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Agent Gemini [PDF / EPUB] Agent Gemini As a genetically enhanced assassin for a secret agency Cal has one mission to recapture the sultry rogue superspy who calls herself Trinity Yet when he finds her Cal will risk everything to keep her o As a genetically enhanced assassin for a secret agency Cal has one mission to recapture the sultry rogue superspy who calls herself Trinity Yet when he finds her Cal will risk everything to keep her out of his superiors' deadly hands Despite a computerlike brain and the ability to heal herself Trinity has no memory of her life before the agency She's desperate to uncover her identity Every bit of trust she places in gorgeous sexy Cal seems to bring back a little of her humanity But her secrets might destroy them both before the agency even gets a chance.

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    Good book that picks up where Agent Zero left off Holly and Reese have escaped and are moving from place to place trying to stay safe Cal has also gone off the grid away from the agency that made him what he is He is looking for the woman who saved their lives at the end of the last bookTrinity or Agent Three as she was known has also gone off on her own In the previous book she began as an apparent mindless drone known for her intensely calculating brain but nothing else The process that they all went through was supposed to have removed all emotion from them and it appears to have succeeded with her But as the book went on kernels of self will and flashes of emotion begin to appear By the end she has broken with her boss and has helped the rogues get awayNow Trinity has one mission She wants to find her files and discover who she was before the process stole her memories She has also been suffering from headaches and other strange symptoms and believes that the viral symbiosis is failing and tha she will soon die She wants to find her answers before that happensAs determined as she is to remain free the Division is even determined to get her back Caldwell has brought in another agent and also a computer hacker to track her down Cal has also been looking for her ever since she saved them Like Reese was to Holly Cal is drawn to Trinity in ways he can't explain All he knows is that he has to keep her safe It's a tense time when the three groups collide and things don't look good at all for Trinity Cal's rescue of her was a relief but they still had a long way to goTrinity has a hard time believing that Cal wants to save her All she can think of are the things she did as the boss man's assistant things that resulted in peoples' deaths She holds herself responsible for the death of the woman that Cal had been seeing and believes that he would hate her if he knew I loved Cal's protectiveness and how he is willing to do anything to keep her safe He is puzzled over her belief that she is going to die as all he sees is the way the ability to feel is returning to her I especially loved the scene with the milkshake and how it increases his desire to give her everythingThe final confrontation comes when Trinity slips away from Cal in order to continue her uest Reese and Holly show up to support and help him in his search for her Even the other agent and Fray the hacker get their chance to help Trinity is caught by Caldwell who has an agenda of his own What he put her through before he was taken down was terrifying and it was amazing that she survived I loved the ending and seeing Trinity and Cal together There was an interesting twist at the end as Trinity found out a little bit about her past and the identity of the brains behind the program was revealed It was left a little openended because he is still loose to wreak his havoc

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    Read January 2016Rating 355 stars rounded up to 45 starsThe plot The story follows on directly from the events of Agent Zero Trinity is on the run from the secret organisation that turned her into an emotionless super spy Cal is a genetically enhanced agent from the organisation who tracks her down; not to take her back but to help keep her safeWhat I liked Saintcrow's wonderful vivid writing puts the reader 'right there' in the action Trinity and Cal are both complex and interesting characters to read about The secondary storyline with Fray and Bay; hopefully they will get their own book next Reece and Holly from Agent Zero make an appearance to help Cal and TrinityWhat I disliked Perhaps I remembered the events of Agent Zero differently but I was sure that Trinity knew Cal was 'a good guy' from that book as he helped Holly and Reece Here Trinity initially acted like Cal was still a part of the agency and that he would kill her Surely she would have known that wasnt the case? It seemed a bit odd to me but maybe I just dont remember the previous book as well as I thought I did view spoiler Caldwell's death It would have upped the stakes massivly for future books if he had lived and virus had worked on him to make him into a super soldier He was already a formidable villian without the Gibraltar virus so it would have been very interesting to see how he could have mutateddeveloped once he injected himself It seemed like a waste of a strong character and two book's worth of character development to just kill him off hide spoiler

