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Delusive [PDF / EPUB] Delusive Please note this is a Bisexual Dark RomanceMy name is Hanley Harper—for now—and I’m the anti heroine of this story Revenge is my fuel; it energizes me when I'm running on empty Elias Cari is a t Please note this is a Bisexual Dark RomanceMy name is Hanley Harper—for now—and I’m the anti heroine of this story Revenge is my fuel; it energizes me when I'm running on empty Elias Cari is a tool for retribution and the beginning of the new start Unbeknownst to him there is to me than I will ever show him He will know exactly who I am when it’s too late—when I’m done with him I'm uickly closing in on the the perfect place to avenge the crimes committed against my family The place where Elias is least likely to expect an enemy to be Beneath him A problem hits me unexpectedly Elias has become a welcome addiction and I've become his obsession He won't stop exerting control over me until I've become his exclusive possession How can so many things go wrong and feel so right My plan is damnedor is it Content contains violence graphic sex coarse language and scenes that some readers may find objectionable Reader discretion is advised.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 416 pages
  • Delusive
  • Courtney Lane
  • English
  • 19 February 2016

About the Author: Courtney Lane

COURTNEY LANE has been creating her own little world since she was very young While many of her works touch several different genres she has an archetype when it comes to the female protagonists in her storiesCurrently Courtney can be found either working on her next book playing the latest role playing game on her X Box preferably a game by BioWare or spending time with her familyhttps.

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    45 what just happened? STARS “When two dangerous people collide very interesting things happen”“Thatconcerns me”“Good I'm glad to know it does” This bookoh my god this book I feel like I just went through a meat grinder My feelings are still all over the place and for the longest time I had no idea if I would be able to even rate it Delusive took a toll on me Not going to lie it was a struggle read until I hit the halfway point but after that to my great surprise it was majorly addictive and spellbindingAndspoilerI loved it a lot Fucked up messy and insanely hot “I sat at the devil’s table and relished in the way he made me sin” I’m not going to give much away here because I think the less you know the the deception and lies will work in your favourHanley Harper has come into town for revenge Revenge for her family and the things they had to endure in the pastShe has a very clear idea of what to do and how she can get it Problem is Elias Cariher target the tool to get her to the bigger fish He takes matters into his own hands far too soon and to her own surprise with way too much determination Nothing ruins your best laid plans than a mark being too domineering psychotic unpredictable and infatuated with you What is real? Which lies do you believe? Who can you trust? What does anyone know at any given time?Those uestions just scratch the surface of all that is going on in Delusive Everything and everyone is very guarded and obscure At any given time Hanley was playing a version of herself Even though the book is written in her POV it is rather difficult to get to know her She is very strong and determined but appears to be thoroughly out of her depths when confronted with EliasHe is an even enigmatic and difficult character I don’t even know where to begin His personality is only revealed layer after layer and what you see is a little thrilling and a whole lot terrifying Elias is possessive moody and highly dangerous I guess you would call him an anti hero but to be perfectly honest even mentioning the word 'hero' gives him too much credit He is the epitome of unredeemable and unapologetically evil I love him “There were so many reasons why I shouldn't have been with him and better reasons to leave If my heart worked on logic it would’ve protected itself from being broken and never would have craved the toxic but gratifying connection I experienced with Elias” At first I didn't fully understand his attraction to Hanley It’s very much an insta lust thing but not in a bad way and once you get to know him the obsession makes a lot sense For Hanley pursuing him is clearly a calculated move albeit sooner than she would have thought but deliberate nonethelessAnd together they are highly dysfunctional but also combustible both in a really hot and a very destructive way Now put into that mix family members and friends like Skylar and things spin out of control in a heart beatWhen reading back over the things I said about Elias and Hanley you probably think this was a bad one for me but honestly all those difficulties and volatile characteristics make this book a very intriguing read and an incredibly brave endeavour on the author's part Fantastic writing and pure commitment to the strange For some reason it all just works “Breathing Thinking Heart Beating I was in his world and everything paused around us when he touched me spoke to me or looked at me that way” Delusive is a standalone dark romance and if nothing else this book deserves this title A lot of books get labeled as ‘dark romances’ these day but this one truly is dark The characters are flawed beyond imagination and have very little to no redeeming ualities Also there are a few noteworthy triggers here view spoilerFF MFF graphic violence very rough almost abusive sex and asphyxiation fetish hide spoiler

