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Lara Croft Modell Medium Cyberheldin [PDF / EPUB] Lara Croft Modell Medium Cyberheldin Since the game Tomb Raider was first released in 1996 its protagonist Lara Croft has become an international celebrity The virtual archaeologist adventuress has been featured in various seuels to the Since the game Tomb Raider Modell Medium eBook ✓ was first released in its protagonist Lara Croft has become Lara Croft eBook ¹ an international celebrity The virtual archaeologist adventuress has been featured in various seuels to the original game Croft Modell Medium PDF/EPUB Â a line of action figures two Hollywood films starring Angelina Jolie forty comic books a series of novels and a variety of clothing merchandise and ephemera She has appeared on the covers of Time and Newsweek spawned innumerable Internet fan sites and a library of adulatory fan fiction become a pornographic sex symbol and even inspired a look alike beauty pageant Astrid Deuber Mankowsky's groundbreaking study examines Lara Croft as a cyber heroine a female body ubiuitously inhabited by game players an icon of both female strength and male objectification and the virtual future of fame Despite Croft's prominence there have been few critical inuiries into her bridging of the boundary between virtual and real worlds or the extent to which she reflects and influences the image of women in digital media First published in German and revised for this English language edition this book is an innovative analysis of the multimedia heroine tracing the top down marketing strategies and bottom up frenzy that precipitated the Lara Croft phenomenon For girls and women Croft is a symbol of empowerment a tough and self assured riot grrl who has opened up the overwhelmingly masculinized world of computer gaming to female participants At the same time she personifies both heterosexual male fantasies and the twinned processes of globalization and cultural imperialism Drawing on feminist and cultural studies Deuber Mankowsky sees Croft as symptomatic of the new media environment and its tendency to erase all ualitative difference even sexual difference.

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • Lara Croft Modell Medium Cyberheldin
  • Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky
  • English
  • 09 March 2014
  • 9780816643905

About the Author: Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky

Astrid Deuber Mankowsky born Modell Medium eBook ✓ is a Swiss media and cultural scientist and a professor at Lara Croft eBook ¹ the Ruhr Universität in Bochum Germany.

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    Obviously a fan of Lara Croft Deuber views Lara Croft as a cultural moment Connecting her to de Lauretis's Dream Woman the idea that the ideal woman is a mythic existence that no real actual woman can live up to Deuber reads Lara Croft as a fantasy of desire for both men and women heterosexuals of course Men enjoy the action and the control of the desirable figure wow it sounds creepy when I write it like that and women can enjoy the fantasy of a woman who is smart resourceful and respected Both wantand can never have nor be Lara Croft spanned media not just a game but a movie advertising etcetera becoming larger than life and larger than any male game character Her hyperfeminine ualities the boobs mostly Deuber reads as necessary markers of femininity that serve to counterbalance the 'masculine' performance The real tragedy which Deuber merely alludes to is that for Lara Croft to be the iconic figure that she is she must bealone In the movie and games she has no parents no family no love interest She is sexual and sexy but never uses it Which does interesting things to the femme fatale identity I think Deuber relates this to of course the Ideal Woman who is also disconnected from all personal entanglements but it makes Lara a rather hard figure to emulate for long is the price of autonomy for a woman that kind of isolation?

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    I'm getting a collection of books all to myself on this siteSo I'm writing a paper on Lara Croft for my media class She is a media icon after all and good example of the all sorts of transmedia enterprises This book is pretty well done It's short and easy to read but gets into pretty complicated ideas of psychological identification and gender collapse etc Too bad for this paper I need to focus on the industry and less on the psychoanalysis Oh well It was interesting

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