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    Now that was a fun character study

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    I really like books written by this author adult and YA series but Agent Gemini was a hot mess and difficult to follow with crazy segues and too many characters introduced within the first 20% of the book Really disappointed in the lack of clarity as this has an intriguing blurb

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    this is the first book I have read from Lilith Saintcrow this book is about Trinity who after escaping in book 1 is on a mission to find out who she is she has been genetically enhanced by a secret agency and was their analytical agent with her computer like brain she now has one mission to find out about her past and to try and make sense of the dreams she is having before she degrades and dies As I said this is book 2 but the book can be read as a standalone but I think that you would probably be best reading Agent Zero firstThe agency want her back and she has people watching out for her to make a mistake and send in the teams to recapture her for disectionstudy and all other horrors Then there is Cal he is searching for Trinity and being another super enhanced agent he has the skills to do it but when he finally catches up with her his plans change there are sparks flying and his mission now is to keep her safe will he risk everything to help her? Will they succeed in the mission?Well have a read and find out The writing is fast paced and there was enough action character interaction and a fledgling romance developing on the run there is not much actual sex in the book and with them on the run it would have been out of place in the storyline so I was happy as it wasI will be checking out book 1 soon

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    I picked this book up because I very much enjoy Ms Saintcrows' urban fantasy work This is very different from anything else I have read by herThis book is very much romantic suspense There isn't any steamy bits and only 3 kisses in the entire book The story is about the two main characters overcoming obstacles to be together Both Cal and Trinity have gone through a secret government program to turn them into super soldiers They have both escaped the program much of which takes place in the prior book Agent Zero I think and now Trinity is focused on recovering her personal files She doesn't remember who she was before the program and believes that she is going to die soon Cal has been searching for Trinity since she saved his life and helped him escape He has realized that she is his gemina or perfect compliment Their separate virus' when combined will work perfectly together to save them both Ms Saintcrow does a wonderful job of writing broken characters who are struggling to take control of their lives This book is darker than most romance novels but not as dark as her urban fantasy series The world building is a little bit thinner than I would like but the characters are wonderfully complex Ms Saintcrow does a wonderful job of taking you inside a characters mind and navigating the dark waters found thereI am very interested to see where this series goes

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    Hmmm The problem with being in a super secret spyexperimental program is you don't know who your friends are Trinity sort of knows that Reese and Holly are safe but the guy chasing her And even after he rescues her she still has doubts She's also convinced she's self destructing because she's feeling too much And then there are the headaches which mysteriously go away after he rescues herThe other problem with being in a super secret spyexperimental program is the assumption on the part of your handlers that the virustraining makes you a mindless drone So far the growing band of escapees has been concerned with a getting off the grid and b findingkeeping safe the seemingly random female who strikes their viral fancy Of course the people overseeing the program are trying to eliminate the pairs because the females catch it and they don't like that any than they like their toys being distracted I would guess that at some point in the past they took out one of the females and the male went nuts I would also guess these were the ones that didn't survive induction But nothing is said about thatAll I know is I'll be real disappointed if a book for Bey doesn't get written

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    I liked book 1 Agent Zero much better In book 1 the hero and heroine both were obsessed with each other Here in book 2 the heroine is very robotic and obsessed with calculations The hero brought her milkshakes and that was cute but I felt the romance was lacking Unlike in book 1 where the romance was awesomeAlso no sex scenes were in this book It's a Harleuin novel so I found the lack of sex scenes surprising I recommend Agent Zero book 1 in this series instead of this book

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    This book and the previous one Agent Zero have a very interesting storyline with the governmentmilitary using genetic alterations to create the 'perfect agent' All these infected agents start uestioning their purpose and end up going rogue and on the run from 'Control'If there is a third in this series I can't wait to read it

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    Military viral genetic enhancements to make the perfect soldiers comes at a price for the military and for the subjects Especially when the subjects learn that the military superiors aren't on the high moral ground Numbers labeling the subjects Deaths from the viral induction Love found after escape from the medical facility

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