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    5 STARS ★★★★★I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how amazing this book was and to be left in awe by what the Courtney Lane has created here with this read It was brilliantly written it had complex multilayered characters and a plotline intricately crafted by the author that makes it such an absolutely riveting read This is one book that I'd highly recommend to all my dark junkies I felt like this read had my brain doing cartwheels and it constantly challenged my mind every step of the way It's crazy addictive till I had to read it every chance I had in which now I thanked heavens for subway rides while on my trip to give me that free reading time Both characters were very well written especially Elias who is the anti hero of this read Nothing screams anti hero better than a manipulative twisted and cocky bastard that is driven and hell bent in getting what he wants No hesitation no remorse and every move he makes is a calculated move He was a complete enigma that had me uestioning his motives right till the very end “If you think there is a fault inside my brain that makes determining right from wrong troubling for me you’re wrong I purposely ignore the line because I can I found the anti heroine Hanley to also be a refreshing character from my usual dark reads She's eually driven with the revenge for her mother's death Meeting with Elias was not by chance it's all part of her plan and she'll do whatever it takes to take him down She wasn't afraid to push Elias and test his limits The entire read is like watching one giant chess game with multiple players having their own agendas and not knowing who will top each other in the end Tangled in a web of lies and secrets it kept me guessing the entire time and while I wouldn't call it a total epic mindfuck I was definitely blown away by how the entire thing panned out in the end Brilliantly written I meanWOW I wanna know how it's like to live inside this author's mind Delusive is a dark erotic thriller read and the romance here is very much a secondary element Plus there's a very very twisted alpha male anti hero whose words could very much evoke fear in you and simultaneously combust your ovaries Which makes me love the book even when they're so messed up like that To all my dark lover junkies I very much recommend you to read this book If you love anti heroes to be dark in all ways possible this is for you Additional bonus if you love them talking dirty ;PS This book has certain trigger elements that some may find uncomfortable so I'll spoiler tag it here in case view spoilervery rough sex asphyxiation fetish brutal murder FF MFF hide spoiler

