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Deadmen Walking Deadmans Cross #1 [PDF / EPUB] Deadmen Walking Deadmans Cross #1 Deadmen tell their tales To catch evil it takes evil Enter Devyl Bane―an ancient dark warlord returned to the human realm as one of the most notorious pirates in the New World A man of many secrets Deadmen tell their Deadmans Cross PDF/EPUB ¶ tales To catch evil it takes evil Enter Devyl Bane―an Deadmen Walking Kindle - ancient dark warlord returned to the human realm as one of the most notorious Walking Deadmans Cross PDF ☆ pirates in the New World A man of many secrets Bane makes a pact with Thorn―an immortal charged with securing the worst creations the ancient gods ever released into our world Those powers have been imprisoned for eons behind enchanted gates gates that are beginning to buckle At Thorn’s behest Bane takes command of a crew of Deadmen and together they are humanity’s last hope to restore the gates and return the damned to their hell realmsBut things are never so simple And one of Bane’s biggest problems is the ship they sail upon For the Sea Witch isn’t just a vessel she’s also a woman born of an ancient people he wronged and who in turn wronged him during a centuries long war between their two races―a woman who is also sister to their primary target Now Marcelina the Sea Witch must choose Either she remains loyal to her evil sister and almost extinct race against Bane and his cause and watches humanity fall or she puts faith in an enemy who has already betrayed her Her people over the totality of humanity―let’s hope Bane can sway her favor.

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    Saw this first in a new series from Sherrilyn Kenyon set in the Dark Hunter world Got all excited went to buy it 15 for the kindle version Sorry Not HappeningWhen will they learn?

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    ConvolutedThere were so many characters so many storylines and it seemed like each character had a name nickname and secret origin name The love story was disjointed and felt slapped together; like the author changed her protagonists about 13 of the way in You never really felt connected to any one character and the others were almost interesting than the mains The antagonist was dry and boring and the background of the three central ? maybe characters were downright confusing Having read most of Kenyon's books this was surprisingly difficult to finish I hope her tendency to keep all her storylines in her head hasn't become detrimental to her work

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    35 starsPirates Sea Monsters Mermen Sprites and many Overwhelming and confusing at times many new types of beings powers worlds and add a new history and you have a lot to digest This first book in Ms Kenyon spin off series is all about the world building and it is a complicated world as I've found her others to be I would have loved an illustrated guide to keep the visual and background of these characters in order The new characters were amazing the mermanmermaid my favorite of all I love her design on the mythical beast Really an illustrated guide would have been awesome Thorn from her Dark Hunter series is featured in this new series he is the lead of these Deadmen Deadmen pirates who sail the seas sending demonwickedevil back to where they should be The Deadmen are all second chance wrongdoers looking for some form of redemption from their fate This book focuses on one couple the Captain and his lady Their past combines and lashes at them until blood is drawn and death is always waiting Yeh that's all I'm giving you The book ended with a cliffhanger and my favorite character was the one hanging off the cliff but one slim finger Now I'll be waiting forever to grab book 2 and see how they faired

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    DEADMEN WALKING is the first installment in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Deadman’s Cross series For Dark Hunter fans this is an entirely new series that features new mythology However there is mention of Acheron and the Dark Hunters so if you’re a fan you’ll be happy to note some cross over between the series This is why I suggest being at least familiar with the Dark Hunters world before reading this series because the worlds do connect in some areasThat being said as a fan of Kenyon’s book in general I had some very high expectations with this book and the author absolutely succeeded in delivering something refreshing to the genre Deadman’s Cross is a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean and Kenyon’s advanced worldbuilding There are a bunch of interesting characters all with their own stories that are brimming with personality Kenyon spends a lot of the first half of the book on the worldbuilding which is expected since this is the first book of the series I haven’t come across mythology like this one so I found myself glued to the pages as I read about this brand new world Of course Kenyon would be the one to blow me away with her imagination Her mind works in such wonderful waysThe romance between Devyl and Mara really develops in the second half of the novel There we get a lot of their backstory that is told in various ways such as flashbacks and dialogue so we do get plenty of chances to get to know who these characters are This is turn deepened the bond between the hero and heroine I was really impressed by the way Kenyon was able to bring these two together They have gone through a lot together and it seemed nearly impossible to see a happily ever after for them but she manages to bring them together in a believable way By the head I was as head over heels with the romance as I was with the worldDEADMAN WALKING is a strong start for Sherrilyn Kenyon and the Deadman’s Cross series With worldbuilding unlike ever before this is a series that must be on your summer to read list Read this review at Fresh Fiction

