything – except her son whom she loves dearly – to someone who knows how to live life to the fullest and make the most of each day and opportunity that comes alongThrough her eyes we see that Tacitus has changed in the intervening years too and very much for the better The oh so correct somewhat gauche young man Calista first knew has become a man whose natural authority commands attention without his having to say a word; even better he seems to have acuired a dry sense of humour and the ability to laugh at himself somewhere along the way He’s the most gorgeous romantic hero; thoughtful sweet passionate and kind and I loved the way the he’s so patient and considerate with Calista even when he has no idea what she’s doing or talking about or when he’s irritated with herThe romance that re kindles between the two is extremely well developed – even so given the restrictions the author has imposed upon herself by the twist – as Calista and Tacitus gradually rediscover each other and fall in love all over again In fact it’s probably true to say they never really fell out of love with each other but they have to get to know the people they are now and it’s uite the journey for them both albeit in different ways It’s far from easy however and there’s a lot of heartache along the way for Calista especially as she starts to realise that the time she has been granted to spend with Tacitus is a double edged sword because for her every day brings new discoveries and new facets of him to fall in love with whereas for him well suffice to say it’s not the same for Tacitus which is one of the things that adds such a note of poignancy to the storyKatharine Ashe pulls off this unusual conceit with immense uantities of style and panache Her writing is lyrical and completely engaging the characterisation of the two leads is excellent and she’s one of those authors with a real talent for writing dialogue that feels natural and in which the humour is never forced Again My Lord has pretty much everything I could ask for in an historical romance and is another of Ms Ashe’s books to find its way onto my keeper shelf

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    I wish I could give this book a million starsTacitus Everhard Lord Dare has decided that Calista Chance daughter of the Earl and Countess of Chance from My Lady My Love is to be his wife and he sets about courting her only to have her disappoint him with a rash reuest that has him retreat to London alone Calista marries and we meet her six years later at a country Inn where coincidentally Dare has arrived as well Due to a heavy storm the next day no one is allowed to leave the Inn It is during this next day that Calista and Dare have an opportunity to rekindle what was started six years ago but not without extreme challenges to overcomeThe second book in the Twist series is such a revelation It is so hard to not let the cat out of the bag but one of the great things about it was that I was totally surprised by what the “twist” was so I don’t want to give it away Calista undergoes uite a transformation At the Inn she is initially irritable and terse not really bothering to think of anyone else other than herself but we see her endure a significant test of her character through her interaction with the rest of the village It was remarkable how certain characters in the story came into the foreground after just being casually mentioned prior Readers discover along with Calista that the littlest missed detail can reveal an incredible amount of information Although the book isn’t meant to be preachy this part of the storyline does make one think of how much we may overlook in life because of our own circumstances and misery but isn’t everyone going through something too? I LOVED Tacitius Everhard and he will go down as one of the best heroes ever written Such a sweet considerate thoughtful passionate man yet awkward at times His “I am Dare” response six years in the past became a ready response to things he did later and that he could laugh at himself after six years showed his transformation It was so touching how he cared about Calista even after all that had occurred six years ago and despite her initially haughty response to seeing him again His love still burned hot for her after all this time and when he and Calista connected it was spectacular Another lesson imparted in this story was how uickly we may jump to conclusions about people and that in turn shapes our perceptions It was interesting to see Calista and Dare’s perceptions of each other change as the story progressedCalista did seem to have to go through great lengths to achieve her goal and I think I cried at least ten times while reading this book Each time Calista parted with Dare I was just so sad for her I’m not a water pot nor am I a stoic but I can count on my hand how many historicalregency romances have made me cry – this is not meant to scare anyone but I’m just saying that I really “felt” what Calista was feeling what Dare was feeling and that is talent for an author to be able to convey that emotion so powerfullyKatharine Ashe’s writing is beautiful lyrical witty romantic gripping and full of emotion I am continually impressed with her writing and it flows so seamlessly It wasn’t important to have read the first book in the series and could stand alone but as every Katharine Ashe book is great I highly recommend reading it too I could have read this in one sitting but I stretched it out a tiny bit and was happy to savor it and now maybe I will go read it again Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC

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    Loved this story Made me laugh over and over again The bell scene in particular Such a funny redo of Groundhogs Day Truly a fun curl up and laugh read

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    An original and entertaining read Again My Lord is the second in Katharine Ashe's Twist series An historical romance with a modern feel than some readers may approve of it's nonetheless a breath of fresh air; after all how many novels kick off with a line such as Lady Calista Chance had excellent teeth? I was hooked straight away The author makes no bones about the fact that she based this novel loosely on a popular film which I won't name as it will give the game away But despite this modern take I liked her witty clever dialogue and was immediately caught up in Aphrodite's humorous interference in the lives of the protagonistsTacitus Everard the Maruess of Dare has been on the lookout for a bride his main criteria beinga his would be wife had to have perfect teeth andb he preferred not to become emotionally involvedHe was successful with abut failed miserably with bfalling hopelessly hook line and sinker for the beautiful vivacious and bubbly Lady Calista Chance He at the time was a rather shy stuffy and gauche young man decent and honourable but not good at articulating his intentions Lady Calista was also very attracted to Tacitus but also didn't make her feelings clear covering them up by teasing and unwittingly leading him to believe that she wasn't interested in him as a suitor Calista was desperate to leave her family home; her scapegrace dishonourable Father was threatening to sell her off to the highest bidder and after a month of courting Tacitus still hadn't come to the point so in desperation she asked him to help her to run away He misunderstood believing that she wanted his help to run to another man refused her reuest Calista is forced into marriage with a hateful abusive man after Tacitus broken hearted turned tail and ran back to LondonSix years later the star crossed lovers are trapped by floods at a country inn and it seems that fate has given them another chance at love Calista has a statuette of Aphrodite in her possession this naughty lady first made an appearance in My Lady My Lord and strange things begin to happen Only Calista becomes aware of this strange phenomenon and astutely starts to use it to her advantage I don't want to give too much away but suffice to say that Ms Ashe has a very powerful imagination and entertains us with some very insightful sometimes amusing Sometimes poignant situations along with a good dollop of delicious romance After a time Calista begins to relax and returns to the happy and playful young woman she was prior to being coerced into her abusive marriage the young woman that Dare fell hopelessly in love with He has lightened up too taking himself less seriously and is also able to take her teasing They start to re discover each other and the romance as it re kindles is tender and subtly developedThere are a few annoying niggles which I am really surprised about given Katharine Ashe's background as an historian and experience as a writer of historical romance Calista's Father is the Earl of Chance so her last name would not have been Chance and there are various irritating Americanisms dotted throughout She describes the uintessential English village the protagonists are trapped in so perfectly that she has obviously undertaken extensive and thorough research; so these slips are all the annoying by contrast Those issues apart however I loved this charming witty novel with its dark undertones and as a result have already gone back to read the first in the series I thoroughly enjoyed Aphrodite's meddling in the lives of the Chance family and very much look forward to the next 'Twist' in the series

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    I should mark this dnf because I pretty much skimmed the last 40% of it Ya know the movie Ground Hog Day starring Bill Murray? Change Bill to a woman make her slightly less obnoxious set it in Regency England and you get the plot Many characters populate the village the mc's stuck in but most never seemed fleshed out enough to make them interesting The Hero? Pretty much dull as a overused cliché The Heroine? UghI think I would have been okay with this Romance Novel but her lesson learning went on for far too long I got bored with watching her self absorption and self pity

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