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Snowmancer Godsbane Prince #1 [PDF / EPUB] Snowmancer Godsbane Prince #1 A future king A slave’s last hope Can a sacrifice become something Ilyas wants someone he can trust As the heir to a great kingdom all he can count on is the treachery of his younger brothers as he A future king A slave’s last hope Can a sacrifice become something Ilyas wants someone he can trust As the heir to a great kingdom all he can count on is the treachery of his younger brothers as he protects his future throne When he receives his latest spoils of war he meets a slave who’s Snowmancer Godsbane ePUB Ñ different A slave with a hidden agendaJem is the last chance for his people Shunned by his brethren he yearns to save them with an impossible task kidnap Prince Ilyas and sacrifice him to Jem’s Dark God Against all odds he captures the prince and carts him across the frozen wastelandNow Jem must keep Ilyas safe for the sacrifice and push down his urges to do than protect the heir to the throne Ilyas knows he can’t trust the slave but he feels like he’s finally found a man he can love As their attraction builds they grow closer to a god that could destroy them bothSnowmancer is an LGBT dark fantasy novella set in a far off kingdom If you like unpredictable plot twists rich descriptions and tantalizing chemistry then you’ll love Olivia Helling’s incredible tale of adventure sacrifice and loveThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

  • ebook
  • 131 pages
  • Snowmancer Godsbane Prince #1
  • Olivia Helling
  • English
  • 12 August 2016

10 thoughts on “Snowmancer Godsbane Prince #1

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    I'm not sure why there aren't ratingsreviews because this book was great Don't get me wrong it's not a romance Actually the romance is kind of a bit underdeveloped? I missed the feelingsBut yeah scratch that This is fantasy in a world of ice and snow It's devestating some time confusing but also uite hopeful It wasn't perfect I'm still not sure if I got everything in the end but it was captivating Defintly worth recommanding if you love fantasy

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    The author made clever use of the prompt and the prompt picture weaving an interesting ttale about a dark God sacrifices and so on The writing was very vague and I had trouble trying to figure out what is going on It is also not really a romance as I did not feel any real chemistry between the MC's Not a bad book just not for me

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    A nice freebie full of snow winks magic and twists Of course the captiveprisoner element raised my rating ;I enjoyed it a lotThat's what comes to my mind after reading it

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    Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieNot really my genre but I gave it a goFor me Ilyas was too unsympathetic a character I found him hard to champion despite his situation There'd need to be a lot of character development for him become likeable Jem is mysterious but no where near as sinister as hinted The plot I was wanting them to stop being vague and get to the pointNothing wrong with the fic imagination went into the world building but it's not a match for me case of 'it's not you it's me'

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    This story starts out with no setup and only as you go along do you get the full picture By the end I had fallen in love with the story and the characters You have a proud captive prince his captor and various other people The captive prince only gradually learns the situation but he bears up amazingly well You despair right to the very end This is a beautiful love story in a bleak environment with a bit of magic to spice things up I give it my highest recommendation

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    Warning Make sure to read the book description because that's all you gonna get for the first missing part of the story Snowmancer 05 It's absolutely vital because only then you will be able to understand somewhat what's going on in the first chaptersAs for the review I appreciate the author's imagination in some aspects in others I find the book seriously lacking of common sense let alone of the above mentioned imaginationEditing was another and very serious problem for me I wasn't always sure what was going on and why Silly things like the capital city full of villagers and peasants in the kingdom of miners for example bothered me to no end Another separate problem was that while Lumi is trade oriented it never occurred to anyone to trade outside their own peninsula Or branch out and build a few ships and a port since they are literally sitting on the ocean shore I mean no one ever went out on a boat fishing or for simple fun? wth?The last three chapters redeemed this book for me somewhat Enough to round the initial 15 stars up rather than downWhile I hate giving a free book with a beautiful cover 15 stars I do have my very strong reasons i didn't like the editing; I didn't like the logistics little made sense; I didn't like the MCs all in all I didn't like the book itselfNow hear me out and before telling me I am too blunt or too rudeI read through the reviews and almost every other reader admits to either not connecting with the characters or it's not the book it's me Sure I use those excuses myself all too often Sometime I legit believe that it's ME not the book like when it comes to bikers or ghosts for example NOT MY THING Sometimes I don't connect with the characters for whatever reasons I also use those excuses as a polite I didn't like your book and I feel bad saying it out loud So when the majority of the reviews claim same excuses to give the book three or four stars? The picture is clear it's not the readers and it's not even the characters it's the book

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    This was an unexpected pleasure in terms of reading a dark mm fantasy with a happy ending and plenty of twists and turns Review to come 45 🌟 rounded up to 5

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    This one is totally mea culpa I should have paid attention to the tags before starting Tags magesorcerer royalty sweetno sex dark enemies to lovers homophobia magic users soulmatesbonded tattoo slave captivity tearjerkerBecause I would have realized this was absolutely not for meOnce again thanks to the author for participating in the event

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    If you enjoy fantasy this story is definitely worth the read If a seuel ever comes out I'm grabbing it

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    the world building in Snowmancer is out of this world FabulousI'm glad I caught 'the one' HEA Olivia might have written in one take Based on the author's note at the end of this book she doesn't do such things Why not? I ask There is barely any HEA for us in the real world so why not get it for a short time from the stroke of a pen?Well I'm glad JemHemi got his Poor sod he deserved itI purchased Damon Snow 2 books so far but don't know if I want to read them now I just love me a HEA

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