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    4 Complete Mindfck Stars Make people feel comfortable and all their secrets are revealedDelusive by Courtney Lane peaked the dark read lover within me from the second I'd read the book blurb It clearly promised me a dark sadistic ride of epic proportions It rest assured did not disappoint Delusive 1 tending to delude; misleading; deceptive2 of the nature of a delusion; false; unreal Hanley Harper has a secreta plan a plot for revenge and Elias Cari is the man to assist her in enacting that revenge What she doesn't bank on is this dark brooding scary man to turn the tables on her It was all in the planstill the plans went amuckThis is one of those books you just go into blind In fact the plot is so convoluted it'd take a ten page spoilered review to ruin it for you Every page of this book every event is built upon itself making the reader feel as if we too are losing our minds Who's the hero? The anti hero? Is Hanley Harper the victim or is she the persuer? Elias Cariis he the victim of Hanley's plan for revenge or does he have plans for her? Elias' father Nathanealnow he's the true villain here right? “You suck the life out of the woman I’m supposed be and you fill what’s empty with you I don’t know who I am when I’m around you”With a self satisfied grin he brushed the stray hairs that fell from my bun away from my face “You know who you’ve become” he stated through panting breaths “you just don’t recognize her You’ve become mine” One thing is for sure Elias Cari can be one cold sadistic manipulative dark brooding hunk of man anti hero I found myself falling for his alluring sexual seduction as if I the reader was his prey Who are you Elias? A good man or bad? I DO know you can be the sexiest yet the most ruthless man I've ever encountered in my dark book fantasies experiences Delusive is clearly not a book for everyone It caters to the darker tastes If you like your reads where you're unsure whether to love or hate the anti hero Delusive may be for you I can say I seriously hated Elias 90% of the time then he'd get all sweet and protective and my heart would thaw a tad As a warning this book does contain graphic violence breath play sexual battery as well as FF and MFF scenes It's a book that lovers of truly dark romance with suspense will enjoy The plot is THICK I mean I can say with 100% certainty that I think I've still got it wrong in my head even with just finishing the book Everything I thought I'd figured out was 100% off the mark There's so many characters and intricacies in this book I'd highly recommend it for those interested in crime mysteries as long as the above darkness factor doesn't bother youI love any book that gets my heart racing and truly ends up being a royal mindfck This one didn't disappoint in that aspect The reasons I deleted a star is 1 The freuency of Porteguse language throughout the book that's virtually NEVER translated I mean full on paragraphs in another language What purpose does that achieve other than to feel out of the loop as much as the heroine was probably feeling at that time? 2 The convoluted plot was just a bit TOO convoluted for me I needed my blog partner to break down the gist of the plot twists 25 seconds after finishing And if you asked me right now exactly the plot breakdown in the end I'd probably get it wrong in parts COMPLICATEDDelusive is a mindfck of epic proportions I'd highly recommend it for fans of TruthConseuences by Aleatha Romig Elias has many similarities to Tony and the plot is very complicated like that However I'd say it's a fair amount darker An all around enjoyable read I won't soon forget I was dying when I met you soulless and empty I didn't realize you gave it all back it me Advanced copy received by author in exchange for my honest review

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    3 'Cray cray' stars My first book of Courtney Lane but definitely won't be my last because this woman know how to write some crazy stuff Whether I hate it or love it I'm intrigue with the madness she craftedElias Cari is a fucking asshole of epic proportion Hanley Harper is a woman who claimed she wanted revenge for her family But half the time I think she is a clueless naive little womanThey meet they dance around each other they fuck and meanwhile Elias showed that he is a total psychopath Actually for the first 70% I'm clueless as to the direction of the story because I don't see Hanley's game planTheir toxic relationship can be summed up as belowYou suck the life out of the woman I'm supposed to be and you fill what's empty with you I don't know who I am when I'm around youYou know who you've become you just don't recognize her You've become mineThe issue I want to address 1 Elias I love Anthony Rawlings and Liam Callahan So I have no problem with psychopath My problem is Elias' reactions whenever Hanley ignore or leave him He is sick I felt that his issue was just being overlook at the end of the story view spoiler Trashing his home harming others and self harm when Hanley leave him just make me thinks he needs help asap hide spoiler

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    Not finishing for now 34%can't really get into it

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    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 FANFUCKINGTASTIC STARSIf I could give this 10 Stars I would An addictive game of cat and mouse I couldn't put it down ILOVEDTHISBOOK Do you like bad guys? Do you like suspense? Do you like tension you can cut with a knife? This sucker is for you Warning Dark Elements Non traditional romance Alpha Stalker Hot I can smell your fear it's like a pungent perfume It attracts a part of me that wants to make it stronger It’s what I’m addicted to—making people fear me It gets me higher than I’ve ever felt At one point higher than I felt when I fucked someone This book will go on my favorites list for a reason I love my dark books and don't get me wrong there's some dark here but the unpredictability had me panting I felt like the prey this book was the predator Courtney Lane stuck her claws in me ripped my heart out piece by piece and I sucked up the abuse like a masochist in need of pain It's taken me over three weeks to form coherent thoughts yet I feel clueless How do I convey my love for this book? This happened to me the last time I read a book by Courtney my review ended up being a book report I'm trying to stay short this time But I can't guarantee a thingOKAY from the blurb you know Hanley is the supposed to be the anti herione right? And she is she wants revenge at any cost Even if she loses her heart and soul Elias is in her path of revenge Who will ruin who? OMG I'm telling you this book will have you on the edge of your seat I yelled at my kindle just tell the truth I was on a verge of a panic attack I didn't know how the story would go And most importantly I couldn't see the truth I had no idea how Elias felt Like having that feeling in the pit of your stomach something is definitely wrong but you don't know until it happens? Yeah this book is going to grab you by the balls Elias is up there with my favorite sociopaths I'm not saying he is one I'm just saying he might be Like a Jack in the Box scares the feck out of you His behavior was so unpredictable yet I still wanted him to have that small ounce of love in him “If you think there is a fault inside my brain that makes determining right from wrong troubling for me you’re wrong I purposely ignore the line because I can I promised I'd keep this short Just read this READ IT I recommend to all my dark friends A MUST READ