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    Surprising and enjoyable start to a new series

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    Tagged as Wish sereis was shorter because THIS one is part of The Dark Hunterverse And will be published by one of my favorites publisher of speculative fiction of all time Tor books maybe next year The new Deadman’s Cross trilogy will be a historical fantasy series filled with pirates demons and high paced adventure on the stormy seas and featuring cross over character Thorn from the Dark Hunter saga most recently seen in Son of No One But I have the fear that Kenyon won't be able to finish The Dark Hunterverse books before she dies Don't misunderstand me I love her; but she's opening so many storylines and closes very few At the rate we're going I'll have grandchildren by the time the series ends If it's ends

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    now after reading itFucking kill me now I am so done with SK and her writing She literally has a whole page describing Devyl ONE PAGE Of course let's not forget how all women and men are devastatingly beautiful and everyone would love to have a bite of them Or the threats the fucking threats seems like no one can talk without threatening you first may 9th 2015 before readingI'M FREAKING EXCITED NEW CHARACTERS THORN PIRATES #THEEXCITEMENTISREAL

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    I like that SK started a newer series that is diverging from the Dark Hunters I liked the pirate theme and motif However I do feel like it was a bit one note and a bit too samey as her Dark Hunter books I was fairly interested and I wanted to see where the story went As always I enjoyed her dialogue and the snark that is freely traded between the characters I was surprised about who ended being the couple I thought it was going to be someone different I would continue this series but clearly two years later it hasn't been a priority for me

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    A new series by one of my favorite authors I was so excited when I saw this and the whole look and sound of what this book was going to be had me giddy My overall feelings about it after readingI kind of felt like I was forcing myself to read the book C'mon Cat few pages and the chapter is over Just a few and the end of the book is closer then before Almost there CatI wanted to love this book There was just SO MUCH thrown in and it felt jumbled One moment we're in 1700s earth the next we're wherever the hell Devyl came from and back and forth and then BAM we're in a desert with Thorn It was a lot of jumpingNext it took me literally half the book to figure out WHO the main couple was supposed to be I got Devyl right off the bat but who ended up being his lady love was kind of So skipping over the rest of that part the endingIt was like someone came in and was like Yo Kenyon you've been typing for hours let's get this thing in production and boom bam click enter the book was finished So now we gotta wait to find out wtf is going on with Kalder but Devyl's little story was just easily tied with a bow and done or is it That Epilogue How did she manage to get that item? She was nowhere NEAR him AND she wasn't even THERE when he placed it with his harthfelt so how would she have known to snag it? It was too convenient and that kind of pisses me off That's what we call godmodding in roleplay and frowned on Had it been Gaderyl then yeah could see that but not the other Disappointed

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    I'm so hooked I enjoyed this book so friggin muchthis is one of the best new series I've read in forever I wasn't sure if I was going to like this seriesbut I was pulled in by Kenyon's amazing storytelling and her ability to make us root for characters who though they may be damned for their sins are loyal and in the end just looking for redemption I'm in love with so many of the Deadmen crew WillroachBartsanchakalderbelle and Marcellina and captain devyl bane he be a hot sexy Beastie I've always loved pirates so this was a treat The only bad thing about this book iswaiting for the next book in this series 5stars once again for Sherrilyn Kenyon's AMAZING STORYTELLING

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