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    Updated review This book has been so wonderful to me Courtney Lane has now become one of my go to authors I love stories that break rules and hold so much energy and chemistry This story gave me something dark those are the truest kind of stories Don’t get me wrong I like my sweet innocent romances but it’s those dark one’s that really get to meSo the storyline is rather interesting Without revealing too much Hanley has a revenge plan and Elias is the recipient The story itself keeps up the suspense throughout and keeps you guessing as to what it could possibly be that Hanley grudges against There are many aspects to Hanley’s character and it honestly took me time in understanding her but it all added to the suspense of the story As Hanley’s exacting her plan Elias and her involvement gets heated and it becomes difficult to contain something so intenseComing to Elias he’s the kind of alpha male we all love His demeanor is intimidating and his methods uestionable I found myself being a little wary of him and there were many times I wished Hanley would just run away but there’s to it than that I think in the end I liked his trait of being who he was to be honest He doesn’t change just because a woman comes in to his life as do so many other main male characters in books Rather Hanley understands and accepts him for who he is because after you meet him as crazy as it sounds I think he’s a good guy deep down Yes his lifestyle reuires him to act in strange ways but I think it works really well for this story So of course I like himBe prepared the interactions between Elias and Hanley become rather intense Some scenes had me on edge and I kept wondering what could possibly happen next I think if you love a good suspense novel which is dark and intimidating then you will appreciate this little gem There’s a lot going on and the chemistry is off the hook Totally recommend this one One amazing addition to my dark romance genre PS If you haven’t already I recommend checking out The Sect by Courtney Lane as well

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    3 35 StarsI loved the first half and the last 10% of this book 60% 90% had me skimming I almost uit reading it because Hanley was like watching a ping pong game and she really ruined the book for me I had my suspicions early on about some things and hate that I was right lol Im leaving it at that I had a lovehate relationship with this book “When two dangerous people collide very interesting things happen” “When you’re not with me it feels like a fire is roaring underneath my skin and it burns me raw” Elias“You suck the life out of the woman I’m supposed be and you fill what’s empty with you I don’t know who I am when I’m around you” Hanley“I was dying when I met you— soulless and empty I didn’t realize it until you gave it all back to meEliasWill I read books by CL? Hell yes

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    I’ve read than a couple of Ms Lane’s books and I’ve always loved them They pack the Triple D dark dirty dominance everything I love and usually have the added bonus of plot twists I cannot predict—a rarity for sure Needless to say I had high expectationsThe storyHanley has cooked up a plan with her father to get back at the people they believe have wronged them Elias is a key part of that plan view spoiler Problem is that he’s aware of her machinations from the start and he has his own plans to destroy her before she can accomplish her goal To add to angst they develop feelings for each other that neither really know what to do with hide spoiler

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    Given ARC for honest review Where do I even begin I really don't even know how to review that greatness of this book Courtney took me back to reading The Sordid Promise in this one For me that's such a big thing because I so love that book and has been a favorite of mine This one rates right up there with it I love how she writes her twisted alpha men But she also gives a strong female lead that is no push over Both characters have secrets and both have their own issues they are dealing with Hanley has her own agenda and is trying to fight her attraction to Elias while Elias has only one thing he wants and that is Hanley He doesn't care what it takes to keep her either and what he has to do GO grab this one up

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